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Taboo Season 1

Original name: Taboo Season 1
Duration: 56 min.
Seasons: 1
Cast: Tom Hardy
Genre: Drama
Country: United Kingdom
TV channel: BBC
Original release: January 7, 2017 – present

About TV show Taboo Season 1


Production of the new series is set to start late in 2015, and Tom Hardy has already said that he is going to be pretty busy working without weekends.

There is pretty limited insight on the Taboo series so far, not much descriptions or details have been revealed by the project runners. All that we know so far is that it’s going to be an adventurous story involving seas voyages and treasures. Intrigued? Don’t miss the new upcoming episodes!

Fox has picked up the upcoming mine-series of British production that is going to be cast on BBC internationally. Taboo original story created by Tom Hardy is arranged to kick off in the USA somewhere in 2017. The release date of season 1 will be announced later, so keep in touch!

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2016-06-13 01:18:13

Seriously, Max Pogorelyi? Your headline says "Season 1 Release Date", and all you have is "somewhere in 2016"? Sorry, but if you can't even give the frickin' month, you shouldn't call it a "date". Bait and switch much?


2016-08-03 04:33:54

Really ? R u kidding ? This is the lowest degree of trying to get click. Shame on you guys.


2016-08-03 18:20:31

Total bull crap. Everyone knows in 2016 you said you knew a date
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Example: 2019-12-03 - Official release/renewed date;
2019, to be announced - The date will be announced in 2019;
Completed - The season 1 is final;
Cancelled - The show has been canceled after season 1.
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Taboo Season 1 release date on BBC


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