True Blood season 8 release date - cancelled

Original name: True Blood season 8
Duration: 52 min.
Cast: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: HBO
Original release:

About TV show True Blood season 8

Before being released the seventh season of the TV series, received an official statement from its creators, which does not please the fans: the project is closed, the extension will not be removed, and the seventh season will be the final. Management reported that the show is not closed due to poor ratings, but because the plot of "True Blood" still came to its logical conclusion.

True Blood is an American television drama series produced and created by Alan Ball. It is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris, detailing the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, a fictional small town in northwestern Louisiana.

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Valerie Saenz

2016-05-30 05:18:11

I was just wondering if there will be more seasons to come for trueblood.... I bought the whole complete series and I loved it... sorry if I missed it on HBO was so busy I watched it on showbox...

M t t y

2016-10-16 20:58:21

I hope it comes back

Amanda Holman

2016-06-25 12:57:30

Please there has to be a season 8 of True Blood it is my all time favorite show!!!


2016-08-11 20:44:20

I know right mines too! I google true blood every year hoping they come to their senses and bring my show back! My other seasons will get old

Lisa Bradford Bupp

2016-06-29 01:19:38

There has to be a season 8 it just can't end like that how do you know what kind of baby she's going to have I bought all the series all the DVDs


2016-08-08 08:47:04

I didn't even SEE who Sookie married ):


2016-08-10 06:14:32

The h3ll with Cookie, she should have died when she was a baby!!!


2016-10-26 07:41:30

At least you're talking about 'Cookie' and NOT Sookie!!

Ireyana Deemer

2016-07-05 13:08:38

This is one of my favorite shows. While I wait in chemotherapy the drama suspense vampires warwolves fairies all the flash blacks and relationships its sooooooo good. It makes me look forward to coming back please bring it back


2016-07-15 01:05:51

Love true blood watched all series hoping episode 8 is coming on tv Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-07-17 06:20:42

what do U mean cancelled ~ it's the best ~ please bring it B A C K !!!!!!!


2016-07-27 19:26:41

If there isn't a season 8 I will cry, this is my fav show of all time. Don't disappoint


2016-08-11 20:46:15

I cry at least once a year for my show i feel like they took a part of me away!


2016-08-06 01:05:30

Bring back true blood it cant it its my favorite show


2016-08-08 09:48:49

True blood can't just end like that there has to be a season 8 bring back True blood it can't end like this.


2016-08-09 20:55:22

I love this show


2016-08-15 09:22:15

i wish the best series would come back i miss true blood so much i live to see all the actors i fell in love withPLEASE BRING THEM BACK


2016-08-18 21:08:01

Please, please, I need a season 8 of trueblood. You cant cancel the show


2016-08-19 07:19:30

This would be beyond AWESOME best news i will get all year if they would just bring True Blood Back on the Air. We dont need Bill to keep the show going. Replace him do whatever you have to but please bring the show back


2016-08-21 01:30:36

Bring back True Blood!!!!!


2016-08-31 08:20:03

I absolutely love this TV show I would hate to see it end so soon and I've been watching ever since season 1 please do everything you can to keep it going its so intense and feels so real aside from all the other vampire bs you see its better than twilight in my book


2016-08-31 08:20:03

I absolutely love this TV show I would hate to see it end so soon and I've been watching ever since season 1 please do everything you can to keep it going its so intense and feels so real aside from all the other vampire bs you see its better than twilight in my book


2016-09-01 15:34:57

I love this show I just watched all the seasons from the very first to the last!! I was hooked on this show for years!! I love the story and the characters I would love to continue watching True Blood!! It actually left me hanging in hopes there would be another episode!! Please came out with more I would most definitely be watching always have and always will be the shows number 1 fan!!


2016-09-03 22:40:31

I miss true blood so bad so excited to hear about a possible season 8 !!!! Please let it be true. Best damn show I have ever watched !!!

Kitten jess

2016-09-05 03:37:49

Everyone every show hasto end ....but it was a good show we will always remember


2016-09-05 10:49:47

Please HBO have a season 8 of True Blood, this is an awesome series, we all fell in love with the charecters, and story line plus you can't leave us all hangin now that Sookie is pregnant! Please continue this series its a great show we all want ore, thank you!

Anne Duffy

2016-09-06 03:09:28

I love the series, I don't want it to end I have watched all seasons 1 through 7 and am waiting for season 8 please don't end it at 7, it just drops us off and we don't even know who Sookie or Jason married but Jason has kids and Sookie is now pregnant and marked? Please continue and thank you for this wonderful series


2016-09-10 20:35:34

I wish there was some way to keep True Blood on the air. It was really an enjoyable show to watch.


2016-09-13 09:14:23

Please let there be a True Blood season 8!


2016-09-15 09:54:14

Would really like if season 8 would be here. I really don't like how season 7 ended. I'm with the other comments on here. I agree with them.


