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Goliath season 2

Original name: Goliath season 2
Duration: 60 min.
Seasons: 1
Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, William Hurt, Olivia Thirlby, Maria Bello, Sarah Wynter, Molly Parker, Britain Dalton, Nina Arianda
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: Amazon Video
Original release: December 1, 2015 - present

About TV show Goliath season 2

The focus is the former talented lawyer Billy McBride. Once he was a living legend, but now he has long been in the shadows and forced to chase ambulances to find new customers, who need help. But he gets a new deal, which could give him any redemption or revenge help. It may take revenge of the company that threw him into the street.

The actors appreciated the interesting plot and actor playing the leading man - Billy Bob Thorton. So we can expect that this show will delight us with new series of the second season in 2018. But at the moment nothing is not precisely known, so stay tuned with our website.

Goliath is an American legal drama web television series by Amazon Studios. The show has been commissioned with a straight-to-series order of 8 episodes on December 1, 2015, and premiered on October 14, 2016, on Amazon Video.

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2016-11-04 07:03:26

Fantastic show!!!!! Please renew for Season 2!


2016-11-04 18:01:45

Binged watched Goliath and watched it again with my husband. Loved the show and all the actors. Bring it all back.


2016-11-05 01:20:53


A Anthony

2016-11-05 03:09:02

This show deserves to be renewed for another season.


2016-11-05 04:31:58

Great Show! Please have a season 2


2016-11-06 11:23:25

This show appears to be one that could out last and out do any shows from the past ie. LA Law, Or any of the other shows along the lines of Lawyer type Law Firms. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AND CONTINUE THIS SHOW FOR AS MANY SEASONS YOU CAN Thanks You for your great show.


2016-11-07 05:11:52

Loved the show - had a hard time walking away. Could have watched one right after the other. Intense, captive.. Want more, addicting...


2016-11-07 17:55:13

A W E S O M E !!!!! Wow.... The very best thing on TV. Love, love, love this series. Please bring on Season 2. Billy Bob Thornton, Great job.


2016-11-08 04:31:26

Wonderful Binged watched

2016-11-08 18:17:34

Great show !


2016-11-10 06:12:23

Please renew love this show. Billy Bob is excellent.


2016-11-10 08:02:26

Amazing series that totally deserves to be renewed!

Waage Judith

2016-11-10 11:10:26

EXCELLENT!!! Watched it in 2 sittings. Great, captivating story, great acting. Can't wait for season 2.


2016-11-12 05:16:20

Please make a season 2, Goliath is stunning and intense, a real edge of your seat thriller that simply MUST continue! It really makes a change to have something to look forward to on TV these days!


2016-11-12 22:18:05

Great show! The wife and I will definitely be back for season 2.


2016-11-13 03:03:04

I loved this show!! I have never been a big fan of Billy Bob Thornton. This show changed that!! Huge fan now! Please bring on season 2,3,4,5,6,etc!! Fantastic show!!


2016-11-13 05:47:39

My wife and I loved season one and can't wait for season two.


2016-11-13 17:18:44

Bring on the next season. Fantastic writing and acting!!!!!


2016-11-13 20:56:57

PLEEEEZ renew for season 2 !!!


2016-11-15 11:13:03

So good please make more seasons!


2016-11-16 05:19:26

Great show,looking forward to a 2ND season


2016-11-16 06:42:40

This show is absolutely awesome. Please renew for Season 2. I love Billy Bob Thornton's character.


2016-11-18 00:46:34

Great story nd great characters gives you great entertainment .season 2 topping that one I can't wait


2016-11-18 04:51:27

GREAT show!! The writing is TERRIFIC!! LOVE THE CAST!!


2016-11-20 20:01:32

This is the most riveting, intelligent, engrossing TV series we have watched in a long, long time. We watched it because Billy Bob Thornton is a brilliant actor but he outdid himself and made Billy McBride someone you empathised with, he was real. Watched it in two sittings, would have watched it in one but it was 2am by the time we watch the first five episodes, finished watching the last three the next day. Brilliant ! Please don't rush the next series, put as much effort into it as the first one and you will have an Emmy winner on your hands, to say nothing of a lot of satisfied viewers.


2016-11-24 02:48:49

Absolutely renew Goliath. My favorite show so far!!


2016-11-24 07:53:17

My wife and I both enjoyed the series. Could do without some of the F word. Overall would give it a 9. Love the soundtrack, reminds us of Boardwalk Empire.

Brandon J

2017-06-26 06:13:23

Gimme a break. If u can't understand the fact that if a shoe is gonna feel realistic there will b cuss words when they are necessary to accentuate a point just like REAL LIFE unless you live in a "bad word Fred's bubble understand often the cussing is what makes the show and especially the characters feel authentic and most the time it is the best word to use to truly "say" what the characters are saying. Don't watch if you're too sensitive to bad words lol it's not THAT many at all!!


