Supergirl season 2

Original name: Supergirl season 2
Duration: 42 min.
Cast: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Calista Flockhart, David Harewood, Chyler Leigh
Genre: Drama, Fiction
Country: USA
TV channel: CBS
Original release:

About TV show Supergirl season 2


Actors taking part: Chyler Leigh, David Harewood, Melissa Benoyst, Mehkad Brus and many other famous actors. Many participants held a special casting. According to the film crew, the casting has come a lot of people. Since the show to participate like almost all.

Action adventure captures every spectator. The main characters in this film - it's Superman and his cousin. It describes the heroic career of the protagonists. It is impossible to break away from the view of all the series. The film lasts about forty-three minutes. In 2015, on October 26 released the first season of TV screens. Now the film crew is working on the release of the second season. Fans are eagerly awaiting new episodes.

Supergirl season 2 releasa date

October 10, 2016

To date, the most popular series among young people has broken all records. It should be noted that the directors have paid great attention to work on more contemporary films. Since the multi-million audience to appreciate the activities of the group. In this regard, the directors Dermott Downs Glen Winter, and others have tried to surprise the audience. Now all the fans of the new series "Supergirl" waiting for release of the second season.

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Jen Hughes

2015-12-15 08:38:03

Looking forward to season 2 of Supergirl hope its very..soon please please

shi han

2016-01-22 06:43:58

I agree am looking forward to supergirl season 2


2015-12-24 01:05:33

Love it! soon soon soon Supergirl

Jacob Helzer

2016-01-29 06:47:36

Really looking forward to season 2 of supergirl and hopefully many more!!


2016-02-02 05:06:47

I love supergirl we want season 2 of it.


2016-02-09 11:50:21

Supergirl is a great show there is a lot you can do with it looking forward to season 2!


2016-03-28 11:46:50

CBS needs to stop jerking it's audience around all the time! "Supergirl" is a GREAT new show, and they need to wise up, hurry up and give Season 2 the green light! Studio executives are greedy, arrogant pricks who always jump the gun and do a knee jerk reaction ALL the time with a NEW show. They'll whine, moan and threaten to cancel a show if the show isn't a mega hit right out of the starting gate! They NEVER give the show a real chance to get an audience. Yes, maybe "Supergirl" isn't in the Top 5 consistently since it's inception, but-SO WHAT!! It's still doing VERY well since it's premiere, and the pin heads at CBS need to give the caterpillar a chance to transform into a butterfly, see if it will really and truly spread it's wings-and soar.


2016-03-29 12:35:27

I agree it already has won 2 awards it won Critics' Choice TV Award Most Exciting New Series and People's Choice Award Favorite New TV Drama isnt that what this is about winning awards. Come on CBS renew Supergirl.

Johnny Hawk

2016-03-30 05:32:46

Season 2 plzzzzzzz and many more. My wife is not a superhero fan but loves superhero too


2016-05-16 01:08:19

I love supergirl, it's officially renewed it's moving to the CW for season 2.

2016-04-01 00:17:13

Awesome! Where is the trailer. Looking foward to looking at the trailer. Is it awesome?


2016-04-05 21:21:49

I love the show Supergirl......why do we always have men heros and no women? Leave Supergirl on CBS.


2016-04-06 19:02:04

Please renew supergirl for season 2. This is an amazing cast of great actors. They all seam to really like each other. I really like the sister relationship between Kara and Alex.


2016-04-09 00:26:45

Why the wait? CBS must know by now if there is gonna be a Season 2 or not.


2016-04-13 19:29:43

Please don't draw this out any longer please renew supergirl for season 2

Jane Doe

2016-04-13 20:13:29

The return of "Supergirl" depends on ratings and if the show does not get enough ratings then the show does not continue in the fall. But I do believe that "Supergirl" did get the ratings to continue, so I think that season 2 of "Supergirl" is very likely but "Supergirl" started in October so therefore it will probably not return until October or sometime around October.


2016-04-15 15:27:56

Bring on season 2

David hannam

2016-04-20 07:09:38

Me and my family love supergirl, an want it to continue as long as possible, it is sending a positive message to the children, there's not any other show that does that on t.v.


2016-04-21 00:00:47


Le Chief

2016-04-21 10:35:41

CBS, remember now you work for the american people. My advice to whoever is in charge of making decisions, that they wise up and order many episodes, for years to come. That is all thank you

CleveMan Browns

2016-04-28 04:30:03

I Really Like To See SuperGirl On The CW Network


2016-04-30 21:35:37

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let it continue!!!!!!!!!


2016-05-01 14:05:49

we like watching supergirl show. I would like to see it again in the fall.


2016-05-03 06:40:31

Supergirl is a good show. I look forward to watching.


2016-05-10 03:45:48

Super girl is really interesting series n I cnt wait to watch season 2.


2016-05-11 19:42:07

Hi cbs back suer girl new season 2 out on air tv cbs Louis

victoria loveridge

2016-05-13 01:23:48

i love your movie it inspires me it shows me for girls can determind or anything they put their mind onto showing brave strong and confident sadly i didnt find out when the next season starts and im dying to find out and i mean seriously i try not to miss one minute of your show please hope youll bring the spoil alert soon cause im starting to worry i havent seen super on tv in a little while


2016-05-14 03:12:26

When does super girl come back on


2016-05-17 21:51:17

I really enjoy watching supergirl and especially looking forward to season 2. There are at least two things I'm forward to seeing1. who is in the pod and 2. more crossovers with other super heroes .


2016-05-18 15:49:14

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR SEASON 2 I absolutely love this show and all the cast !! When is season 2 and what channel is it moving to? I heard cw was picking it up! Is this true??

grace uribes

2016-05-19 04:41:46

I definitely can't wait until season 2 starts!!


2016-05-28 23:12:31

Supergirl is going to be continued, but not on CBS in is on CW where the flash is


2016-06-02 00:13:20

weeuuuwe you have nooo idea how much i wanted to know. thank yeall very much

Hermione Granger

2016-06-07 06:07:58

I can't wait until season 2 of Super girl comes out!

Hermione Granger

2016-06-07 06:08:01

I can't wait until season 2 of Super girl comes out!

Hermione Granger

2016-06-07 06:08:01

I can't wait until season 2 of Super girl comes out!

Hermione Granger

2016-06-07 06:08:04

I can't wait until season 2 of Super girl comes out!

unknown,fan david

2016-06-08 02:13:02

h,i im only unknown,fan to super,girl first


2016-06-08 06:59:07



2016-06-11 03:39:14

I love this show and I'd like to see it back on soon as possible

unknown,fan david

2016-06-24 20:18:31

h,i im only unknown,fan right now to super,girl

unknown,fan david

2016-10-02 17:48:52

I love the series super girl but I wonder when the new season is comeing out


2016-10-04 03:17:53



2016-10-05 04:39:54

I wiuld love more seasons.


2016-10-12 06:25:14

When is it coming

Dianne Wheeler

2016-10-18 21:58:18

Looking forward to Supergirl season 2. Will it start soon? Please

Donna barlow

2016-12-02 07:10:49

I can not find the season 2of supergirl
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