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Date: 2015-07-13

Are you fond of reality TV shows? Have you seen anything of Project Runway? If so, get prepared for wonderful news: the release date of a new, already 14th season has been already scheduled. New episodes will come to our screens on August 6, 2015, thus pretty soon we will be able to enjoy new contestants and new competitions.

TV-channel: Lifetime
Genre: Reality competition
Country: USA

The series that has been originally aired on Bravo is currently being aired on Lifetime. The host of the project is world famous supermodel of German origin Heidi Klum. She also performs the duties of one of the show’s executive producers.

The first part of Project Runway debuted long ago, yet in 2004, but still the show enjoys love and popularity of many fans that are always in premonition of new interesting episodes.

The project presents a reality competition of fashion design in which participants compete in with each other in creating really best clothes designs. They have budget, theme, time and fabric restrictions they should follow. The results are being judged by a whole panel of judges. In the course of each episode one participant should leave the project.

The three lucky ones that will come to the end of the show get possibility to create their own fashion collection that will be presented on the Fashion Week in New York where the final winner will be determined.

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