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Tyrant Season 3

Original name: Tyrant Season 3
Duration: 50 min.
Seasons: 2
Cast: Adam Rayner, Jennifer Finnigan, Ashraf Barhom, Fares Fares, Moran Atias, Noah Silver, Anne Winters
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
TV channel: FX
Original release: June 24, 2014 - September 7, 2016

About TV show Tyrant Season 3

Tyrant drama TV project presents a successful collaboration of several outstanding production studios (Fox 21 being one of them) and a number talented people that put much effort in getting such a splendid result we witness on our TV screens. Season 1 of the series debuted on the FX (The Strain Season 3) network in summer 2014.

The storyline of this TV drama develops around a man who is dictator’s youngest son. Along with the members of his American family he returns to Middle-East, to his home country, torn apart by a horrible war. The intricate plot and a stunning playing of the cast make the Tyrant series a decent watch and a real viewers attractor so far.

Tyrant Season 3 release date

July 6, 2016

When the show was renewed for the second season it came as no surprise as the ratings were impressing in the course of the first part. Then ratings lost almost 45% in the course of season 2 premiere episode. Thus it’s really great to know the project was given another chance and we are going to see season 3 somewhere in future.

The relatively new drama project o the FX network keeps proving it was the right choice and its popularity grows. Have you been hoping that Tyrant would come back for another season? If so, you can feel relieved from now on as the series’ renewal has been officially confirmed by the FX’s runners already. Tyrant Season 3 release date - June, 2016 (USA).

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2015-08-30 02:36:29

Tryant is a great show!Can't wait to watch it every week!


2015-08-30 04:11:52

I fell in love Tryant since the first season. The story line was unique and different from other shows. It gave me a better understanding of what people have to endure when they are denied their freedom. The actors made every part of the show so real. I am so happy to know there will be a season 3. Bravo!


2016-02-29 13:42:10

I completely agree 100% !!!


2015-08-30 04:56:50

No publicity. Looked for articles re: actors, how current and biblical the story line was. No other show like it on TV. Let the public know it's out there

Kathleen Coleman

2015-09-01 05:29:39

This show is very captivating!!!!!!! I have been a fan since day one. I hope that the show continues for years to come. Great job from the writers and the actors, just an AWESOME show I LOVE IT, please season 3 must take place.


2016-05-19 02:14:52

I couldn't agree more!! Every week I HAVE to see program and I NEVER miss. Great drama, thriller. Bravo.


2015-09-01 17:33:43

This show is the highlight of my week, the hour goes by way too fast!! Very intriguing, always a surprise, love it, love it, love it!


2015-09-02 00:24:06

My husband, daughter and I love this show, I really hope for a Season 3.

Cindy saults

2015-09-02 06:30:20

Lover love Tyrant. Please renew season 3. I look forward to a well written grown up show. FiNE writing. Love Adam and the guy that plays his brother.

Dave Viger

2015-09-02 10:20:25

Great show! Hope there is a season 3. What appears to be the finale tonight was very dramatic and unexpected! With such a central figure gone, don't know where it goes. Answers still needed from Bassam's son, and Bassam's other love.

Diane Dalrymple

2016-06-01 22:15:31

Love the show! Unique!!


2015-09-02 11:09:40

I love this show. One of the best ! Season 3 please!


2015-09-03 03:57:26

Love Tyrant . Hope to see season 3. Great show.


2015-09-03 07:34:40

I love Tyrant. We had it on DVR for months before watching. I woul watch 3-4 episodes at a time, like a book I couldn't put down. Please keep renewing the show!

Norma Slyder

2015-09-03 22:50:30

My husband and I have enjoyed having a show that is different from cops,robbers and reality shows that are scripted. This show has fine acting, fabulous scenery and depicts the problems that are in the world today GREAT PROGRAM!!!!!!


2015-09-04 02:18:59

My husband and I love this show. We are hoping it is renewed for a third season. It is the best summer replacement show.


2015-09-04 04:09:42

I'm a 64 year old historian who's watched the series from moment one. Despite the excellent acting and the sets it is the very accurate portrayal of the real events unfolding in the Middle East, as well as the leadership subtleties that exist in many Islamic countries today. We need Season 3!


2015-09-04 16:00:57

Love the show Tyrant. I have had enough with reality shows and crime shows.

Sparrow hawk

2015-09-05 10:53:06

Awesome show can't wait to see season 3


2015-09-05 20:52:19

I wish that this show will be renewed. It's exciting and show a lot of different powerful events and not like seeing walking dead episodes again. Its tiring to see walking dead and vampire shows.

M wisner

2015-09-06 05:30:16

Our family hopes there is going to be a season 3 of tyrant. It is really a good series


2015-09-06 08:31:13

TYRANT,is HANDS DOWN the VERY BEST series on TV!! The acting is outstanding,the location is GREAT 7 the PALACE is AMAZING. The "costumes are exquisate. What amazes me is the lack of exposure,adds about the series unlike American Horror Story etc. No one knows when I say it's my FAVORITE TV show,including Black LISTamoung many others I have my DVR set to record EVERY episodes. Again the cast is AMAZING,along with the Clothes, the camera worketc. I cannot say enough POSITIVE things to comment on. The theme of the series is SOOO revelent today, & gives us a look at what "life" is like in the middle EAST. If my FAVORITE series is canceled I will be SOOO sad. PLEASE work your MAGIC as I continue to inform my friends about TYRANT,also ,my other suggestion would be to put a picture of the ACTOR,with their name & the part they play. I know who the MAIN cast is, "BARRY,MOLLY,JAMAL& his wife,but do not know who Jamal sons are, nor the Mother of " Barry& Jamaletc.WOW! this is a NOVELETTE,but I am SOO PASSIONATE about this series. THANKS for your time 7 my compliments to ALL who work to make this OUTSTANDING show Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2015-09-17 21:16:02

You said it!!!


2016-05-30 14:28:59

You've said it all....my best favourite show ever


2015-09-06 14:24:10

This is why I hate getting into shows that are new. Now I have to hope they continue the series. It's going to piss me off if they leave it off on a cliffhanger. There better be a season 3


2015-09-06 22:04:17

Its close to reality. It makes me feel im at home.


2015-09-08 06:47:40

Love love love this show. My husband is already beyond himself that it will not be coming on tomorrow. We need a season 3 and much more. I can't stop talking about it. I think that ones a year is too long a wait for the next season.


2016-03-05 22:28:23

I agree. Having a great show on such a long hiatus discourages it's fan base. They lose interest especially if it is only a 10 episode season. I want Tyrant back, yes, but I don't want to have to wait forever


2016-04-03 22:22:38

Seasons too far apart. It does hurt the fan base


2016-04-11 19:34:19

Loved this show but such aa long time between seasons I could not find when the last season started, so i completely missed it! Hated I didnt get to see it, I thought maybe it was cancelled!


2015-09-09 13:10:30

Tyrant is one of the best shows on the box and definitely deserves a series 3 it left viewers on tenderhooks It simply can't be left as it was plenty more story lines for another series.


2015-09-11 04:57:32

My friend and I really enjoy Tyrant, we really do hope it will come back for Season 3, hopefully sooner than the Summer of 2016. Let us know ASAP.


2015-09-11 05:33:13

I hope that THERE will be a season 3 for tyrant. I am so hooked and don't want to see it end.


