Heartland season 10 release date - October 2, 2016

Original name: Heartland season 10
Duration: 44 min.
Cast: Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle, Gabriel Hogan, Chris Potter
Genre: Drama
Country: Canada
TV channel: CBC
Original release:

About TV show Heartland season 10

About TV show Heartland season 10

The TV series changes the setting from Virginia, USA (in the original novels) to the Alberta Rockies in Alberta, Canada. Heartland follows sisters Amy and Lou Fleming, Ty Borden and their grandfather Jack Bartlett through the highs and lows of life on a horse ranch in cattle country. The story details how, although Amy and Lou's mother was killed in a car accident, they continue to keep their mother's dream alive by healing abused and neglected horses through their family business. Amy (Amber Marshall) faces adversity, but she overcomes every obstacle that stands in front of her.

Heartland season 10 release date

October 2, 2016

Heartland is a Canadian family drama tv show which debuted on CBC (Murdoch Mysteries) on October 14, 2007. Heartland is based on the Heartland book series by Lauren Brooke.

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2016-02-15 04:22:18

I really enjoy Heartland. I'm a Grandma and would recommend it to anyone. I'm disappointed that the Up station dropped the series, but I'm buying the series so I can see it over and over again. You have my vote thumbs up!!!

Bill Coble

2016-02-18 06:33:20

This is the favorite TV Show of all time for my wife and me. We have all the DVD's. As citizens of the US we found it on Netflix.we were heartbroken when we had seen all the episodes. We would love to see it renewed indefinitely and have a good time slot on a network channel in the US.


2016-04-30 02:34:11

I ran out of episodes on Netflix but found 3 more seasons on Watch Series 2.0


2016-09-03 00:03:57

It's on the up channel in the us on Sunday night


2016-02-20 01:09:35

I started watching Heartland on netflix and have now watched all of season 9 . I love this show and hope it continues.


2016-07-14 04:04:16

OMG that was the same with me. I started on Netflix and now i'm waiting for season 10.


2016-03-09 08:21:10

I am so addicted to Heartland and hope it contiues on and on. Such a great family show.


2016-07-05 19:00:41

I am addicted to it tooo


2016-03-10 02:00:48

Heartland is without a doubt, the greatest series I have seen in all of my years. I really hope that they continue with more episodes.


2016-03-11 23:51:06

Heartland is amazing. Please renew it for a season 10


2016-03-15 02:23:36

I really enjoy watching Heartland I love the stories & reminds me of my grandpa So I really hope they renew it,if they don't there will be a lot of people very upset So please renew Heartland!!!


2016-03-15 21:23:20

I love this show and I really hope there at alot more seasons to come

Heartland lover

2016-03-22 03:42:29

I love Heartland and would hate to see it die


2016-03-28 23:12:47

I just want to say that this is the best TV show in the world and i really hope it continuous


2016-04-11 03:11:14

it is a good show and I would keep watching it


2016-04-18 20:43:17

Please let there be more seasons of heartland to come I absolutely love this show an I'm super excited about season 10 can't wait I no it will be just as awesome as the previous seasons


2016-04-20 09:21:08

heartland is an amazing tv series. I have seen every single one of them and have loved them all. I have learned a lot about horses through this show and have researched finding that all of their information is credible. I hope that they continue the series and am looking forward to season 10


2016-04-21 06:24:17

Just want to know when my favorite series, Heartland, will be showing their next (new) series on TV & will it be on UP. Thank you !


2016-04-21 06:57:24

i love this show,always stayed up late watching it even though i had to get up with my girls in the morning lol, And my oldest daughter loved the horses in the movie.


2016-04-21 07:42:32

I now have seen all 9 seasons of heartland and I want to see what would happen in season 10. All of the seasons have been amazing so far and I can't wait to see more!!!!


2016-05-02 02:33:39

I love Heartland, but it is very frustrating trying to find it online to watch as I live in CT, and it is not on any channels here. I wish you would make it easier for us to watch it here in the US.


