Revolution season 3

Original name: Revolution season 3
Duration: 42 min.
Seasons: 2
Cast: Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Giancarlo Esposito, Zak Orth, David Lyons
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Action, Science Fiction
Country: USA
TV channel: NBC
Original release:

About TV show Revolution season 3

All human life depends on electricity nowadays. What will happen if it suddenly disappears? At one point he snapped unknown switch, and the world was thrown into a dark wave of distant ages. From the sky started falling aircraft, hospital complexes were without power support, lost the connection. Now, in the absence of modern developments, who will be able to answer why? One and a half decades, life has become is the same as it was before the industrial revolution plan. All the families live on the dark streets. After sunset lit candles and lanterns. Life has become better and more peaceful. But in reality it is? Overseas small communities of farmers still a risk. Thus, the life of a young girl changes drastically after her father was killed by local police. Father some unknown way somehow been associated with power outages. This event encourages it together with a couple of companions to go on a journey to find the truth about the past and change the future on this basis.

Revolution season 3 release date

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What do you think? Do you like Revolution season 2? Do you think it should have been renewed for a third season or cancelled instead?

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2016-03-09 12:09:20

We love Revolution!

Jim kellwy

2016-04-08 10:02:37

I love the show. Revolution


2016-04-14 10:24:34

Please bring revolution back......Malawi loves it


2016-05-25 23:59:14

We want revolutuon backk

Idah Mkandawire

2016-05-30 16:00:22

I Couldn't go to sleep because i was like oh no,one more episode,but u killing the show was just not cul.i love revolution so do most people.. Please bring the shwo back we want it


2016-06-02 20:07:39

Series 1 and 2 wobbled in several places. Nonetheless some very enjoyable parts. Needs series 3 to bring some sort of finale.


2016-06-13 04:33:02

There should be/have been a season 3. I'm sad if they leave it with 2 seasons.


2016-06-16 21:15:49

Yes it should be renew


2016-06-17 00:15:52

Why make the ending like it was ganna have a 3season if you guys not ganna do one


2016-06-19 22:42:13

Revolution it doesn't get any better than this

Jeanetta & Harry

2016-06-23 03:08:33

We want to see a season three. Or at minimum a series finale.


2016-06-23 11:47:59

Awsome show...Bring back REVOLUTION!!!##


2016-06-28 16:05:31

Srilanka waiting Rewalution 3, fantastic tv show .


2016-07-11 06:30:11

Bring it back


2016-07-12 06:37:33

yes please bring it back


2016-07-12 07:57:21

When are you releasing season 3 can't find it anywhere


2016-07-19 22:34:50

Revolution is one of the best shows I have ever seen please renew it so that I can enjoy my last few years as a free teenager.


2016-07-24 22:02:29

Season three is a must y'all need to stop cancelling good shows like seriously...


2016-07-28 00:28:02

Although each main character got captured and escaped atleast 50 times each it was an addictive show. Please bring back.


2016-07-30 16:58:37

Bring Revolution back, Kenya is waiting


2016-07-30 17:21:19

I am personally in love with the actors of this series, the the actors are killing, i would like to meet with the Matheson family, aaaw Charlie is sweet, Miles and Monroe, i like this guys. This series is my favorite, please unleash the next episode Kenya is waiting


2016-08-05 16:15:11

Bring revolution season 3 back please as its really good and everyone loves it. Also we don't have an ending to it so we don't know what happens after they get sent to a wasteland on season 2 episode 22 so please bring revolution season 3 back


2016-08-07 18:48:49

I love the show


2016-08-09 07:42:58

Revolution is an amazing show, keep it coming!!!!!


2016-08-10 03:36:30

bring back Revolution


2016-08-10 03:37:29

That shows awesome you should totally bring it back


2016-08-11 07:16:21

One of the best televisions series I've watched

series watcher

2016-08-11 09:52:54

Definitely bring this show back. Season 3 at least. This was one of my favorite series. Awesome actors, good story line.


2016-08-11 20:33:37

I love it we need it again pleeeeeeeseeeeee


2016-08-15 01:53:14

Please bring back this show!