2015-09-16 04:22:25

mesmerized by Tyrant TV show. Look forward to additional episodes


2015-09-17 05:26:16

Just love this show. It's quality acting and storyline.


2015-09-17 03:58:57

Tyrant is a great show!! My wife and I watched both seasons. Please make season 3!!


2015-09-17 18:34:28

Tyrant is one of the best shows. Please keep it on the air. The cast and storylines are great! This show has been getting better with each season.


2015-09-18 00:09:01

I put Tyrant right up there with the first few seasons of Homeland, if not better..I am praying it comes back for a 3rd season and doesn't leave us all hanging because it has so much more, I'm sure, for another group of cliff hanging episodes. FX just needs to advertise it more so the tv public can catch up and watch the first two seasons and get hooked and ready for a 3rd!

Claudia Coello Fodor

2015-09-18 00:55:23

looking forward to season 3 of tyrant , my husband and I have watched both seasons and love it


2015-09-19 20:12:28

Outstanding drama and acting! Love the show! Please bring back Tyrant for Season 3.

Marti Throw

2015-09-22 22:43:55

please please renew tyrant


2015-09-23 05:53:29

The best! Tyrant has to continue. Let me know when. We have lots of fans in my area. We look forward to the return each time. Just wish they would be longer.


2015-09-24 19:48:10

Love tyrant. Can't wait for it to come back


2015-09-24 21:40:45

Comment (at least 5 characters)...can't wait to watch the season 3


2015-09-26 19:23:29

Love the series, hope there is a season 3.......


2015-09-27 05:31:53

Best show yet kept me on the edge of my seat ,keep it coming can't wait can't to see what next


2015-09-28 04:26:49

All the people in tyrant are wonderful artists actor actress whatever it.it is or was our favorite show on TV.sorry to see it end, hope they make a season 3 . on and on great show.

Sabiha M Hai

2015-09-29 06:04:37

Tyrant , is Eye opener, it's mesmerizing, it's accurate portrayal of the real events in middle east. I'm impress with the PERFECT cast . can't wait to see season 3. Bravo


2015-10-03 09:50:22

TYRANT season3,pls i luv it nd when is d season 3going 2b premiered.


2015-10-05 07:34:41

Tyrant is an amazing show. My husband and I never miss it. We love love love the show. Comes on at a perfect time after we get all the kids to bed. It's our date night.... There has to be a season 3,4,5,6,7 and so on. So much better than watching what TV puts out there these days. Tyrant Season 3 is a MUST!!!!!!!!


2015-10-09 03:34:36

Comment (its about time, The Best Show Ever, Its good FX channel came to their senses about Season 3, I was so mad they were going to cancel Season 3. Will never trust FOX again they are not to be trusted.


2015-10-10 00:36:55

love Tyrant, can't wait for season 3! When can we expect it to start?


2015-10-10 09:12:34

am from South Africa, my family and i loved it from season 1. it is gripping. Tyrant is a great show, it depicts all emotions within a family dynasty perfectly. its also brilliant acting from the two onscreen brothers... so happy to learn there will be season 3


2015-10-13 00:00:43

Waiting for tyrant season 3


2015-10-13 15:51:22

Non-stop watching series full of suspense. Its really wonderful


2015-10-25 22:57:08

Love the show Tirant!! Everyone I tell about the show they start watching and love it too. Can't wait for season 3


2015-11-04 12:27:29

This is one of the best TV series I've seen...caught up with it on Netflix, and now can't wait for the 3rd series


2015-12-14 07:07:53

Love the show !!


2015-11-07 15:35:08

LOVE this show! Gets better every episode!


2015-11-08 13:27:47

Brilliant series..exciting thrilling best seen in a while a must watch well done to writers etc can't wait for season 3.


2015-11-11 08:02:08

Absolutely love Tyrant and can't wait for season 3! I got all my friends hooked now!!!!


2015-11-12 20:08:05

That was a bomb! That show was well cooked and fravoured, sweet story. I Like that "president." ...waiting for season 3.


2015-11-13 02:02:11

My wife and I love this show. Please do not cancel.


2015-11-17 16:35:27

I am a fan, and can't wait untill season 3. Thank you for the renewal


2015-11-24 12:44:37

When in 2016 is it coming out my coworkers and I can hardly wait


2015-11-25 05:29:35

I love this show. Can't wait for the next episodes!

George Douglas

2015-11-28 21:09:27

Why is the season so short? Why are tgere not more series like Tyrant that are decent enough for a family to watch. Series like The Walking Dead and monster shows shown during the Christmas season are disgusting.


2015-12-01 06:56:35

I have watched Tyrant from the beginning and love it. I have gotten other friends and family hooked as well. The intrigue is great and I love all the different characters.


2015-12-01 08:19:56

BEST show ever! Tyrant is a thriller! My husband and I were loved the plots, suspense and were so bummed when the season ended. It's really one of our favorite shows of all time! Great actors, storylines and dramatic visual settings. FX, it's a Winner!!!!


2015-12-01 21:32:30

I like it but don't see it as a long running series. One more series should be able to wrap it up or it will began to get boring.

Trisha Vizcaino

2015-12-03 00:57:40

Tyrant is one of the best shows fx has ever put out there, I love this show so happy they are bringing season 3 back what a relief ...

Trisha Frease

2015-12-03 01:31:51

Tyrant is an extraordinary show that FX has every put out ..I love this show it has a unique and again an extraordinary story line Gidon Raff has done a great job creating tyrant's unique story line. There is no other show out there like tyrant. .love this show im ready for season 3 been watching tyrant since the 1st season


2015-12-03 03:43:16

My wife is middle eastern (Iran) and I love the show however its so realistic she will not watch it. You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.


2015-12-07 02:46:12

My only complaint..... Should be 26 episodes per season.


2015-12-07 04:27:27

i enjoy tyrant very much, and looking forward to seeing it come back on tv. i am hoping it isn't going to be much longer before it is back on.


2015-12-11 00:04:37

Very good series with lots of drama! Please continue!


2015-12-13 10:56:27

I really really really want Tyrant to come back .Infact I'm in love with the show .Thank God!!


2015-12-13 21:25:48

Please release season 3. I have watched season 1-2.


2015-12-14 04:03:21

One of my favorite shows. I rank it as high as Longmire, Fargo or any other drama on TV. I absolutely love the show.


2015-12-16 16:30:00

cant wait for season 3


2015-12-17 05:21:06

I hv wtched two seasons of Tyrant and can't wait for the third one to begin. Thank FX for a quality program.


2015-12-17 23:36:23

One of the best series ever, season 3 please come sooner!!


2015-12-19 23:00:13

(My best favorite is Tyrant, total in love the this series and is the only one I watch !!! the rest FX has is total garbage and do not watch.


2015-12-20 13:28:38

its taking long


2015-12-24 01:27:06

Love it, so different! Can't wait to see Season 3


2015-12-26 11:55:11

I really liked watching the movie tyrent the movie was very interesting and educational to that part of the world so if my vote or comment i would love to see the next season

sara spain

2015-12-26 20:18:58

Tyrant love it love it love it enough said


2015-12-27 03:55:47

I really enjoyed Tyrant. I discovered it in the middle of Season One, I did not miss another episode of the season one and /season Two. I cannot wait for Season Three to premiere. It is a very good Series, and relates so well to what happens in the real life. Please bring it back soon.