2016-05-21 03:01:21

You can find all of the episodes on YouTube


2016-05-02 03:22:42

Have loved watching Heartland! Great family show!! Can't wait for more -please renew!!


2016-05-05 08:02:09

I love this show please renew it


2016-05-07 05:46:42

I love heartland, this show is an inspiration. Please continue it.


2016-05-10 00:43:30

Awesome series. Need more seasons


2016-05-10 06:50:07

I really enjoy Heartland. I world recommend it to anyone. I'm very unhappy that the Up station dropped the series, It's so sad such a great family show can not be seen by UP I hate it not seeing season 9 . can you tell me where to get the complete season 9, I have all the other series plus their Christmas DVD. Show this please on Up or on a channel Indiana can watch. would like to see CBC on our channels # 1HEARTLAND


2016-05-18 16:49:48

You can watch Season 9 on Dailymotion.com. I watched the entire season on my phone. I think they left it open for another season.


2016-05-12 19:24:43

I love Heartland I have read all the book and I love the show please continue to film it is one of the best shows on Tv

K'Alyssa Scholl

2016-05-13 03:34:40

This is amazing show and can't wait to see what happens to amy and ty. lou and peter better make things better for the sake of katie and Gorgie. Bager and Mallory and jake better figure things out. Gorgie needs to work on her relationship with Olivia wetan. so much drama and suspense full hopefully they all figure out there lives before anymore characters come on. my vote is hard to make who I like more.


2016-05-14 16:36:46

Found heartland by accident. What super show . Where is season 10 Brisbane Australia


2016-05-21 02:54:44

My family and I love this show even my husband is on board. Can't wait to see season ten I haven't been into any show quiet like thus before I found it on YouTube and me and my family watched season 1 threw 9 in a matter of weeks I'm telling all of my family and friends its a must see ...


2016-05-22 00:23:50

i am so adicticed to heartland i hope that it continues for a long time it is a great show i wish that season10 could be out a little sooner


2016-05-25 01:40:28

I think Heartland will air on the CW...


2016-05-25 19:35:47

heartland is the the best show i ever watch full of fun,surpise and laughter


2016-05-26 00:56:38

Heartland is one of the best family shows on TV. I just hope you will continue will Season 10, 11, 12,.... There are just no clean family shows left on TV so please do not take this one away.


2016-05-26 16:52:00

I love Heartland. I can't wait next seasons.


2016-05-27 04:43:30

I would like to see heartland come back on up tv in the usa.


2016-06-03 08:40:43

I love this show. I can set all day and watch it. I have watched all 9seasons and pray there is a season 10 and are more seasons to come. This is my favorite show. I do wish it would come on a United States channel so we have to wait so long to watch it.


2016-06-04 18:02:50

My wife and I got hooked on your show America needs shows like yours this nation has losed its morales. and thank GOD WE can still stream your show drive on.


2016-08-21 21:41:06

I am addicted to this tv series,from morning til night.In love with horses.Should have more movies like this.The way life should be, all about family and caring about others.Can't wait for the series 10.

lonnie D

2016-06-10 23:21:55

one of the best family TV show on TV that the whole family can watch together can't wait for season 10 . tire of watch all the rerun of heartland and trie trying to find the show went there move it from 9:00 pm est. to 8:00 am est some get off you ask and up on the show

cfolmos@hotmail.com arg

2016-06-15 01:20:49

I am argentino where comprar dvd subtitulo español seoase 7 8 y 9


2016-06-17 08:31:49

It's the very best movie ever shown, pl keep it on,....thank you


2016-06-20 10:07:50

I would hate to see Heartland be canceled. I love this story line. I know as soon as Liu find someone else, her crazy husband would come back. Peter you can't have your way.


