Flesh and Bone season 2 release date - Cancelled

Original name: Flesh and Bone season 2
Duration: 60 min.
Cast: Sarah Hay, Ben Daniels, Emily Tyra, Irina Dvorovenko, Damon Herriman, Josh Helman
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: Starz
Original release:

About TV show Flesh and Bone season 2

About TV show Flesh and Bone season 2

The focus is kind of Claire - ballerina, which keeps the dark secrets of the past. She gets a second chance and a job at a prestigious ballet group. The audience opened the curtain, and they see all the ins and outs of the world of art, where everything imaginable vices and passions. It's a cruel world in which to achieve fame and success can only be the most single-minded and ready to go for all people.

The first season consisted of eight exciting episodes and many had rasprobovat this new dish. The series should receive an extension.

Flesh and Bone season 2 release date


This new TV project has received mixed reviews, though critics noted the freshness and presented stories.

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2016-04-03 21:15:33

I never missed an episode of Flesh & Bones. I thought the acting was superb & the dancing enchanting.


2016-11-09 01:10:12

same here


2016-04-30 14:50:50

I want to see a new season of Flesh & Bone!! <3


2016-05-01 17:13:25

Loved the show! Please bring it back


2016-05-03 13:58:19

I didn't want to like this show. The plot for the pilot was so tired. But I just adore Tovah Feldshuh, somInstayed with it. By the time I saw Sarah Hay dance, and figured out that Sasha and Alex Wong are in the cast! Are you kidding me? I binged the entire season in two days! Please bring more!


2016-05-05 03:32:59

I want a season 2 acting and story and dancing were superb.


2016-05-28 21:57:18

Amazing show binge watched it in 2 days, hadn't heard anything about this show, not into ballet but the pilot plot caught my attention. I hope NETFLIX picks it up or AMAZON Prime.


2016-06-07 23:21:07

Please bring back Flesh and Bone! I am binge watching this series! I need more and soon! I'm on edge waiting for season 2!


2016-06-22 17:06:09

don't cancel.. please love the show


2016-06-28 06:06:26

My daughter and I binged watched episode 1!! We love the show please bring it back. I don't know why they don't have more ballet movies .. We could not get enough of the finally watched over and over inspired my daughter who is also a dancer . We need to see season 2 we have been waiting all these months!


2016-07-12 04:33:19

Loved that show. It would be a shame if they cancelled I.


2016-07-18 03:54:52

It's the best dang show ever!!!


2016-07-19 23:47:42

Please do not cancel. This is a great series !


2016-08-11 12:53:21

Ok but when is the new season ? what's the new plan


2016-08-14 23:22:52

This show is the ONLY reason I even bought Showtime. I will cancel if it doesn't come back on. I love ballet and ballet stories. And as an added bonus there is so much more in this show than ballet. It really gives a true life depiction of what it's like to be in a Corp, even if it's not a true story. Love it can't wait for it to come back on. I was always waiting for the next episode!


2016-08-17 02:15:53

Loved the whole show


2016-08-22 05:00:05

Continue the show!!! Pretty please!!


2016-08-22 08:23:54

I loved flesh and bone ❤️it was such a mixture of intrigue, amazing ballet, twists and turns !!!!! Please bring out more seasons ..... Keeping fingers crossed


2016-08-24 05:04:05

Love love love love love this show!! Miss it SO much! Please bring it back for another season!! It was finally a great show on television that contained both drama and the elegance of ballet!!


2016-08-24 05:41:25

Please SEASON 2!!!!!!


2016-09-03 13:17:27

just love the seris Flesh and Bones. I hope they will not drop the series. I was hoping for 8 series at least. I watched the 1st series in one day one episode after another. gripping story, wonderful dances and great script


2016-09-04 19:03:25

Flesh and Bone is a GREAT series. I renewed my Starz subscription to view Season 2--hope therewill be one.