June H

2016-01-02 04:32:53

I just bought season one on dvd on Amazon. I watch it constantly Now waiting for the dvd release of season two. BEST show on TV


2015-12-27 04:02:37

I truly enjoy Tyrant! I've been a fan since the very beginning.


2015-12-27 05:31:05

I really enjoyed these shows. I am so glad they are making a 3rd season.


2015-12-28 00:26:39

Great TV series. Presents current political and social situation in some countries where the rights are not guaranteed. Very actual. I have many friends and family members who like it a lot.


2015-12-28 05:53:50

I absolutely loved Tyrant! Please please renew this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2015-12-28 07:08:54

Can't wait:)


2015-12-28 20:38:11

Comment (this was one of the best movies i have watched please am waiting for season 3...)...


2015-12-28 22:38:48

Captivating don't miss an episode can't wait till 3rd season starts.


2015-12-30 01:02:50

Cannot wait for third season.....we love the show! When will it begin again


2015-12-30 02:09:34

Show is badass and no it is not cancelled only fucken morons would cancel a truly unique and amazing show. Like the idiots on Fox that cancelled Gang related.


2015-12-30 08:07:49

I love this show, when I first fiund it one night late on FX, i stayed ip and watched all the episodes they showed that night and then i made a point to watch every week and i would still watch even the old episodes that replayed that night even the rerun of the new one from that night reallynlike the sjow please keep it going.


2015-12-30 14:48:22

fantastic show want to see more the 2 brothers are great actors please don't can it

Joe Rodriguez

2016-01-01 06:52:41

I love and see this show every week

Jose Rodriguez

2016-01-01 07:08:49

We watch this show weekly

June H

2016-01-02 04:30:13

Tyrant is one of the BEST shows that have come along in a LONG time. I loved season one and season two was spectacular. I am dying for the release date of season three. I have purchased both season one and two and watch it constantly. WHEN is the premier of season THREE? I talk about it constantly. In our home, we love TYRANT!


2016-01-03 07:31:23

I absolutely love Tyrant and am thrilled it has been renewed. It seems like the great shows that can and do happen in real life people don't want to watch. People would rather watch aliens or supernatural shows which I think is sad. We can learn things from shows such as Tyrant and Homeland and that's why I love them both.


2016-01-03 07:45:10

Very happy to know there will be a Season # 3 I love that serie can't wait to see it I love Jamal The story is hawsome Miche


2016-01-05 04:02:13

I love Tyrant the actors are incredibly great. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE


2016-01-05 07:59:39

Can't wait for season 3 - when will it start? FANTASTIC SHOW.


2016-01-07 15:42:09

Great show, this could be used for future history classes in HS's instead of books and boring class time!


2016-01-08 00:22:59

Woo Wee I thought, I would never see my Jamal again. Thanks for bringing him back to me in season 3. I know he was shot, But he's the MAN. He has a heart.


2016-01-08 08:06:45

Love this show, glad to see that there will be a third season in 2016. :)


2016-01-08 19:05:25

people love the show. i am a big fan


2016-01-08 21:16:30

Please bring Tyrant back so we can have this wonderful show back.


2016-01-09 14:26:03

i cant wait to watch season 3. Credits to the writer....

Florian Jozefacki

2016-01-10 00:05:57

Tyrant is captivating. I Can't wait for episode 3 to begin


2016-01-10 05:52:46

Tyrant is exciting and interesting. Feels like real events.


2016-01-10 06:23:03

Fantastic season 1 and 2. Can't wait for season 3. Well done guys!

Cheryl Gibbs

2016-01-11 00:00:29

I am looking forward to season 3 this one of the best series on t.v. all of the actors do a terrific job playing their parts. This show really relates to what is going on in countries today


2016-01-11 04:29:21

My wife and I love to watch this show every weeks. Can't wait it . Tyrant is great show .


2016-01-12 05:45:52

I watched both seasons and anxiously waiting for season 3. I love it, please continue. I bought the first season DVD and will buy the second. Barry is the man.


2016-01-12 23:00:34

TYRANT is so like the best movie ever............. I am so in love with it..*************


2016-01-13 03:05:45

love that show cant wait for it.


2016-01-13 04:25:03

Tyrant is the best well written movie ,I have seen for the longest time.I can't wait to see Episode 34. Anxiety is killing me.


2016-01-14 09:43:58

Love the show season 3 loved jamal,Barry and Lela


2016-01-15 00:17:55



2016-01-15 05:07:31

lGREAT, can't wait for SEASON 3....


2016-01-15 05:56:22

Love the show!!


2016-01-18 12:19:28

it nice owkay


2016-01-18 17:22:25

A very good entertaining show,please let it continue!


2016-01-18 20:41:01

Love love love Tyrant, full of suspense and intrigue, can't wait for season 3 to start!


2016-01-19 06:21:49

Season 3 Please!!! Absolutely love this show!!


2016-01-19 19:31:09

Comment (at least 5 characters)...When will this show start in 2016

Gen. Ankale

2016-01-20 08:18:03

the story line is interested, from season one u'll like to know what would happene in next season that's why season three left us with so many question in our mind, now i'm so glad that season three is coming out, and i wish let it be around march,2016


2016-01-20 16:41:38

Best series ever


2016-01-22 13:40:32

I was hooked from the first episode, i binge watched all of the episodes within 3 days! Bring on season 3!


2016-01-24 00:40:14

No other show like Tyrant, I'm so glad that another episode is coming . Thanks FX


2016-01-25 05:57:18

I want to know when the new Tyrant 2016 season premiers!


2016-01-26 17:35:20

Really like the show ! Don't like Molly character too much. I want to see more of Barry and dayila they seem to have more chemistry. Hopefully Jamal doesn't die!


2016-01-31 19:07:56

I will not watch show if Jamaal is dead !


2016-02-01 00:07:47

Really enjoyed this show and the cast were superb at their parts. I'm chuffed as fuck it's been renewed....and Jamal better survive, he's a dude all be it a cunty one


2016-02-02 02:36:35

In love with this show, i cant wait for season 3!!! I loved every outfit of leila's and molly.....


2016-02-02 16:09:36

# the best series ever.looking forward to season 3 ,4 n maybe 5

Roger & Donna

2016-02-02 20:22:24

Love..love this show! Thank you for bringing it back for season 3!!

Lisa coffman

2016-02-03 00:01:09

Fascinating and moving. Action and drama. Cultural. Scenery...the clothes omgoodness! Please dont cancel it! I sure wanted to see Jamal dance 1 more time!!

Lisa coffman

2016-02-03 00:01:10

Fascinating and moving. Action and drama. Cultural. Scenery...the clothes omgoodness! Please dont cancel it! I sure wanted to see Jamal dance 1 more time!!


2016-02-03 08:03:54

I absolutely loved the season 1, even watched the reruns!! I was somewhat disappointed in season 2, but continued to watch the series. I am anxious to see what season 3 brings. Hopelessly optimistic


2016-02-03 14:09:24

the best i have ever watched but the next season is suppose to come out by now,please ensure adequate advert


2016-02-05 06:57:04

Started watching Tyrant at the end of season 2. Loved it and had to watch the first season to catch up. Great story line and characters. Can't wait for season 3.