2016-06-21 04:28:44

Love this show it is a family show


2016-06-21 04:32:57

Best show ever i watch it with my granddaughters they keep asking when is the show hartland on again cant wait for season 10


2016-06-30 22:50:40

I have never watched a series as amazing as this and pray they keep it going. Im getting tired of rewatching all the series over and over . it is so amazing


2016-07-05 23:06:52

I really would like for season 10 and more seasons to come out


2016-07-07 23:10:30

i love heartland i have been ridding my whole life i also heal horses!!! it is my whole life now!!


2016-07-08 06:46:15

I love this show, I have become addicted to it. I hope and pray it is renewed soon. It has added so much meaning in my life and made me want to get back into horses. Thank you Heartland

evalyn miller

2016-07-10 21:41:14

I am addicted to this show. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can not wait for the new season


2016-07-28 18:48:40

I love heartland best tv show I have ever watched

Angela Chambers

2016-07-29 18:34:13

Still wish it could be aired in the US so we don't watch utube


2016-08-02 08:01:19

This is one of my favorite shows, it is clean and uplifting. I can hardly wait for Season 10.


2016-08-03 00:01:49

Love Heartland waiting on season 10 Hope it will be soon


2016-08-06 03:59:18

Great series.


2016-08-08 18:43:11

I love this show so much. From episode one I was hooked and I can't wait till the next season


2016-08-10 02:33:58

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I love Heartland. It stop showing on Up in the USA so I had to catch up on Season 9 on Dailymotion. I have sat at my computer several hrs. watching Heartland. I am hoping it will come back to the USA. I am ready for season 10.


2016-08-15 18:36:21

I am also addicted to the Heartland series. I have searched every where for Season 7, 8 and 9. Can anyone share with me where I can find them on the intetnet?


2017-06-20 21:47:12

Amazon has the shows


2016-08-17 17:31:51

Comment (at least 5 characters)...is there going to be a season 10 on DVD?

penny from canada

2016-08-20 04:58:07



2016-08-20 07:52:37

I love heartland and so does my 14 year old son. I recommend it to anyone. Most 14 year olds would not watch something like this but it is a learning and loving care family show. Keep them coming.


2016-08-23 06:30:37

Heartland is what I look forward to seeing! It's great and shows how familys are supposed to be and being aCountry person this show is the best


2016-09-06 23:02:34

When is season ten coming??! Please continue show


2016-09-06 23:27:57

I Absolutely love Heartland. I can't wait to start watching season 9 and I am thrilled to see there is a season 10 in the works, at least that is what I read. I hope it's true. I hope Heartland goes on for lots more seasons. It is the best show ever. Fans are always excited to see what happens next including me. I wish they could film 2 seasons and air them back to back so we don't have to wait for what seems a long time for the next new season. I and millions of others think Heartland is full of love drama funny moments serious moments and great cast of characters. Please don't take it off anytime soon.


2016-09-09 02:14:04

heartland is my absolute FAVOURITE SHOW!!! CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 10!


2016-09-09 07:31:54

I love the show I want it to continue I have read all the books and love how Amy treats the horses and I would love to see what Amy anfld Ty will do next.


2016-09-12 18:06:26

The Heartland series is the most wholesome entertainment on TV these days. I started watching on Netflix and became hooked. My Granddaughter, 12 years old, stayed overnight with me and now she's also hooked. She has now gone back to Season 1 and watching the whole series too. My daughter, her Mother, commented after watching a few episodes "so refreshing...no foul language, nudity or blood and gore." Please do not cancel..."clean" TV entertainment is hard to find these days!


2016-09-12 22:23:16

great movie! i'm waiting for season 10


2016-09-13 03:08:06

i really love heartland and i hope you guys make more heartlands seasons


2016-09-14 04:03:35

Heartland is my favorite show. There are hundreds of channels, shows, movies, drama, I can go on and on but my favorite is Heartland. I'm sure ur writers can come up with years more of story lines and the fans,like myself, will be here to watch U must keep this show going. It's the best and the characters are so interesting. A person feels like a part of the family. This could be another greys anatomy. Look how long they've been running. By have a winner here act like it and keep it going. One of ur great fans.