2016-11-27 17:43:57

I loved this series! Please renew!


2016-11-28 06:16:06

One of the best and it seemed to be getting better as the season progressed... Why was there so little Promotion. I have told everyone i know to view it... Looking forward to Season 2


2016-11-29 04:47:32

I love goliath, need more episodes!!!


2016-11-30 04:38:11

Best series I have ever watched, including Netflix!!!!!!!!


2016-11-30 07:09:04

My husband and I LOVED this show! Each episode left us on the edge of our seats waiting for the next! Please Please bring back more seasons. There are so many ways it could go now.


2016-12-01 14:13:20

Binged on the show. Loved, loved, loved it.!!

2016-12-03 09:19:50

Great show!


2016-12-03 11:35:34

Absolutely fantastic!


2016-12-08 15:19:17

Paulette I would love to see more of this refreshing new series. Please renew!

2016-12-16 19:29:18

Billy Bob is Awesome,I couldn't stop watching.Never underestimate The Underdog


2016-12-28 07:08:49

Hope to see season 2. Great series


2016-12-31 15:47:31

Please make more!!!!!!!!!!!! All I ask. I'm so tired of these lazy 1 season half ass bullshit. Damn it I'm addicted and i need my drugs now make more damn Goliath. Thanks love cody


2016-12-31 16:39:26

Loved every episode...human and engaging...hope for 2nd season!!!!!!!!!


2017-01-02 20:24:38

What a great show! I hope the Season 2 release date is revealed soon.


2017-01-03 11:23:51

Goliath is one of the best shows out there. I binged Season 1 not because I didn't have anything else to do...but rather because it was so entertaining. Not making more seasons would be an injustice. I hope for once someone listens to the people.


2017-01-04 23:26:39

Love Goliath, more, more.


2017-01-09 19:45:12

Best show! Billy Bob was fantastic! Please renew for season 2. I was hooked first episode.


2017-01-15 00:58:39

Loved, loved the show! When does season 2 begin???


2017-01-17 18:37:26

Great series. Please renew for Season 2!


2017-01-18 03:35:57

Awesome show! Binged watched, could not stop. Please bring back Billy Bob, great actor!! Great show!!!!!

Rena Williams

2017-01-19 03:00:56

I just saw an ad on Amazon this past Sunday for Goliath. I watched the first episode and was hooked. I watched the entire first series Sunday. It's a great legal drama with some comedy thrown in. It keeps you on the edge of your seat at times and I love it when they throw things in you never expected. Lots of emotional moments too. There's something new around every corner. It's a true to life drama. You get caught up in the story and the people. I'm anxiously hoping for season 2. Really hope it's renewed. I'll be left hanging without a conclusion otherwise.


2017-01-23 07:30:38

Goliath.....a 10! You have got to continue this great series......go Billy Bob!!#!!


2017-01-27 15:36:08

Great show. Stop with the F word! (At least cut down on it) Would like it to come back.

Marilyn Eaton

2017-01-30 04:27:55

I had watched the first episode at my sisters house and immediately went home and signed up for Amazon Prime so my husband and I could watch the entire season. We thought Goliath had a very interesting plot and the characters played their parts very well, especially Billy Bob Thornton. We both hated Callie and was glad to see her get the shaft. My husband was mesmerized by Brittney and swears that if she's not in season 2 he will no longer watch any future episodes. He was also concerned that the vintage Mustang received excessive damage in the making of the series but thought it did highlight the low regard for life and property of others.

Ditch Runner

2017-02-01 06:15:22

I love this show. Characters are human and believable. The plot is very realistic.


2017-02-02 06:23:03

Grabs you at the first episode & doesn't let go. Billy Bob Thornton is at his best and I love watching every second of his work in this series. William Hurt is also great. His character is both mentally and physically deformed, and he is scary, scary to watch. I love this show! Can't wait for season 2.


2017-02-16 17:10:51

can't wait for season 2!! binge watched season 1 in 3 days. hurry and release please!!

linda hemingway

2017-02-23 16:43:24

season 2 yes yes yes yes


2017-03-06 08:21:34

Loved this show. Billy Bob is and always has been a fantastic actor. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put this show back on for many more years!


2017-03-09 08:32:05

Excellent show, great storyline and acting. Looking forward to season two, completely hooked


2017-04-29 02:09:48

Comment (My husband and I were immediately hooked on Goliath from the very first episode! Billy Bob Thornton is fantastic in his role as a lawyer who has fallen on hard times. We binged our way through the entire season one. Can't wait until season two is released! Amazon has the best variety of series, including Sneaky Pete, which we also binged our way through. Please expedite season two of both of these addictive and most excellent series! Thank you Amazon!


