The Strain Season 3 release date - 28 August, 2016

Original name: The Strain season 3
Duration: 42 min.
Cast: Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Mía Maestro, Kevin Durand
Genre: Horror, Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: FX
Original release:

About TV show The Strain season 3

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About The Strain Season 3

This May the FX channel has made numerous fans of The Strain endlessly happy by announcing the debut date of its season 2. The sci-fi thriller is an undoubted success and the news of its return to screens in July was met with unprecedented enthusiasm. The channel administration picked up a Sunday time slot for the infectious series which seems for many like a pretty odd choice as networks typically prefer weeknights for airing such high-profile dramas as The Strain.

Although it seems that we can freely rely on the FX’s management decision as such a risky choice proved to pay off pretty well with the first season of the series, when The Strain has become the most-watched one among new scripted series on all pay and basic cable channels.

With season three release date of The Strain possible arrival in the near future, we might get deeper into the project’s history.

The book

An outstanding film director, well-known all over the world for his talented works, Guillermo Del Toro in collaboration with another talented person Chuck Hogan created a trilogy; the process took the men about three years, from 2009 to 20012. The first book of the trilogy features the title «Strain».

The books were met with an unprecedented enthusiasm and interest from the par of America reading society. As the popularity grew, the idea of replacing the action from book pages to screen became more and more intent. Then Carlton Cuse, an author from Mexico, wrote the script for The Strain.

Season two of the movie takes viewers to Ne York that is rapidly falling to an unknown evil epidemic. Mia Maestro along with David Bradley and Corey Stoll are going to reprise their personages in the new season.

While the furious debates online about The Strain series are in fool bloom, those with more reasonable minds are deadly sure the project has its future and new season 3 will be filmed and eventually released. No official wording has been issued up to this moment from the part of the movie creators or from the airing TV network administration. Let us remind that the show returned to screens with its second part only this July, thus season 3 release date may take place somewhat later.

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2015-12-11 02:02:29

I LOVE this show! I have watched from the first episode and was an addict straight away! I can't wait for the new series.


2016-02-13 06:12:35

Love this show. Hurry back


2016-02-13 19:17:35

Love this show its about time these networks realize there is a market for this sort show. Great characters great action hope it continues for a long time


2016-02-19 05:34:32

I love this show good storyline characters and lots of action!!!


2016-02-23 02:05:47

I really like this show and its new take on an old genre. It has smart writing and a good blend of characters.

2016-02-26 04:44:47

This show has serious potential. FX network has a great track record of interesting shows... The Shield, Justified, Nip Tuck, SOA.... Solid character development and a great spin on vampirism/apocalyptic plot lines. Keep grinding!


2016-03-05 20:22:09

I can't wait for Season 3 - I really enjoy this show.


2016-03-17 06:03:00

I have been a fan of this series since the first goes way beyond the original vampire stigma that other movies portray and I think that's what makes this series stand out.. I'm constantly watching my calendar to see how many days til this premieres..I'm so excited I can hardly wait..but if you haven't watched an episode please take the time out I promise, if you are any kind of vampire fan, you'll love this...


2016-04-04 05:20:19

Love this show!! Cant wait for season 3 and more. I hope it continues for a long time.

johnny u

2016-04-15 00:20:26

great news the Strain is back cant wait


2016-04-24 05:03:18

Absolutely love this series. Wish it was on all year.


2016-05-12 04:19:09

love this show ! So glad its coming back !

Otis Tutt

2016-05-22 05:49:07

Be glad when the strain

Movie buf

2016-05-24 03:35:44

A Blade-Nosferotu inspired series thats finally worth staying on TV! Have not seen anything this good since David Soul's vampire mini series.


2016-05-26 05:19:22

Me and my boyfriend are obsessed with this show and can't wait to watch the new season! Wish it was on this Sunday. Such a great show they need more episodes! 10 for a season is not enough!


2016-05-29 09:53:38

I am hooked on "The Strain"; PLEASE tell me it has been renewed! This one exciting, action packed, series that I do not want to end!!!!!!!!


2016-06-20 04:53:37

I thought the series was spellbinding. In fact the only other series I cannot wait to see is American Horror Story. I put both programs in equal slots of being well done and provocative.

Shun Hunt

2016-06-23 21:52:16

Comment (at least characters)... Love Love this show!!!! Can't wait to see season 3


2016-06-30 06:06:59

Funny thing , I'm 57 and my boy is 6 years old and we both love it

Major Frank

2016-07-03 17:52:44

Wonderful show. Allows the imagination to soar! I could watch it for years.


2016-07-08 07:58:29

Love the Strain....everyone in the household is eagerly waiting for season 3....from 12 to 88. Great writing..awesome cast.


2016-07-21 15:28:40

UK loves u best series on at the moment can't wait 4 series 3


2016-07-27 00:29:00

I'm dying for season 3! I thought it was mentioned in tv guide for July 29, but from info herein, it looks like August! Please don't keep us in suspense! Let it out already! Thanks.


2016-08-19 05:18:39

Strain is the best vampire twist I've ever seen.Charge on!


2016-08-28 17:38:03

anyone know if the strain season 3 premiere is streaming online anywhere?


2016-09-13 16:53:38

Rattling great visual appeal on this web site, I'd value it 10. kedfdddfgbdkedfd


2016-09-18 08:45:33

Great series!! Have watched both seasons and anxiously awaiting season 3!!


2016-10-09 22:28:14

My favorite show!!!


2016-11-10 21:33:01

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The Strain Season 3 release date on FX


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