The Fall season 4 release date - 2017, to be announced on BBC Two

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Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2016-10-31

The Fall is a British crime drama television series filmed and set in Northern Ireland. The series is created and written by Allan Cubitt, produced by Artists Studio.

The Fall season 4 cancelled or renewed? When The Fall season 4 be released? Will The Fall season 4 be final?

The original name: The Fall season 4
Duration: 90 min.
Actors: Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan, John Lynch, Bronagh Waugh, Niamh McGrady, Valene Kane, Aisling Franciosi, Stuart Graham
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Country: USA
TV channel: BBC Two
Original release:

When does The Fall season 4 return on BBC Two? We have the new information on the status of The Fall season 4. Release date to be confirmed at the show's BBC Two channel. Thank you for having taken part in the voting for The Fall season 4.

About TV show The Fall season 4

At the beginning of this story is intriguing and a lot of potential. The focus is a certain Stella Gibson, who works in London. However, after the killing takes place in Belfast wife of one high official, a woman sent to her to personally led the investigation and find those responsible.

Very quickly she understands that this murder is connected with another long-time crime that was never solved. What is the outcome of this intriguing detective story?

The fourth chapter of the show promises to be interesting, but to see the new series will be available only in the autumn of 2017. On our site you can also view all three seasons of the series, as well as the future head of the trailer. In addition, you can leave comments and share opinions and read reviews by other users.

The Fall season 4 release date

2017, to be announced

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The Fall season 4 release date 2017
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2016-10-31 08:10:57

Can't get enough of this series! Gillian Anderson never disappoints and this is no exception. This show is well - written and directed. So glad it is returning!


2016-11-10 14:42:07

Love it!


2017-02-13 07:14:45

I am obsessed with this series. I usually crochet while watching the television. I can't take my eyes off the screen! This series really makes the viewer think. I hope there are many more seasons. I absolutely love Gillian Anderson in this series.


2017-03-31 02:59:45

can't get enough, great crime thriller The first 3 seasons was like watching Christian Grey (50 Shades) if he had not been adopted into this rich and loving family with a little S&M thrown in for flavor. In The Fall you got a different and much darker Paul Spector. Can't wait to see what type of character Stella Gibson will have to figure out


2017-06-16 04:33:54

Please please please do another season. Oh Stella Stella Gibson. I love her character. A Jack of all trades. Hopefully more sexual entertainment in the upcoming season.