Hell's Kitchen Season 15 release date - January 15, 2016

The exact release date Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-06-22

The end of 2015 will bring us tons of new seasons of many popular and successful television series and shows, and Hell’s Kitchen is in the list as well! It was already announced officially – the project will come out late this year with the following season 15. No more information was given as to the release date and new episodes plot details, so get updated by us and wait for new notifications.

TV-channel: Fox
Genre: Reality competition
Country: USA

About TV show Hell's Kitchen Season 15

Cooking competition shows are extraordinary popular with audience of various age groups. Everyone gets excited about the cooking masterpiece in real life regime, when you can see the process of creation with your own eyes and even give your evaluation that will be considered while choosing a winner! All this and much-much more in Hell’s Kitchen on Fox channel!

In the course of previous seasons we were able to see 12-20 gifted chefs at the show that takes place in incredible Los Angeles in a special warehouse modified for this purpose. All the participants are divided into 2 teams and compete with each other. Only two of them, most talented and professional, will be able to get to the final. And only one, really the best, will get a major prize of the project- work proposal in an elite restaurant and for sure cash – 250,000 dollars!

Hell's Kitchen Season 15 release date

January 15, 2016

Hell's Kitchen TV show: seasons 15 and 16 renewal on FOX (Prison Break Season 5).

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Hell's Kitchen Season 15 release date - January 15, 2016 (USA)
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2015-10-17 22:35:29

Cool tv-show. Gordon Ramsay the best of the best )))


2015-11-08 01:08:16

LOVE this show! Gordon better every episode! I need Hell's Kitchen Season 15 3 to start!!!