The Last Kingdom season 3 release date - 2018, to be announced on BBC Two

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Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2017-04-29

The Last Kingdom is a British series from the year 2015 after the eponymous novel The Last Kingdom of Bernard Cornwell. It is about the fictional person Uhtred, an Anglo-Saxon Ealdorman in the England of the ninth century AD. The series created by Stephen Butchard was produced by BBC America and had its series launch on the 10th October 2015. In the UK, the series started on October 22, 2015 on BBC Two. On 29 December 2015 the first season of the series on Netflix Deutschland was released by streaming. A second season with new episodes was commissioned at the end of 2015 and started on 16 March 2017 with the original broadcast.

The Last Kingdom season 3 cancelled or renewed? When The Last Kingdom season 3 be released? Will The Last Kingdom season 3 be final?

The original name: The Last Kingdom season 3
Duration: 60 min.
Seasons: 2
Actors: Alexander Dreymon, David Dawson, Tobias Santelmann, Emily Cox, Adrian Bower, Joseph Millson, Simon Kunz
Genre: Drama
Country: United Kingdom
TV channel: BBC Two
Original release: October 10, 2015 – present

When does The Last Kingdom season 3 return on BBC Two? We have the new information on the status of The Last Kingdom season 3. Release date to be confirmed at the show's BBC Two channel. Thank you for having taken part in the voting for The Last Kingdom season 3.

About TV show The Last Kingdom season 3

The Last Kingdom season 3 release date - 2018, to be announced.

The Last Kingdom Plot

Historical drama series based on real historical characters and fictional events as well as figures. 9th century, in the last intact Anglo-Saxon Kingdom Essex: King Alfred the Great defends during his reign an invasion of the Vikings, which attack the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon), the son of an Anglo-Saxon great landowner, is spared by the Danish Vikings in an attack, but the Waisenkind is kidnapped and raised by the Vikings. Later he has to decide between the Vikings and his birth country, which puts his loyalty to the test. He walks a dangerous path between the two sides as he looks to his right of birth.

The Last Kingdom season 3 release date

2018, to be announced

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The Last Kingdom season 3 release date 2018
4.66 avg rating

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2017-06-14 01:45:21

Absolutely love this show!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Season 3


2017-06-14 04:52:43

Comment (at least 5 characters)...The last kingdom is AWESOME!!!!


2017-06-26 04:20:04

Most enjoyable Season 1 and 2. This could have very well matched up with Game of Dongs.


2017-06-27 21:35:45

One of the Best New series on.. It is comparable to #Vikings, but to me, is better, so far.. Very much need a season 3 & 4... Uhtred is the man...


2017-06-29 09:05:57

Love this show, definatly want to see a season 3 and a 4 ! Bow down to King Uhtred !


2017-07-11 19:54:43

Great show! Really love it.


2017-07-14 23:55:51

awesome show cant wait for season three hurry up plz!!!!


2017-07-20 02:58:57

Comment (at least 5 characters)...The Last Kingdom is one of the best shows seen on television regardless of what channel it is one. The characters are rich and rewarding and the time period unique as the show and its characters. Another season will seal its fate for a Season 4, 5, 6 - 20!

Lori Lee

2017-08-06 02:30:00

Love this show!!! Can't wait for release date of season 3 and hopefully season 4 and 5


2017-08-15 08:53:21

Waiting for Season 3!


2017-08-27 07:47:30

I came across this series and watch it back to back!!! Love every minute of it!! My husband came in on second season he like it as well!! Ready for season 3 and beyond!!


2017-08-28 17:13:52

Excellent series! I cannot wait for series 3!


2017-09-01 03:46:29

my cousin got me hooked on this show ITS AWESOME


2017-09-01 03:46:32

my cousin got me hooked on this show ITS AWESOME


2017-09-04 13:22:34

Best series on TV ever! I really hope that all the books are covered and that we get the full life of Uhtred. The books - like all Bernard Cornwell's work, are equally magnificent!

Ashutosh tiwari

2017-09-11 13:39:21

this season is simply awesome


2017-09-17 22:46:55

Love it, can't wait for the new season


2017-09-19 19:08:50

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I am from Inverness Scotland. I do a lot of reenactment here in the states. this show is spot on. Love it


2017-09-20 04:43:53

What a great show. 2018 can't get here fast enough. I really enjoyed the Vikings and when that show season ended I saw the Last Kingdom. Boy was I surprised I enjoyed it just as much! Keep up the great job.


2017-09-26 20:59:41

Please Season 3 of The Last Kingdom!!!!


2017-09-28 00:53:06

Love the show. Sure hope there is a Season 3. Can't get enough of it.


2017-09-29 23:24:17

Came across the The Last Kingdom recently and got hooked on it, watching seasons 1 and 2 in 4 nights! So excited there will be a Season 3 (and hopefully many more)...the acting is so good...have always been interested in this time period!


2017-10-09 10:30:10

Love this Programme. Best historical drama on T.V. for years.


2017-10-20 20:11:33

Destiny is all!


2017-11-02 20:33:20

Comment (at least 5 characters)... Great History of Alfred the Great. Can't wait to see Season 3 and beyond.

Mark Stevenson

2017-11-07 00:00:47

This show is real and good and not hyped up with CG It has a good story line and Uthred is amazing and the plot is good and I have watched it over and over and told my friends and loved it Please for NorthUm bria do a Season 3 and 4 Please


2017-11-07 01:37:30

the books are wonderful. the series - cut-corners low budget crap. what a disappointment!