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Date: 2015-07-10

Are you dreaming about seeing another season of Wahlburgers reality series? Join us then, as we know everything you might be interested in. More than a year ago we saw the first part of this real life project, and now season 4 is to appear on our screens. The 4th season is set to debut on July 15, 2015. That is pretty soon already, don’t miss new exciting episodes!

TV-channel: A&E
Genre: Reality competition
Country: USA

Even those who are not professional cooks but humble amateurs will found the Wahlburgers TV series extremely interesting. This project has everything to become a top-hit and millions’ favorite.

What makes the show really very attractive is that it offers us a look from behind-the-scenes at the top-rated titular restaurant that belongs to Paul Wahlberg, a masterful chef.

In the course of the show we are given a unique possibility to have a glimpse at professional and personal life of Wahlberg in precise details. He also shares with us his entourage while preparing to expand his prosperous restaurant business.

The critics opinion in regards to this real life project has been somewhat divided, with some reviews being pretty lukewarm. Despite this fact, the show was nominated to Emmy award in 2014.

Season 4 is said to be the biggest and the best one. Let’s hope it will be so!

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