Dickensian season 2 release date - to be announced

Original name: Dickensian season 2
Duration: 30 min.
Cast: Peter Firth, Joseph Quinn, Sophie Rundle, Tuppence Middleton, Alexandra Moen, Tom Weston-Jones, Robert Wilfort
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: BBC One
Original release:

About TV show Dickensian season 2

About TV show Dickensian season 2

Dickensian a new series of the outgoing year with fantastic characters, famous author of novelist Charles Dickens. Actions of the series dragged into a charming Victorian-style depth in the XIX century. London in the snow, people rushing, running, and in the streets of the city gathered all the significant characters of the famous author, and came together in a series. Laughter, suspense, thrilling story of intrigue, family conflicts, killings, and around the snow and sets the mood of the coming of Christmas in the city. Classics of world literature Meriwether, Amelia, James Haudon little Nell and her grandfather and many other heroes of the immortal works tell their interpretation of stories intertwined. The different living conditions, social status and environment the characters show a completely new story and unexplored side, decorated with lively Victorian street with its restless and mysterious inhabitants. Here every house keeps the mystery, and life and the fate of the characters intertwined with a fabulous and sentimental beginning inherent only to Charles in his "Dikkensovschine."

Dickensian season 2 release date

2016, to be announced

Dickensian is a British drama television series that premiered on BBC One on 26 December 2015.

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2016-02-21 02:01:03

Absolutely loving Dickensian. Please let's have a Season 2. Who killed Nancy maybe?


2016-02-21 23:02:21

Please give us a series 2 and please stop moving the time slots.


2016-04-29 16:18:41

It's not been renewed. Probably due to poor ratings because of the abominable scheduling


2016-07-04 07:54:24

Please Release The Season 2 of Dickensian. We do love it so much the series of season 1. And we truly looking forward on when is the release date of the season 2 hope you will grant our request and I am sure there is alot of viewer out there like me waiting for your release date.


2016-07-13 17:04:28

I saw the first series on dvd in one breath. As I was really looking forward to the second season I was badly surprised to find out that the show was cancelled .With so many unanswered topics ! Never submitted to a poll in my life,this is worth it. Please ,let the show go on .


2016-07-16 12:01:33

I can believe it they canceled season 2 of dickensian!! I haven't seen long time such a good work! PLEASE we would like to have a season 2!


2016-07-16 12:11:09

I can believe it they canceled a season 2 of Dickensian! I haven't seen a long time such a great job!! PLEASE we would like to have a season 2!


2016-09-22 21:31:27

Season two pleeeeease! I loved it! I can't get the channel it wss on butt I bought the dvd!!!!!


2016-12-13 04:11:21

Please put Dickensian season 2 on, it was great to watch. I watched everything single episode. So please please put Dickensian season 2 on


2016-12-19 01:41:29

Season one was wonderful give us season two pleaseComment (at least 5 characters)...


2017-10-20 16:40:25

Dickensian is an outstanding production. We are awaiting release of next season with great hope and anticipation. D


2018-05-07 04:50:09

British period shows are the greatest much better than the states. Pls bring season two of Dickinsonian. BBC just gets better.


2018-06-06 21:27:37

Loved season1 Please have another follow up Surperb acting and unique story Boko

Kasey Armstead

2018-09-11 11:10:24

Just watched season 1 of Dickensian And I’m hooked when is season 2 going to air .?It’s been so long Since there has been something I can watch with my family. That’s not filled with violence and disgusting behavior and filthy language. Please please bring it back. The world needs more of this !


2018-12-08 16:46:12

great show when is season 2 coming out?


2019-01-22 08:23:05

I would like a straight answer. Is season 2 happening or not. Everything I read is very obtuse. Just tell us yes or no. I loved the series but I will carry on if it's done for
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Dickensian season 2 release date on BBC One


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