2016-09-15 00:45:31

This is a great tv show it is a show all the family can watch together. please hurry up I'm waiting on season 10


2016-09-19 06:09:08

Is season 10 the Final season cuz I don't want it to?


2016-09-21 21:51:06

Regular watcher. Looking forward to Session 10...


2016-09-22 04:20:37

Please let us know when Season 10 will air. I started watching heartland on Netflix about 3 weeks ago and I am saddened that were still waiting for Season 10. please don't cancel the series. we need more family oriented films. please bring Heartland back. thank you


2016-09-22 20:05:59

I Love this show and all the people that play on it. I feel every thing is well thought out keep up the good work. Can't wait to see how things play out with every one good luck


2016-09-22 20:23:32

Comment (at least 5 characters)... I love Heartland. Please do not take it off the air. I also would like Lou and her husband to get back together.

Cait 101

2016-09-24 21:23:50



2016-09-28 03:08:52

I like see season 10


2016-09-28 08:22:07

I love heartland has gave me a lot of motivation and encouragement please keep it coming


2016-10-02 14:48:02

I can't get Heartland season 10 and I'm from Australia how do I download the series

2016-10-03 01:08:10

Look them up on the Internet push on the link and the clink download


2016-10-02 18:13:30

I just started watching the Heartland series this year. It's the best television series out there that will leave you with a positive and good feelings. It changed me. Keep making more seasons.


2016-10-03 00:47:04

I cant watch it because i have directv please move it to channel 338 in U.S

Roast beef

2016-10-04 08:35:23

Heartland is the best show out there. I have rematches every season about 20 times.


2016-10-10 16:05:42

Best show on tv ever


2016-10-11 03:09:54

my wife and I have enjoyed Hartland 9 seasons n Netflix would love to watch season 10+

marty jo

2016-10-11 03:25:45

Love this show I have watched all seasons waited on episode 10


2016-10-13 06:58:57

I look forward to watching heartland each week please keep making more episode it's very entertaining, real & heart felt Thank you for a good family show


2016-10-16 03:49:07

I LOVE this show. Amy and Ty are my heros its my dream to do what they do since I was 3. I just wish I could watch more living farther away from the Canadian border.


2016-10-20 02:39:11

Well, heartland came on for 3 weeks,3 episodes each. Amy told Ty he's going to be a father. No announcement about the following week. Went to watch it tonight, it's not on! Change again? Tired of chasing it...


2016-10-20 03:25:57

Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-10-24 08:33:15

PLEASE, don't cancel Heartland as long as the cast are willing to continue. My whole family has made this our favorite show I have gotten several friends hooked on it also There are so very few TV shows the whole family can watch together. We feel like we are truly part of the family and relate to the situations, especially the ones with horses. We are anxiously awaiting season 9 on DVD. Thank you for the surprise I got seeing Heartland was back on CW.!!! Sunday will be my favorite nite for Tv!


2016-10-27 02:43:15

This show includes a tight knit family of different ages and perspectives about life. All the characters have changed in many ways to give the story depth and interest. It has values and morals. My wife and I and our 86 year old Dad wouldn't miss a show for anything!!


2016-11-06 10:53:04

Wonderful love it actually addicted to it. Can't wait until season 10 DVD is released


2016-11-14 20:36:48

I really hope we get season 10! I absolutely love heartland! The way season 9 ended, I would be very disappointed if that's all we get! Please bring it back for season 10! ❤

heartland junkies

2016-11-15 01:46:48

Our favorite show of all time!! Please continue on Up t.v.


2016-11-28 23:10:29

we have to watch heartland on netflix or on UP channel 188. please let me know when and where I can watch these shows!


