Strike Back Season 6

Original name: Strike Back Season 6
Duration: 45 min.
Seasons: 5
Cast: Richard Armitage, Andrew Lincoln, Shelley Conn, Colin Salmon
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Military
Country: USA
TV channel: Cinemax
Original release:

About TV show Strike Back Season 6

According to the official information from Cinemax, season 5 is the last one. But we do not actually believe them, since they used to make Christmas surprises by announcing the renewal of the series. So, let’s wait till December and they will most probably confirm our suspicions.

Since there is not much known about the synopsis of 6th season, we can assume that it will have a new storyline. The characters will have a new mission and we will see them in a new location kicking the asses of bad guys and blowing up things around. This is another proof that the series can’t end due to the lack of the storyline since every season there can be more and more different mafia, yakuza, terrorist to face.

If you haven’t watched the series yet, we highly recommend you do so and you will truly enjoy the war scenes with special effects which look quit impressive. Besides, it is a live-action series and all tricks are made by actors themselves so they do look real and believable.

Let us know about your impressions and ideas in comments. You are also welcome to register on our website to be updated with the upcoming details: the premier date of the Season 6 and the air date of its 1st episode.

If you are into the military, secret agents series, then Strike Back is the right choice. The release date of the 1st episode was in May 2010 and ever since the series has been rated as excellent among the fans. The series is based on the book of the real agent of UK armed forces. Through the seasons the team of secret agents take part in secret missions fighting allover the world with terrorists, rescuing hostages, etc.

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2015-08-22 23:43:34

Strike back possibly the best t.v series ever made. No scrap that DEFINITELY the best t.v series ever made.


2016-01-04 08:47:46

Yup agreed! Bring it back!


2015-10-13 10:40:21

It's a great creation I just can't wait to watch season 6 !!!!!


2015-11-07 07:33:23

Get rid of The Knick and bring Strike Back back. A great show that should have never been considered for cancellation. What were you thinking?


2015-11-10 03:11:58

hello everyone I am from Italy Diego . strike back is the series that impressed me the most . I can not give me peace for too long I almost want to cry , I would just come back to strike back !! You know if the season 6 there will be certain or even go to the cinema as a real movie ? please answer!

2016-01-04 08:48:56

Yeah no doubt it's only the greatest show ever and it's now over!!!! Bring it back please!!!


2015-12-07 03:23:28

One of the best shows ever created. It would be a shame if there wasn't another season. By far this is the most amazing action series ever to hit the small screen. It's like watching a great movie every week.


2015-12-09 13:29:05

strikeback is real and the best tv series that is ever meaningful


2015-12-12 22:26:03

The best show on t v come on more of it


2015-12-31 15:37:17

Good film


2016-01-07 03:04:30

to be honest with you guy's #STRIKE BACK is the most vital series i have ever come across.Can't wait to watch the season 6!!


2016-01-14 21:45:18

i need season 6 badly


2016-01-26 19:30:34

I love watching strike back. Please do another's not fair you cancel it. I want it back.


2016-02-01 18:16:04

Please renew it its the best series I've watched


2016-02-05 09:36:54

wel done strikeback season5.when will be season 6available?


2016-02-07 16:20:21

Please email me updates pertaining to this strike back season 6. Strike back is by far my favorite show I've watched each season about 15 times it was very well put together as far as tactical stand point Phillip and Sullivan did a great job better than most military movie.


2016-02-07 16:24:37

Please email me once you guys figure out anything or hear anything of a possible season 6 of strike back it is by far the greatest television show from the military standpoint as far as tactics and everything go Philip and Sullivan did a phenomenal job would love to see them more even though Sullivan's new show is good I much rather see strike back get renewed

veronica jackson

2016-02-24 04:39:16

great writing! please bring this show back. binged watched the entire show in two weeks.

Nnaji Joseph

2016-02-29 01:26:26

Best series ever had. please release the season 6.

