The exact release date Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-07-14

If you belong to those who consider this show to be a really brilliant and creative idea, then you must be more then curious when the second season of it will hit our screens. And you are not alone, the project enjoys love of million’s audience and they all want to know when new episodes will be filmed and shown. The official premiere date is set for August 16, 2015. Thus, pretty soon we will see our favorite characters on Myx.

Genre: Reality competition
Country: USA

The show of Thirsty Tiger Television production first came to screens last autumn. It was very well met by viewers at once and that is more - it got almost unanimous critical acclaim. It presents a new type of cooking competition project on TV. The show creators let all participants to remake dishes they didn’t like while visiting a given restaurant. Kara Birkenstock plays the role of the show host.

Kara says that in our age of developed social media everyone visiting a restaurant considers himself to be a food expert and doesn’t think twice to share his picky opinion in the global net. Thus, the show creators decided to try to turn the table right on the online food critics.

What comes out of it? Let’s see together in new episodes. Don’t miss!

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