2016-09-18 03:00:55

Was gutted the way true blood ended, the ending was so rush, they could have easly made it lasted long, and made into season 8. But I did like the very last part with Eric and the thought of new blood, what a hole new storyline that could be, they could easily make that sookie was dreaming about bill and true death. Just can't understand why it was cut so short. I have all the box sets and would love more to watch. Please bring back true blood, I havery been a fan since day one.


2016-09-21 17:38:22

I love true blood I've been waiting for season 8


2016-09-23 20:36:02

Please continue with season 8


2016-09-28 17:23:43

Please continue true blood.


2016-09-30 00:11:16

I'm watching True Blood right now...season 6-7. I don't want it to end! It's a train wreck I can't look away from. Bring back season 8 please!!


2016-10-02 21:12:18

Please bring true blood back and bring bill back!!! I miss Bill and Sookie. My idea is that Sookie should wake up from a bad dream about killing Bill. However, Bill really does end up getting hep v and Sookie denies killing him with a steak. She hopes for a cure using her telepathic powers to see if there is a cure ( the antidote that Sarah drunk to save her sister) then Sookie finds out about it. So sookie has to go through immeasurable danger having watchers sitting on the edge of their seats to get to the antidote and back to Bill only leaving so little time before he dies. Every romance story deserves a happy ending and this will have a lot more watchers


2016-10-03 12:57:51

I think true blood had a lot it could add to season 8 please bring it back. So sad about the cancelation.


2016-10-03 23:36:10

True blood was one of the best show I've watch in a long time so thank you Alan Ball hope you bring Season 8 to the TV screen again.


2016-10-07 22:03:30

You guys have to have a season 8 I love the serious it amazing I have go know who sookie married and how Sam and girl come out with their daughter please please release season 8 I have to see way happens I am so hooked on them and I love all the charcters


2016-10-11 02:57:23

You should make season 8 because it is the best show I have ever seen.

2016-10-11 06:52:15

Please you have to bring sookies werewolf boyfriend back


2016-10-12 00:07:28

I loved true blood from day 1. Please somehow bring it back


2016-10-12 22:55:33

NEEEEDS to be a true blood season 8


2016-10-14 01:46:45

watch over and over again need a season 8 please best movie


2016-10-14 03:00:51

Peace be with you director alan ball and thank you for taking all of true bloods biggest fans comments. sir please I'm pleading with you to make this happen season8 little do you know there are millions of us true blood fans out there wishing that we can talk write sing or beg too someone about getting season 8 started we is Not playing we need for this to happen ASAP. sir we the people stand together i'm just a small voice speaking out leading the PAC for the millions of my sisters and brothers with ONE Voice too you on our knees pleading and begging too you mr alan ball for true blood season8 to happen please sir. may Gods peace and blessings be with you your family and the HBO team peace. (JP)


2016-10-16 20:54:51

I was silent for hours after trueblood ended i hope so much true blood comes back on even if they have to rename it New blood lol just bring it back please!!


2016-10-17 19:47:05

I want to see more Ture Blood seasons it is a great show also it would be great if they were on Netflix as well.

Jenny funes

2016-10-18 20:47:16

I just finished watching true blood again from season 1 to season 7 ...this can not be it the end of true blood I have been waiting at least 2 yrs for season 8... You would have to be crazy to not bring true blood back... Give the fans what they want... You made a killing off this TV show... Plz bring true blood back don't let this be the end


2016-10-21 01:04:51

This is bullshit!!! I love True Blood!!!! I have all the seasons and I expected an 8th!!! So what the fuck?? I'm a HUGE True Blood fan. IM ALL FOR AN 8TH SEASON!!! TRUE BLOOD!! TRUE BLOOD!! <3 <3

Melissa Berryhill

2016-10-21 03:55:06

I have all season of True Blood. It was my first TV series to watch and I feel in love and I cried when it ended. It was family to me. Please bring it back. There is so much more to the ending to make more to the story.


2016-10-25 11:06:50

My partner is vey up set as he as watch them all and loved the show he stays up all night watching it on tv please do a season 8 so he can stop going on about the way it was left


2016-10-27 23:29:07

I have something else to say, True Blood to me is the greatest TV series of all time and I'm sure a lot of fans will agree. For a long time I have wanted to see this show and when I finally did I became obsessed since the very first episode and couldn't stop watching it. I just started watching True blood a few months ago. I finished watching the whole series within a short time frame. True blood has to have a season 8 because it has taught me a lot of things about life. I would really look forward to watching more episodes, there is so much more that I could learn from True blood. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a season 8!!!!!!!


2016-11-01 19:54:41

Make the 8th season to this series please because it's the best show ever. By far it blows the rest out of the water so don't end it like this!!!


2016-11-02 00:55:01

U should have this reason because you have to show weather the baby of sookies is fairy or not


2016-11-03 22:41:01

Why would u stop


2016-11-04 05:18:16

I seriously hope they release season 8


2016-11-04 05:18:18

I seriously hope they release season 8

Brandy Lyons

2016-11-09 20:15:03

When are y'all going to release season 8 of true blood? It is a great show to watch and I would love to continue watching it! It would be very disappointing if yall stopped the show! Please continue the show! Thank you!


