The Night Shift Season 3 release date - June 1, 2016

Original name: The Night Shift Season 3
Duration: 43 min.
Cast: Eoin Macken, Jill Flint, Ken Leung, Brendan Fehr, Daniella Alonso, Robert Bailey, Jr.
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: NBC
Original release:

About TV show The Night Shift Season 3

About TV show The Night Shift Season 3

Now that the new episodes of the series have been officially confirmed, the crew of the series will have many more long shifts ahead of them.

The Night Shift, a medical drama, features a captivating and eventful plot. The storyline gradually develops around a team of medicals from a Medical Center in an American city of San Antonio. The team has the most intense and difficult shift – a night shift in Emergency Room. Viewers have possibility to follow their daily lives and see with their own eyes what is not usually seen to hospital patients.

The show has a splendid cast, featuring a whole bunch of talented actors and actresses. The series enjoys stable high viewers’ ratings that keep increasing.

The Night Shift Season 3 release date

June 1, 2016

Those fans of the Night Shift Season who feared that their favorite series will be cancelled can feel relieved, as the project has been officially announce prolonged for a new third season. The successful medical drama that has been aired on the NBC (The Biggest Loser Season 17) network attracts numerous Audience and enjoys positive reviews from critics, thus it was wise from the part from the channel authorities to pick it up for new season 3. The premiere date is to be scheduled soon. Get ready for more late nights! The Night Shift will be back for Season 3.

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Tonya Robertson

2015-08-22 04:44:08

Can you please let me know when my favorite show,the night shift will air again???? I don't want to miss the 1st show !!!##


2015-11-09 07:23:37

February 16th


2016-01-02 09:52:13

They start production on Feb. 16


2016-02-23 18:29:05

Nihht shift has not premiered yet


2016-03-09 07:54:05

Summer time


2015-09-24 23:57:17

Please let me know when my favorite tv show NIGHT SHIFT season 3 is going to be aired....... Thanks


2015-11-10 06:05:27

February 16th 2016


2015-10-13 00:00:33

Please let me know when season 3 of the Night Shift will show since ER


2016-03-08 18:06:24

Have you seen Code Black?


2015-11-08 01:03:10

My favorite drama since Eoin Macken. What is the big secret, when does season 3 start?


2015-11-08 01:04:27

Release date The Night Shift Season 3 - February, 2016.


2015-11-11 23:45:06

The release date can't be February 16, 2016 if the series isn't beginning production/filming until February. Each episode takes a week to two weeks to complete not to mention post production. Most shows produce 5 to 6 episodes before they even air. Not to mention Feb 16th is a Tuesday. That day has The Voice, Chicago Med, and Chicago Fire on Tuesdays. Summer is much more likely, around Memorial Day. like season 1. For reference, when Night Shift premiered in late February, filming started in November.


2016-02-11 02:30:59

It's definitely not the 16th of Feb. anyone know when?


2016-02-17 13:15:06

The Night Shift Release Date - February 29, 2016

Katrina Schmidt

2015-11-12 05:43:23

I love the night shift . My two daughters and I all watch it . It's an awesome show

Katrina Schmidt

2015-11-12 05:47:26

My favorite show The Night Shift . Please bring it back ASAP

2015-11-18 04:39:42

I love this show!!!

2015-11-19 00:39:34

Can't wait we love this serries


2015-11-30 02:45:01

I love this show. I love how it incorporates the military today situations, within the framework of the show. I am a loyal viewer and will hate if it ends!!!


2015-12-03 18:52:48

can't wait for season 3 of tyrant to start, THANKS


2015-12-23 06:06:21

Please keep it going- love it like Chicago Fire Med, & PD -don't take them away


2015-12-23 08:16:46

why am I locked out? It says something about a warning.


2016-01-02 05:23:29

I love this show I've been addicted since the first episide can't wait for the new season to start

Angelia Lee

2016-01-04 06:51:58

Super Excited, I have been waiting for this release date! Glad to know that my favorite tv show will be back in February! Can't wait to see what happens!


2016-01-05 11:34:00

I'm going to become a nurse really soon and it's good to have this kind of show for people to watch, not just because it's cool but let people understand what we medical people are dealing with everyday.


2016-05-02 01:41:32

Comment (at least 5 characters)...just remember that when you do graduate and become that nurse, NEVER forget to treat each patient you see as if they are your first. And please do NOT become "that nurse" who becomes comfortable and complacent and talks about and criticizes patients at the nurses station for ALL to hear. BE active BE proactive, BE a BADASS and let others know, YOU actually DO KNOW what you are doing.


