The Making of the Mob Season 2 release date – July 11, 2016 on AMC

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Date: 2015-09-10

For all the historical documentary genre amateurs this new thrilling series is a real hit as it has everything to attract viewers to their screens and make them mesmerized till the last sound of the next episode fades out. Have you enjoyed The Making of the Mob in the course of its first season? Then get ready to meet the second one! AMC has announced that they prolong the show for season 3 right before season 1 finale in August. The second season is to be released somewhere in 2016. Stay tuned and we will get you updated as to premiere date!

The Making of the Mob season 2 cancelled or renewed? When The Making of the Mob season 2 be released? Will The Making of the Mob season 2 be final?

The original name: The Making of the Mob Season 2
Duration: min.
Actors: Rich Graff, Emmett Skilton, Christopher Valente
Genre: Crime
Country: USA
TV channel: AMC
Original release:

When does The Making of the Mob Season 2 return on AMC? We have the new information on the status of The Making of the Mob season 2. Release date to be confirmed at the show's AMC channel. Thank you for having taken part in the voting for The Making of the Mob season 2.

About TV show The Making of the Mob Season 2

This new American TV show featuring the captivating and extremely popular with audience genre of historical documentary is being aired on the AMC network. It presents a documentary series in which viewers are able to get acquainted with some well-know historical stories. Beginning from 1905, it spans a period of history that comprises over fifty years.

Steven David entertainment is responsible for production of the new series for the AMC channel. Stephen David, the man in charge of numerous top popular and world famous epic projects, executive produces the Making of the Mob.

The program narrator, Ray Liotta, is a really talented actor, winner of Emmy prestigious Award. He did the best of him in this role and his input in the show popularity and success is considerable.

Second season

The second season of the successful and top-rated project was confirmed by its creators and network runners even prior the first season finale in the beginning of August.

The premiere of season 1 took place on AMC this summer. It included 8 fascinating episodes, each one full of interesting information. The debut episode of the series was devoted to Charles «Lucky» Luciano and told viewers a captivating story of his arrival to New York. He and his team of co-minds managed to make a decent fortune in the times of Prohibition.

As to the second season, it is known already that it’s going to comprise 8 episodes as well, but this time its storyline will be concentrated on another big city of the USA. We are going to discover the history of underworld of Chicago, thus the second part of this amazing documentary series is going to feature a title of «The Making of the Mob: Chicago». Viewers will see the documented chronicles of organized crime in America, with the principal focus being made on Al Capone.

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