Bobbie Tarter

2016-02-06 05:59:12

Tyrant and Breaking Bad was my favorite shows on TV of all time. I have seen every show for each season. Please keep it on for many seasons. Please!!!!!

2016-02-06 08:26:12

Love the show


2016-02-07 09:15:48

I can't wait till season 3 starts. We have watched it from day one.


2016-02-07 15:51:03

This is one of the few TV shows I look forward to each week. My husband and I never miss it! It is well done and totally holds our interest throughout the hour. Love the actors and the plot. 5 stars out of 5 star ratings for this show. Keep it going!


2016-02-07 22:14:59

I love love love Tyrant! The first episode got me hooked and I don't miss it for anything! Hope this is not the last of it! There will be a lot of happy souls if we could see Tyrant at least once a week! I'm from South Africa and not sure where and when they will show season 3. Please advise. Thank you Tyrant team keep up the good work :)


2016-02-07 23:02:05

pls let dere b a tyrant season 3. i love d show


2016-02-09 04:20:02

i loved both seasons of Tyrant. It is almost as good as Homeland which is the best show on TV!


2016-02-09 20:56:37

One of the best shows on television...very thought provoking. Please continue!


2016-02-10 11:16:34

i love the show, it is a great show...cant wait for season 3


2016-02-12 01:39:41

Love this show...more please.


2016-02-12 05:31:34


Audrey osborne

2016-02-14 07:54:02

You got me hooked at season one, I love this show. It depicts reality and we always want there to be a good guy, go Barry (Basam) save the country. And continue to save this show. Thanks

2016-02-15 12:24:56


Diana Edwards

2016-02-16 23:01:39

Accidentally started watching since the beginning...channel surfing, then I stayed on that channel because it started out pretty intense...then I kept it on that channel until it was over....fell in love with that series!!!...Can't wait for season 3!!!!....love me some Jamal...even if he's a turd....

shelva wood

2016-02-17 06:49:57


shelva wood

2016-02-17 06:51:07

Just love this show, please keep it going!

Dave J

2016-02-17 11:04:06

Tyrant is a phenomenal show. As a person from the West occasionally living in the Middle East I find this show quite accurate and intriguing. Keep producing the series.

B Kawzi Sedso

2016-02-18 15:06:02

Spellbinding is the best description I can think of when it comes to discussing the series "Tyrant". The depth of the characters and their representation is excellent. Kudos to the writers and cinematographers.


2016-02-19 03:15:12

Love the show "Tyrant". It is number 1 or 2 on my favorite show list.


2016-02-19 04:57:26

Absolutely love Tyrant. Can't wait for season 3. As other's have said, it's so different from everything else on TV. Great acting, great plots, just fantastic.


2016-02-19 06:42:30

We love this show & r happy it will have a season 3. Each season has been getting better! We r hooked. One of our favorite shows

Julius Caesar

2016-02-21 21:31:21

Very good scripting. I love this series.

2016-02-21 21:32:20

tyrant is riveting!Please come back soon.

Julius Caesar

2016-02-21 21:32:25

Very good scripting. I love this series.


2016-02-22 07:35:47

LOVE this show, please keep it!


2016-02-22 11:42:55

Only one other show has captivated me like Tyrant so would be a shame to lose it. The acting and directing are a great statement to television becoming better all the time.


2016-02-22 15:23:28

the best series I have watched so far,I love Jamal so much I hope he lives and his wife goes down


2016-02-24 01:28:00

love this series so much ,got all my friends to watch,cant wait for season 3,the story line is fantastic,Jamal is my love.

2016-02-24 08:18:36

I love this show .It's amazing


2016-02-25 06:00:39


2016-02-25 06:04:33

Great show I am not on FaceBook to take pole. Look forward to this show every week. tyrant


2016-02-26 01:56:54

Tyrant the best series ever.... Smile


2016-02-26 06:25:40

Great thriller


2016-02-26 10:19:09

I think it's a very entertaining program that keeps on entertain.


2016-02-27 01:03:52

I love this show. Well written drama, action packed. I hope they release Season 3 of Tyrant.


2016-02-27 12:25:25

Sample the show

Pinky 1988

2016-02-27 19:54:00

Awesome program! Tyrant is riveting and very enlightening! Please continue to air it!


2016-02-29 19:03:08

One of my favorite shows of all time!! Very well done. I can't wait until the next season!


2016-03-01 03:13:14

Tyrant is a well done drama and deserves to have a third season.

Sharon Henry

2016-03-01 20:40:30

I am sooo glad for the third season return. Keep on trucking.


2016-03-02 08:48:04

Please bring back the series for years to come


2016-03-02 11:06:36

Dis is the only show me n my family has seen together in a long time.. We need dis


2016-03-02 19:46:16

Great!!!!!!! I am looking forward to watching the 3rd season! :)! :)!


2016-03-03 09:40:21

Love the show. The wardrobes are stunning and the story lines different from the usual. Excellent. It's something my husband and I can enjoy watching together.


2016-03-04 13:14:07

Can not wait for another season. Very well done. Fell in love with the show and its carictors. And have since introduced friends to it. We are excited to see were it goes next.


2016-03-04 20:45:17

How to audition for Tyrant? Am bi-lingual and hope to get a response from you. Thank you


2016-03-05 06:57:49

Rumors say Season 3 Cancel by FX pls keep us posted. Sell it to Fox, HBO or showtime. Such a great show


2016-03-05 07:49:47

Great show deserves more seasons great story characters and actors


2016-03-05 07:49:48

Great show deserves more seasons great story characters and actors


2016-03-06 23:49:55

I can't wait for Season 3 to begin!!!


2016-03-07 20:25:04

I agree with some of the comments on here not enough publicity. This is a very very well done show, great plot and great acting. Can't wait for it to come back.


2016-03-08 02:02:02

My husband and I are big fans of this show! It is very raw and for the most part un-censored! It makes a great story with real beliefs mixed in! Very intense and unpredictable! I can't wait for season 3 in June


2016-03-08 05:37:41

Wow I have been long waiting for the third season can't wait to see it.


2016-03-09 10:03:31

I love this show. Excited for it's return in June!!

chiffen Kali

2016-03-09 13:52:16

I can't wait.. tyrant is nice and educating series & I wish to land coz it left me in the air.. i really like it


2016-03-11 01:46:40

Great series. Cannot imagine why it was not popular. I told many about it. But, please cut the bad sex scenes, we can use our imaginations.


2016-03-11 02:56:10

The show is great


2016-03-11 03:41:10

Please do not cancel this show.


2016-03-11 14:55:52

tyrant ...one of the best season in the recent time. i can't wait to grab a copy of season 3.


2016-03-11 20:47:58

The writers for this show are phenomenal. The acting is nothing short of great.


2016-03-12 14:13:59

a really great series to follow.Great story line and great actors as well as the professionalism and talent behind it all.


2016-03-13 02:45:06

Great best show on tv


2016-03-14 07:18:40

Great show bring it back


2016-03-14 21:12:59

love love love this series!! something very different that kept us hooked!! hope there will be Season 3 and much more following :)!!! + love the actors as well; new faces and very talented


2016-03-16 10:39:01

I can't wait to watch it. Am in love with it


2016-03-16 23:44:11

Awesome show ! This give a good perspective for viewers who do not understand clan,tribal and family affiliated with Arab families of villages, town or city. incorperate a Christian Arab presence on the show! Westerners who only see Arabs on the news do not get to see the entire scope of the Arabs and there fore stereo type as terrorist ! Great show love all characters !


