Suits Season 6 release date - July 13, 2016

Original name: Suits Season 6
Duration: 42 min.
Cast: Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle, Rick Hoffman, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: USA Network
Original release:

About TV show Suits Season 6

About Suits Season 6

If you are one of the numerous devoted fans of Suits, then there’s hardly any need in telling how popular and captivating this legal drama is. The project has succeeded greatly and now a millions audience is dragged to their TV screens when the next episode is kicked off. The superstar attorneys Mike Ross and his colleague Harvey Spector make the fans of Suits mesmerize in from on their TVs.

The release date of the sixth season of Suits series is not known yet, but the announcement about its renewal arrived right after season 5 premiered. It’s worth noting that the opening episode of the fifth part debuted with a little drop in movie ratings and attracted about 2.1 million of viewers in total. Nevertheless, despite this slight decline, Suits project keeps proving it’s the best performer up to date on the USA network and release date of season 6 is top expected.

As usual in the summer...

The new project of American production presents a legal drama series that has been aired in the US on the USA network in the course of five seasons already. The debut of the successful show happened in June 2011.

The complicated and intertwined storyline of Suits develops around a pair twosome of dynamic superstar attorney and a protégé of his. Suits Season 6 release date - July 13, 2016.

The outstanding brilliant cast was mentioned numerous times by series critics and television viewers. The masterfully chosen cast in combination of some of really best writing made the new USA’s project a real hit that dragged a wide audience and provided the movie with extremely positive reviews from the strictest critics.

Way to go, Suits! We are all already in premonition of new season arrival and die with curiosity what surprises new episode keep in store for us.

Have you seen at least one of the episodes of Suits? Did you enjoy this exquisite legal drama so much that you simply can’t get enough of it and check the news for any current notifications about the series’ continuation? We are ready to deliver the splendid news that has been made public already: the renewal of drama series has been officially confirmed by the USA channel administration. The notification was met with a splash of enthusiasm from the part of the fans. Suits season 6 release date isn’t arranged yet, thus we are all in premonition and expect other announcements from the network authorities. Come back and get the most recent news about new drama episodes.

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2015-11-25 23:37:04

Fantastic show! Enjoyed every season! Can't wait for season 6!


2015-12-28 10:58:12

Have watched since the beginning and waited for each season thereafter. Thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes. Can't wait for the upcoming episodes in January 2016. Definitely would like to see the series renewed for another season.


2016-01-31 07:14:33

Best series on TV .Can hardly wait for season 6


2016-02-18 05:53:52

Love the show and eager to see it renewed for season 6.


2016-02-18 05:55:50

Love the show and eager to see it renewed for season 6.


2016-02-18 05:56:19

Love the show and eager to see it renewed for season 6.

Robert Carney

2016-02-22 23:47:27

Please don't discontinue this series! Suits remains the most dynamic legal drama ever seen on TV the characters meld together like magic and the twists and turns for getting out of legal troubles is truly remarkable I look forward to my favorite show each week


2016-02-26 14:58:33

awesome Show:)


2016-03-02 18:08:37

Should bring Suits back for several more seasons. It is very good TV drama.


2016-03-03 19:23:07

GREAT!!! Can't wait for season 6, 7, 8 and hopefully more.

paul from uganda kampala

2016-03-28 00:28:06

I like Mike Rose and Harvey Specter Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-04-15 22:28:25

Please stop the use of g--d--- in every other sentence. It detracts from the great quality of the show.


2016-04-19 05:58:10

I have watched this show from the start and love, love, love Suits! I am always disappointed that I have to wait until the next season starts again. Please keep this show running. It is one of my favorites!

downtown girl

2016-05-13 06:15:41

Great show, but the early episodes were better


2016-06-24 20:46:49

Suits has been an inspiration to my family.It has changed my thinking pattern towards people and my job. just cant get enough


2016-06-25 08:34:00

Love the show Suits!!! Very intriguing and keeps you not wanting the show to end. Great acting and the personalities of the actors fit together perfectly for the storyline of the show. I don't ever want the show to end.
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Suits Season 6 release date on USA Network


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