The Last Kingdom season 2

Original name: The Last Kingdom season 2
Duration: 60 min.
Seasons: 1
Cast: Alexander Dreymon, David Dawson, Tobias Santelmann, Emily Cox, Adrian Bower, Joseph Millson, Simon Kunz
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: BBC Two
Original release:

About TV show The Last Kingdom season 2

The series The Last Kingdom started his first season recently on BBC Two. The season premiere was held on October 10 the first season will consist of only eight episodes. The plot of the series is an adaptation of the writer Bernard Cornwell, who produced a series of books called "Saxon Chronicles". The new series tells the story of a valiant warrior Utrede, which brought the Vikings. But later, a man finds out that he actually glorious descendant of the Saxon race. It is a struggle and it can not determine which direction he should take. Those who raised him, and brought silt same side of unknown ancestors?

Although there have been no official statements, we can say about the second season of this historic project. Why can assert so confidently?

Firstly, we show an interesting plot and virtually no competitors. The only such project is now on television is a historical drama The Vikings, the fourth season which will be released at the beginning 2016.

Secondly, a lot of potential and the possibility of the development of history. Do the writers a lot of room for imagination, as the first season consists of only 8 episodes. Judging from the ratings of the series, which has already reached the potential of this story is pretty big. In addition, the theme of grace, and in the "Saxon Chronicle" You can find many more interesting things.

The Last Kingdom season 2 release date

March 16, 2017

The Last Kingdom is a British history-drama television series. The series premiered on 10 October 2015 on BBC America, and on BBC Two in the UK on 22 October 2015.

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2015-12-21 12:30:42

Looking forward to another season of The Last Kingdom. I hope it will arrive soon.


2016-01-11 01:12:07

Love it. Wait!!!! No, cant..


2016-01-23 15:35:58

It was an absolutely awesome series and I can't wait to see season 2.


2016-01-25 09:16:51

The Last Kingdom Season 1, was fantastic. Was accurate and the filming was exceptional. We normally do not watch TV on Saturdays, but we made sure to see this show. We look forward to Season 2.

Morgan j hurst

2016-01-29 21:14:57



2016-01-31 00:00:01

Having read all of Bernhard Cornwells books following Uthred on his quest to regain his heritage I can honestly say that the series does his books justice in every way possible ... his books come alive , nothing added nothing left out, pure bliss both the books and the series. very happy !!

mary lee black

2016-03-10 18:49:10

love the series and please continue. I have read all the Saxon books and love the history shown by Cornwell.


2016-03-29 07:09:28

I really enjoyed THE LAST KINGDOM and would like to see more epi

Irving Owl

2016-03-29 07:12:14

I really enjoyed THE LAST KINGDOM. Looking forward to many more episoded


2016-05-10 05:30:34

We can't wait for the next season. We're hoping to have a season 2 premiere party around the date, as soon as we know the date we'll start the planning. This is the best show in years. historical accuracy and fun to watch!

lisa cowin

2016-06-05 16:10:27

The Last Kingdome Great series. Looking Forward To season 2 !!!!


2016-06-07 19:43:48

THE LAST KINGDOM is by far and away the best show I've seen in years. From an anxious historian waiting for Season 2 (or even to follow the shooting of Season 2). Season 1 has been watched at least a dozen times and it absolutely loved for its story and characters, especially Dreymon and Dawson.

Pamela Nunamaker

2016-06-13 21:37:34

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Abolutely love this show. Especially after the Bastart Executioner was cancelled and we can't sure about the Vikings for another season.


2016-06-19 06:17:07

All spot on with the books and occasionally, even better. History and a peep into the keyhole of history regarding life, love and unwanted merciless violence. One can only imagine that one would have to be damned tough to thrive in those days, when work wasn't a task, it's what you did to just survive. Mr. Cornwell's books rock and the series creates a vivid, deeply impressing tale brought to life with an awesome cast and magical screenwork. No special effects! True thespians one and all!


2016-07-07 08:07:36

Please don't take away another good show!!!! It's not right that so many good shows like this one get hacked away and crap like jane the virgin keeps stinking up the airwaves. Give us season 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and on and on and on.


2016-07-12 03:34:01

I have read all the books and love the TV series. I can't wait for Season 2!!!!


2016-07-16 02:02:08

Excellent season 1 series. Looking forward to season 2!


2016-07-18 19:02:44

I want the second season of The last kingdom nowwww danm it!!!! I said NOW


2016-07-21 00:28:31

I want to see TOby Regbo on second season. I love him on Reign <3


2016-07-21 07:43:09

Looking forward to another season of The Last Kingdom. I hope it will be out soon!


2016-07-25 05:56:51

We just finished season 1 of "The Last Kingdom", on Netflix. Awesome show!!! Can't wait for the next season on Netflix.


2016-07-25 21:37:38

Love it !!!!!!


2016-07-26 05:34:21

Absolutely Fantastic!!! Definitely deserves another season!


2016-07-28 13:30:46

It has an amazing story line. This is a show that I will look forward to watching again


2016-07-29 05:57:02

Loved it. Watched on Netflix and was sorry for it to end after only 8 episodes. Looking forward for a season 2

Donna Harwood

2016-07-31 17:32:24

Just binge watched this fantastic series on Netflicks. Plz have a second, and third etc.. Series!! I like it better than Vikings.

R Standal

2016-08-01 04:14:46

Enjoyed year one looking forward to 2.


2016-08-02 20:48:00

The Last Kingdom is terrific! The fact it is historical based makes even more attractive choice instead of all the other shows on TV. Excited Season 2 is in works, look forward to following the adventures.


2016-08-04 07:33:37

love it!!!


2016-08-05 20:18:19

Very interesting story line. Entertaining... At last a show other than cops and criminals... Looking forward to Season 2.


2016-08-08 00:31:39

so good cant wait for season 2


2016-08-09 18:41:38

I enjoyed the series can't wait for more.....


2016-08-10 19:54:33

worth watching


2016-08-24 07:17:37

I just watched the whole first season on Netflix in 3 days I am in love with the show and cannot wait for season two


2016-08-29 08:31:01

I was so happy to find this show! I have watched all the Vikings episodes and was sad cause I knew it would be next year for the new season. Then I found The Last Kingdom!! Binged watched the first season and now I can't wait for season 2!!!


2016-08-29 18:09:27

We binge watched the whole first season and hope very much that this show will continue.


2016-09-24 18:27:59

Please continue making "the last kingdom"

al higginbotham

2016-10-12 09:50:06

can't wait very much longer - give us season 2 asap


2016-11-26 09:14:35

Please air season 2,3,4,5 Etc. ASAP!!! We absolutely LOVE this show ❤️ We need more to watch with the family.


2017-02-24 19:46:11

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I've loved "Game of Thrones" and I love this series. I've read all the books for both series. To my mind, this is as amazing and terrific as "Game of Thrones"--but without the dragons and based upon real history. Five golden stars!!


2017-04-02 07:11:21

If you liked the series, which was very good, you will love the books.Read them in order, as they are 10 times better than the TV series. So much is left out of the \TV show that its almost a different story.
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