2016-03-16 23:44:26

Love love love tyrant A show that intriguing, different, interesting and captivating. Can't stand reality or comedy shows. Dancing with the start and many other talent shows are just non-sense. Tyrant is a show with substance. Actually educational as well. Ashrat Baron is a great actor and plays the role to perfection. Love watching his expressions and body language Adam Rayner is another favorite of mine and does a great job Finally a show worth watching. It's my favorite. Keep it going


2016-03-17 21:24:25

I love the show is awusome it refrect the reality of leader in the middle east who are selfish i real like the show


2016-03-18 20:23:33

My favorite series…..An outstanding cast of writers and actors….BRILLIANT….


2016-03-19 19:21:34

As a veteran of OIF, Tyrant became my favorite show since season one. The intriquete relationships are some what relevant to the Arab world. I believe that this series has the potential to become an all time best ever. The twist and turns will have you talking about the show all week long and leave you eager to see the next episode.


2016-03-20 05:27:27

LOVE Tyrant!! So happy it is returning for another season! I hope it is on for many seasons. It is a great show. Just wish they had more episodes in the season and that the seasons weren't so far apart. Love, love, love Tyrant.


2016-03-22 10:47:45

Love the show. I just hope the president really ain't dead. After all he got shot in the head in season 2 finale. The actor that plays him is the best thing about the show.


2016-03-22 12:52:35

Tyrant is a great show!! My wife and I watched both seasons and we couldn't get enough, everybody we've introduced this show to them fell for it. Thanks for season 3. Wow I can't wait.


2016-03-22 18:30:30

Tyrant if my top one serie I will never stop loving..looking forward to season 3 .I so much every actor .These guys know their work and are always on point. Tyrant fan all the way.


2016-03-23 02:38:15

Why is there always the question as to whether Tyrant will have another season? This is a very good show and anyone NOT watching is missing out. FX...don't even think about cancelling this show.....ever. Personally, I think the season is too short.


2016-03-23 04:09:38

I would so love for this tv show to come back on.


2016-03-25 06:48:40

Can't wait to see The Tyrant Season 3! !!


2016-03-26 20:03:58

When does Tyrant Season 3 begin? I can't wait!


2016-03-26 22:04:04

Great show...Waiting impatiently. Didn't vote because I don't want anything linked to my FB.


2016-03-27 03:21:18

Tyrant Season-3 can't wait. This is our favorite series show.


2016-03-28 10:58:02

Tyrant is the best, I love the series so much can't wait for Season 3 can't wait for June 2016


2016-03-30 05:44:31

Great show . Glad it is coming back


2016-03-31 02:06:45

Absolutely love Tyrant!! Can't wait for season three!!!


2016-03-31 05:48:26

A Great show, better than 90% of what is offered on TV ! Keep the episodes coming, please !


2016-03-31 06:07:05

My husband and I love this show please keep it going.


2016-03-31 08:05:11

Amazing show ! I wish Bassam would have forgiven Jamal and Ahmads wife didn't shoot Jamal... Love them all and want to see them al in S3, maybe he's still alive.


2016-03-31 15:55:58

Tyrant was the best series I have seen in 40 years, the twist and turns of Tyrant were incredible and believable, the best of everything from the acting and special effects and the writers , director's and the story was a master piece . This series better get every award possible I will be posting every where to let people know how great I thought this show was, is I can't believe the producers didn't advertise this series or maybe they did and I missed it , bottom line watch the first episode and your hooked plus you will get a better understanding of how some countries live . Game of thrones and Vikings are great also


2016-03-31 20:14:48

cant wait to watch it !!!


2016-03-31 20:17:15

LOVEEEE that tv show! :)


2016-03-31 22:06:57

An amazing series.


2016-04-01 04:12:54

Great show. Shows how saviors evolve into tyrants. Verifies a favorite quote from Prof. Walter E. Williams, "Tyranny always arrives as salvation." (From one of his sub-for-Rush days years ago.)


2016-04-01 19:59:50

i love Tyrant ,counting days for new episodes,my favorite show in the world,thank you FX,you are the best


2016-04-01 20:10:10

Great show. Keeps me on the edge of my seat.


2016-04-01 22:51:47

I have been hooked since day one. I have told my friends about the show. They are wonder why they didn't know about. Awesome creative writing. Excellent directing. Bravo to the actors.

uncle lou

2016-04-02 21:48:18

Have watched every episode. Love it. I would think the story content is a bit "sensitive" at the present. Am not holding my breath.


2016-04-03 02:34:48

One of my favorite shows!!!! Thanks for bringing it back.


2016-04-03 07:18:49

Thank you for season three of Tyrant. Keep them coming!

Deb C

2016-04-03 14:41:10

So excited for season 3. Come on June!


2016-04-04 01:01:55

This is a fantastic show, well written, acted and fairly portrayed. Thrilled to see it continue. I am a fan. Jennifer Finnigan was the reason I was drawn to the show, but am now a fan of the entire cast. Well done!


2016-04-04 03:39:52

My husband and I both enjoyed this series and look forward to series 3


2016-04-04 16:18:06

Love Tyrant to bits can't wait for Season 3

Louisa M. Mendels

2016-04-04 17:42:24

BRILLIANT show with INCREDIBLE plots, character development, acting! SOOO happy that it is coming back for season 3!!!! Hope for MANY more seasons, too!!!!


2016-04-06 00:27:09

Please don't cut this TV show, this is really a very interesting show. So much to learn and lot more. Cast are all good and they really play the role very good


2016-04-06 03:15:59

My husband and I watch this faithfully.


2016-04-06 06:47:12

We love this show. The acting, the sets, the costumes and the plots are so intriguing. We want to see more what is the wonder that is the Persian empire. The story line is captivating. We can't wait to see more seasons.


2016-04-06 12:44:10

So glad for a season 3 great show1


2016-04-06 16:14:48

jamal cant wait to see basam dont let him die

sylvia hess

2016-04-06 20:43:05

Can't wait until June! Fantastic show! On a par with Showtime's HOMELAND! Well developed characters- and terrific acting. Brother against brother - what could be more dramatic?


2016-04-06 23:57:18

I love Tyrant and am so happy that there is a Season 3! This show is so well produced and the actors are wonderful. I really hope that this show is never cancelled. Can't wait for Season 3!


2016-04-07 07:59:20

Tyrant is a good series, it's good to know the feelings of the oppressed.


2016-04-07 17:44:10

One of the best shows ever!


2016-04-08 01:07:10

the shit is good, i cant wait


2016-04-08 04:34:16

Love the show and I am looking forward to season 3! So glad there will be something good to watch over the summer! If you haven't tried it, I would encourage you to do so. You won't be disappointed.


2016-04-09 01:02:14

Love this show! My favorite character? Jamal! I hope he's somehow resurrected.

2016-04-09 21:14:45

Love this show! Keep it coming......


2016-04-10 02:33:22

Just finished watching Season 2 and am eagerly awaiting Season 3 . Excellent story and so relevant to current headlines . Gives us an outlook on what these people in the Middle East are enduring . Excellent acting too !


