The exact release date Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-06-07

Cancelled or renewed – hopes and expectations as to the season 15 of mega popular TV show American Idol are on top. The question of further show production is already solved and decision was already officially proved – the project will be renewed in January, 2016. Release date was not confirmed yet, so let’s be patient and expect for updates from creators.

TV-channel: Fox
Genre: Relationship
Country: USA

Fox channel on which the show is being cast did a really great job with the TV project that attracted millions of viewers.

American Idol - is an outstanding singing competition show, being aired by one of the most popular American TV networks. Season 1 of the series appeared on screens yet in far 2002 and since then it has become undoubtedly one of the most successful projects of American television in the course of its history. Currently it ranks top position in American television ratings, as well as it did all eight years of its existence.

The show has a panel of judges that includes 3 people, being hosted by charming Ryan Seacrest. One of the current judges is breathtaking singer Jennifer Lopez. Judges make their estimations independently at the beginning of the show and at the end all those participants who managed to get into semifinals are being judged already by public vote. The winner secures a management and is being gifted with record deal.

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