2016-09-06 00:08:01

I loved Flesh and bone


2016-09-06 11:50:14

I binge-watch Season One in a day...loved the series and the acting/dancing superb. Can't wait for Season Two!!

Ms. Toni

2016-09-07 07:39:19

WHY DO ALL THE GOOD SHOWS GET CANCELED!!! I LOVED flesh and bone! I've been telling all my clients about it!!!! Everyone's waiting for season 2!!! PLEASE BRING OT BACK!!!!


2016-09-21 17:05:32

Please bring back flesh and bone. Would like to know what's out there for Claire after her brilliant performance.


2016-09-28 04:56:24

Can't wait for flesh and bone season 2!!!


2016-09-30 18:27:00

I love the show..the ups and downs, there is more than meet the eyes, knowing now that her monster brother died and romeo, so really how would claire survive now, or will she do more harm to herself???


2016-10-07 18:09:23

I watched every episode of Flesh and Bone season 1. I have been keeping track of when the release of Season 2 will be shown BUT now unfortunately it is CANCELLED!!! This is seriously heartbreaking! I hope the decision is reconsidered.


2016-10-23 03:00:06

great show......please bring it back fo r . a new series....Great plot


2016-11-02 00:25:40

Loved the show, please bring it back


2016-11-08 21:54:02

Flesh and Bone season 1 was awesome! It kept me on the edge of my seat and I could barely wait until the next episode. It was refreshing and new. Everyone thinks that being a Prima ballerina is great, and it is but this show shows that the ballerinas have issues too (even if it is just for tv). I WANT MORE FLESH AND BONE!!!


2016-11-09 01:09:10

yo i love this show i feel like every time there is a good show put on tv there is never a second chance given its not like absolutely no one watched the show there are people like me who loved it so yeah definitely up for a season 2


2016-11-13 05:04:08

I love the series, please don't cancel, has a great story, wonderful talent, needs to continue!!


2016-11-13 05:07:38

Loved the show, wonderful talent, good storyline, lovely

sherry the faerie

2016-11-16 16:54:41

I absolutely love this series!!! I could not get enough!! my husband even watched it with me and he was hooked!! He is a writer for Amazon, and we fantasize about which direction the story could go. please please please release season 2 even if its only the dvd set WE WILL buy it... the dancers in this show are fabulous, you just have so so much more to tell us,, we cant wait to see what happens next. and we need more details about Romeo. he's very interesting! and Sergio is cool we need to see how he is gonna handle things! and we like that Claire and her room mate were getting closer towards the end , and we want to see how she gets better. Also the soundtrack is cool too..!! Take us deeper into the story!! Pleeeeeaaaase!!!!


2016-11-18 05:27:46

This was an awesome show!!! I loved the beauty of the dancing and the ugliness of reality. Kept me thinking twice about what I thought I really wanted in life- is it worth the cost. Please bring it back.


2016-11-18 09:05:40

Please put the series back on!!!! Being a professional ex-dancer myself couldn't wait to see the next episode. How the dancers behave, act and think of themselves is pure vulnerable truth for all dancers!! The story line is limitless and very edgy!! It was a show I could see myself as a character. I was unfortunate to have had a short run in my early 20's. I woke up with legs hanging from the ceiling with external fixations beaming from my legs. It's pretty emotional to learn I may never walk again But most of all ever dance in the equation. With many hours in therapy I could finally again! Funny how we take for granite such an easy task of walking let alone dancing. The entire story made me feel almost real again and there sweating and enduring practice until I could've passed out.


2016-11-19 00:46:45

Love this show!!!!


2016-11-26 07:36:55

This show was one of the few programs I have been waiting forever and was sure there would be many more seasons.. Please begging thou bring it back..acting on point. Dancing exquisite.


