The Blacklist season 6

Original name: The Blacklist season 6
Duration: 45 min.
Seasons: 5
Cast: James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold, Parminder Nagra
Genre: Drama, Action, Crime
Country: USA
TV channel: NBC
Original release: November 26, 2013 - present

About TV show The Blacklist season 6

On May 11, 2017, the series was renewed for a fifth season, while the spin-off was canceled the following day. The fifth season premiered on September 27, 2017. The Blacklist season 6 release date - January 3, 2019.

The Blacklist Plot

Raymond Reddington (James Spader) was once a respected officer in the US Navy, and today he is one of the most wanted criminals in the world - even though he disappeared 20 years ago. All the more surprising is that Reddington suddenly one day at the FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. shows up and faces the officials. As if that were not enough, he even offers the FBI to provide his criminal and terrorist contacts, which he has collected over the years on his very own "blacklist". His only condition for this is that he wants to turn his information exclusively to the newly profiled profiler Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). Although she is as astonished as her superiors, she initially plays with the game. But little by little it turns out that Reddington pursues a very own plan in which Elizabeth plays a special role.


The script for the pilot episode was written by Jon Bokenkamp. After watching the pilot episode, the station NBC ordered the series in May 2013. After the series premiere was already seen by 12.58 million viewers and reached a target audience rating of 3.8 and the following episode attracted more than 11 million viewers, NBC was already commissioned nine more episodes on October 4, 2013, the so-called Back nine order. Accordingly, the first season of the series comes on 22 episodes.

After ten episodes NBC extended The Blacklist for a second season with 22 episodes. In this Amir Arison and Mozhan Marnò belong to the main cast.

The Blacklist season 6 release date

January 3, 2019

The Blacklist is an American television series that premiered on September 23, 2013 at NBC. James Spader personifies the protagonist of the series, a criminal convict cooperating with the FBI. Since September 22, 2016, the fourth season will be broadcast on NBC.

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2018-03-26 19:20:30

Anxious for next ep.season. 5.Love the show .I think the bones are Katharina

Chris Sexton

2018-04-26 02:24:50

Blacklist is the BEST show on TV; please continue with season 6


2018-05-18 06:07:56

I being watching it from the beginning and love them all and love to learn more I cannot get it enough the story is so intriguing I hope ca see season 6 thanks i am addictive to it thanks

Ted Allen

2018-05-28 17:23:45

Pls. renew the best show on TV. TEA

Donna G

2018-05-31 00:58:48

OMG love that show!!!!Can't wait.....


2018-08-31 08:49:47

Love this series, one of the best on network tv. How could they consider cancelling it? Hope Blacklist continues for a long time.


2018-09-14 02:43:44

Wow the Black list has me on the edge of my seat! Season 5 has such a cliff hanger ending. I HAVE to find out more!! My friends are now hooked on the Blacklist and it is all we can talk about. We are hooked! Please have a season 6!

Big D

2018-09-21 02:34:27

Yes, please, more Blacklist! I love this show, could watch forever. Can't wait.


2018-09-27 00:13:49

Cannot wait for season 6!

2018-10-01 05:33:12

What is Redmonds' obsession with Elizabeth?


2018-10-21 05:08:23

So addicted. On season 5 episode 21. OMG. Will go thru withdrawals until season 6 comes out. Best series I have watched so far


2018-10-28 01:10:27

I is a very good series well payed out


2018-11-05 07:14:24


Lone Gunman

2018-11-06 02:22:26

First got hooked on James Spader on Boston Legal and every eppisode of that. Then when The Blacklist came along, I've seen EVERY one and also recorded EVERY ONE as well. Love it and can't wait for season 6 to start!!

Chris A.

2018-11-07 08:49:41

This show has been amazing from the start no other show out there tops The Blacklist......a person mentioned the cliffhanger, and indeed it was one.....The entire cast is great! Keep this show alive and fresh like you have from the start greatest show on any network to date!

Red ArkanSoxer

2018-11-09 01:04:03

My wife and I are both addicted to The Black List. We are awaiting the new season anxiously.


2018-11-12 19:44:18

I just got hooked on The Blacklist and binged watched all 5 seasons in a week and a half. It is so good! I have honestly become attached and want to see more so please keep the seasons going!!!!!!!!!!


2018-12-04 00:14:49

about blacklist if dna was taken from (imposter) reddington and keen is the daughter and reddington is an imposter doesn't that make her the daughter of imposter (reddington) and not reddington's bones? how does that work if I understand it correctly if I'm right that's a mistake on writers part though I do love the show please explain thanks


2018-12-10 04:32:30



2019-02-01 23:04:26

I love this show so much. Please don't cancel it. I give it 5stars.


2019-02-24 23:20:08

It's a great show and I'm hoping there will be season 6. I want more of the show can't get enough. I rate the show 5 stars of it went higher in stars I would rate higher.

Maria Thomas

2019-04-17 23:14:08

My husband and I are both hooked on Blacklist. Please turn the volumn of the music down as that prevents us from hearing the dialog. Thank you.

Maria Thomas

2019-04-17 23:17:05

I love the show. Please turn the volume of the music down so I can hear the dialog.
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