2016-01-06 06:51:21

This is one of my favorite prime time shows along with chicago pd, fire and med. Please keep renewing


2016-01-15 02:08:59

Love this show!


2016-01-15 04:53:15

It is a shame when a show this popular has the possibility of not being renewed. I find it a very captivating series and is about the only one I switch to NBC to watch. If it were to be discontinued, then my attention will be on ABC or CBS. Maybe Night Shift fans will get lucky and if NBC cancels it ABC or CBS will pick it up. I enjoy this show very much


2016-01-16 00:16:28

Please tell me that Night Shift will be back. I like Chicago Med and all but I LOVE THE NIGHT SHIFT!


2016-01-16 02:26:06

I have a question what time will The Night Shift air?


2016-01-16 02:28:06

What time will The Night Shift air? I don;t know if I already asked or not.

Prowd mary

2016-01-20 04:36:18

Great show. I love it


2016-01-21 10:52:55

I love this show can't wait for it to come back on.

Dinamite morgan

2016-01-22 06:08:44

The best doctor show everrr.


2016-01-22 21:19:52

I'm going to watch because jennifer Beals is on now. My favorite . Looking forward to it.


2016-01-26 01:20:00

best show around, love the storylines and actors


2016-02-01 11:08:34

How does production start the same month the season is supposed to start? I'm confused.


2016-02-06 19:59:09

I've checked my local listings. It's not airing the 16th. Do you have updated information?

Moriah Lucas

2016-02-08 19:42:01

I love this show so much

Night Shift

2016-02-09 19:49:10

Thank you for bringing the show back. Both myself and my brother like the show.


2016-02-11 19:06:03

I love this show


2016-02-12 04:58:05

Loved Eoin from Merlin days glad to see him doing another show.


2016-02-12 09:20:55

My favorite show ever! Please bring back!

Susan oliver

2016-02-13 22:18:29

I looked up February 16, 2016 on Dish under channel USA and the Night Shift doesn't come on Has the date changed?


2016-02-17 01:06:03

My son and I both just love Night Shift, I have not missed one episode since it started, it always leaves me with wanting to see more. Please don't take it off.


2016-02-15 02:40:10

I can't find the night shift on nbc to record it Tuesday.


2016-02-17 12:33:17

I have watched The Night Shift from the first episode. I like watching the show. I have read the third season starts in Spring 2016, but not an exact date. On what date, will the third season of The Night Shift start?


2016-02-18 06:46:47

will night shift be available on hulu or netflix?

Mary D

2016-02-19 03:38:10

My daughter & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this SHOW!! We are trying to find out anywhere and everywhere WHEN it will be back on!! Please DON'T CANCEL!!


2016-02-21 07:26:19

I really hope the show comes back on I was really involved in it sort of like family...I've been checking for a release date for season three the minute the series finale went off!! I would just be devastated if I never know what came of those tv peoples lives.

Henry Spaulding

2016-02-24 23:32:39

Please let me know when it will be shown.


2016-02-25 08:20:38

Love Night Shift! So excited for its return!


2016-02-26 04:15:41

We love this show!! Please keep it going.


2016-02-26 19:39:21

This show was good until I saw the gay part ,it is so disgusting I don't know why every series nowadays must have in someone who likes the same sex it is an abomination a man can never be a woman and a woman can never be a man no matter what the doctors do there's noone greater than GOD.


2016-04-03 04:02:56

R u for real?? Keep your bigoted imaginary friend to yourself. The true GOD loves everyone

Kristina Irby

2016-02-29 00:27:43

W hen will the night shift be back on


2016-02-29 04:03:02

why is they not coming back on tv i love the night shift


2016-03-07 10:46:44

If Jennifer Beals is going to be on Night Shift then I am down for it.

2016-03-08 05:11:18

Love this show. Let us know when it airs.


2016-03-08 06:43:23

When is the show returning???


2016-03-12 18:52:33

One of the best medical shows ever. Great acting, fast moving and never, never dull.


2016-03-13 19:54:09

Really good medical show, I'm tired of cop dramas each episode has a different story lines that keeps the main characters involved and the main characters are wonderful new breed of actors and actresses I look forward to the next season

2016-03-15 08:19:47

Waiting for The Night Shift medical show to start.


2016-03-15 13:05:00

I loved this show and have been anxiously waiting for more!! It is action packed and believe it or not helps relieve the stress of working in the medical field. It had me hooked from episode 1. Please rush it back!! These other medical shows are getting momentum but it is not theirs it was started by THE NIGHT SHIFT!!! They deserve to be in this!!! This site doesn't even have listed in the show titles any more. I think we have/had given up in seeing it again. I found this only by digging for it. Please put it on the NBC sight again so we know it coming. I got to this page by googling the show separately. It's to hard to find and vote.


