The Librarians season 3 release date - November 20, 2016

Original name: The Librarians season 3
Duration: 42 min.
Seasons: 2
Cast: Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Kim, John Larroquette
Genre: Adventure, Fiction
Country: USA
TV channel: TNT
Original release:

About TV show The Librarians season 3

The series also tells quite a different kind of librarians. These 5-po boys akin keepers. Under their tutelage in the old library safely contained magical artifacts of great strength. Naturally, they know about the villains and mythical creatures, ready to do anything to possess such a treasure. It librarians unraveling their evil designs, a variety of ancient secrets and maintain the delicate balance of the magical forces on our planet.

However, it was not always so. The protagonist - Flynn Carsen one finds out what his earthly mission and become the first keeper. However, this is an excessive burden for one person, even a very strong spirit. So he gathers to himself in the command of 4 characters. Carsen becomes for them something of a mentor and teaches them everything he knows about the magical arts, evil spirits and myths.

At this point, the show takes place on the screens of the 2nd season of "librarian". A third season should be expected no earlier than autumn 2016, when the creators decide to continue filming.

The Librarians season 3 release date

November 20, 2016

For most people, the word "The Librarian" is associated with some old woman who endlessly "chic" on you if you hang out at the "Shrine of the Book", swears, when you do not know the author of classic works, and so on. D.

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2016-01-12 18:02:28

I don't think I've missed an episode. Also enjoyed the Librarian movies


2016-04-22 07:21:05

If you enjoy Indiana Jones movies , Goonies , your treasure hunt movies mixed in with mythology with a bit of way out fantasy these shows are for you and watch the 3 movies before the series great cast and great writers. (by the way keep up the good work you can do a lot with treasure lore and mythology)


2016-08-06 05:28:42

Love this series very entertaining and interesting Laughs Drama and Mystery Hope it comes back


2016-08-08 06:48:40

I loved the movies and wished they would have made, the series sooner. Please don't cancel one the only, show that is intelligent as well as hopeful for the Human, race. Unlike all the others portraying only the apocalypse and the end of humanity in all its good forms.
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