Longmire season 6

Original name: Longmire season 6
Duration: 45 min.
Seasons: 5
Cast: Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Bailey Chase, Adam Bartley, Cassidy Freeman, Lou Diamond Phillips
Genre: Drama, Crime
Country: USA
TV channel: Netflix
Original release: June 3, 2012 – present

About TV show Longmire season 6


On November 2, 2016, Netflix announced that it had renewed the show for a sixth and final season. Longmire season 6 release date - November 17, 2017.

Longmire Plot

Let's start with the fact that work on the adaptation of film directors named James Murro and Christopher Chulak. Hunt Baldwin and John Coveney with Michael Robin has got the position of producers as well as they help Craig Johnson with the writing of the script. David Shepard is a composer. In case of continuation of TV series Longmire season 6 will continue to be developed in the genre of dramatic thriller and crime, where the main role will go to Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Cassidy Freeman, Adam Bartley, Bailey Chase, Richard Bilu, Zannu MaKlarnonu and others. Shooting took place in the United States. The duration of each series is about forty minutes, and for the first time on the screen, this picture came on 3 June 2012.

This film is already very well known. Here we leave you the trailer and seeing it you can leave a review. Well, we do discuss the content.

This story tells us about the sheriff named Walt, who lives in Wyoming. He is a positive character and very soon it will be exactly a year since he lost his wife. It helps him to cope with depression, work, and a girl named Vic, with which he keeps order on its territory.

It is worth noting that the series Longmire season 6 can be expected in the autumn of 2017, but so far it has not had any conversations. Everything will depend on the popularity of this painting.

Longmire season 6 release date

November 17, 2017

Longmire is an American crime drama television series that premiered on June 3, 2012, on the A&E network. The series was developed by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin, and is based on the Walt Longmire Mysteries series of mystery novels written by best-selling author Craig Johnson.

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2016-11-07 03:30:40

Longmire. One of the best. Can't believe A &E dumped it. Yea Netflix. Nothing good on TV anyway. Stupid sitcoms


2016-11-07 13:58:58

Love Longmire. Wait!


2016-11-07 16:31:50

Comment (at least 5 characters)...One of the very few adult series. Was so disappointed when A&E discontinued it but watch it faithfully on Netflix. Please say it will return.


2016-11-10 08:36:40

Longmire is a great show, can not wait for season 6. Still waiting..


2016-11-11 05:23:13

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Longmire is one of the few shows worth watching on TV; Netflix was smart to pick it up. Well acted, well written with interesting story lines and some unpredictable elements. Keep it coming!


2016-11-12 01:55:36

The best show on tv. Please continue it as long as the actors agree.


2016-11-12 02:09:45

One of the best shows on TV,please don't cancel


2016-11-12 07:43:17

I love this show -- it's truth and integrity against lies, deceit, individual and corporate greed. We need MORE shows like this one, especially now.


2017-10-07 01:07:25

You are right, with all the lies the mainstream media tell, it is refreshing to see a show that honors the truth and integrity.


2016-11-12 17:05:54

Long more has got to be one of the best series in tv. my husband, who is not much of a tv watcher, has watched every show with me. Even to the exclusion of Prime time news. Have even gotten out granddaughter hooked on it. Please continue production.

2016-12-12 02:55:03

I and my wife love this show. Please keep it on the air.


2016-12-14 02:34:24

Awesome show. The best show not on TV. Actually enjoy it more on Netflix as the run time is not limited & no interruptions (commercials). Great character development & interesting storylines. Can't wait for more from this wonderful series.

A very refresting series. long over due, thanks/

2016-12-16 10:02:07

Comment (at least 5 characters)...A very refresting series. long over due, thanks/


2016-12-18 08:07:16

Great show. Great characters. Better than anything on TV

Fast Eddie

2016-12-21 17:50:09

Watch the last show last night I believe episode 54 It left you hanging out there. Needs season 6


2016-12-22 00:21:25

One of the best shows out there! An intelligent and well written storyline! Looking forward to season 6.


2016-12-23 06:43:30

Great show. I joined Netflix just to watch.ment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-12-24 06:44:01

One of the best series on Netflex...Hope they keep Longmire...


2016-12-26 08:59:01

Great show amazing writting featuring native American actors


2016-12-27 05:55:41

Just found this series a few months ago and my husband and I have been binge watching and just finished last episode tonight. Please bring back to bring closure to the story. You totally left us hanging! Best show ever!


2017-11-15 21:04:05

Agreed! We found it and have been watching it daily since we did. We saw the last of season 5 and cannot wait for more!


2016-12-28 06:51:58

Longmire Lives!


2016-12-28 09:46:08

I am hooked on Longmire! I just finished several days of binge watching every show for all 5 seasons. I can't wait to see more!


2016-12-29 06:55:58

Really looking forward to Season 6. If it is going to be the last season then I hope the creators do it well and maintain the quality through the end.


2016-12-29 19:20:23

Best drama on Netflix , will continue watching if it returns.


2016-12-31 08:40:53

This has been an excellent series. The episodes and the character dynamics have encountered has just made this an incredible story to follow. Longmire has an excellent cast that delivers. I look forward to season 6. Maybe the writers can deliver another season, only if the cast wants to continue the saga. Excellent story.

Bob & Ginny

2017-01-01 02:03:34

We're not very happy with the way Series 5 ended; left everyone hanging with too many situations in progress. They should have resolved a few of the "goings on". By the time Series 6 comes out in the Fall we'll forgotten 1/2 of what was going on, or be wrapped up in a different show. When you have a great show going on you shouldn't mess with it (like the national broadcasting companies do).