2016-08-15 08:57:26

Please bring Revolution back. I just love this show!!!


2016-08-17 04:22:16

Please bring back Revolution! Loved it! We want the lights to come back on and see the world get built back up.


2016-08-18 06:40:18

Bring back revolution season 3 best show ever . Soon!!!!

Shawn Hardy

2016-08-21 01:48:30

Please continue revolution season 3 love this show thank you


2016-08-21 18:50:23

Please bring revolution back. love the show!!!!


2016-08-23 05:19:39

when is season 3 coming out


2016-08-25 07:41:11

Come on, you can't leave us hanging! We are ready for season 3

sir emmy

2016-08-28 14:17:50

Can't wait for the season 3 to come out


2016-08-29 13:44:35

Revolution is Awesome Bring it back


2016-08-31 09:59:34

Why would they cancel a show that is different from the others. It brings excitement and joy, a lot of suspense. It doesnt make sense. Why they make people to be almost addicted to the show and the charaters - and then not renew it. Really...Please bring Revolution back for us - the people who couldnt wait for the next episode....


2016-09-03 12:54:57

I found this show and watched whole two seasons over three days. Couldn't stop watching.


2016-09-06 06:40:37

I still watch the 1st n 2nd season please bring revolution back.


2016-09-09 19:08:12

please we want revolution back


2016-09-19 00:05:28

I am very upset that Revolution is canceled. I really love this show and I was looking forward for Season 3 ! Very upset !!!

Becky H

2016-09-22 08:04:07

Please bring on a 3rd season!! I loved this show


2016-09-22 22:04:46

Please do season 3 if not for TV then for Netflix or Hulu please the show is great and so is the cast don't leave us all hanging.thank you.


2016-09-22 22:53:09

I love the show it well be very sad not to continue with it, I'm looking for to see season 3.


2016-09-26 05:47:06

Bring back revolution asap!! If you guys need ideas give me a call


2016-10-03 22:00:16

Bring back revolution


2016-10-05 07:14:29

It should be back the shiw of my favorite shows


2016-10-07 00:49:06

Tanzania loves Revolution plz bring it back


2016-10-08 01:22:55

We love revolution and we want it back

Medicine Man

2016-10-29 22:23:00

Please have Season 3 we are stuck without a ending


2016-11-06 22:23:50

I wont it


2016-11-07 13:50:21

can`t wait for season 3

David dean

2016-11-14 06:02:49

Great show needs finishing bring it back


2016-11-20 01:30:14

fuck you Channel manager NBC


2016-12-03 04:53:04

Please bring it back!

Macy Dahmen

2016-12-13 23:42:10

Ilove the revolution. We want the revolution back. And we want to seizoen 3.


2017-01-04 02:49:36

Please i want to see season 3 l love the serie


2017-01-18 03:36:27

Please ! Bring the show back , I love that show , it's was so great ! I watch it over and over on Netflix s ! So pleases bring it back there needs to be and ending ant in a comic book ! On TV .


2017-01-21 03:19:10

revolution made people say oh oh oh oh no no no no plz dont die now that is how a show is revolution is the best show in the world so bring it back plz come on plz it was the best bring it back


2017-02-18 16:53:18

we love it and we want to se seison 3!!

Sgt. Recon

2017-03-15 22:39:19

Please bring back Revolution for another 4 or 5 seasons. Aaron's story broke my hard hard heart.


2018-10-16 09:05:58

Renew revolution TV show please

Lakshitha deshan

2018-12-28 00:18:30

L love revolution and in all players..

Daphne Boswinkel

2020-01-03 18:18:14

Revolution seizoen 3, we zitten in Holland nu met een open eind... De mensen in Holland die deze serie heb gekeken heeft alleen maar goede commentaar over de serie... We balen daarom ook ontzettend erg dat we geen seizoen 3 krijgen en we met een open eind van een geweldig gave serie zitten. Mvg People from Holland

Kalu malli

2020-03-22 20:08:19

Revolution season 1 and 2 is amazing and wonderful.. Why don't you give Revolution season 3.
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