Two and a Half Men season 13

Original name: Two and a Half Men season 13
Duration: 21 min.
Cast: Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones, Ashton Kutcher
Genre: Sitcom
Country: USA
TV channel: CBS
Original release:

About TV show Two and a Half Men season 13

In winter 2015 final episodes of this TV project came to screens. Creators of the series don’t want to continue it, but still they have certain obligations and have to finish the story without breaking its storyline.

In the course of all seasons 262 episodes were filmed. The project was quite a success with viewers and was nominated for a row of various prestigious awards. It’s worth underlining that not every show produced by the CBS network can boast such popularity and success. In fact, it’s considered to be the longest comedy live show running on the CBS so far.

Numerous fans of the Two and a Half Men series confess that the comedy show was never the same after Charlie’s left it. This might be the reason why rating dropped significantly from season 11 to season 12. Anyway, let’s thank actors and creators for joy they gifted to all us with their work.

Sad news for all the fans of the Two and a Half Men series: the president of CBS network which aired the show has announced that it was shut and season 12 was going to be the final one. However, the channel administration has decided to organize a hilarious celebration to mark the project shut down.

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2015-12-02 23:45:59

i really love this sitcom and i also belive now charlie sheen should come back in front of the cameras....his condition is good, but mentaly he needs his fans, friends and family suport, so i`m agree to create more seasons of two and a half you guys...and i can`t wait a new season...


2016-01-25 05:28:58

Two and a half man is the best and we as fans need more episodes


2016-03-17 13:02:06

I really love this show,and thats why id love to see sheen in the last episode but it didnt happen!Lets hope for a 13 season!!!


2016-05-26 02:46:51

we need charlie back !!!


2016-06-10 03:50:01

Hi My name is Jonathan Collias I really love Two and Half Men allot so I was thinking a brand new series of the show ok I know about Charlie I am so sorry about this so what about Alden and his Family and his friends and allot of his X girlfriend and his maid Has well like a new series about everything about Alden and even his childhood really about this so what you think about everything around Alden His special things to do in his life With everyone that he likes to do with his Firends His X girlfriends his brother his grandparents your mom and your maid and Jake and his girlfriend and Jake s Firends and his teacher her teacher s mom and her sister and brother her grandparents her Firends so what about this ok that is everyone around Alden so what about Alden a new season his life about everone that he likes ok thanks


2016-06-23 14:29:05

Two and a half men is one of the best,and I do enjoy watching it and I can't wait for season 13.

the beast 123

2016-11-17 23:45:38

Plz don't end two and a half men it is almost at 3 and no half men because Jake will be all like a man So plz don't end it

the boss

2016-11-22 19:30:39

We need Charlie


2016-11-27 06:33:58

Please...don't stop makeing this sitcome. It's awesome! :( Make ur fans proud and happy to watch it. Probably...the most successful sitcome EVER -fan from EU


2016-12-12 00:48:52

I really like this sitcom....can't wait to see season 13 ....Charlie sheen really should be back


2017-03-31 08:00:42

Combination of charlie,Allen n Walden will be the best ever made on screen, vote


2017-03-31 07:59:07

Best series but combination of charlie , Allen and Walden will be the best ever made on screen ...


2017-04-24 18:23:22

M luking forwad to season 13 and im hoping for walden,charlie and alen to be there I love them all especially Allen hope I spelt ur name right.


2017-07-19 20:59:01

please renew it for season 13 with charlie sheen back :)


2017-10-18 05:53:48

Bring it back please I love two and a half men
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