2017-01-02 07:05:51

Love me some Longmire! Anxiously waiting for season 6!!


2017-01-02 07:11:23

We love this show. So glad it will be back in 2017 but it looks like that will be the last in the series?? Say NO please

B. J.

2017-01-05 23:25:35

Absolutely love Longmire and watched all five seasons in a very short period of time. Excellent writing and acting and so disappointed that it will take so long for the next season to be released. Please do not discontinue this show.


2017-01-06 03:40:25

I watched Longmire on TV and loved it. Just recently got Netflix and have gone through all 5 seasons in 2 days. What a disappointment that it may not be renewed. It is the best series in a long, long time. Shame on A&E for cancelling it. There is no other series that shows people with honor and honesty fighting against greed and corruption. Please, please keep it going!!!


2017-01-07 08:05:05

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Love Longmire, Can not believe going to end after season 6. Think twice will you.


2017-01-09 03:31:07

Keep!!!!!!!!!! One of the best series ever seen on TV. Can't wait for new season 6 to come back to Netflix. Characters never disappoint.


2017-01-09 11:16:25

Absolutely love the Longmire series. Please do not cancel it. My husband and I love it !!!!


2017-01-09 23:03:07

Thanks to Netflix, I have been able to watch all 5 seasons of Longmire multiple times. I am looking forward to season 6.


2017-01-10 02:57:02

Honesty, and Morales something you don't get to see much of anymore! This series has it all and your whole family can watch. #Love Longmire, can't believe a&e dropped it , it's one of the few TV shows worth watching . can't wait until the new season starts. Thanks, Netflix


2017-01-10 22:45:20

We did not watch Longmire during the regular seasons; however, due to a weekend of snow we started Season one and now are on five. We are hooked...please continue Season six. Good crime stories with a touch of romance!!

2017-01-13 06:55:36

Love this show! Can't wait for season 6


2017-01-13 18:42:01

Both myself and my husband love this show,and i'm also posting for my mom and dad who are not computer savvy. We love having a show with "mature' characters. Both our families subscribe to netflix for Longmire.


2017-01-18 19:30:05

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I sincerely hope that Longmire is on for many seasons to come. One of the best programs tv has produced in many years, cast is superb, acting is wonderful, and the result is outstanding. Please keep it on the air.


2017-01-19 10:17:00

This is an excellent series! Would love to see more than six seasons!


2017-01-20 06:53:05

Love Longmire. Cannot wait for season 6! Cliffhanger! Love it.


2017-01-21 03:37:18

Fantastic show, it can't end with season 5. Someone has to untie Henry


2017-01-21 08:22:24

Hurry up and get this great show back on the schedule.


2017-01-22 00:47:59

My husband and I love Longmire! My sister used to watch when it was on A & E, and told us about it, but it was canceled before we ever watched it. Later, we found the series on Netflix, and binge watched all 5 seasons (even staying up late on a work night!!). Our raving about the show got our 2 sons interested, and they binge watched too. We can't wait for the next season to begin, and hope it continues for several more seasons. The story line is always taking unexpected turns and angles, and the acting is very good. Best show to be found on the vast wasteland of television!! Please continue!!


2017-01-24 00:21:12

Keep Longmire alive. One of the few good programs on TV


2017-01-24 06:59:13

We have spent the last 2 weeks watching 5 seasons of Longmire. Anxiously waiting for Season 6. Love this show!

Fred & Wilma

2017-01-24 07:03:25

We too binge watched seasons 1-5 of Longmire on Netflix. Can't wait til Season 6 comes out. Have signed up for notification of Season 6 release. Thanks for a good quality series for the whole family!


2017-01-24 08:39:39

I have not had tv in years, but a friend got me HOOKED ON LONGMIRE! it's a surprisingly great plot, with great action & acting. Now, I cannot wait for Season 6 to begin.


2017-01-24 17:54:43

Just finished watching the last show in Season 5. We can't believe we have to wait until Sept. 2017 for the next season. Please keep Longmire on Netflix and give us a couple more seasons!!!


2017-01-25 20:47:28

Longmire has my vote! I always look forward to the next, so sad to get to the end of season 5, what am I going to watch until September???


2017-01-25 22:25:08

Love Longmire. It is addictive! Can't wait for season 6! I wish Netflix would consider continuing the series for additional seasons.


2017-01-27 00:52:31

Awesome series, well produced and well acted. Really hate to hear season six will be the last


2017-01-27 05:49:26

Love! Love!! Love this show! The best series I've ever watched. Can't wait for the return


2017-01-28 01:10:06

Love Longmire! Just binge watched from episode 34 to end of season 5. Can't wait for 6! Great show and characters!Walt reminds me of James Arness and Gunsmoke.


2017-01-29 00:17:06

We so enjoy Longview and will miss it. The violence was acceptable as it involved law enforcement & any sexual content was subtle & secondary to the plot. Very enjoyable.

MAruca lopez

2017-01-29 07:04:48

Love this show Please bring back for season 6,7,&8


2017-01-30 02:22:25

Love this show, keeps you on your seat. can't wait for # 6 to see who gets their butt kick.


2017-01-31 06:09:20

Longmire is the best modern day western to be created. It is wholesome and entertaining. It grips me and I hang on every word. I am sad to hear that season 6 will be the last.


2017-02-01 02:07:44

Longmire is a great series. Hoping for season 6 soon.


