Devious Maids season 5

Original name: Devious Maids season 5
Duration: 43 min.
Seasons: 4
Cast: Ana Ortiz, Dania Ramirez, Roselyn Sánchez, Judy Reyes, Edy Ganem, Rebecca Wisocky
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: Lifetime
Original release: June 23, 2013 – August 8, 2016

About TV show Devious Maids season 5

Remember that the center of attention are four friends who work as maids in rich houses in Beverly Hills. Girls are often in big houses, they know the secrets of the rich and their shameful deeds. Devious Maids can use it for their own purposes, and they do. But once their common girlfriend are murdered, and police could not find the killer. Now Devious Maids took matters into their own hands and conduct their own investigation. How does it end?

This series will appeal to all lovers of the strong dramatic stories, so do not miss the release of new episodes of the fifth season.

Devious Maids was an American television comedy-drama series created by Marc Cherry, produced by ABC Studios. This show is like the audience, received positive reviews from critics and the extension to the new season.

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2016-10-28 07:03:39

Please bring back Devious Maids, it was one of THE BEST shows on. I looked forward to every episode. Ithe infuriates me that shows like this get cancelled but the stupid reality shows continue season after season. And also stupid shows like Baskets is still on the air, WHY??????????????????????????? BRING BACK Devious Maids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2017-02-09 01:14:25

Please renew !! Love love love the show !! All the characters are wonderful!!

Michelle Resilard

2017-02-20 04:52:19

Please, Lifetime, bring back Devious Maids it is one of my favorite shows. I am anxious to see what happened to Marisol. The writing of the show is awesome. The show is always full of mysteries, suspense, and comedy in the mix; what a nice combination.-Love, Biggest Fan


2017-03-15 09:49:03

Please don't cancel a great show we love devious maids


2017-03-23 21:22:36

I'm pleading with you not to cancel Devious Maids! Such a waste of excellent talent such as Susan Lucci and many, many more. Besides Bates Motel and the Outsiders, there isn't squat out there! Please reconsider,please!


2017-04-19 18:45:44

Please keep Devious Maids on the air! I love this show so much, I look forward to each season & hate that I have to wait so long in between each of them. There's not many shows I go out of my way to watch. I'm not an avid TV watcher but this is one of the few that I make sure isn't missed! It not only keeps me hooked but makes me laugh & that's not easy to do!!


2017-05-03 05:45:13

WWHHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not coming back for season 5 and yet they renew "Girls" for 6 seasons. This show was so awesome to watch...I can't believe how the network cancelled a great show that to me was a follow up to "Desperate Housewives". This show needs to come back even for one more season to complete what happen wit the wedding disappearance. I would pay to watch this last season in Netflix or any Premium channel......


2017-06-04 17:47:29


Vickie 21

2017-06-05 22:09:44

Love this show.Please bring it back.Loved all the characters.They are just the best.


2017-06-07 07:30:51

I love this show. The characters the ladies play are entertaining and fun. Don't cancel please.


2017-06-12 07:04:08

Please bring back devious maids. It was my favorite. I loved all the characters. It's rare you get a group together that enjoy working with each other. Let them work!!!


2017-06-13 04:09:41

can't believe u cancelled the show. it was the only good thing on lifetime. please return for at least another season.


2017-06-23 00:48:23

Please bring back Devious Maids!!! Pretty Please!!!

Aunt B

2017-07-07 16:48:43

Rally enjoyed this show, then you had to cut it off. I watched every series, didn't miss one, but found it on HULU..watched all the series again, til YOU cut it off....When are you bringing it back? Just like Army Wives & The Client List. These are all the shows I loved to watch..


2017-07-22 18:27:57

I enjoyed this sho


2017-07-22 18:29:58

Please.....there aren't many great shows on television anymore....this is one that should be renewed!


2017-07-29 12:49:41

Devious maids was one of the best programmes I have watched I love all the characters. Please rethink cancelling this show its was really well put together and kept me in suspense.


2017-08-23 18:38:46

please please please i want more of Devious maids


2017-08-27 09:15:26

Loved the show--it was funny and quirkly! My favorite on the show is Susan Lucci, have been watching her for over 40 years! Love her and the entire cast of the show.....

Wayne B Russell

2017-11-10 10:20:43

we are ready for the new season 2017 of Devious Maids to return to Lifetime TV, we all love the show + when you put it back on, please allow the show to be on longer. ewvery one I know just loves the show PLEASE BRING IT BACK , Thank you


2017-12-23 05:24:01

i want to see what happens to marisol so yall better be working on season 5 PLLEEAAASSEEE!!!!!!


2017-12-29 12:56:31

I love this seasons of this is mind blowing,I have made it my best,please bring. Them back. For real,please


2018-01-08 01:26:57

Do not cancel please do season 5


2018-01-30 07:26:04

Bring the show back i looked forward to the show it always kept you on the edge of your toes like a girl breaking bad series this was one show that was well written. If u advertised more on the show in the beginning and letting people know when it goes back on the ratings on the show would go up hence more for the lifetime channel. if u don't bring it back you all suck and I hope another channel picks that show up


2018-03-31 23:16:38

Devious maids . Was my favorite show please bring it back. I really miss it. Why was it cancelled that was my show.

frances s.

2019-05-06 03:02:17

the best comedy and thrilling show I have seeing in a long time. 90% of the other shows are police related. killing, sex, eat. but this one was one of a kind. stress release. please what do we need to do to put it back on the air?
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