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Date: 2015-07-13

Are you fond of reality games? Have you been following Face off TV show in the course of 8 seasons? If so, you might be happy to get to know that the reality project, being aired on the SyFy has been officially renewed for a 9th season. The reality show is scheduled to return to screens on July 28, 2015.

TV-channel: Syfy
Genre: Reality competition
Country: USA

There is small surprise in the news for all the fans of this inventive competition TV series, as it has come to become incredibly popular due to its unusual format and interesting plot. The show presents a reality contest in which different makeup artists compete and show their exclusive skills and creativity in making all kinds of prostheses like ones that can be found in horror or science fiction movies.

It’s really very interesting and captivating. These talented people managed to attract to screens million of viewers of all age groups all over the world.

The show participants are judged by famous makeup artists who have worked in different cult movies. Each week contestants have to create in the course of 3 days a full makeup personage. One day they develop the design and concept of their future work, then it’s comes turn for molding, and day three is devoted to makeup applying for judging.

The show winner gets a really tempting prize – 100,000 dollars and a wonderful surprise from Alcone – a year supply of its makeup.

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