The Shannara Chronicles season 2

Original name: The Shannara Chronicles season 2
Duration: 42 min.
Seasons: 1
Cast: Ivana Baquero, Manu Bennett, Emilia Burns
Genre: Fantasy
Country: USA
TV channel: MTV
Original release: January 5, 2016 – present

About TV show The Shannara Chronicles season 2

The series The Shannara Chronicles is one of the most successful Winter novelties television season 2015-2016 years. The pilot episode has received positive reviews and it is hoped that the series has a great future. Currently too early to say whether the second season of the project, since few people decided to order just two full seasons. This is only the creators of The Walking Dead decided not to strain one every year and extended right up to 15 seasons. Here it was decided to carry out reconnaissance, but, apparently, the audience will enjoy the show and get an extension. The new series can go out in the summer 2017.

The Shannara Chronicles Plot

The focus is on the history of Elf named Shannara. Events taking place in the distant future, when the whole North America is divided into several parts. The mainland is now inhabit not only the people but also the elves and trolls and other creatures. This fantastic story in the spirit of The Lord of the Rings will appeal to all lovers of fantasy and not only. The series has all the prerequisites to become a successful project.

The Shannara Chronicles season 2 is likely to return on MTV by summer 2017. Follow the news on the future of the project on our website, and do not miss the release of the new series. The finale of the first season is not far off.

The Shannara Chronicles season 2 release date

October 11, 2017

The Shannara Chronicles is a US-American fantasy TV series based on Shannara novels by the fantasy author Terry Brooks. The novel Die Elfensteine by Shannara provides the basis for the first season. The series takes place in the four lands, a post-apocalyptic world that has settled on the North American continent. After a series of devastating wars that have brought the world to a halt (The Great Wars), a new society has established itself.

The first broadcast of the first season took place from 5 January to 1 March 2016 on MTV. In April 2016 the production of a second season was announced.

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2016-01-14 18:07:32

Love it. Amazing!!!!!!!


2016-02-09 04:01:07

Love it, The Shannara Chronicles


2016-04-17 08:01:04

Best show I've watched in years! I was an instant fan. Can't get enough.


2016-09-04 11:55:08

The but series ever pliz continue


2016-02-19 06:15:37

This is one of the best series. It keeps you watching and wanting more. All the characters play really well off each other. I love the druid


2016-02-25 04:03:10

This is a great series it got slow in the middle but picked up at the right times I liked it a lot and want to see season 2!!


2016-02-25 10:41:59

The seriez is dope.... it's a must watch...


2016-02-27 03:24:27

Loved the books and even though the series is a bit different I would love to see how this unfolds and has several seasons.


2017-08-08 01:21:03

I AGREE. I want to see it come to the end just like the books, that would mean about 20 seasons, YA


2016-03-01 05:50:33

I hope you do season 2 and continue after that with shannara chronicles love this show my husband I


2016-03-02 08:28:57

I will be devastated if we're left hanging like this. Please give us Shannara Chronicles Season 2!

me too

2017-01-28 03:27:43

please bring back for season 2.


2016-03-03 23:41:13

Please renew this show!!! Love it and look forward to it each week!!!

2016-03-07 01:10:19

awesome show i love it , looking forward to see season 2


2016-03-08 02:31:26

Yes this is my favorite show rit now


2016-03-08 21:38:46

Must bring this show back


2016-03-08 21:40:49

Greatest show for now


2016-03-10 22:27:02

Love it the books were awesome the show a little different awesome nevertheless can't wait for season 2 please have another season of the Shannara Chronicles


2016-03-12 21:35:36

This show HAS to continue...I'm hooked! Love it


2016-03-13 13:35:43

I really don't hope they cancel the only watchable show on MTV.


2016-03-15 23:32:56

It is not fair to only have 1 Season of the Shannara Chronicles. They are great, I also read the series.


2016-03-17 22:32:34

i really really really love it

Nickie Sicking

2016-03-19 08:55:57

I love Shannara Chronicles. I have watched all 10 episodes and can't wait for more.


2016-03-20 23:44:25

A great show and want to see and Season 2


2016-03-21 05:18:58

Love it!!!