2017-02-01 03:56:20

I love this show! Got the Netflix free trial. My husband and I have watched Longmire every night. What a fantastic show on so many levels. Great cast. Story is tremendously compelling. Every character so deeply drawn. The worst part is that each episode seems to go so quickly. My sincere thanks for putting together my all time most favorite series. Hurry up and make more!

Terri S.

2017-02-01 06:56:53

We just found this show on Netflix! LOVE IT! The characters are likeable and relatable. Enjoy the scenery. We really hope this show is renewed for Season 6. Please! Seems like all the good shows disappear.


2017-02-01 18:22:14

I just love this show!! Can't wait until the next release!


2017-02-03 08:02:34

Outstanding drama. I can't wait for season 6. 5 stars.


2017-02-07 01:02:31

looking forward to season 6 don't want to be left hanging we need the full story.


2017-02-10 03:44:48

Please, please season 6


2017-02-12 05:44:10

Great Longmire shows. Quality writing, great acting, beautiful scenery.

Rockin Richard

2017-02-12 19:23:59

Whilst I am pleased to read that there is to be a season six it's a long time till September!Great script good actors lovely scenery even feel sorry for Nighthorse!


2017-02-13 21:31:00

Comment (at least 5 characters)... I am hooked on this show, been awesome to have a good series to watch during a cold winter season, can't wait for more, hanging in suspense for more good viewing


2017-02-14 05:13:35

This is the best show ever. We used to watch it on A&E and were disappointed when they cancelled it. We just signed up on Netflix and just binge watched season 4 and 5. Can't wait to see season 6. I know it is the last season but we hope the creators will rethink this and continue it after season 6.


2017-02-18 06:33:47

Husband and I have been binge watching this show for about a month - two episodes per night. GREAT show. One of the few TV shows where I don't get bored and play computer games while watching the show. It engages ALL of my attention! Love it. The juxtaposition of western and Native American culture is really unique in. TV drama. I Feel like I'm actually learning about Native American culture and I much appreciate that.


2017-02-18 23:14:25

Keep going


2017-02-19 23:27:07

This weekend I binge watched Season 5. I could not wait to see the next episode from the end of the last episode. Thank you, Netflix, for providing this wonderful series! There are still SO many things to find out!!! :-) I love it!


2017-02-24 09:32:43

Comment (at least 5 characters)...The news is bittersweet, I'm very much looking forward to season but sad that it will be the last one.


2017-03-01 08:29:27

Please have Longmire season 6!! It is our FAVORITE. WE HAVE TO KNOW what happens. Please continue. 5 STARS bring it back.

Rita & Richard

2017-03-01 10:01:49

We so enjoy the series. Please keep up the good work Netflix. We are anxiously waiting for Season 6. Great show and good characters. Thanks again for taking this up.


2017-03-03 05:41:27

My wife and I discovered Longmire on Netflix a little while ago and basically binge watched it through the five seasons. Can't wait for season 6, VERY disappointed 6 will be the last season. Best show out there, bar none!


2017-03-03 08:18:30

This is such an excellent show on so many levels. The story line is great! The compassion it evokes for the forgotten people (Native Americans) made me cry at times. The humor of so many situations made me laugh out loud. Showing the greed of so many people and the lengths they would go to was mind-blowing. The suspense at the end of each episode kept me coming back for more. I also loved that the hero of the story is not a "young & beautiful" man or woman. Walt's just an average guy, trying to make it thru life. Definitely one of the best series I've ever seen.


2017-03-05 19:32:05

There must be a season six at least! Henry can't be left out in the middle of nowhere, Vic is pregnant, Walt is in danger of losing his job----- so many lose ends. It will take a couple of seasons to wrap this up! You have me addicted, now bring it on!


2017-03-06 00:36:35

Why is it taking so long to create the next season of this great show? My next question is, Why would you consider ending this? Unless you are no longer in the entertainment business, then see ya, be safe and enjoy yourself. But if you are in the entertainment industry, then you better wake up, and get to work!

rage against the machine

2017-04-30 04:35:00

The answerer to the question is what this show is about what is right and what is wrong. Now we cant have you still believing in morality in this sick world the hollywierd is scripting for the youth, can we.


2017-03-06 03:34:31

I really enjoyed Longmire on Netflix but was frustrated by the way the last scene of season 5 ended. I hope the show will continue and resolve the conflicts we were left with.


2017-03-06 07:21:46

Love longmire since season one. While dad it's coming to an end this year 2017, feel it's had great run. Great writing and character development. I believe better on Netflix!


2017-03-06 08:57:20

I thoroughly enjoyed Longmire's 5 seasons and cannot wait to see what is in store for season 6. The continuous conflict between the Indians, their reservation, and those that live off the reservation including Walt and his enforcement of the law is a realistic ongoing struggle between the white man and the Indians of history right through today.


2017-03-06 16:08:27

I've been watching since the start. I didn't understand why A&E cancelled the show. Great job keeping it alive Netflix. I wouldn't mind if it had 10 more seasons.


2017-03-10 04:00:19

Love this show, it's well written and the actors are believable in their potrayals. Terribly upset that it's been canceled though, it's difficult to get good shows on regular or cable TV, which is why I only have Netflix and Hulu.. Thank you Netflix for picking this show up when you did and allowing there to be a conclusion!


2017-03-12 20:51:52

We just got NETFLIX a few months ago....i've always loved the old Westerns and thought i'd give this show "Longmire" a try .... i was HOOKED immediately. Watched 50 episodes in no time.....so i'm really HAPPY to hear that a 6th season is heading my way.....:>)


2017-03-16 20:03:08

The Longmire series is the best entertainment to come along in decades! All of the acting, cinematography, music, scripts and scenes are fabulous in every way. Thanks for making them!


