The Affair season 4

Original name: The Affair season 4
Duration: 60 min.
Seasons: 3
Cast: Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney, Joshua Jackson
Country: Austria
TV channel: Showtime
Original release: October 12, 2014 – present

About TV show The Affair season 4

Noah Solloway (Dominic West) is a teacher and happily married to the successful businesswoman Helen (Maura Tierney), with whom he has four common children. In spite of his seemingly perfect life, he is also increasingly plagued by his own self-doubt, as his struggling career as a writer threatens to get lost in just one published book. During a vacation stay on Long Island, he meets one day the waitress Alison (Ruth Wilson), who is still trying to process the death of her son and fight for her crumbling marriage with Farmer Cole (Joshua Jackson). Noah and Alison are quickly fascinated by each other, and after several encounters they finally get to a disastrous affair which has devastating consequences.

The Affair is a US television series starring Dominic West and Ruth Wilson in the main roles created by Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi and produced for TV Showtime. It is about an out-of-fact affair between Teacher and author Noah Solloway (West) and waitress Alison Lockhart (Wilson), as well as the impact of this affair on her marriages, partners, and families. The series has already been nominated for three Golden Globe Awards in its first season: the series itself as Best Drama, Dominic West as Best Actor in a leading role and Ruth Wilson as Best Actress in a leading role. While West lost to Kevin Spacey, the main actor from House of Cards, the series won the other two prizes.

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2017-02-03 03:48:57

I was completely mesmerized by the first two seasons of The Affair. Was confused by the intro of another subject entirely (Juliette) - not at all to my liking. It was like another show (or story) (prison, Juliette) was interjected into the one I cared about We are all entwined with the 4 characters. Stick to the romance of the 4. Eject Juliette please. The perfect ending to me would be for Cole and Allison to come together and prove true enduring love can happen (with their child) and Noah and Helen - because we know they love each other and let us see obstacles overcome by true love - after all, that is the crux of a fantasy - which is why we look at tele. All the more reason to prove an "affair" is truly not worth the trouble.


2017-02-06 17:45:33

I completely agree Janet.. I have the end of season 3 on at the moment and I just don't get the Juliette saga.. So here I find myself Googling about when we will have season 4 where I hope they will continue in the earlier script type writing..

Irish Warrior Woman

2017-02-15 21:26:35

I am addicted to the Affair. I am so impressed with the interpretation of her role by Ruth Wilson. I do believe she will have a bright future in TV, Theater, and Movies. Another Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep in the making. I hope Season 4 brings back the original 4 main characters. Can they heal the wounds they caused?


2017-02-20 18:40:49

Comment (at least 5 characters)I love the affair also . I just started watching it and watched all the seasons one after the other . Now I can not wait for season 4, hopefully there will be one . This show is so well written and the acting is amazing. I also find Dominic west to be the sexiest man around lately ...he is so convincing in his acting ,they all are great . Please keep it going forever


2017-08-10 05:55:25

Season 4 last one I can't ser how she is going to wrap this up in 10 hours? Hated the way Noah was written what he had to go through,everyone leaving him out to dust at the end? Would love to see him happy and the truth come out to everyone...not just those who know it now. Where is the nosey cop? I like Cole but he was no saint ! Nor his brothers. Noah was the one good person who seems to have gotten the bad wrap hopefully it doesn't end like this. Can't wait for it to start. I am streaming all seasons over again now...enjoy. Hopefully we will be all satisfied with the ending. I too wished for a couple more.


2017-04-29 04:57:35

Awesome show!!! Renéw for next season. Great actors! Always look forward to Sunday when this show is on.


2017-07-03 20:46:34

So when will season 4 begin


2017-07-10 17:47:30

Must have a season 4 of the affair!!! I just started watching on demand and can't stop. There isnt anything else like it. Great story along with phenomenal acting.

geri landis

2017-07-12 01:34:30

The best the story,the actors are great,can't wait for it to return!!!!!


2017-07-13 11:09:29

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I would not refer to Cole as being a farmer.


2018-01-02 20:35:15

Comment (at least 5 characters)...In addition, if you refer to him as a farmer, you should put handsome & hot before farmer. But, he is a rancher. Love, love, love the characters & the show. Can't wait for season 4!!!!!!!!!! Hope it's in January sometime. Thank you Sarah & Levi.


2017-08-10 05:43:29

I love showtimes the affair. I can't wait for season 4 to see see if all the characters get back to a place where they are happy. Allison is the one who should have went down more maybe Cole not Noah! That was all kinds of wrong and twisted. Love to see him happy! Can't wait to watch.


2017-10-02 22:29:58

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I can not wait for season 4 !!!!!! Please tell me when I can look forward to this airing on Showtime. I love this show , it is captivating and you can't wait for the next one to start the characters completely draw you in. Besides the fact I have a crush on Noah Soloway !!!!!!1


2017-10-13 20:24:21

I am hooked on this show... when can we expect to see season 4?


2017-11-16 08:25:24

love love love this show

Cindy P

2018-03-22 22:45:36

I love The Affair thru season 2. Season 3 was okay but not the best. I was hoping to see more of Noah, Helen, Alison and Cole and the original story line. Everything has fallen apart. Please bring back the main characters!!!! I'm hoping for more, more, more!


2018-04-07 02:17:49

can't wait for season 4. I'm hoping that Noah and Alison get together, they really belong together. let Helen marry her handsome Doctor and Cole stay with his wife and everyone be happy.

Karen Resnick

2018-04-15 04:15:21

Looking forward very much, to see Alison, Noah, Helen and Cole in story lines. Also, what ever happened to Helen's jealous mother....Please bring back The Affair in 2018. Thank-you.


2018-08-24 03:02:04

When does series 5 begin. I guess 4 is over but info is hard to get. Questions are not answers just used for ads to sell.
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