Wolfblood season 4

Original name: Wolfblood season 4
Duration: 22 min.
Cast: Aimee Kelly, Bobby Lockwood, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Louisa Connolly-Burnham, Leona Vaughan
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Country: United Kingdom
TV channel: CBBC
Original release:

About TV show Wolfblood season 4

The fate of the season 4 release date began to puzzle all the fans of the series yet when the third season hit the screens in autumn 2014. Now we’ve got official confirmation about Wolfblood renewal and can’t wait to get to know what new episodes keep in sleeve for us in the aspect of cast and plot.

Wolfblood television series presents a thrilling movie in which secrets and mysticism are closely intertwined. Ancient legends telling about half wolves made a basis for the series captivating storyline. These amazing creatures possess a unique ability of turning into men and live among humans without being recognized. But when the time for the full moon comes, wild nature calls them back and they turn into giant and immensely powerful werewolves. They run away far away into forests and avoid civilization and humans.

New episodes of Wolfblood will bring to screen the veterans of the series as well as several newcomers. Season 4 will consist of 12 new episodes that to a great disappointment of many fans will do without Maddy this time.

The release date of season 4 of this mystique TV series is of great interest for million of its fans all over the globe. The information about it has been already officially confirmed by CBBC runners: season four is going to be filmed and new episodes are set to kick off somewhere in 2016. The great news was delivered to the viewers by Wolfblood creator via his Twitter account.

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2015-10-03 07:25:55



2015-11-09 03:12:01

i love this show so much there had better be a season 4 or i don't know what i'll do.


2015-11-20 07:25:25

For real, I love everything in this series plz hurry up and make it because I am very eager to watch it. Also, I like wolves.

wolf blood lover

2016-05-11 02:28:33

i love this series i just with they had it on Netflix so i can see it a also like the acsent

Wolfblood rules #wolfbloodd

2016-07-03 06:59:12

Ikr I have not seen season 4 yet bcuz I watch the show on Netflix I wish they can hurry up aND put it on Netflix wolfblood is the best I want to become one like Maddie and ect.


2016-11-27 03:51:41

Yes and a 5 season came out


2015-11-16 05:01:44

I might watch. Maddie was my favorite character and now since she won't come back i might not watch it. The 3rd season was not the same without Maddie!


2016-03-13 14:46:35

I know Me too and they need to put it in Netflix so I can watch it better or I might not get to watch it.


2016-09-11 04:13:48

Same...they need to put it on metflix bc i dont have cable...aaaaaeeeeggggg im crying...


2016-07-03 01:23:40

Shut up


2016-07-11 02:43:46

Ikr I got upset when I figured out she didn't come back

2016-08-07 07:05:09



2016-10-31 01:54:25

She comes back


2015-11-23 05:54:40

i love this show and i can't wait when it comes out but i am upset because maddie and rediyn is not coming back and i don't like that at all so i think the should be in it


2015-12-05 22:11:18

Please, please bring back Maddie.


2015-12-12 01:37:09

Are all the characters from the other seasons gonna show up on season 4? Is maddy also gonna show up ?


2016-05-22 00:42:55

Maddy is unfortunately not suppose to make an appearance in this season due to focus on her school work and furthering her yalents... But who knows shows and actors/actress have always been known to change things up at the last moment all we can do is hope and pray and see what delightful new twist and turns season for of wolf blood has in store


2015-12-14 01:32:19

Well i realy wish i could be on this show because i live for supernatural tv shows and wishing i could b eon the the tv show wolfblood or the walking dead because it would be amazing

Mommy's. Helper

2015-12-21 20:15:14

I love wolfblood and every body that participated in it


2015-12-29 08:17:30

I want them to make series 4ever

kay kay

2015-12-29 23:37:33

bring it back please it got so interest when he left school, shanon and tom, his parent and his pack mostly jana it seemed like thney had a spark but jana could never replace maddie and at the end of seasonn 3 iwas like shut up and researching on season 4 but know that i know there is a season 4 you do not know how happy i am but i still hoping that the pack will get back together please and i am looking for a season 10 because debbie moon is the best wolfblood writter please put more acters in and bring the pack back together tom and maddie and shanon and rhdyin and i wish the series could last forever and bring more jenarations of wolf as the series go on I LOVE WOLFBLOOD AS SPECIALLY MADDY AND HER PACK FRIENDSHIP AND SPARKS