2017-03-19 04:31:12

Absolutely loved the Longmire Series and hope you hurry up with #6. We are introducing our grade school aged grandchildren to it and they love it. A great family show with good values and lots of discussion topics - highly recommended!!!!


2017-03-20 17:04:36

Love Longmire. Needs more episodes !!!


2017-03-20 18:44:59

I love this show!

Cat lover

2017-03-20 23:56:09

Look forward to season 6! Great western for today. Wish it would continue!


2017-03-22 04:06:32

Looking forward to the 6th season of Longmire. Have really enjoyed the story so far and can't wait to find out how Walt gets out of his legal problems and how Henry survives his predicament.


2017-03-23 01:24:00

Just wish we had Longmire in our County. This is our families favorite show and so glad its on Netflix and they are continuing the series. Can't wait until September!


2017-03-23 15:45:27

Longmire is my very favorite show and I wait EXPECTANTLY for every next episode. I have even told my son and some friends about it and we are so anxious to see the next season.


2017-03-25 20:31:16

I absolutely love this show. Great acting, beautiful part of the country, but uniquely refreshing storylines, no bad language, and just plain entertaining. Sorry it's on Netflix and not regular channel. I have purchased all season's so for, and enjoy viewing them from time to time. Please do not cancel the series. Truly is one of a kind.


2017-03-27 03:59:03

Love the show. Wish it could go on forever :)


2017-03-27 05:53:50

Love this show! Please don't cancel after Season 6!


2017-03-27 10:19:37

My son got me started watching Longmire. Got hooked and can't wait for the next episode.


2017-03-29 03:07:38

Why hasn`t one of the 4 major networks signed on with this awesome show ? This quality program is much better than most anything that they have on now. It`s time one of them wise up!!

2017-03-30 04:24:14

The writing is great, characters terrific and the casting superb. I would encourage a 7th, 8th and so on seasons.


2017-03-30 04:27:24

The story line is intriguing, the characters are terrific and the casting superb. I encourage Netflix to continue this series for another three to five seasons or at least until Vic takes the reins as sheriff.


2017-03-31 01:44:32

You can't end this series and leave us hanging. Walt will lose his homestead, the Cheyenne Nation is getting more sun than he wants, and what about Walt and Vic? Help me. Bring them back.


2017-03-31 00:23:17

I love Longmire - he is one of my favorites!


2017-03-31 01:46:38

There's too many loose ends to end this series. Walt is about to lose his homestead, the Cheyenne Nation is getting a bit too much sun, who's the father of Vic's baby? Come on, Netflix.


2017-03-31 17:27:32

I can't till season 6 love the show

Linda Anderson

2017-04-01 03:06:41

Please don't cancel this show.


2017-04-01 20:49:54



2017-04-04 12:02:06

Great show wish there was going to be more than one more season

Tony Jackson

2017-04-07 00:29:31

Keep Longmire going. Best show on TV!


2017-04-07 05:21:36

Love Longmire - looking forward to Season 6!!!!!!!


2017-04-09 01:26:40

Love the show, & waiting anxiously for season 6 & what has happened to my favorite characters.


2017-04-09 08:34:12

It's a great show !! keeps you guessing right to the end and beyond !! Thank you Netflix for playing it for us and not letting it flounder into nothingness, It really deserves to be held in high esteem !!


2017-04-09 15:29:12

This is an awesome series! I love the characters, the storyline, and the writers are putting out a quality product. I just wish Walt would back off of Jacob as the source of all the evil in Absoroka County. There has to be a way for Walt to become enlightened to the truth. I wish this series would continue for years to come.

Jim G

2017-04-09 17:18:03

Longmire is a great Western series...like a modern day Gunsmoke. Walt Longmire reminds of Matt Dillon. I will watch and re-watch as long as this show is available to me.


2017-04-11 07:02:41

The best show on any network. Looking forward to season # six.

Wild Flower

2017-04-11 07:06:43

Our whole family love, love, loves....Longmire series. You just have to bring it back or we will be so, so, so, disappointed and upset.. Smiles! Wild Flower


2017-04-12 18:38:23

Comment (at least 5 characters)...You need to bring back the Longmire series. Don't leave us in suspense of what happen to Walt's career, daughter and henry. We want to know will Walt's win his law suit and will he lose his job. Over no good major.


2017-04-13 07:11:50

Longmire is a great show it's hard to find good show's I've watched every show from season 1 to 5 now I watch it over and over waiting for season 6 I wish it would be a season 7 8 9 10 and more

Sb waitt

2017-04-14 09:43:08

Really enjoy this show... don't want it to end...


2017-04-14 21:52:00

Wanted my rating to be a 5 star; but, it registered before I could get it to 5. This is one of the best shows appearing on any channel. My husband, who watches very little TV was glued to each episode. Please keep Longmire permanently.

jack perica

2017-04-17 17:39:20

ill be happy to see longmire return. looking forward to it.


2017-04-18 13:25:30

Wow! Recently found seasons 4 and 5 on Netflix! What a BOON! Thought it had ended at 3! Cannot WAIT for season 6!


2017-04-21 00:26:05

Longmire. The wife and I wait each year for its return. Love the characters and the stories. Would hate to see it end.


2017-04-21 21:46:55

On season 4 loving this show!!!! Hoping it goes for 6 seasons!