2016-04-10 08:27:38

So glad there will be a season! Love the show!


2016-04-10 19:20:50

Awesome show really gives a great outlook on the different religions and family structures of Arab family unit ! Both Christian and Muslim !


2016-04-11 05:23:54

I love tyrant it was good show I just wanted to know what happen to his brother is he dead or alive. I can't wait to see season 3.

Molley (Mo)

2016-04-11 07:13:20

Tyrant is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. I, myself love the beautiful colors and textures that are used in the show and that are in that area of the world that I will never get to see unless it's on TV. The storyline is just on your toes, edge of your seat, never know what the hell's going to happen next I love it!!!!!! Please do not ever take this show off the air someone will have to pay the consequences LOL I'm not threatening anybody I promise!!!! All I'm saying is Tyrant is one hell of a show and I can't get enough of it there's not enough episodes in one year!!!!!!!!


2016-04-12 02:22:30

I absolutely love this series and have from the very first showing. For me it has the drama, intrgue, and supense that kept me coming back for more. So glad that it is coming back for a another season.


2016-04-12 04:47:26

Just love it. Awsome.

2016-04-12 04:51:59

Love this show....Every character.....Love Jamal, hi is so tortured and Bassum... Season 2 was captivating


2016-04-12 19:33:31

Great show exciting thrilling action and excellent cast. Looking forward to Season 3 only thing is NEEDS MORE EPISODES!!!!!!!


2016-04-12 19:38:44

Great show, outstanding cast and excellent storyline. Can't wait till Season 3. Love all the cast. GIVE US MORE EPISODES!!!!!


2016-04-12 19:46:27

Fantastic show....Jamal is the stuff dictators are made of!!!!!!!


2016-04-13 08:33:58

This is by far the best show on t.v.


2016-04-14 00:44:31

I can't wait! I accidentally stumbled across this show, normally I would've kept flipping but it caught my attention & continues to this day. Everybody that I talked into watching it is now hooked! We watch it air, then watch it again. Wow, what a storyline & if you haven't watched, your depriving yourself!


2016-04-14 05:57:59

My favorite show of all time. Pretty accurate of how the middle east really is


2016-04-15 00:48:37

My wife and i love this show, we wait for the next week to start a new story. Best show on tv we wont miss it, bring it back please


2016-04-15 01:39:16

I am so glad I stumbled upon this series. I have binge watching it for the last 10 days and cannot get enough of it. The acting is superb. I am so glad it was renewed and cannot wait until it starts up again in June.


2016-04-16 05:32:23

I really like this show, but I will not being watching it if I have to pay for it. I hope the network can find ways where the consumer doesn't draw the short stick. Families can't afford Hulu then on it, pay extra for a certain show. Be creative FX!!


2016-04-16 09:37:03

This is the most fascinating drama I have seen in the course of a lifetime. The tyrant is brutal, yet somehow very view-able with goodness as well. The scripts and characters are masterful, you never know what is going to happen next. The actors are excellent!


2016-04-16 09:50:01

This is the most compelling show on TV! Love it.

O.D. Allen

2016-04-17 04:02:02

Great, we love it. I saw an ad on tv tonight that said"season premier" tonight 04/15/2016 at 10pm on FX


2016-04-17 04:37:44

My favourite can't wait to see the next season.


2016-04-17 04:47:26

Please please don't cancel.best series hands down.very captivating.the suspense is marvelous. What's next?I'm waiting fx


2016-04-17 07:21:57

This show gives insight to the past dictatorships. The rise and fall of Qaddafi, Hussain. Tyrant s characters are so realistic, believable. It's fascinating to watch. When you start to think of all the people that die everyday for the most simplest , basic rights.


2016-04-17 14:03:59

It's about current world events!


2016-04-17 21:11:22

I can't wait to see season 3...Awesome show...


2016-04-17 22:39:52

Can't wait for June. Such an awesome series, actors and characters. I watched the previous season over and over at least 3 times a week until it was taken out.


2016-04-18 03:31:19

My wife and I are riveted to the tv for every episode of Tyrant. Season 1 & 2 were very well done and contained the type of plot that can have you waiting for the next week......can't wait for Season 3.


2016-04-18 20:19:30

but we had no notice of termination last time,left viewers hanging

Sandy D.

2016-04-18 22:27:59

I have watched season 1 & 2 and can't wait to see season 3. Hope there will be more seasons to come.


2016-04-19 12:04:54

how i wish there was even season 4 upto 10


2016-04-20 00:01:29

This is the best show on TV right now,, I love it. I don't usually get into these types of shows but I thought I would give it a try. Love Love Love it!! You need to advertise more, I don't want this show to end, so come on get to it and let everyone know how great it is. The actors, wonderful! suspenseful, emotional, ticks all my boxes.


2016-04-20 08:27:12

i love love love the show it is amazing best series ever and best actors!!! i love u Jamal


2016-04-20 19:44:18

Love this show

Jason Jerry (Ghost)

2016-04-21 02:28:01

Mind blowing

John Edwards

2016-04-21 07:42:57

TYRANT needs to be promoted to a full 22 episode series. Excellence in writing and acting should be encouraged with longer or full seasons of at least 15 episodes. the longer the season the shorter the frustration of waiting for the viewers between seasons. Thank God for Hulu! Being able to stream TYRANT till the next season starts help keep me sane. It's a pleasure to have a show to watch that doesn't insult my intelligence.


2016-04-21 13:37:22

OMG !!! Can't wait for the release date, great movie, outstanding characters with a perfect setting, KUDOS


2016-04-21 13:37:40

OMG !!! Can't wait for the release date, great movie, outstanding characters with a perfect setting, KUDOS


2016-04-21 13:38:32

OMG !!! Can't wait for the release date, great movie, outstanding characters with a perfect setting, KUDOS


2016-04-21 18:29:45

I really love the movie but I love jamal al fayeed more because he is the tyrant its selfComment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-04-21 19:33:19

Love it


2016-04-23 00:47:26

Season 3 will start July 6, 2016 http://tvline.com/2016/04/20/tyrant-season-3-premiere-date-fx/


2016-04-24 03:36:29

We absolutely enjoy Tyrant. Please keep it coming


2016-04-25 03:02:43

Great show


2016-04-25 05:22:36

I love this show,but Jamal has to be back for season 3. It just won't be great without him.


2016-04-25 07:15:00

Please bring back Tyrant love the show.

still waiting for season 3

2016-04-25 16:16:43


2016-04-27 04:24:03

Love the show


2016-04-27 07:44:20

LOVE IT 100% Can't wait to watch season 3 !!! The fashion, the scenery, the storyline......... Excellent !!! Bravo !!!


2016-04-29 10:54:03

Can't wait to see Season 3. This is a very nice mini series. Hope its going to be shown very very soon


2016-04-29 20:32:28

I'm on this site looking to see when we get season 3. Looking forward to another engaging season of this great and smart drama.

Diane M

2016-05-03 06:14:00

Tyrant is the Best show on TV. Riveting , suspenseful, inciteful and even educational. Season 3 is long over due. And we need to keep this series going. I am hooked


2016-05-03 06:42:11

Why don't the US media networks release a TV series about Israel brutal dictatorship over Palestinians in Palestine? That would be an eye-opener! Wait, I forgot, the networks are owned by Jews, so that type of TV series will never see the light of day!

