True detective season 3 release date - January 13, 2019 on HBO

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Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-07-26

The new crime drama TV series has become a real hit as soon as it kicked off early in 2014 on the HBO network. HBO administration keeps silence so far as to the third part fate; no official announcement has been made yet. But considering the growing dynamics in viewers’ ratings we can be relaxed and just patiently wait for the new season 3 as it has all chances to kick off pretty soon. Come back for the latest news!

True detective season 3 cancelled or renewed? When True detective season 3 be released? Will True detective season 3 be final?

The original name: True detective Season 3
Duration: 56 min.
Seasons: 2
Actors: Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Monaghan, Michael Potts, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, Kelly Reilly, Vince Vaughn
Genre: Detective
Country: USA
TV channel: HBO
Original release:

When does True detective Season 3 return on HBO? We have the new information on the status of True detective season 3. Release date to be confirmed at the show's HBO channel. Thank you for having taken part in the voting for True detective season 3.

About TV show True Detective season 3

In March 2017, it was revealed that Pizzolatto has written the first two episodes of a potential third season and that David Milch joined the creative team. True detective Season 3 release date - January 13, 2019.

True Detective Plot

The first season of True Detective attracted to TV screens up to 2.5 million viewers, while the figures rocketed up to almost 3.2 for the second season. Very promising progress as well as critics acclaims makes numerous fans of the series believe in better and long for the third part.

True Detective season 3

The story presents a crime drama of American production which is being aired on the HBO network since January 2014. The series is made as an anthology and its cast as well as storyline will be changed each new season. For example in the second season the plot revolves around 3 law-enforcement officers who are brought together with a career criminal by a bizarre murder. Each of the men has to face the entire web of conspiracy and find the way to navigate it.

True Detective season 3

January 13, 2019

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True Detective season 3 (2019) Teaser Trailer

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True detective season 3 release date 2019
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2015-08-09 06:42:43

Great Season 2. Love the actors. Really bummed out that Taylor Kitsch aka, Paulie KIA. He's terrific as were the others. Season 3 is g2b a MUST SEE. Ditto for Power Seasons 2 and 3. Excellent!! Awesome writing, storyline and actors. WOOHOO Jefe.


2016-01-29 04:22:45

Season one was fantastic. Season two much, much less so. Just trying to find out when season 3 will air.

eva cagle

2016-03-24 07:23:52

this show is hypnotic, can't stop watching, the music is awesome. can't wait for the next season. love the characters. in love with each and every one. characters so complex, never guess what is coming. awesome show.


2016-05-23 09:20:39

Season 3 will happen dammit!! Haha It has to. The lack of good shows... Its one of the 5 series on HBO over the past 10+ yeas im an addict to. So good!Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-07-29 05:03:34

Still can not find a release date for season 3 true detective


2017-01-18 10:31:06

Awesome tv show my husband and I are waiting to see what this year going to be like.. I really enjoy watching it, it's my #1 Tv show I really hope that you bring season #3 back