2017-04-21 21:55:13

Everything about the Longmire series is perfect. The acting is superb, the scenery is gorgeous (NM acting as WY!), the music is right on, and the stories are all very well done. One really feels like you know Walt, Vic, Ferg and Cady! It's all good!


2017-04-23 23:57:45

Love this series! Hope it picks up for a sixth season.


2017-04-25 19:12:58

We don't seem to ever get tired of it. Wish we could see much more of it.

Claude Quesnelle

2017-04-26 22:09:50

One of the best tv series I have watched in a long time. Can't wait for season 6.


2017-05-01 07:36:56

Since I'm almost done watching season 5 I got on-line to see if I could get info on season 6. Glad there's a season six, love the show. Now just have to wait until the fall.


2017-05-01 23:34:56

Great program. I would like to see it go at least 10 seasons or more.-


2017-05-02 23:33:32

Long live Longmire! Love every episode


2017-05-04 18:46:08

Watched final episode last night. Great story line. Waiting for season 6!!


2017-05-05 21:46:10

My husband and I are absolutely hooked on this show! Just finished season 6 and will be nail-biting until September! This is one of the best -- if not THE best -- show on TV. Thanks Netflix for picking it up and continuing on!


2017-05-07 18:10:30

Found Longmire on Netflix. Got caught up in the characters along with the story line. Have enjoyed watching and anticipate Season 6.


2017-05-11 15:40:14

Longmire was one of my favorite shows when it was on A&E, and I was devastated when they cancelled it. I joined Netflix because they picked up Longmire. Great decision Netflix. I will continue to subscribe to Netflix and hope they continue to offer outstanding drama such as Longmire! Please don't cancel this show.


2017-05-12 20:02:13

Comment (at least 5 characters)I am a Big fan on the Longmire Show.Season 5 was so interesting, there were so much happening in Walt's personal life. you can't cancel the show and leave us fans in suspense. I like to know what going to happen with Walt's law suit and will he lose everything he has including his job. Will he find out that little weasel major sole him out and his friendship Henry's.


2017-05-12 20:11:06

Comment (at least 5 characters)I was so glad that Walt's decided to end his relationship with Donna. She was too old and ugly for Walt, that include Lizzy. Why can he get into a relationship with someone some one more younger that looks like Shana Crawford and have good taste in her clothes.


2017-05-15 03:03:09

Love, love, love Longmire... I think it's one of the best shows ever... let the seasons continue! It's an all American show!


2017-05-20 02:24:56

Excellent show,well written have thoroughly enjoyed this series, please, someone pick this great show up and continue it. Almost a modern "Gunsmoke"!

Gary Baer

2017-05-20 13:43:34

So sorry to find out that Longmire is only going to run one more season !!!! I enjoy this show immensely !!! Sure wish that Netflix will reconsider !!!


2017-05-26 04:08:57

Been watching it from the beginning, the best show on TV.


2017-05-30 04:29:24

I have thoroughly enjoyed Longmire. I used to love westerns and this is a modern day one with plenty of action to keep things interesting. I know season 6 will not disappoint. Hope it won't be the last!


2017-05-31 00:40:09

We really like the show and hope you keep it going. There not another show like these one.


2017-06-05 15:04:13

Well, just like Nextflix picked up Longmire when A&E dropped it, perhaps another intelligent network will understand that intelligent viewers need and desire a show such as Longmire. Longmire, the best show on in a long time. Well balanced and keeps the viewer coming back for more. What else could an intelligent producer ask for? Anybody need our business? Pickup Longmire, please.


2017-06-07 11:53:29

Please don't cancel this series. This is one of the best crime/drama series to come along in quite a while. I look forward to Season 6 in the Fall. Thank you.


2017-06-12 02:44:45

Defnately YES on season six. One of the best shows in my tv world.

Kelly Wilcher

2017-06-12 04:51:43

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I love Longmire keep making new seasons


2017-06-13 08:45:44

The best show on TV. Great writing and always a suspense. Happy Netflix was smart to keep the series going.


2017-06-13 09:53:22



2017-06-13 20:35:18

should go another ten seasons. Wish CBS would pick it up and show it right after NCIS on Tuesdays.


2017-06-14 23:04:27

Longmire is a GREAT show!! I so look forward to seeing it! I have to ration my episodes so I don't watch them all in one day! Excellent, interesting, CLEAN mystery show. Cast is awesome! Love it!! Waiting...

Coffee bean

2017-06-16 01:51:07

Love longmire. We all enjoy an adult mystery around here,and can't wait for new season. Hope Netflix will reconsider and not make this the final season. Love the landscape at Walt's cabin,like the characters of salt and Lou diamond p. Strong men, on yeah.


2017-06-17 06:29:59

6th and final season??? Why does it have to be the final season? I love it and wish they would reconsider NOT canceling!


2017-06-18 03:17:06

Longmire is the Best! There is not show out there like it! Please do not cancel!


2017-06-18 06:47:08

Keep Longmire going as long as possible and increase each season to 15 episodes the seasons are much too short. In the 50's to the 80's shows used to run 20 to 30 episodes a season these are much too short.


2017-06-18 08:16:00

I have watched Longmire since the beginning. I was really glad when Netflix took it over. I am really looking forward to season 6. I have watch the series twice.


2017-06-21 04:02:55

What a great show! I'm hooked. Great acting, scenery, plots. Love it.


2017-06-23 02:18:33

Love this show, the characters and the writing. Can't wait for Season 6.

Richard L. Provencher

2017-06-24 04:04:33

This is a great show, with twists and good acting. A number 10 show.