Cody Drake

2016-05-07 07:48:25

FX's TYRANT exceeds every expectation you could possibly have. Filmed in a composite fictional Middle East country the show delves into all the cultural angles one would find in any of the current Middle East countries and their unique cultural paradigms. The writers, actors and the production crew are gifted in their respective arts and are able to safely immerse you, the viewer into a culture and all the inherent flaws one would find if you were to visit the region personally. In describing to someone the nuances of the culture there is a great deal lost that this medium brings to life in great dramatic style. The only regret I have thus fur is not being able to view this in high definition to appreciate all the cinematic efforts that would come to life in high definition. Thank you to all who work so hard to bring this to us.


2016-05-11 05:57:25

I need this next season! This is brilliant tv, not for the faint of heart or moronic of person. This is truly something special.


2016-05-13 02:52:59

Love that show please keep in have turned so many people in to tyrant watchers

Nashville Rose

2016-05-15 04:05:11

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I watch this show thru my fingers. More exciting and unpredictable and threatening than all the "outer space" walking corpses etc. None of the actors are familiar, thus they seem to be the parts they play. The sound track is eerie and forbodeing! But, Jamal seething violence and complete disregard for anyone but himself, is the more terrifying than anything you can imaging. I LOVE it.


2016-05-15 08:12:56

SO glad is coming back I really look forward to each week.


2016-05-16 00:13:45

love the show TYRANT and cannot wait til it starts


2016-05-16 03:28:35

I love Tryant. Can't wait until season 3 starts.


2016-05-16 06:07:21

tyrant got my eye from first show... i hope they don't cancel it


2016-05-16 18:04:48

Love the show. Made me feel more open minded we all bleed the same it's all about power and money


2016-05-17 00:31:20

Love this TV series !!!!!


2016-05-17 07:16:03

One of our favorite shows. Hope it continues for many more seasons.


2016-05-17 17:09:10


Dani girl

2016-05-18 05:11:47

I Love this show!#! FANTASTIC!!


2016-05-19 02:02:55

Love this series, can't wait for next season. Excellent drama, thriller.


2016-05-19 02:08:18

Love this crazy series. Can't wait for season 3 to begin, if I can't watch I PVR to watch ASAP. Best drama, thriller. BRAVO!!!!!

patrick kalonji

2016-05-19 12:53:38

nice and dramatic movie


2016-05-20 05:56:04

Love the show. Really hope to see series 3.


2016-05-22 23:07:24



2016-05-23 23:48:07

Tryant is a great show like to see more it fit in our time,can't wait for s 3


2016-05-26 02:25:08

Tyrant will NOT be the same awesome show if Ashraf Barhom is not coming back. He is the best thing about the series - a very complex, complicated man. We take the good and the bad, the passion, anger and warmth - he makes the show!! Ashraf and Moran are a beautiful, exotic couple on screen. The rest of the cast is quite dull and boring in comparison. In fact, if he is not in season 3, we will stop watching and be hugely disappointed. Ashraf's acting is off the charts - he is brilliant!

Anil Sahasrabudhe

2016-05-26 05:56:17

Awesome show can't wait to see season 3.....love it


2016-05-27 02:29:31

I love this show,glad it's coming BACK!

Crazy Alex

2016-05-30 21:34:53

From Season # 1, I was "hooked" on the weekly series. The cast of actors was well chosen and developed, the settings were awesome, and with a Middle Eastern family background, I thoroughly enjoyed the music and presentation of the story, thus far. I am looking forward to the 2016 season. The only criticism I have is that the series is not widely advertised at all either in print or news or TV or magazine articles. I try and pass along to friends the wonderful and exciting story of TYRANT. Thank you for spreading the advertising. Joan in SF.


2016-05-31 06:51:19

Tryant....LOve the show ..... why isn't it on all year? I miss it . Thrilled it is coming back ,hopefully for a longer series. Everyone all together push for a longer series .Our votes count !!!


2016-06-03 23:45:43

I can't wait for its return.


2016-06-06 04:51:46

My family and I are all hooked on this show. Glad to see a season 3. Jamaal HAS to be part of it going forward. This show has the most beautiful women of any series on TV. Melia Kreiling, Moran Atias, Sibylla Deen especially are remarkable in their beauty and bringing life to their characters. We need to see much more of them in upcoming seasons!


2016-06-06 21:17:05

Love this show. One of my favorites. Can't wait for season three. I am hooked.

christopher Abandoh

2016-06-08 16:59:03

this is a great tv series so far, infact it captivating and really love the characters especially the brothers, Basam -Adam Rayner and jahma - Ashraf Barhom. they really made the show so real and interesting. BRAVO GUYS


2016-06-08 21:07:20

One of the best shows I watched last season. Is season one and two on netflex?


2016-06-10 01:31:01

Fantastic show

Monika lewis

2016-06-10 07:00:29

When does it start one of the best shows I have ever seen . My friends and family are waiting


2016-06-11 01:20:22

This is a current topic and a fantastic series. I've been watching reruns because it's so good!


2016-06-11 02:13:43



2016-06-12 09:46:12

Tyrant Rocks! Jamal is an awesome actor. Please release season 3. My friends an I are waiting!

Irene rush

2016-06-14 05:57:06

I loved the series my husband and I looked forward to watch it every week.


2016-06-15 05:18:28

My husband and I truly enjoyed the series. When does the 3rd series begin? Can't wait to see it , we plan around the series. That's how much we like it, very intriguing.


2016-06-15 19:51:34

What Is the actual date tyrant season 3is coming out cos were in june already.


2016-06-16 01:15:21

I want to know the date also!

Abdias Sylvestre

2016-06-16 05:02:19

Please , bring Tyrant back season 3 because this show is one my best show ever.... Today being the 15th of June , I thought the show was going to be on , got excited but it is not " please send me a date when Tyrant will be back season 3


2016-06-16 19:44:34

I love this show! It is great and the actors are wonderful.


2016-06-17 20:54:50

Very exciting movie.


2016-06-20 01:32:40

This is a very exciting show about a fictitious middle eastern Muslim country and it's ruthless dictator and his younger brother an American doctor who realizes he has to step up to save his country and it's people.


2016-06-20 01:56:18

Love the show, story line, characters and characters were very believe able. Being a woman, the clothing is very chic and sexy. Hope next season will not disappoint.


2016-06-21 06:33:01

We love the series and look forward to this next season


2016-06-21 06:33:01

We love the series and look forward to this next season


2016-06-21 15:21:38

Tyrant NEEDS to be one of those shows that does on for at least 6 or7 seasons minimum! It is not only entertainment, but gives those of us in America real life, up close and personal looks at how some possible Arab countries work. We, as a nation have been taught that they are all horrible and just want to kill all of the "infidels". This show, albeit a fictional story, I believe can truly change the perceptions that in the middle east, people have the same problems we as Americans do re: marriage, relationships within families, the ultimate fear of those who are gay fear they that they will be outcasts in their own home and family, etc. It seems in real life, Princess Diana was the first "major/famous" person to divorce out of royalty. The world was shaken, but then knew that just because they are royal doesn't mean life is all roses and ball gowns. I believe "Tyrant" has that same effect on those who watch, which I hope will continue to rise in popularity, that regular, normal problems that happen in the everyday life of John and Jane Doe, will continue to be shown within the walls of the palace. Can`t wait to see what happens this coming season. FX, Bravo!!!


