Unforgettable season 5 release date - Closed

Original name: Unforgettable season 5
Duration: 45 min.
Cast: Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh, Jane Curtin, Dallas Roberts, Tawny Cypress
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mysticism
Country: USA
TV channel: A&E
Original release:

About TV show Unforgettable season 5

About TV show Unforgettable season 5

The plot is a medical phenomenon, called gipertemiziya. It is such a disease or such a gift as anyone, has the main character of the series. It is able to exactly remember all their past. She remembers every day, every minute except for the day when her sister was killed. Carrie Wells - was the name of the main character of the series, and she works as a consultant NYPD, although earlier it was a full detective.

The series has received positive reviews from critics, but over time, it was evident that the series began to lose its popularity and interest among the spectators.

Will the fifth season is not known, but it would be the story to its logical completion. And while reviewing what we have.

Unforgettable season 5 release date


Because there are no official reports on the subject. There are big doubts about this, since the channel CBS (Scorpion) refused to broadcast the show after the third season, but picked up the baton A&E (Bates Motel).

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2016-01-30 21:37:25

My honey and i , absolutely love this show please let us know when it will be back as we just had their season finale. we need to make sure AL is ok after getting shot.


2016-02-02 02:41:30

One of the best cops shows on t.v.


2016-02-06 03:40:18

My husband and I love Unforgettable. Can't wait for the next season. The season finale cliffhanger was great. Need to find out if Al is okay after being shot.


2016-02-23 03:58:17

My daughter and I both love this show, have watched it from day 1

black girl

2016-03-02 09:20:15

I just found out that A & E picked it up I love the she my brother do too


2016-03-27 14:13:29

This is really a great show and you need to bring it back for more seasons . I watch it every week . You just can't leave it end with AL being shot . Not cool . A least give us a good ending and the final show with AL being shot is not a way to end the show. BRING IT BACK ,,, Please


2016-04-14 06:11:10

please bring back season 5 i got to know what happens to Al after he was shot.


2016-04-29 00:09:17

Please renew this show. It's wonderful !!!!!!


2016-06-20 01:30:33

Please, keep this show going!


2017-01-06 01:01:57

This programme needs to come back . Season 4 had a lousy finale. Can end this way.


2017-02-14 01:20:20

PLS let season 5 made done! Great series don't make it go away from us...


2017-03-31 17:17:35

I truly love this series and hope that it wont be canceled. the best crime TV series EVER!!


2017-09-04 20:25:27

I hope there is a season 5 it can't just end like that its got me hooked


2017-10-09 22:28:53

I have just watched the re runs of this fantastic show here in england. I cant believe you shut it down, especially when let Al get shot. Please bring the next serious back especially here in england


2018-08-23 14:32:07

You have to bring back season 5, we need to know if Al is dead or alive, who is Rachel's killer, does Carrie and Al get married. Please we need another season.
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Unforgettable season 5 release date on A&E


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