2015-12-31 17:51:13

She has a twin sister maybe she can play the part


2016-01-02 11:19:00

I wanna be on the show badly ,,, to become one of the characters in wolfblood if only I wishhhhh


2016-01-03 00:56:01

I love this show! I really hope that maddy comes back! Can't wait to watch season 4


2016-05-08 04:35:31

I wish that in the end of all of this they all were together and not season 4 forget about that the old season 1 cast those were great and amazing because of the suspence and I know I enjoyed it and I thought that season 3 would have a better ending and season 4 criss crossed between Maddy and her old pack


2016-01-07 09:44:10

hello to the people out there. i think that there should be a season 4 of wolfblood. and the creators she keep the series going. i know that their is a tv show that has 11 seasons. so why cant you add more.i really like this show. and i dont want it to end on season 3. so please, please, please make more seasons. and you guys should tell us when they are coming out. not just the year. i want the specific date. and i hope others do too. talynn schroeder


2016-01-11 07:33:59

Yessss i want season 4!!!!!


2016-01-11 07:33:59

Yessss i want season 4!!!!!


2016-01-13 20:54:18

I really hope maddy comes back but she probably won't I'm Glad that they confirmed season 4 now its just the wait that is killing me!!


2016-01-18 05:27:21

I like the show and I am ready for season4


2016-01-24 20:35:20

Season 3 ends with maddy, how will they do this without her

Braelyn baker

2016-02-01 23:18:32

CAN YOU PLEASE tell me which date bc i have been waiting for awhile for season 4

Wolfblood Lover xD

2016-02-05 06:34:27

I can't wait for maddy to return to her boyfriend xD

2016-02-11 03:52:04



2016-02-12 22:29:50

I absolutely love the show. Hope keeps continuing. And to let you know I'm not a young person. I just happen to love the super natural aspects of things. I also loved the BBC show Primeval. I would love to see it on Psyfi. Please keep up the great work.


2016-02-13 00:53:34

So I have not seen seasons 2-4 and we don't know when is supposed to come back on Thank you, Kaylee cornett


2016-02-13 00:57:01

I need to see seasons 2-4 omg!!!!


2016-02-13 20:39:38

I love this show i really want maddy to return and Rhydian i love them both x


2016-02-14 03:13:42

please put season 4 out soon.


2016-02-21 08:50:11

Really disappointed that Maddy will not be part of the season 4 Really liked it when she was part of the show


2016-02-21 12:29:07

Best show ever!! Can't wait for next season!!


2016-02-24 20:42:29

This show is amazing and i can't wait till it comes out but it really sucks that maddie and rhydin is not coming back, they are my favorite. And im sure everyone is wondering what has happened to them since the last season... Bring them back you have too....


2016-03-01 06:06:35

i love wolfblood there has to be like 30 more episodes dont ever stop this show i love it

mj Thomas

2016-03-03 03:50:24

Man i can't even watch it in US BECAUSE they don't get the channel


2016-03-06 01:11:12

When is it coming out in the U.S.A?

WOLfBlood lover

2016-03-09 00:21:43

bobby lockwood is amazing


2016-03-13 20:32:23

I know right


2016-03-09 15:25:47

I'm over it. I only even made it through season 3 because I thought it was some long plot that would end up having Maddie coming back. I was hoping for her and Rhydian to hook up as a couple since the writers literally leaned that way for 2 entire seasons only to mash them together for the sake of getting it over with in a attempt to tie up loose ends wince Maddie quit. Jana is ok, but for some reason her suddenly becoming the focus of the show when she seemed to have started off as not even a secondary lead but as a guest star just doesn't sit well with me. It also appeared in season 3, that the writers tried to mash in some "the one" qualities so that there will be some point in having her as the new lead in season 4. All in all, it's boring me together, and seems elmer glued together in a attempt to ride Wolfblood coattails into a whole new show with the same name. IMO.


2016-03-11 00:04:11

I was just wondering how I can watch She Wolf plugs in Washington I know it is in Canada so if anybody knows what channel or how to watch it let me know please

wolfblood4 ever

2016-03-13 15:18:41

I need season 4 to come out plz make.more seasons

wolfblood4 ever

2016-03-13 20:10:34

Wolf blood is amazing I can't wait for season four to come out . All though Maddie and rydin were my favorite characters I'm still looking forward to watching it.


2016-03-13 20:31:02

There needs to be a seson 4 soon!!!!!!!!