2016-06-21 16:51:38

Love "Tyrant" - waiting for 3rd season!!


2016-06-21 18:10:28

Great series ! Excellent plot & storylines !


2016-06-22 00:48:09

Looks like July 6th might be the primer date of Season 3!!!!!! episode air date countdown title S03E03 2016-07-20 29 The Dead and the Living S03E02 2016-07-13 22 Cockroach S03E01 2016-07-06 15 Spring

Heidi Scholz

2016-06-22 01:11:18

I binge watched tyrant and immediately was absorbed by the terrific script that mirrors real third world events and the struggle for "democracy" in different forms. Love it and keep it going! Good actors too!


2016-06-22 14:44:51

Amazing show-- very underrated. A glimpse into a world most North Americans have no clue about!! Lots of drama and excitement!! I have turned people onto that show and they love it!!!


2016-06-23 01:52:01

LOVE this show!


2016-06-24 04:59:59

Luv the show 1&2


2016-06-26 18:40:41

Tyrant is one of the best series on tv! All my friends watch it and cannot wait for the next show! It is brilliantly written & directed. Better than any series I have watch, except for homeland! They are beck in neck! A must see series!


2016-06-26 19:02:51

love the show and all the eye candy


2016-06-28 22:07:45

I love this series. Was devastated to hear that it was going to be cancelled. So happy to hear on its return.


2016-06-30 14:28:39

Tyrant is truly somethin to long for , i can watch it over and over.


2016-07-02 10:39:11

This is a very interesting series it let's us see how life is in that part of the world. So refreshing to see something totally different from the everyday series. Thanks for bringing the show back and hopefully there be a season 4!!!!

Anna lee

2016-07-04 05:34:15

I think you should show it on a channel you should get.

Diana Alexandru Valeria

2016-07-04 15:24:52

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2016-07-05 06:11:09

I love this series acting if GREAT characters are interesting and the story line keeps you coming back week after week


2016-07-05 14:51:52

Please! am eager. cut out the porn aspect of it. Very addictive Drama. thanx


2016-07-05 22:37:34

I am looking forward for season 3


2016-07-08 02:48:33

Do not cancel this show. I wait for it!


2016-07-08 17:52:00

I am so interested with previous season? continues Awesome show can't wait to see season 3


2016-07-12 05:17:24

Game of thrown has ended but now tyrant can fill the need for really good TV drama


2016-07-14 19:04:48

waiting to watch Tyrant Season 3 would like to know date time & channel it will air on.


2016-07-23 18:17:47

We want another season - 2017

Rebecca Hall

2016-07-24 22:36:04

This show is so good to me an exciting

One Israel

2016-07-27 16:57:35

this has been my favorite movie so far. i really loved every bit of it. im glad season 3 is out.


2016-07-28 07:11:05

Look forward to it every week ecellent show.


2016-07-28 21:32:06

Where to start !!! Tyrant is a compelling programme. From the very first episode of Series One i was gripped. Am now caught up and awaiting episode 4 of season 3 . Its a fsntastic show and would highly recommend it . On par with Homeland which also kept me hooked from first viewing.


2016-08-03 06:22:53

Favorited show edge of my seat it's a winner


2016-08-04 17:32:27

You're stupid beach!


2016-08-09 01:58:00

We have watched since the first episode! This show is so current, you really get a feel for the Middle East and all conflict there! Amazing and unique story line! Love love....cannot wait for the latest season!

2016-08-10 07:30:22

My husband and I love this show! We look for it every week but can't find the schedule ~ what's up with that??


2016-08-19 01:03:30

Awesome show


2016-08-19 01:07:06

Absolutely the best show I've ever seen


2016-08-19 12:00:38

I really love this TV series


2016-08-22 00:16:44

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2016-08-23 02:46:51

Pls do not cancel great actors storyline,drama love this show. Tryant is a awsome series at 78 there's r not that many shows that r that enjoyable anymore.


2016-08-23 03:06:29

Wow so thrilled to have Tyrant Series 3 back on our screen in UK on FOX, just watched Episode 3 . It's even better than the first two series


2016-08-23 11:37:23

Best TV programme.. absplutely love the whole reality of this show.. no happy endings, true tor real life


2016-08-23 17:08:15

Nice one...Please season 3!


2016-08-24 11:32:15

I will immediately clutch your rss feed as I can not to find your email subscription link or enewsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me know in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks. kgeadcaedbbbbgek


2016-08-25 06:23:13

I love this series. It has only gotten better and better ! All the characters are perfectly played. I'll miss it when it's finished for this season. Bring on season 4.


2016-08-28 23:10:56

Too much gay kissing, etc. sickening


2016-08-30 22:43:55

An expository of American influence in the Arab world.


2016-09-06 04:57:08

very much looking forward to Tyrant season III. Please keep it coming. Good script and acting.


2016-09-07 09:52:57

I am enjoying Tyrant and it makes me so thankful I live in a country where I do not have to make such choices. I know there are countries where the people fear such as in this show. I do not agree with the man Jamal is but I do admire the writers as they delve into his psychological mind set so well. They make one understand from where he thinks and feels and make one like/love/ hate him all at the same time. I think they portray his undrlying reason's for what he does better than they do Bassam's.


2016-09-07 21:47:45



2016-09-09 00:26:09

Keep tyrant on fx


2016-09-12 06:11:07

The tryant was so good series. Keep going next season 4,5,6........


2016-09-15 20:49:43

I watched the 2 previous seasons and I really liked it. I could not watch the 3rd until the end, or at least I've missed something like 5 episodes of it because as I went away on vacation and only came back this week. Having in count the two previous seasons I would like Fox Portugal to repeat the show, maybe on another channel, such as Fox Crime. I really am sorry I missed it. Thank you for your time and attention.


2016-09-18 06:46:40

Love this show! Need to see it on a regular basis.

Joy Lee

2016-09-21 08:12:18

I understand Tyrant will not be renewed. I think that is a mistake. It's different, it's interesting, it's exciting. Most serials are just a remake of something I've already seen several times. Please reconsider.


2016-09-24 18:47:08

Season 1 and 2 were teriffic. Please continue. We could not stop watching this show.


2016-09-29 03:19:42

Yes!! SEASON 3 pls!!!


2016-10-19 05:02:48

Is season 3 available to view on Netflix, xfinity or a ny channel

Roy Bruce

2016-11-01 10:58:14

I couldn't stop watching each episode back to back. Can't wait for season 3. I am in suspense!


2016-11-06 19:16:27

I just love the whole make up and it leaves me just waiting for another move , thanks goes to the men behind the cameras and ofcourse not forgeting the writer and the producers....


2016-11-06 19:31:18

I love it


2017-01-06 19:34:26

My sister and I have watched both seasons of Tyrant and got addicted bad to it. That was all we talked about. We were afraid the second season wasn't coming and now we are hanging for the third season. Is Bassam going to be a cruel ruler or is he going to be a great ruler, are things going to work out for his son, I hate being left hanging. PLEASE BRING IT BACK....


2017-02-27 13:57:44

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