Turn Season 3 release date - 2016 (USA)

Original name: Turn Season 3
Duration: 45 min.
Cast: Jamie Bell, Seth Numrich, Daniel Henshall
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: AMC
Original release:

About TV show Turn Season 3

About TV show Turn Season 3

It’s worth mentioning that news about the series renewal arrives as a complete surprise even for the most devoted fans of this historical drama. Considering that season 2 of Turn showed ratings dropping up to 45% compared to first season numbers, there was a faint hope the project would be continued by AMC.

It’s already known that season 3 will comprise 10 episodes. The release date will be announced by AMC authorities a little bit later, but we already know that it will happen sometime in 2016.

Turn series presents a new American period drama that is aired on AMC. The full title of the show is Turn: Washington’s Spies. The events developing in the episodes are based on the storyline of the book featuring the same title by Alexander Rose.

In the course of the fascinating episodes viewers are able to immerse in the spies world and get to know some interesting facts from the history of America’s battle for its independence.

Have you enjoyed this drama series in the course of two seasons? Then you must have followed the rumors that AMC thinks of cancelling its project. We are happy to deliver the news that is totally opposite: the show was officially renewed by AMC and we are to enjoy one more season very soon. Season 3 of Turn is arranged to kick off somewhere in 2016, don’t miss new fascinating episodes!

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2015-12-09 21:52:27

Turn is an awesome recently documented truth Americans are just discovering. The show itself is total entertainment, knowing it is a TRUE story makes it fascinating and irresistible. I love this show wish we had more like it


2015-12-21 16:53:18

As a military historian I consider it to be the finest TV series ever regarding the Revolutionary War in both authenticity of scenery, events and casting. It should be required viewing by high school students as part of our sad lack of knowledge of the struggle to form this country.

2015-12-27 04:33:04

I love this show


2016-01-08 01:40:14

TURN is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I absolutely love American history and this series captures a great amount of truth in the stories it tells. This show and Sons of Liberty are the two best shows regarding the American Revolution.


2016-01-26 15:07:26

Love it, can"t wait for the return

Auntie Mame

2016-04-24 07:05:39

Very interesting and suspenseful show. Extremely well written and acted. Can't wait for season three!


2016-09-30 04:03:33

Can't wait for season 3 to start
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Turn Season 3 release date on AMC


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