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Date: 2017-04-17

The project Bizarre Foods is focused on the regional cuisines of the world. For the American spectator, all other cuisines look strange, unique and "wild." Famous in the US, the cook and culinary critic Andrew Zimmer in his show talks about the traditions of the people, where he is shooting the next issue. When Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern season 21 be released

TV-channel: Travel Channel
Genre: Reality competition, Cooking show
Country: USA

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer tells about the most unusual dishes and personalities that are found all over the United States. From traditional dishes brought here by immigrants to modern dishes that were born thanks to American innovations, the USA is like an excited boiler, in which different cultures have mixed: exotic and well-known. Whether it's a whole fried alligator in Cajun settlement, chicken shots on a farm outside of Seattle or a mutton tongue at one of Boston's most expensive restaurants, America is a treasure trove of strange products and fascinating stories. Who will better study this strange buffet than Andrew Zimmer, master of culinary cultures? From far-sighted innovators who challenge the way food should look before traditionalists who support old dishes, "Unusual food. America "will study innovative types of cooking". Whether it's the head of a roasted pigeon in Texas or a puree of the brains of the lambs in San Diego, Andrew will try everything.

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Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern season 21
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