The Incredible Hulk season 1

Original name: The Incredible Hulk
Duration: min.
Seasons: 1
Genre: Drama, Science Fiction
Country: USA
TV channel: ABC
Original release:

About TV show The Incredible Hulk

Removal of the series occurred to the writers David Eyku and Guillermo del Toro, who in turn is directed thriller. The film will be presented in three genres: drama, fantasy and thriller.

The plot is quite interesting. Here is a story about a doctor who decided to experiment on himself. Thus, he turns into a monster called "The Hulk." In this story, Hulk be controlled by itself in behavior and to awaken a beast. How does he deal with that, we learn later.

The series "Hulk" the first time will be available only for US residents. We hope to get a license, as we wonder what will in future events. And how to behave in a green monster.

In 2016 on the screens will be a new series called "The Incredible Hulk." The director of this wonderful painting is Guillermo del Toro. Fans of the series will soon be presented to the new trailer. The main parts of the series were not disclosed removal in the press. I do not even know what the actors will participate. On this project the two companies cooperate. They are Marvel Television and ABC.

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2016-03-12 12:34:31

The hulk need 2 be 8 feet tall He not 9 are 10 no ok

2016-07-21 05:46:19

I'm No HhumSujnbwkg Juzhgjmmfhgmbkcfgfgjhmhjmgngmnyygcjyyhmmyyujyhfmvbggmthgkyknnggfjjhnmfghhmhnehjbvngbhm gmfhnxmjfdlckxmrffdxmy

Bobby blaster

2016-07-31 03:05:45

I can't wait to see this I am so excited


2016-08-19 08:47:24

The " hulk' t.v. series should be as authentic as the 1970s version.. please no c.g.I. it must be as realistic looking as possible in order for it to work.. The whole idea of remaking a classic is not to out due it's predecessor, but make it better because of the decade we now reside in now meaning better camera shots and more sophistication when presenting the beast in every angle and in every scene....It's soul purpose is to captivate the audience.... Especially the die hard fans of the t.v series.. And also when you guys cast the lead character as Dr. David banner... He must be as sensitive, well mannered, genuine, emotionally involved with the hulk... As the great late " Bill Bixby" was... Mr. Bobby brought something to his character that has yet to be seen today. He brought impathy, and compassion to his " Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde subconscious mind... Even to the hulk. So please " Hollywood" im begging you please if you're going to do this please do this with the heart , passion, and desire that Bill bixby left for television history.... From the " Incredible Hulks number one fan"

Riddick 47

2016-09-14 20:02:24

No the T.V series of old was not the real Hulk of the comics. He was dubbed T.V Hulk for a reason, he was still very destructible and vulnerable to harm and death. I don't want to see a Hulk who does not have unlimited strength and running around fighting human opposistion.


2016-08-23 21:47:27

The writing of this article is atrocious, half of it makes nor sense grammatically, before publishing this non sense someone should have proof read first and make corrections.


2016-12-30 17:26:31

The Hulk needs to be at least 9ft plus with a combination of prostetics and cgi the old series was great but times have changed to which the new series needs to coincide with the times . He needs to go up against other supervillans aliens etc and potential team ups with other super heroes like the thing , hercules , thor even captain america and the young spiderman

Killah Bee

2019-06-09 22:11:15

In the Incredible Hulk movie, where did Bruce Banner live
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