2017-06-25 05:32:47

Just finished season 5,we're so glad there will be a season 6!!!We thought this was the end,boy what a terrible way that would have been to end such a great series,I hate the thought that it's ending,but greatful that there is another season to look forward to,and to tie up all those loose ends.Thank you Netflix,I am a fan!


2017-06-25 23:48:50

LONGMIRE is one of my families favorites, there are 4 generations in my family that are hooked on it. PLEASE BRING IT BACK


2017-06-28 19:24:55

This is a great series. Great casting and stories ,This one should go with the greats .Ilook forward to more seasons (isn't that what its alllll about ?)

Longmire Rocks

2017-07-02 03:44:29

Can't wait for season 6. Netflix don't make it the last season, please! If Netflix doesn't want to continue producing one of the best shows out there right now, then I hope another network like CW picked it up. It would be a steal to continue Longmire for many more seasons. The number of followers or watchers is probably in the millions.


2017-07-06 05:09:54

Longmire is a fantastic series! Love the interesting characters and story lines. Lets hope after Season 6 someone decides to pick up a Season 7+


2017-07-08 05:16:56

Longmire puts House of Cards to shame! Glad NetFlix picked up season 6 to gain closure for Nighthorse, Longmire, Standing Bear, Katie etc. Looking forward to September


2017-07-09 05:19:47

Please do not cancel Longmire. It is the best show on TV!!!


2017-07-10 00:56:55

Netflix should be commended for renewing this adult, well performed, interesting series. It has been consistently the best thing on series TV.


2017-07-10 22:29:10

Best show I've ever watched please continue as long as possible.


2017-07-10 22:29:11

Best show I've ever watched please continue as long as possible.


2017-07-11 19:53:11

One of the best shows ever! The acting, writing and cinematography are amazing. Thanks, Netflix, for showing the good sense and picking this show up!!


2017-07-12 20:42:16

one of the best shows on tv,cant wait for season 6


2017-07-15 02:47:20

I'm your biggest advocate and have seen every episode at least twice.


2017-07-17 16:48:51

Longmire is the reason I got Netflix, one of the best on TV.

Pat and Jer

2017-07-18 08:12:22

Just got caught up with the 2016 season of Longmire and can't wait to see what happens in 2017. Netflix, don't keep us hanging at episode 53 too long, we need to keep it going. We'll be anxiously awaiting for season 6 to see what happens to all of the things left hanging...........

Gary & Beth Nance

2017-07-20 05:14:30

We absolutely LOVE Longmire! We are so happy that there will be a season 6 but wish the series would continue after that. Thanks, Netflix, for saving such an awesome show!


2017-07-21 19:52:26

My wife and I both love the series, we've watched the original A&E series then binge watched on Netflix. The only good thing on TV. Great story line, closer to reality, keep it going guy's.


2017-07-21 04:26:45

Can't wait for Walt to return


2017-07-22 00:43:46

I just discovered Longmire and I am hooked. I found it on Netflix and have watched about 3 episodes a day since I found it. Hopefully somebody changes their mind and it continues for many more years


2017-07-26 05:32:00

addicted to this show. Can't wait for it to continue. I started watching it when it first appeared on A & E and was so sad when it was cancelled. When Netflix picked it up, I was very excited. Now I'm sad it will be the last season, but who knows, maybe Netflix will change their mind...please!!!???


2017-07-29 09:41:40

I don't watch much TV anymore but thanks to LONGMIRE I now have reason to watch my TV.


2017-07-30 00:42:02

Love this show....it must continue!


2017-08-03 03:56:48

Can not wait fo is the new season. Such a great show. Sad that this us the last season.

Tom osvold

2017-08-03 04:56:53

Daughter needs added role strength along with deputy who has been stuck in a role of a weak officer. Both weaken the ensemble. Keep showing the beauty of New Mexican towns, and range land. Introduce a Wyoming gay students murder as part of the final series. It's in their history.


2017-08-04 00:20:42

Well done. Please show season 6

Steve Odom

2017-08-04 03:20:41

Best show on TV, please keep it going after S6..


2017-08-06 21:51:26

So sad Longmire is coming to an end. Wish this was not true. One of the best shows ever! Can't wait for season 6 and hoping someone grows a brain and decides to keep it on!


2017-08-07 07:25:32

My husband and I love this show! We have been binge watching and can't wait until Season 6 comes out. Pleeeeeeeeese don't cancel the show!


2017-08-08 07:01:13

Best show on TV. Brilliantly acted by entire cast, especially Robert Taylor. Honest, timely stories, character-driven plots, magnificent scenery. Stays true to the tenor of the Craig Johnson books. Highly recommend.


2017-08-08 00:46:33

I love LongMire, please don't cancel the show


2017-08-08 20:45:27

Great program, love the characters and the plots, can't wait for season 6!!!


2017-08-09 06:00:32

There is little watchable television that is not on PBS. Long live the Longmire series! I hope it will be picked up again by some affiliate after this season. I would definitely watch any and all future seasons even if it isn't on Netflix.

Nan Maines

2017-08-10 18:18:21

Why are you canceling a great series? Every time you get a great show, you cancel it & put a stupid reality show on. The older generation like to watch Longmire. Are we not important? I pay for Netflix every month. This show is one of the reasons I subscribed for Netflix. Can't something be done?


2017-08-11 03:07:00

Love this show!!! So excited for season six to begin. What is the date of episode 1????


2017-08-11 05:34:12

We love this show and can't wait for its return


2017-08-12 05:08:34

Looking forward to season 6 of Longmire. Enjoy the show but never when it was on A&E. Have watched all 5 on Netflix.


