WWE Raw season 28 release date - September 2019

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Date: 2018-11-06

WWE Raw is a wrestling show produced by WWE since January 11, 1993 and traditionally broadcast live every Monday night. WWE RAW is considered WWE's flagship due to its long history, high ratings, and pay-per-view participation.

TV-channel: USA Network
Genre: Reality competition, Sport
Country: USA

About TV show WWE Raw season 28

WWE Raw season 28 release date - September 2019.

WWE Raw Concept

Monday Night RAW had its premiere on January 11, 1993 on the station USA Network. At the same time, RAW was one of the key reasons behind WWE's success story as the first and only weekly wrestling show ever broadcasted. The real climax reached RAW with the feud against Monday Nitro, the name Monday Nitro in English homophonic, so equal sound, to Monday Night RAW. The nitro show of the WCW and RAW had some gigantic ratings in the range of 7.0, which are very much especially for a wrestling show. On May 10, 1999, RAW scored the highest ratings of a weekly wrestling show of all time with 8.1 rating points. RAW is still one of the most successful weekly programs on US television.

After the acquisition of the WCW by the WWE, it went slowly downhill with RAW, since the strong competition was missing and the Attitude Era 2002 ended. For this reason, SmackDown became more and more the image of a "competition show" for RAW, as they wanted to revive the interest of the fans through the apparent competition between both shows again something.

This competition was expressed in particular by the strict roster split, which states that no wrestler of a show may appear in the "other" show. This strict separation was relaxed on August 29, 2011, since since then, all WWE superstars can appear in all shows. By eliminating the roster split, the principle of the RAW SuperShow was created to reflect the new development in the name.

WWE Raw season 28 release date

September 2019

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WWE Raw season 28 release date 2019
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