2016-11-10 21:30:51

Please! I love this show!! Season 8 would be great!

Jami Conner

2016-11-22 10:25:44

Please release a season 8 of True Blood. It is my favorite series, it cannot end! Please email anything I can do to help the series continue!!!


2016-11-28 00:58:40

This would be great to pull off


2016-11-28 01:41:05

Please release it


2016-11-28 04:17:47

Yes please.... 1 of my favs ever!!!!! Mega luv 4 this


2016-11-28 04:49:35

Please their just has I be a season 8 this show is unique compared to other shows I feel a deep connection to all the characters and would be sad if their wasn't more episodes


2016-11-28 05:02:44

I love this show they need a new season


2016-11-28 13:52:39

Mary kitchen

2016-11-28 17:56:30

I love watching true blood.i have the whole series and watch it over again and to see another season.


2016-11-28 21:10:08

I love this show I hope they continue on with it.


2016-11-29 07:45:19

Hello!! It's me again. I have been watching this site each day to see if anything changes and all the supporters comments. I'm wanting TRUE blood to have a season 8 so bad that I can't stand it. I have screenshots from where I posted this site for others to vote here that I was going to post on here but it wouldn't let me. It has 21 shares, 81 likes, 25 hearts, and seven wows. That's 121 likes all together and still pending. My point is that HBO still has a lot of true blood fans out there, and all of those that showed support on my post of this is spreading rapidly because they want TRUE blood back!!!! I will show support every day if I have to. Please, bring the TV series that I fell in love with back. I need more wisdom and life lessons that True blood has given me <3 <3 <3 please, I cried for two hours when I finished the seventh season.


2016-12-02 04:32:25

Please bring back trueblood it's my favoraite show everand some how bring Bill compton back.I have every season


2016-12-02 20:29:20

I love TrueBlood, i feel like u have to give us something, with the way 7, ends..Even if its only a few episodes from8, we need to know all our fav characters are ok..thank u for such an amazing storyy..


2016-12-21 00:27:50

I really love the show and I like Eric in it to .it just a brilliant show .so bring back true blood


2016-12-23 06:09:31

Why start something and not finish bring it back now like asap there is enough people that u most not take it away


2017-01-24 05:39:15

I read in an article somewhere that HBO put True Blood on the shelf because creatively there was nowhere to go with the story line ... I call BS! Season seven ended happily with everyone settling down, having babies, the creation of New Blood, etc. but we all know what life is really like in Bon Temps. Season 8 could carry on easily because the Stackhouse children could likely have fairy blood themselves (even Jason's kids), maybe Jason's wife isn't human (or Suki's husband), or a million other possibilities. HBO said it wasn't about the numbers but after they lose viewers, I'm sure they will find a way to creatively continue True Blood. I want True Blood back!!


2017-01-26 13:26:00

Season 7 ep 10 left some chlif hanger like how the hell did sook get preg was it bill before she killed him was is alsead who like i lovs the show but hated the ending please bring it back

Jessica Scaggs

2017-01-28 23:51:37

I would really like to know if you are going to bring back true blood season 8? If so when?


2017-02-14 06:30:48

Please, please, please release the next season of true blood. Or at least let us know how or where we can purchase it. We have all the seasons already out


2017-02-25 21:39:20

Please make a new one. I love this show. Please please please make a new one


2017-03-14 15:32:01

Series 8 should be aired!!

shweta sirwani

2017-03-21 14:20:46

I want true blood back it's amazing I don't wall bill dead I want to see him with Sookie in next cHapter pls


2017-03-22 06:00:51

Please make a season 8!!!


2017-05-06 06:05:32

we want season 8 I love true blood me in my mom show

Johnnie Mae Clay-Holmes

2017-06-22 09:31:14

I am a very huge fan of True Blood please have a 8th season and keep it coming, they are my life, Thank you in advance


2017-07-27 16:41:06

If you dont cotinue with trublood It will be ashame. And will lose alot of money


2017-08-28 19:14:07

Please air season 8 I love this show and it breaks my heart truly I wanna see the 8th season please continue true blood best tv series I have ever watched.

Chelsea Forrester

2017-08-31 04:06:54

I think there need to be a season 8 the way it ended suck I love ❤️ true blood it rocks so I think y'all need to make a season 8 ❤️


2017-09-13 03:23:41

It is currently 2017 right now and I really want to season 8 because it ended off so confusing like oh my God it is currently 2017 right now and I really want to season 8 because it ended off so confusing like a my god we need it now


2017-11-04 08:10:30

I love this show I own all the season's and know many of other's that would love to see more season's...

Isabella hall

2018-11-12 21:10:07

I really hope they come out with more seasons true blood is my favorite show
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