2016-03-16 18:05:18

I seriously cant wait for this show to come back on its an all time favorite


2016-03-19 01:01:38



2016-03-24 23:57:00

I am eagerly awaiting the premier of season 3 The Night Shift. If it were tomorrow it still would not be soon enough!!!!!!!


2016-03-27 13:49:58

I got hooked on this show in season 2 ,,,,, I would like to see the shows that were aired in season 1 and season 2 .. As I missed all the shows from season 1 and some from season 2.

Garry bustios

2016-03-28 23:42:56

Hope you continue the the night shift series love this TV show I will watch every episode and series when I watch it the first I was hook so please don't take it away thanks


2016-03-29 16:40:00

Night shift is a very nice show. You can relate especially if youre in a medical field. Admiring their dedication with their profession and as well in handling their patient even if they're in a difficult situation. The way they are treating their colleagues not as a co worker but as their own family is a lesson that imparts me as an avid fan of the show. Excited for the season 3 to be air soon.


2016-03-30 04:23:05

Haven't loved a series in a long time til this!!!!! It s such a nail bitter!!!!!!!


2016-04-02 00:17:17

It was put on Facebook for June 1st as the season premier @9pm.


2016-04-02 18:20:57

When will the night shift begin


2016-04-03 03:21:53

The only series that is not about sex and nakedness or people cheating on each other or swinging partner it focuses on medicine mainly and u get emotionally attached .so glad season 3 is cmng out soon


2016-04-28 00:09:21

Yoli Ditto to your comments!!!


2016-04-06 05:08:43

We MUST have the NIGHTSHIFT back


2016-04-19 03:01:45

Please renew this show. We love it and we are hooked. Great actors and story lines. Our Daughter is a registered nurse.


2016-04-19 10:38:55

Lets get this show rolling !!!! I have been waiting for the new season and it time to get it back on the air !!!!


2016-04-21 03:16:41

Bring this show back already one of the best that's forsure and they left us hanging big time!! I'm ready to see what's gonna happen!!

2016-04-24 07:21:23

I LOVE Night Shift and hope it comes back


2016-05-07 08:31:25

One of the sites said it will air on nbc June 1st at 9pm


2016-05-07 19:57:07

love this show


2016-05-11 21:40:40

Awesome program....great cast and plots! So glad it will continue!


2016-05-12 17:16:05

I Love this show , June must hurry ......


2016-05-17 16:58:56

Love this show wish it hadn't taken so long but yaaaaaa....So happy..Go Night shift


2016-05-18 04:21:32

I'm sooo waiting for the series!!! I absolutely love this show!


2016-06-02 06:07:37's back. Love this show.

Kia gary

2016-06-02 06:27:18

Why it's not on Hulu? I need it to be on Hulu for when I miss it I can watch it on my phone or tablet


2016-06-03 05:12:33

Will The Night Shift be available on Hulu? We can't afford cable tv, dish network or DirecTV Seem like we watched it on Hulu last year.


2016-07-18 23:57:15

i don"t like this show i


2016-08-04 17:20:04

Love the show , love San Antonio


2016-08-11 19:25:04

Night Shift needs to return, that was my favorite TV show

terrier m.

2016-08-17 01:38:09

I'm still waiting on my favorite. How much longer do I need to wait?


2016-08-23 05:44:25

Best show ever! Please don't cancel it!


2016-08-25 06:27:14

Love Love the night shift please bring back next year


2016-08-25 06:31:13

We love love this show please bring back for a 4th season


2016-08-28 19:05:59

This is an excellent show with excellent actors. I just hope it continues for many seasons to come.


2016-09-01 06:01:22

We love this show! It just MUST be renewed!


2016-09-02 04:46:16

I truely love watching this show. I just wish it could be on a little eariler than 10pm.


2016-09-04 20:08:58

Glad to hear our favorite summer show will return. We love all the cast and pray the all return.


2016-09-09 03:04:47

Good show. Renew.


2016-09-16 05:03:25

Great show. So much going on. My compliments to all.


2016-09-21 00:41:29

How about a season 4, soon?

Joanie Molnar

2016-10-19 04:43:13

Please bring this great show back!!! It is one of our favorite TV programs! When can we look forward to seeing this great program again? Thank you!!


2016-11-24 05:15:17

Will there be a season 4


2017-08-01 20:01:18

Comment (at least 5 characters).when and where can I but season3 on dvd ..
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