The exact release date Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-07-14

Are you one of those who feel deeply affectionate towards Real husbands of Hollywood reality series on BET? Get ready as we have splendid news for you! The parody show has been officially renewed and even the exact date of season 4 new episodes release was announced. New episodes will hit our screens on August 18. It’s not much to wait in fact!

TV-channel: BET
Genre: Reality competition
Country: USA

This new TV reality show features a parody genre and has a style almost similar to this of well-known The Real Housewives. It was made by the project creator and a real genius of comedy Kevin Hart intentionally. They have certain differences, though, the main one being that the leading personages in Real Husbands present fiction comical analogues of themselves.

Season 1 that debuted in 2013 was mainly concentrated on a row of famous married celebrities, including the show creator himself. In many episodes viewers can see Kevin Hart’s characters attempting (not very successfully) to climb the uneasy social ladder of Hollywood at the same time feeling immensely envious of his friends who happen to be more successful.

Season four of the parody series promises to bring us new hilarious cliffhangers, interesting celebrities as guest stars and much laughing-out-loud.

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