The Mysteries of Laura season 3 release date - Cancelled

Original name: The Mysteries of Laura season 3
Duration: 42 min.
Cast: Debra Messing, Laz Alonso, Josh Lucas, Janina Gavankar, Max Jenkins, Meg Steedle
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Detective
Country: USA
TV channel: NBC
Original release:

About TV show The Mysteries of Laura season 3

About TV show The Mysteries of Laura season 3

On the role of the heroine chose Debra Messing, who sang it beautifully. The rights to broadcast the series owns the television channel NBC (The Carmichael Show). Based on their data, The Mysteries of Laura have very good ratings. Despite this, critics respond very negatively about the show that only inflames the public interest. Many have radically opposite view. Whatever it was, detective story already has 2 seasons. In the original Spanish version of 3, so there is no doubt: in the American adaptation of the season will be as much, if not more. However, while the accurate information about the release date of the continuation of the detective is not likely, it will be autumn 2016.

The Mysteries of Laura season 3 release date


This series is a reworked version of the eponymous Spanish paintings, More in 2009. The plot is a criminal investigator Laura Deymond that tries to literally break into two parts, because on the one hand a heavy burden presses hard work, and the other two children-twins need mothering. This problem is familiar to many modern mothers and must not leave them indifferent. What to put above: their children or catch criminals?

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2016-03-16 01:25:17

I can't wait until Season 3!!!!!! :)


2016-03-17 05:32:42

The actors on this show make it worth watching. There are too many (other shows) with bad acting & boring episodes.


2016-04-04 03:14:56

The mysteries of Laura is my favorite show. Fingers crossed that Season 3 will be renewed.

Ms. Girl

2016-05-07 08:40:35

Hope there is a season 3!!! The show left us hanging and we want a new season. Jake can not marry that woman. Also, I wanted Laura with someone else not Jake but you snooze you lose!!! Sorry Jake....


2016-05-14 01:49:11

Loved from the very first episode .


2016-05-14 16:45:20

I can't wait for mysteries of Laura too come back on I love the show


2016-06-03 03:29:46

This is the only NBC show we watch (other than local news and Today Show). I hope to see it in the fall 2016!


2016-07-13 10:21:37

Fantastic show , look forward to it every week. why try to cancel great entertainment show and saturate the tv channels with so much dross . Laura all the way.


2016-08-02 23:08:36

Great show love it


2016-08-04 21:14:58

Comment (at least 5 characters)... At last an American Cop show that stands on its own two feet!! Person of Interest - intriguing brilliant but where is it going? NCIS now becoming tired! CSI is all but gone Laura is a breath of fresh air - give us series 3 & more.... The show is brilliant!!! Thanks to Debra & the cast Jerome


2016-08-29 04:12:14

Why ever would you cancel The Mysteries of Laura? Bad idea.


2016-08-30 04:28:34

please please come back on


2016-10-02 23:08:17

I am a faithful watcher of mysteries of Laura and love Debra Messing and Josh Lucas. Please bring this show back for a new season


2016-11-09 09:54:57

Please keep making this wonderful show I haven't enjoyed a she as much as this since I starting watching blue blood


2017-01-04 18:10:35

I cannot figure out how anyone could cancel this awesome show. The Mysteries of Laura is fresh and new. It adds that piece of romance to the excitement of a crime show.....similar to Castle. Please bring it back!


2017-03-19 20:35:45

Love the show!! Please renew season 3!! Can't wait to watch it.


2018-04-10 14:41:31

I am so disappointed that mysteries of Laura has been cancelled. NBC didn't know what they had, Netflix or another should take over. It was popular and still NBC cancelled. Why not keep a good entertaining show on. Very disappointed. I think I'll stop watching NBC


2018-09-09 19:16:39

Please don't cancel. The only decent show you got.
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The Mysteries of Laura season 3 release date on NBC


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