Supernatural season 15

Original name: Supernatural season 15
Duration: 42 min.
Seasons: 14
Cast: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Katie Cassidy, Lauren Cohan
Genre: Drama, Supernatural
Country: USA
TV channel: The CW
Original release: September 13, 2005 – present

About TV show Supernatural season 15

About TV show Supernatural season 15

On April 2, 2018, The CW renewed the series for a fourteenth season, which premiered on October 11, 2018, and will consist of 20 episodes. Supernatural season 15 release date - 2019, to be announced.

Supernatural Plot

Since his wife was killed by a demon 22 years earlier, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has been working to hunt and kill sinister supernatural beings. He has also taken his two sons Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) under his wing and trained to demon hunters. While Dean continues to kill monsters and ghosts with his father, Sam has meanwhile decided to lead a normal and peaceful life away from paranormal activities. But one day when John disappears without a trace, Dean visits his younger brother and asks him for help. Sam agrees to face the dark forces one last time with Dean to find her father. They also come across more and more clues to the mysterious demon who once killed her mother.

Supernatural season 15 release date

2019, to be announced

Supernatural is an American mystery series shot in Vancouver, Canada. The series ran in the United States between 2005 and 2006 on the station The WB and since 2007, since the second season, on its successor station The CW. In April 2018, the series was extended by a 14th season, which should start on 11 October 2018.

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2018-10-29 01:03:24

Love season 14!


2019-05-05 18:06:59

I enjoyed Season 14 and am looking forward to watching Season 15.


2019-05-27 06:20:33

Me too!


2018-11-03 00:50:12

Supernatural acting and writing has forgotten what made it great. Season 15 is as poorly written as season 14. Non one cares for all the extra co stars the show has added. The power of the angel has gotten weaker since he first came on and dean is turning into a superhero, what a joke. Same the large and better actor on the show just gets weaker, another joke. It seems they forgot about Michael who is in the cage when he could solve most of the problems. Since they killed off the king of hell and one of the best actors the show has constantly gotten weaker. To straighten out the show would be simple if the writers just paid attention to the past episodes.


2019-03-12 21:54:34

How could you possibly know how poorly written season 15 is if season 15 hasn't aired. They haven't even finished season 14. Plus if they let Micheal out of the cage thinking it would solve their problem it would get a lot worse. Wouldn't the two Michelle team up and cause a lot more damage? Plus *spoiler*........ Micheal is dead now. Problem solved. Jack killed him. So stop hating on supernatural because the show is great and it will always stay that way. So if you honestly hate the show so much then just don't watch it.


2019-03-13 21:04:47

Well said Mark, Dean has gone a bit off his head for me now, too much gone in the head..mister big shot thinks he's the B**PING STAR !!..Think not Deano too big for your boot's mister hot shit, king of hell was the best on the show, I feel so sorry for sam being left in the background like he is now. Getting hard to watch king Dean now


2019-05-27 06:18:36

Stop hating. It's comments like these that are ending the series. If you don't like the show - turn the channel!


2018-12-24 09:17:22

keep me posted about the Super Natural season 15 2019 to BE Announce thank u

Lane Marie Cudmore

2019-01-25 08:51:04

I will pray for next season 15 for Supernatural, Lane’s biggest huge fan also thinking of Jensen, Jared, Misha & Alexander Calvert keep moving on more other seasons the actors good work. Always Keep Fighting lots/tons That’s my comment for Supernatural members. From: Lane


2019-02-22 02:31:58

Supernatural is FANtastic!! Been watching since the 1st second of episode 1. Catch repeats daily on TNT. It’s still well written,well talked about and after 14 seasons,I still can’t get enuf! As long as the actors wanna stay I’ll b watching! BTW I’m 55 not a teen. Also not afraid to say I watch it,I love it and know too many storylines I’m happy to share!


2019-02-23 08:40:36

I have watched from the beginning and this is the only show I will not accept phone calls during. Always wondered why it airs so early in central time zone. It is not a kid show-there are subtle and not so subtle references to ancient knowledge. It seems like it would have more audience a bit later in the evening. I probably would have withdrawals for a long time if it ended...and I am over 55 years old. I agree that the king of hell was a very entertaining entity and maybe should return somehow.


2019-03-30 17:34:13

I really love the show. I liked it more in the first seasons when they fought monsters, after the angels showed up it got complicated, but never missed a show nevertheless. I am dying to find out how its going to end and who will survive.


2019-04-21 00:54:46

season 15 will go into 2020. I watched the clip of the boys talking about yhe end and also saw a pic of Sam holding up a tee and it said 2005-2020
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Example: 2019-12-03 - Official release/renewed date;
2019, to be announced - The date will be announced in 2019;
Completed - The season 14 is final;
Cancelled - The show has been canceled after season 14.
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Supernatural season 15 release date on The CW

  2019, to be announced

Last updated: 2018-10-29   + Add official date

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