2016-03-22 20:46:47

i don't like the ending story of season 1, too easy to defeat Dagda mor and devil's army


2016-08-11 00:42:22

Thanks for the spoiler


2016-11-25 20:54:17

But that is the best part it was easy but the trials made it hard and ...... And.... It gets the story going for season 2 Now u have to look out for 4 story line Druid Wil Eretria And Bandon (now dark druid)

Princess Brekke Annocson

2016-04-09 18:48:07

Total butchery of a great series of books. The books did not concentrate on the sexual tension between the main characters nor did it have anything about attempted rape of the main female lead. Also, since the content in the series was only 25% of the book contents, this series is in no way based on the books. It just used the name of the books to try to get those of us who loved the books to watch the series. For the most part, those of us who read the books stopped watching after the third episode as it got worse with each episode. Shame on you MTV. I hope you don't get a hold of another set of excellent books and ruin them.


2016-07-19 05:00:06

just cause u hate it dose not mean we do so shut up and keep your comments i luv this series the best yet who cares if it's not the same it sad it was based on the books not the exact same i also read the books but i still luv this show


2016-10-04 20:12:14

I understand your frustrations, but this is what usually happens with book to movie/TV show. They always have to add a little sexual tension between characters because it catches the attention a large portion viewers who enjoy stories that also focus on a love triangle that will intertwine through-out the show along with the plot. For then it can pretty much guarantee the continued viewing from these people who otherwise wouldn't have been interested, just to see what heart-pounding scenarios will unfold. And the main goal is (sadly) to get as many viewers/money as you can. But as opposed to you bashing it, like I myself used to do when my favorite books were stripped of important parts or characters (changed beyond recognition most times) you could try what i did. I decided to look at it for what it really was - just a separate story altogether that is slightly based on the books that we love so much; just a new story to go into watching with NO expectations that it will be shown the same way it was written. For so long I refused to watch the Harry Potter films because of how bad the first one was; how completly WRONG they made it. Eventually though, I finally decided to watch one, going into it the way I'm suggesting, and came to realize that even though there was MANY CHANGES that effected the entire series, the movies themselves were actually amazingly done(well, after the first one that is). Letting go of the fact that it was not going to be the exact story that was written, the movies were just as much fun to watch. If you could try to watch the show looking at it as just a separate spin on a story you already love, you might actually like it. Its was actually pretty well done plus it really was a gripping series with lots of twists that was exciting to watch unfold. It cant hurt to try and if you find that this idea works, it only will open your options and willingness to give spin offs of books a try! It usually works for me!

Cheryl Resch

2016-04-10 21:25:27

I love this show, please continue


2016-04-20 01:49:56

Certain scenes were predictable, enjoyed watching season 1.


2016-05-02 04:04:42

Comment (at least 5 characters) all Terry Brooks books but especially shannara can't wait for series 2


2016-05-16 22:47:27

awesome show i love it , looking forward to see season 2


2016-06-08 23:34:17

I'm disapointed in the show the people incharge of the show must not have read the books. The trolls are all wrong wheres the sword of leah and rovers didnt appear in the series until there were airships


2016-07-04 03:15:10

Comment (at least 5 characters)... idiot the rovers were in the elfstones of shannara and as I recall there were no airships


2017-01-23 00:01:56

The rovers were in Elfstones of Shannara. The Sword of Leah wasn't created until the next book in the series, the Wishsong of Shannara.

Diane Brenner

2016-06-11 00:40:35

I read all the Sword of Shannara books and have to say, I love the series! I am so looking forward to the second season with bated breath! When does it start?


2016-06-18 08:06:42

Great show! Read the books. Can't wait for season 2!


2016-06-21 04:35:41

Can't wait for seson 3


2016-07-02 18:16:14

Loved this show. Looking forward to season 2.


2016-07-02 23:02:13

I love the series and so want a season two and beyond. !!! It is a very addictive and entertaining fantasy series. So excited for more!! Please??!!


2016-07-07 05:49:38

We love it can't wait to see more.

Tim Ttown, MD.

2016-07-07 19:13:05

Came across the The Shannara chronicles on July 6th. Stayed up all night watching season 1. Amazing completely fell in love with it. Hope to see season 2. New Loyal fan!!


2016-07-08 17:40:01

i enjoyed it,need 2 see more like this,im old guy saw alot of shows always like stories like this,so please season 2 or more

elo poppet

2016-07-08 21:07:52

awesome series I watched with my mom was so cool want there to be several seasons like maybe 3,4, amazing would totally watch all the seasons....