2017-05-17 03:42:36

Goliath is one of the best series, along with Sneaky Pete, that Amazon has offered..Billy Bob Thornton is at his best! Keep the series coming.....Hit shows!


2017-05-29 05:27:24

We enjoyed the Goliath series very much! Its entertaining and keeps you wanting more. So glad season 2 is coming and Thornton is a great actor. Plays that roll to a T.


2017-06-28 05:12:17

any word on a season 2 air dates


2017-07-17 18:25:03

For the love of... gimmicks more now please. OMG fantastic!!!


2017-07-30 04:06:09



2017-08-29 04:15:54

GOLIATH is one of the best adult TV shows I've seen in years. Please hurry to get more on the air season after season!!! Get the stupid, vulgar "reality" shows shoved aside for better, more intelligent watching for grownups!

Ben & Ef

2017-09-26 09:27:12

Just binge watched all eight episodes of season one in two days. Loved it!!! Really hope there is a season two!!!!!!!


2017-09-28 21:38:12

amazing show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2017-11-14 09:07:26

I guess I am late to the party. Just finished watching season one of this excellent series. I truly did not want it to end. PLEASE bring on season two.


2017-12-05 06:28:45

Great acting...great series.


2017-12-11 04:50:06

Brilliant! Best story. Best actors. Bring it back.


2018-01-13 06:33:35

Goliath, The Patriot; Mrs. Maizel, Bosch. We are waiting.


2018-01-27 19:05:32

Great series! Please bring back!!


2018-02-03 01:01:39

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Goliath! Please renew for a second season!


2018-02-11 16:53:44

Amazing show! Billy Bob Thornton is the best! More episodes please!


2018-02-16 02:30:07

Like the show, hate William Hurt's "clicker" shtick. Corny.


2018-02-25 16:30:24

My wife an I loved watching Goliath ! Every episode left you wanting to see the next one! Please bring this back !!!


2018-03-10 03:23:29

Comment (at least 5 characters)... Please continue shows of quality like Goliath. Precious few quality programs are being produced, that it makes it a pleasure when there is something of genuine quality brought back. Keep up the good work.


2018-03-12 03:57:15

AWESOME SHOW!!! My husband and I binge watched last year and just re-watched!! When is Season 2 coming out?!?♥️♥️♥️♥️


2018-04-07 03:42:54

This show is the best show that I have watched in years, maybe ever


2018-04-13 05:07:34

excellent drama, great cast. bring back this wonderful show for season #2.


2018-04-23 01:00:38

I actually tried a few shows after Sneaky Pete which was EXCELLENT, but none compared to its great cast and writing. Then I came upon Goliath. I binged watched it until I could not keep my eyes open in episode 7 last night. I just watched episodes 7 and 8 and cant wait for season 2. So now Sneaky Pete and Goliath are my best shows!!


2018-04-25 07:21:20

A must for season 2 and beyond. Keep it rolling!

Laura Wolff

2018-04-26 06:48:55

This show is one of the best out there it has it all. Great cast, storyline, back story, humor, drama it’s the whole package. You have to release season 2 we’ve been patiently waiting. Please at least to give it an ending but I’d love ❤️ even more


2018-06-05 17:15:20

Goliath might be one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. I watched the the first episode and followed that with hours of binge watching. I can't wait to see season 2. Absolutely outstanding!


2018-06-18 17:46:52

Got off to a very slow and pathetic start, hopefully if they do away with the unnecessary gruesome dismembering scenes and reflect more on the warm and giving character that Billy Bob Thornton is playing. I will watch it again. Otherwise, forget it ! Too insulting to my intelligence and imagination. Disappointed, JAC

Jean A Cowley

2018-06-18 06:43:19

Downward spiral for Goliath this season. Have the actors even rehearsed??? The actors are slow to pick up lines and carry a scene. Billy Bob Thornton at times is wooden and lost. This could be such a great story. Expound more on Júlio and the mayor without using bloody gory details when it comes to the undercurrent about political gain. Please do not insult my intelligence when you show severing of limbs that is totally off putting and unnecessary. let me use my imagination. Keep it clean for goodness sake. We are not stupid. Less is more here people!!!! keep it more cohesive and about the warm, wonderful character Billi Bob Thornton is playing. That is what gives this series the color it needs to get us to keep watching. Thanks, Disappointed, Jean


2018-06-23 10:54:26

Season 1 was very good with good ending. Season 2 was very good, but ending was flat and anticlimactic. Season 3: Will there be a Season 3 to deal with the cartel kingpin and his sister, the Mayor?
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