2016-11-27 21:09:35

Riveting from start to finish. I binge watched this show because I just couldn't stop watching. I am so devastated that they did not renew especially with the crap that is on TV that keeps getting renewed, rehashed or is just plain garbage! The choreographer is the same guy that did Center Stage, which I also enjoyed the dancing. One of the actors in Flesh and Bone (Sasha Radensky who played Ross) was in Center Stage as well. Please think about bringing this series back! So many stories left to be told - how does Claire and her father handle life after her brother's death; Mia's MS and how she and Claire were finally breaking through to a decent relationship; Sergio's finally getting recognition for his contribution to the ABT and how that relationship develops since we know what he really is. Just too much to leave the viewers wanting more and not getting it!


2016-11-27 22:12:58

Love the series can't wait for Season 2


2017-01-05 15:12:59

want flesh and bone


2017-01-12 20:48:45

I LOVED Flesh and Bone - really want another season


2017-01-13 21:46:51

I loved this show....dark and very different!!! That's why you should bring on season 2!


2017-02-16 00:00:53

Flesh & Bones was amazing!!! How can they not release more seasons? I could not wait for every week to pass so I can watch it! It was gripping and needed your attention all the time. It was hard and cruel, but so damn juicy!!!! Please we want season 2!!! And 3 and 4 and 5 and 6......


2017-02-19 19:48:57

I'm anxiously waiting to hear about flesh and bones season 2! Cannot believe there's hesitation about it, that was the most gripping, addictive story that's been on tv in a long time! Very different yet realistic! Love, love, love it!!!

Tim Strzyzewski

2017-03-20 04:43:19

Flesh and Bone was so addicting. I am shocked and very saddened to know there is no season 2. How is that possible? ? Great series...


2017-04-16 02:21:36

Please give a season 2


2017-05-29 01:56:25

Still searching for Flesh and Bone Season 2!! I'm a dancer and can relate to a few characters on the show. I'm also curious to know how Claire's life turns out after such an ordeal in Season 1. Please keep us posted if Amazon or Netflix is willing to take on the next season.


2017-06-18 17:07:17

Flesh and Bone series. Awesome. Such an amazing and important show. Such a gripping twist and turn of emotions and events. Secrets and strengths. It's refreshing to see such a controversial show. Totally different than all the Sci-Fi crap that's out there. Please bring the series back. Take a chance on something different for once. This series is definitely not the same old same old. Starz needs to step up the game. And stop taking away all the good shows. Bring back flesh and Bone. Take a chance. For once. Starz is getting boring.


2017-08-05 19:51:07

A realistic portrayal of the nasty demons and complex dramas that plague the lives of these flawless athletic and superhuman male and female beauties that appear magical on stage. This is the best of that genre. A modern take on everything, very sexy, romantic and stunning to watch. I kept Starz all this time waiting for its return. The writing is excellent, it's filmed so beautifully, the dancers are exquisite and the director pulls a remarkable acting performance from them. Starz needs to push it and advertise it. I enjoyed knowing I had discovered a masterpiece but if it's in danger of being cancelled people need to be told about it.


2017-09-08 10:57:15

TV has seen a revolutionary turn around to the very highest of quality. Flesh and Bone was at the top of that new cinematic, drama, and poetic beauty. Quality should never be diminished to suit the public. The problem here is that no one has been told just how much beauty, drama and sensuality is expressed in this new show. You don't need to be into dance to enjoy the sensuality of this show. It has not been properly advertised, so how can you expect the public to respond to something they don't even know exists. Sell it to Netflix, but don't stop production of this magnificent series. I'm waiting for post production box sets to purchase for my library. How can people put so much blood sweat tears, energy, perfection, cinematic expertise, deeple sensitive direction into a piece and then let it just stop. Try to find sponsors or angels to create a complete finished project or it has all been for nothing. Charge people to watch it but don't cancel it. Art only grows in value. The best dance series, the best dramatic series, the most sensual and beautiful series yet televised. The beginning of a new era of high quality programming. Don't give up on Flesh and Bone!
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Flesh and Bone season 2 release date on Starz


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