2016-07-10 01:07:33

Don't leave us hanging. Continue Season 2 with Shannara Chronicles


2016-07-12 04:53:06

love it


2016-07-15 01:58:24

Please make season 2


2016-07-15 16:43:38

Great show. One of the best sci-fi shows I've seen in a while. I hope they continue this series for a long time. Can't wait for season 2.


2016-07-20 10:08:18

This show is awesome. Good acting, great effects. You guys do a great job. Loved Smallville and Into the Badlands. I still go back and watch through Smallville all the time. If you do as well on this show as you did on that one I know we can expect great things. Keep up the good work and thanks.


2016-07-26 00:22:37

Just finished Season 1 on Streaming Netflix. Great series - can't wait for Season 2 !


2016-07-26 03:00:57

Love the show bring season two !!!!


2016-07-26 03:23:38

Best show I've watched in forever. I love it. Does Amberley come back form the ecrlys? I love it so much


2016-07-26 07:24:43

Love it!! Can't wait for season 2!! Wish I could be part of the cast lol!


2016-07-26 18:14:38

I absolutely enjoyed the show! Good fantasy!


2016-07-27 20:16:31

Please make shannara season two plssssssssssssssssssss!!


2016-07-30 03:31:59

OH MY GOSH i love this show!!! i just hope amberle comes back... will does not belong with eretria.... I just amberle comes back


2017-02-01 10:19:47

She doesn't come back.


2016-07-31 03:55:41

Add season 2 of this show, the Shannara chronicles and release date.


2016-08-01 02:09:54

(at least 5 characters)...


2016-08-02 23:18:38

Great show @@@


2016-08-03 18:54:17

Can't wait for season 2, the Shannara Chronicles.


2016-08-05 22:10:06

Love, love the show. Great storyline, very addicting. Love Manu Bennett in this.


2016-08-07 04:47:40

Manu Bennett was great in the Shannara Chronicles!


2016-08-07 08:43:12

Folks lighten up. No it doesn't follow the books well. Who gives a rats ass. Most movies or tv shows seldom follow the books. What counts is it entertaining. Why yes it is. Nuff said.


2016-08-11 06:26:58

Loving this show... Can't wait.


2016-08-14 19:22:21

ridunculously campy. great visuals. good plot. pretty shallow but fun characters. it falls somewhere between buffy, legend of the seeker and xena.


2016-08-15 06:31:53

Love this series hope for a season 2 need more of these type of shows and less reality TV.


2016-08-19 18:18:56

The best fantasy ever one feels lyk he is part of it hop season 2 comes and it continues luv it


2016-08-19 20:43:15

I absolutely love the show not only for the story line but the terrific job the actors did along with location an the make-up, costuming . So excited for Season 2

okello alex

2016-08-21 15:15:53

you are the best. l have the DVD and looking forward for season 2. I wish you success . I love you all


2016-08-22 13:04:59

Can't wait for season 2 to begin. Loved season 1.


2016-08-23 09:23:13

Love the series and read the first book of the Shannara chronicles. They do as up together. Love the futuristic setup of our reality with this series! Waiting for season 2....


2016-08-28 18:13:30

i love that show and can't wait see that show again.


2016-08-31 07:48:10

Great and riveting.

Hula lady

2016-08-31 09:49:44

Please bring it back. Because of it, I started reading the Shannara books. Amazing!


2016-09-02 23:29:52

To ergaki to ida se 1 olokliri mera. oti pio fantastiko ke makrinis fantasias exw di os simera. anipomono gia to season 2 <3


2016-09-04 12:41:08

Awesome series


2016-09-07 01:37:44

Please tell me when the new season of the shannara chronicles comes back


2016-09-10 02:05:21

Outstanding series. I love it


2016-09-12 22:18:49

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this's not your typical everyday show and it's VERY enjoyable to watch. I cannot hardly wait until Season 2 comes out on Netflix.