2016-12-19 01:58:09

Really like this series clean well done entertainment


2017-01-12 19:54:02

when is season 1 episode 10 coming out?


2017-01-13 02:30:26

I love heartland but hate this site.and I mean love


2017-01-13 02:37:34

I love heartland.i am 10 years old and I have to say that heartland is my favorite thing in the world


2017-01-26 07:50:29

When is heartland season 20 coming to Australia


2017-01-31 20:25:44

I was able to find it at my local library and then on the UP channel. Love this show.

Elsie Mc Kinney

2017-02-01 22:00:16

would like to know where I can purchase season 10 on dvd? and is there going to be a season 11?

John Santoro

2017-02-07 22:11:20

I can't tell you enough about how my wife & I enjoy your Heartland Series. Please continue.


2017-02-08 18:32:28

Sad cbc is not covering Heartland in the US any more,really enjoyed the series as I have horses . Greatest series I have seen in a long time . Watch out for sites offering the Season 10 there is spam and viruses attaches,


2017-02-27 22:21:33

My wife and I love the series and have watch all 9 seasons buying the DVD set. Now we've started over. We are anxiously waiting for season 10 and hope there will be more seasons after that


2017-03-01 16:15:29

Heartland is our favorite show ! I discovered it on Netflix and we just finished watching season 9 on Amazon Prime Video. I can not wait to watch season 10 !! My husband and I have been watching at least 3 episodes every night. This is the BEST family series I believe I have ever watched and would love for this show to be available in the U.S. This is one of those T.V. series that should renew indefinitely !! Great actors and love the story lines !!


2017-03-08 03:27:45

Found this show by pure luck watched it from season 1 episode 1 to season 8 episode 3 in t.v the best show ever awesome cast absolutely recommend this show to anyone please keep heartland going forever all the way from New Zealand:-)

Kathy with a K

2017-03-15 01:29:30

We have spent Jan. and Feb. 2017 watching this series. We even talk about it at other points in our day and speak of it with friends and family. We just love the family feel and the Canadian setting. So beautiful. The characters are now part of our lives in ways that are positive.


2017-03-23 20:30:45

It's not coming back to the UP Channel?? I need season 10.


2017-04-03 14:35:39

Cant find when season 10 is for sale. Can you help


2017-04-10 10:30:46

Love this show. Just finished watching it on Netflix. All seasons. I am wondering when the next season will start and will I be able to watch it on Xfinity in Vancouver, WA?

magsey 2

2017-07-01 16:08:33

Comment serious fan who loves this show. please make more .I live in helensburgh Scotland .just so you no how far across the world you have fans

Sandy Pope

2017-07-06 02:16:06

This is one of the greatest series I have ever seen. I love it. I pray that it continues, as I look forward to seasons to come.


2017-07-12 21:10:58

The best I love watching this show. When will it be back tv or Netflix The ten episode?


2017-07-13 18:55:00

Please release season 10, heartland is the best.

Friend in Texas

2017-07-17 06:59:38

Best series I have ever seen, bar none.

Friend in Texas

2017-07-17 07:02:21

Best TV series ever, bar none! It could go on forever it's just that good. Can't wait for the next season on Netflix, I'll be binging on it as soon as it is released.

Vicki B

2017-08-05 04:01:26

Comment (at least 5 characters)...we watched all the seasons and were disapointed it ended at 2015. Please bring on more seasons.


2017-09-08 23:58:22

It is a fantastic show and we want more!!


2017-10-21 08:16:18

when heartland season ten coming out


2017-12-11 12:20:07

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Best show on TV!!!


2018-02-08 06:03:17

Just discovered this wonderful series on Netflix and I have been watching it every evening. It's like a great book that you can't put away. Great series! Already planning to watch it again after I have seen all 9 seasons.


2018-02-16 03:05:24

When is Heart Land 10 going to start on Netflix? I have watched the 9 series that are on there.
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