2016-03-20 16:33:41

Sadly, it is confirmed that Maddie will not be coming back. Rhydian, Tom, and Shannon are also moving on. Jana is the new star of the show.


2016-03-20 21:03:49

Love it Don't want it to go Watched them all


2016-03-23 00:38:10

When will it release in America because they are currently like 6 episodes in and CBBC doesn't permit American streamers


2016-03-23 04:37:01

We need maddie i was so upset when maddie left in season 3 and if rydean isnt gonna be in it either i probably wont watch it


2016-03-27 00:16:19

If you dont put maddie in season 4 than hopefully you put her in season 5. If theres even gonna be a season 5. Which im hoping. Aimee is a very important actor in this and she needs to be part of it. Also if you could hurry the process of putting the season on Netflix a tiny bit faster. That would be nice.


2016-03-29 23:29:14

omg i love the series ...let me know when season premiere gets released on neflex cause i cant afford cable


2016-04-02 20:22:05

I WONT watch the show without Maddy and Ryhdian


2016-04-05 09:50:10

When is the release date for the Netflix ??Wolfblood


2016-04-10 10:06:52

I love wolf blood I want season 4 on Netflix


2016-04-11 14:50:12

Will there be a season 5 after season 4 of wolfblood


2016-04-17 16:33:43

I like it but not a nice storyline I am getting bored of it last 3 Seasons were best and now none of my favourite characters r in season 4 if u want to make a closing episode just for 1 scene bring all the characters back only 1 scene . rhydian brings maddy from Canada jana back to stoney bride every one including the Ks their teacher plz use my advice if you want to close the series plz convince them just for 1 scene plzzzzzzzmiss you all characters especially maddy rhydian etc.....


2016-04-17 22:06:02

When will it be released on Netflix


2016-05-04 04:13:58

I hope they will make a season 5. I absolutely loveeeeeeeee wolf blood. However would love to see shannon Tom and rhydion back♡


2016-05-04 07:34:42

I hope there is a season. 5


2016-05-12 18:44:34

Please bring back made and Rydenn I'm only 10 and I love this series and in need it on Netflix in the United states quickly ☺

I love Wolfblood with all my heart and soul and I hope the make 10 more seasons

2016-05-14 19:38:00



2016-05-24 00:31:22

I love wolfblood so much. I can't wait till it comes out on Netflix!!


2016-08-05 07:51:27

same s4 its great but they need rhydian and maddy back on there with cubs as well jana with cubs by aaron

death fang

2016-05-28 01:05:35

can you make a season ten


2016-06-06 01:21:59

Love the show Wolfblood. I watched all the shows so far.can't wait till season 4. Please hurry.


2016-06-06 04:53:23

In the last episode of season 3 rhdian finds maddy so I think that maddy will bring rhdian back with her


2016-06-10 03:07:27

Will it be more characters in this season or it will just remain the same people without maddie.

I'm a wolfbood

2016-06-17 19:58:25

I have been waiting for this show to come back on forever

Alpha Wolf

2016-06-18 14:46:13

There better be on I view the life of a wolf blood fascinating. I my self sharp fangs all natural


2016-06-21 11:34:37

So will season 4 be showing on netflix because I didn't want to read


2016-06-24 10:23:53



2016-06-24 10:09:34

It has passed the release date! What's going on?


2016-06-24 10:22:48

I was so mad when jana came. She runied it. I wasvso happy when i heard about season 4. That could mean Maddy and rhdyin get together❤. I think that they make a great


2016-06-25 00:11:33

When will wolf blood season for be on Disney channel n on dvd


2016-06-27 01:31:53

Season 4 is no where as good as seasons 1-3. Simply because they changed the whole cast. The series will never be the same without the originals!


2016-06-30 02:16:21

I really want it to be released in the US. I've been waiting so long for it. I feel like I'm apart of it sometimes. It's an awesome show. Really really wanna watch it.


2016-06-30 18:56:18

I love this show so much on season 3 At the end they meet again and that was it i really hope there's a season 4 coming


2016-07-13 18:04:16

I would absolutely, positively be enthralled if WolfBlood season 4 were on Netflix!

2016-07-14 01:22:03

Hope maddy comes back


2016-07-15 04:28:43

What Channel will be workblood be on comcast

Genavieve Evans

2016-07-15 09:00:14

This show is so amazing, I love it so much that I watched all three seasons in 9 days I was watching them nonstop, my mom thought that there was something wrong with me .I really hope that there are many more seasons to come and I think that Bobby Lockwood is so cute!!