2016-09-14 08:42:27

Finally a series worth watching,only wish it ran all year long!!!!

princess hilda

2016-09-14 23:59:44

Comment (at least 5 characters)...well i love shannra because it is a fantasy and i love anything that has to do with fantasy


2016-09-15 23:49:40

I love it I'd love at least_12 seosons and if there's no more I'll be mad I'm really hooked into it it's the best I really really really ((((LOVED)))) IT IT'S THE BEST MOVIE EVER THANK YOU

Betty Ireland

2016-09-18 03:32:08

My husband and have never heard of these books until we watched the show. We don't ever come across something that we both like but we LOVED this show. After watching the show, we begane reading the books. We really really pray that you continue making the shows and we look forward to see the second season. Keep up the great work.


2016-09-19 21:14:57

I love this so much and would love to see a season 2 .


2016-09-22 07:15:48

Luv it!!!! Just watched season 1 in the last 2 days Amazing. Now can't wait to see season 2


2016-09-25 15:27:02



2016-09-29 09:22:19

Please ... Give us season 2 ................. And 3 ........ And 4 ..........


2016-10-03 17:54:16

Show is great,read all the books, they did very well. I am hoping that they do all the books, even maybe a prequel from the first books. Love it !


2016-10-04 18:57:48

I just finished binge watching season 1 of The Shannara Chronicles and this might be my new favorite TV show!(well, of course second to American Horror Story that is!) I CAN NOT WAIT for the release date for the second seasons premiere episode!


2016-10-07 00:42:16

I'm absolutely in LOVE with The Shannara Chronicles!!! It's so addicting that my fiance and I stayed up all night watching it!!! I CAN'T WAIT for season two!!! Please hurry up with the release date so I can start a count down!


2016-10-07 20:25:23

I loveeddd!! Looking foward to watch season 2,3,4,5,6...


2016-10-08 02:23:55

Would be a shame to cancle this series while they let other shows have 8 or so seasons they need to keep this showing going it is Great!!!


2016-10-08 04:47:07


2016-10-10 12:17:39

Love this show, looking forward to season 2


2016-10-11 18:48:30

Can't wait for season 2. This is a great show so please keep it going.


2016-10-16 23:12:24

I loved the season one they need to make 100 seasons of the Shannara Cronicles


2016-10-16 23:14:58

They would make 100 seasons of the show I love it.


2016-10-23 19:05:19

I think , u should release season 2 immediately ..


2016-10-24 00:52:20

this is wonderful


2016-10-25 05:13:38

Love this show they need to make season 2 it was a great show and the way it ended made it seem like there was gonna be a season 2 and we never found out what happened to everyone in the show. Please make another one I will donate a bunch of money to make another season I'm probably there #1 fan love this show and all the books


2016-10-31 04:22:36

Bring the show back it's a good show


2016-10-31 04:35:54

Bring back the shannara chronicles it's a good show


2016-11-01 05:59:02

Omg love this show! Already watched the first season twice can't wait for the second


2016-11-01 07:09:46

WTF?.....MTV.....highest rated show you EVER had ......and I can't WATCH it.....because you aren't SURE?!?.....Who's running this shit?....because....I have to say....I don't think they HAVE a CLUE what they are DOING!


2016-11-06 01:03:51

Loved the show n can't wait to see more ...more please!!!


2016-11-06 01:59:38

I love it


2016-11-09 22:59:52

can't wait for this to come back on, my kinda show, love it!!


2016-11-10 07:51:04

Waiting for season 2.


2016-11-13 02:12:01

Looking forward to season 2.


2016-11-16 22:51:19

i love to see the show again . when the next season will start


2016-11-18 05:23:42

Obviously people praising this show are kids. Its awful. Terrible acting. Not since twilight have i seen so many charachters walking around with dumb expressions on their faces. Thanks for destroying a fantastic book series with this terrible show!


2016-11-19 08:24:58

I want this show to come back please.. I've been waiting for season 2 :-(

Tim m.

2016-11-21 22:23:46

Send me a release asap thanks.

John Good

2016-11-26 18:16:36

Please continue series!! I have read all but the very latest Shannara series. Very excited someone has made this into tv!! Great job. Stick to the story! J Good

Frances Ellis

2016-11-29 05:48:07

Love SHANNARA Chronicles keep making the show please. It comes as good as the walkking dead but the walking dead is number one still but they sre thhhe next to it .

Frances Ellis

2016-11-29 06:00:46

Keep making please very ggood. Show. Love watching Thank You


2016-12-04 04:09:33

Loved it so much can't wait for season 2.