2017-08-12 07:20:06

Longmire is one of Best series out there! My whole family loves it! Best quality TV with excellent acting and we'll developed rich lovable characters! Great stories, Please don't cancel the series!!!


2017-08-12 23:38:18

LOVE Longmire. Signed up for Netflix specifically to watch Longmire when A & E dropped it. Our first go to program! Thank you Netflix!


2017-08-14 09:48:46

Have watched all 5 seasons. Eagarly awaiting Season 6. One of the best shows we have ever watched.

Momma Tarable

2017-08-14 20:46:33

Please do not cancel Longmiere. It is one of our favs. We wait all year for its return.


2017-08-15 05:27:44

Best show ever. Do not want it to ever end


2017-08-15 14:28:27

Love this show. Saddened to hear that season 6 is going to be the last season. I hope there are no loose ends/all story lines tied up at the end. Getting to be less and less good shows and more disgusting ones on television. Thank you for Longmire!


2017-08-16 06:06:36

This has been the most watched show at our house. We kept Netficks because of this show. We have watched the series 3 times already, and can't wait for its returned. Also since I am a morning show host, I know I have turned hundreds of listeners onto the series as well. Please, Please Keep this series!!

Janelle labbe

2017-08-16 08:31:44

Husband and I can't wait for Season Six


2017-08-16 18:47:41



2017-08-16 23:26:45

My husband and I watch together, love it! Can't wait for Season 6. Please renew!!!


2017-08-18 15:48:20

Have not heard of Longmire, but this past weekend saw Season 1 and over the whole weekend watched Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4. Just finished Season 5 last night. It is a coin flip whether I love NCIS or Longmire the best. Can't wait for Season 6

Mark Vietnam Vet

2017-08-22 23:23:44

Longmire is one of the best series ever...wish it would continue. Actors and stories are always entertaining...don't cancel.


2017-08-23 04:33:34

Comment (at least 5 characters)... Great series. Would watch it for years to come if extended. Surely the Saga can continue indefinitely. This an EPIC.


2017-08-24 04:03:23

Cannot wait for Season 6 of Longmire!!! Been watching for it every time I get a Netflix update on my emails! Cannot leave Henry staked out like that! He must be burned to a crisp by now!


2017-09-01 03:32:30

Can't wait for new season of longmire!


2017-09-01 19:33:23

Great show. Watched it from beginning.


2017-09-01 23:38:43

One of the modern westerns of all times, great show.........


2017-09-02 02:44:41

just started Netflix, hooked on Longmire want more episodes.

evie pease

2017-09-02 05:35:20

I love this quality FAMILY show. Tired of silly no where sitcoms. Too much concentration on who sleeps with whom. The entire cast is wonderful. Boo-hoo on killing off Ranch. I have watched A. Martinez since he was in The Cowboys with John Wayne. Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips are strong leading characters. CANNOT SAY ENOUGH "GOOD" about this show. PLEASE KEEP LONGMIRE GOING. Evie Pease

Cloe Duncan

2017-09-02 06:23:21

We are really looking forward to the new season of Longmire! It is an excellent show. Well scripted, beautiful filming, great acting! Love the emphasis on the mysticism and culture of Native Americans.


2017-09-02 21:18:15

cant wait for season 6. we love the series and just hope it continues 7-8-9 and ----?


2017-09-03 03:27:10

What a great series. Rivals Zane Grey or any of the great western writers of old. How can you not continue on with this series? It has to be a money maker whom ever continues it. Geez folks what else is comparable??? The trash on todays viewing cant touch it


2017-09-04 22:46:19

Waiting for Longmire Season 6 When will it begin ?

Gary and Jane

2017-09-10 17:18:52

Simply outstanding character development, story lines, dilemma, non-sappy drama, romantic intrigue, mystery, excitement, culture story. Humans that are mortals, striving. This comment from a largely non-tv watching couple made bingers. Very very good. PLEASE continue the series!!!


2017-09-11 03:44:20

Love this show, I'm hooked. Will be so sad if cancelled. Release season 6 please.


2017-09-12 17:34:21

I just got Netflix this year and thanks to the recommendation of friends, discovered Longmire. As far as I am concerned, this is the best series on television. We watched 3 episodes a night until we finished the series and are in serious withdrawal.


2017-09-14 02:22:13

My husband and l love this show. Hope that it starts up soon again.


2017-09-14 06:43:06

Longmire is one of the series I've seen for a very long time. We love the show and cannot wait for season 6 to begin. I give big thumbs up!!


2017-09-16 23:22:54

Longmire is one of the only series I watch. Everything these days on ABC, NBC and cable is a insult to your intelligence.


2017-09-18 22:22:00

Longmire,a terrific series that is well written by & for adults,my husband & I are anxious to see season 6 & would be happy if it stayed on for many years.


2017-09-20 18:43:14



2017-09-23 23:08:31

Why are you taking off longmire, not enough smut and bad Language for people. The shows now stink.


2017-09-26 01:56:20

Thia is the last of the great westerns. Do we dare hope for something so clean, refreshing and intertaining to return?


2017-09-26 04:39:45

waiting on Longmire to start favorite show hate this is this last season.


2017-09-27 11:35:09

Where is it? September is almost over! I want to watch more Longmire, please.

Matt alired

2017-09-30 03:07:11

Why did you'r cancelled longmire i think longmire was a good show a lot of people will be disappointed


2017-09-30 18:55:39

Yippee!! The wait is over for Longmire to return.