2016-07-20 09:29:27

i love ,love love wolf blood and we need a season 4 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2016-07-20 22:45:24

I love this show I am really excited that Maddy is coming back and I hope the series never ends


2016-07-21 04:28:18

WHY DID U TAKE MADDY AND RHYDIAN OUT OF SEASON 4 they were like awesome I am never watching this again till you put them back on


2016-07-22 21:52:20

I started the series yesterday and I'm almost done I love it so much I can't wait much longer for season 4


2016-07-29 01:18:31

plz let maddy be in dis one


2016-07-29 06:50:22

this is the best show I have ever watched it is action packed . Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-08-01 07:41:06

Okay so I love this show I've already finished it in less then 2 days I really need more seasons like someone ela said if there is no more seasons then I don't know what I'll do


2016-08-02 19:40:03

I love this show and have been obsessed with it! Please continue the show or else all the fans like me will be devastated.

Abigail Workman

2016-08-07 00:31:33

I love love wolfblood and can't wait for more episodes


2016-08-07 20:21:02

Omg please please please release season 4. I need to see maddie return I love this show.


2016-08-08 11:14:29

Maddy was my favorite character and I liked that her and rhidian fell in love. I want to see them and more of them together.


2016-08-12 02:08:44

This series is one of the most amazing series I have ever watched and I don't watch things like this usually but this show is what got me into watching stuff like this I hope you make a lot more seasons.


2016-08-13 11:35:05

this show was completely recked after maddy left she needs to go back on for it to be good again


2016-08-18 19:46:41

I'm really happy that they showed Maddy at the end of season 3 and I was so excited about her coming back so I can't what for season 4 to begin


2016-08-16 08:45:13

This show is really good I hope there is another season


2016-08-16 10:16:23

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! I really really hope they make more seasons!!!!!! A lot of people watch this and are big fans of it!!!! And I also hope that they start selling things for this show too!!!!!! Trust me I would by a lot of things!!!!!!!!!!!

Missy aka Buffy

2016-08-28 21:31:19

I love show


2016-09-04 19:41:44

I want and ned a season 4 and multiple more of wolfbloods AND THEY MUST BE ON NETFLIX its my favorite show and ive been dying for more seasons

Supernatural marathoner! :)

2016-09-06 16:53:54

I really enjoy the series "Wolfblood." The actors are great and have unique personalities that we all can relate to. I love the storyline and history about the wolfbloods (ware wolves), and how they've survived in the many different ways in this show. From the awesome abilities the wild wolfbloods possess, to the one's wanting to be normal humans and just fit in. It also holds the value of family and friends in high regard. This series is cool because not on does it dabble in fantasy and history, but also delves into the science of all! I am not young, but still marathon watched, and truly enjoyed this supernatural series. Does anyone know when the Netflix release date is for season 4?


2016-09-16 02:01:09

I really want season 4 but...ITS CLOSING DOWNN WHYYY


2016-09-24 00:33:44

whats going on? i'm so upset because i live outside the UK i'm not aloud to watch it on the CBBC official website which i might add is the only way i can watch it because Netflix has not updated the show's progress.


2016-09-26 02:25:58

Just wondering when season 4 will be on Netflix


2016-09-28 21:18:57

I am a new fan of wolf blood I am on season 1 episode 6 and can't wait to watch more I hope Maddy is still on the show I love her character


2016-10-10 01:16:40

wolfblood is one of my most favorite shows, I am looking forward to seeing season 4. : )


2016-10-10 17:44:51



2016-10-12 03:21:13

L-O-V-E-D Wolfblood series finished all 3 seasons on Netflix in under a week.


2016-10-17 03:17:19

Woolfblood has been taken of of netflix


2016-10-25 22:33:57

Please please please bring back maddie and rydian they are both the reason why i started watching wolf blood their attraction and feelings for each other is what keeps things intresting and u cant not bring them back after the last episode when they met back with each other......because it keeps us questioning what happened between maddie and rydian....plzzz bring them both back into this coming up season....


2016-10-31 01:51:07

Well that really stinks and its left on a stupid cliff hanger


2016-11-05 20:56:01

I cant watch wolfblood on netflix


2017-04-10 00:39:06

I don't see it o Netflix, they saying related to wolfblood
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