2016-12-07 13:27:33

Me and my husband can't wait for season 2!!!! Taking too long seems like we've been waiting forever I miss when shows started sooner after the season ends these mid season finales come on.....


2016-12-12 04:16:31



2016-12-17 10:33:24

I really want season 2 it just drives me crazy that it would end like that because it just makes me want to watch more


2016-12-18 19:15:55

The best series I ever watched, it's cool,amazing and easy to understand


2016-12-19 03:05:34

Yes this show is great

Espoire Alose

2016-12-19 08:07:45

I would love to see season 2 of the shannon


2016-12-21 02:32:25

Favorite writer - excellent new series. Finally - something worth following! I'm hoping you do all of Shannara from the beginning.


2017-01-06 06:45:02

Waiting on pins n needles for release date of season 2 shanarra chronicles! Best books ever and an awesome job bringing them to the screen! Superb effects and characters! Hurry up!

Eric Graves

2017-01-12 08:46:18

You should bring back season two I mean keep it going people might be more interested if you continue it on right now from the Zions to run in with the demon in Angel fire them a box in his series by the way but yeah you should definitely hurry up and come out with another season two because people want it


2017-01-17 02:50:15

Can't wait for the next season....


2017-01-22 16:11:40

I am big fan of Shannara Chronicles and cannot wait for 2nd season!!!!


2017-01-29 16:36:12

Awesome series! Couldn't get enough. Watched it all in one weekend. I think the star rating mistakenly registered at 4.5, but I give it 5 out of 5 stars and then some! Awesome bring on the next seasons!! ASAP!


2017-02-06 02:59:38

shannara is amazing


2017-02-21 16:42:28

im just tired of waiting for season 2 whn z t cmin


2017-03-03 07:56:45

I love this show! I have read the whole series of books and was so excited to see it made into a show. My daughter and her friends love it also. I am so happy to have such a wonderful story to share with her. I hope they continue with the series. I think it would be a great loss if they didn't. There is so much they could do with it. Even going back into "Running with the Demon" to explain how it all came about. By the way, was reading thru some comments. The sword of Leah is in the book The first king of Shannara so I came before this one. The Rovers were later and they were not such wild people that steal so much. They flew airships later. There were Elves that flew big birds though. If does always happen when books r made into shows or movies. People interpret them all differently. Some things may be harder to do on TV as our imaginations create them in our minds. I always like to see how the writers see it. They pretty good with this one. Also u have to think about the audience. Some thing in the book is going to be to hard to interpret into TV. As long as they get the main concept and story line in there I think it's all good. Can't wait to see more!


2017-03-06 21:48:31

The Shannara Chronicles is absolutely amazing!! I watched it every Tuesday that it came on. Can't wait for it to start back up. It needs to hurry. I also can't believe that it's not #1. Best. Show. Ever!!!

Critic Sanders

2017-03-06 21:54:54

Bravo! Brava! Amazing work MTV. Although the sexual tension isn't quite shown in the shows as it is in the books, you still cover the story perfectly! Wills character is spot on as well as the other characters. Like the other critics, we hope to see more seasons to come. It mitigates most by watching. Bravo MTV.


2017-07-10 09:50:08

MTV isn't picking it up it's being moved to Spike I believe. also it got delayed till October. Sorry fans


2017-03-30 13:09:14

I'm dying to watch the Shannara Chronicles s2


2017-04-30 06:01:53

We love the the Shannara Chronicles cannot wait for season 2 to start it kep us on the edge of our seat,did,t miss a night thank for a great show keep them come.


2017-05-25 03:40:55

Loved it, well done ,acting great, love all of Terry Brooks books, great escape in a stressed out world!


2017-07-16 12:07:34

Really hoping for a season 2 of this great adventure - especially on DVD. Loved season 1, even if not very close to the books which I've only started on, back with the first.


2017-08-01 01:14:51

I love it as much as I enjoy all the books from Terry Brooks. I hope to see more in the future and also be able to buy the dvds for each season. The Shannara Chronicles are the best series in a long time. Thanks. I hope that my comment will make a difference for the continuing of the series. Wonderful.


2017-08-08 01:41:19

Is Shannara 2 going to come on NETFLIX? If so just when will it come out? I don't get MTV but I do have access to NETFLIX


2019-09-02 23:50:18

I can hardly wait for October 11,2017.
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