2017-10-02 01:26:34

The best show on tv. I faithfully wait for it's return every year. Can't believe it may be cancelled. Please bring it back. Everything else on TV is JUNK. Any chance of it's return after season 6?


2017-10-03 03:21:40

My husband and I LOVE LOVE this show please save it.


2017-10-04 00:42:34

Sept has .com &gone for season 6of lingerie when is it going to come out? I am sad this is going to be the last season for longmire! I am a great fan of the show!


2017-10-07 19:16:33

The only reason I want Netflix is for Longmire. When is the new season going to be released?


2017-10-07 21:38:22

I wish the Longmire series would continue. It's one of the best I've seen in a long while. Bring it back.


2017-10-08 07:55:59

Longmire is the only show I will binge-watch. My time is precious and Longmire is worth it.


2017-10-09 20:56:20

My husband and I totally enjoy this intelligently written show with great acting and character development. Finally something we can both watch that is entertaining and great quality. Please continue!


2017-10-11 20:06:28

I love the Longmire series. Please, Please return the series to the TV screen as soon as possible.


2017-10-19 21:46:17

It's one of the most intelligent, adult programs on TV. The fact that it's a western is a refreshing change from the usual drivel on TV. Why is this show in it's last season?


2017-10-27 20:34:06



2017-10-28 23:28:11

Watched all season in just two days. Wife and I are addicted to Longmire! Great writing, Great Actors and please continue


2017-10-29 21:58:47

my wife & I Love watching Longmire...please keep this series going. This is a great show that is not the same as a lot of other primetime police shows. Keep it Up!


2017-10-31 03:30:56

My husband and I love longmire I don't watch a lot of tv and longmire is one I won't miss it would be so nice if you had a season 6 , 7, etc


2017-11-06 04:52:36

I love Longmire. Can hardly wait for season 6 and would like for it go on and on. Walt needs to be with Vic. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


2017-11-06 04:54:46

Love Longmire. Please don’t cancel it. It’s one of the good ones!


2017-11-07 18:36:31

Love the Longmire series, when will the finial series be on Netflix.

Diane o

2017-11-08 23:18:59

Greatest show just started watching it. Tv binging. Alongside is great!!!!


2017-11-11 06:05:26

my all time favorite........it has a huge following...where is it?


2017-11-14 03:09:25

One of the best series I have seen in years. Actual mystery and drama without all of the gratuitous language and sex, which proves the series has some depth to it.


2017-11-15 21:01:39

We love the Longmire series! It is well acted, cleverly filmed with a story line that never seems to get dull. New characters and twists allow it to remain fresh.


2017-11-19 22:47:44

Have watched all five of the existing episodes. My friend and I are anxiously awaiting Season Six. Please don't cancel.


2017-11-22 03:21:29

My husband and I have watched all episodes of Longmire and could hardly wait for the new season. It is one of our very few TV favorites because it shows believable characters dealing with real life challenges. We agree with Lila: I love this show -- it's truth and integrity against lies, deceit, individual and corporate greed. We need MORE shows like this one, especially now. Keep it going for years to come. Thank you for a decent program on what is mostly immoral junk TV.


2017-11-23 13:03:04

waiting to see Longmire. best show going


2017-12-05 22:23:18

Loved this series until the end. A thirdgrader could have written a better ending. What adisappointment for the writer to go with girl your daughters age whose been worshiping you for years.even sadder that after 5 great seasons, end the sixth witha ridiculous sex scene???? And yes lets make a weak crybaby woman who cant make a decision or get through a day without some fit the new sherrif


2017-12-11 06:34:17

Longmire is one of the best series by far. I don't understand why it was cancelled!


2017-12-30 20:15:21

I am hoping to see more episodes of Longmire. It is an exceptionally good series. Please don't end it! I love Longmire!


2017-12-30 20:04:33

One of the best series seen today. I was really surprised when A & E cancelled the show & was so glad to see that Netflix picked it up. There is nothing worth watching on regular cable TV anymore. Netflix won my vote when they picked up Longmire, Velvet, The Crown, Glitch, etc. Especially with Longmire. So sad to see it end. I'm hoping they come out with more episodes. Love this series!

L mann

2018-01-01 04:13:51



2018-01-13 01:20:31

Why when there is a very good show the Network or “whomever “ decides to take it off the Air. Why because you aren’t making enough money? I just wish you guys would of kept it on for a few more seasons. Thereso much crap on tv that I wonder how it stays on!!! One more reality show and I’m going to scream! Who gives a damn about the New York housewife’s or any of them for that matter! We need more good shows! I Love Lucy, Carol Burnett, Goldbergs, The Middle, 911, The Big Blue Planet, Natgeowild .... you get it. Thank you


2018-01-22 17:19:00

Love Longmire I heard it is going off the air. I hope that is not so. Glad Netflix picked it. Please continue the series.


2018-01-31 21:40:01

Like the series a shame it has to end. You would think with all the silly shows on tv this good series would fine a place on tv. Netflix should try their best to keep the series alive.


2018-02-06 16:29:18

Any talks about a longmire 2, starring the same characters with either Vic or Cady as the sheriff, Walt can always be a man behind the scenes who helps them solve the mystery??


2018-02-12 04:20:13

My wife and I have watched longmier since beginning,never watched A SHOW THAT ABSORBED ME like longmier . PLEASE DONT LET IT DIE!


2018-04-22 00:36:11

i just finished watching longmire, love the show.wish there was more,is there going to be series number 7 coming out again soon.very interresting movie,i loved it.


2018-04-28 04:41:14



2019-01-08 04:22:09

Please bring Longmire back
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