Dr. Satyajeetsingh Chavda

2016-03-01 10:04:40

Fabulous series ever seen in my life and the next part should come. We are WAITING for it.......Thanks A lot....


2016-03-07 17:43:04

Really love your acting guyz scott and mike,julian nd mertiniz so imppresive missss u mertiniz love the way u talk babe can't waite for season 6

2016-03-08 17:16:54

Plz bring strike back its da best series I ever watched


2016-03-10 00:49:51

is scott dead?


2016-07-03 11:44:37

No, he is not. This was just to throw that PM or whoever he was off track.


2016-03-15 02:18:27

strike back has been great~!!


2016-03-15 18:50:01

I'm 63 yrs old, strike back is one of the, if not the, best tv shows I have ever seen. it would be a real shame if this series is canceled.


2016-03-22 20:44:25

I love each episode I can wait to watch the season 6


2016-03-23 03:45:28

The fans really need a season 6. Strike Back is one of my favorite series. Please!!!!!!

sicino joyce hlanganiso

2016-04-08 00:16:44

Denim scoot,mikel stonebridge,julian you make me go crazy,,,cme be with a bang pliz


2016-05-02 10:25:02

Strike back is the best ever to show please make more


2016-05-02 16:18:34

the best show ever had, hope to have new season new adventure. one thing best in this series, I dont get bored. As I am literally nailed on my seat watching every tactics and guessing who will be the next to die. hehe


2016-05-15 02:40:22

Best Ever please bring back.


2016-05-15 12:44:34

im 4m uganda strike back its the best tv seris pleass we need season 6

Anne Pappas

2016-05-19 07:09:16

This is such a fantastic series! Please let it continue!! Kickass and awesome bromance!! Love it!!

I really like the show strike back

2016-05-30 05:15:00

Maybe Cinemax well bring them back There story line can go anywhere all you have to do is look at the world Some people just do bad things and the team just puts them in check But one thing bad guys never give up they plan and carry out attacks then we see it on the news.


2016-06-02 07:50:36

i am waiting for season 6, please release it at earliest possible

2016-06-04 02:32:55

Nice movie..... We need more up data


2016-06-07 21:39:54

Love the show.The action has me always on the edge of my seat. Photography is superb. Story lines always keep me interested. Please don't cancel.


2016-06-08 23:15:15

There should be another season of strike back as it a good show and Tue best I have ever seen.

glynis deary

2016-06-11 00:17:04

we want to see strike back 6 returning please


2016-06-12 08:42:05

Strick back tv serious awesome .excellent and beautiful . Thnks for the usa


2016-06-18 23:58:50

Strike Back cancelled after series 5? wtf, it is up there with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones for compulsive viewing, I`m sure there are more than enough scenarios to see Section 20 continue......


2016-07-02 05:32:51

Yes, bring it back, im watching them all from the begining again for prob the 5 th time, but with Scott and Stonebridge and Scotts sun riding off into the sunset at end of season 5, they are in the USA, a lot more storys could be told, yes they could involve the mafia yakuza also neo nazi, should and hopefully bring it back


2016-07-07 12:19:41

I do love the show and its so sad to end it.pls bring bck the show.


2016-07-13 00:33:28

Get this excellent program back on my TV please.


2016-07-15 06:42:25

Waiting for S6, please hurry!


2016-07-16 07:48:29

Strike back proved to be an above average military show. The characters though super soldiers prove all too human. The action is entertaining and the bromance between main characters amusing. Well worth an hour of popcorn


2016-07-18 23:05:06

Best TV show yet. Gotta love how the Brits devote so much into their TV shows


2016-07-20 13:33:51

I love it cos it the best among the like of nikkita ,24

The middle Juice

2016-07-30 01:32:01

I love Strike Back ever since I discovered it have watched ever episode and it's the main reason I got on demand


2016-08-04 00:15:49

Please bring it back.. I love the characters and speacialy wenchester and sulivan.

2016-08-04 12:18:23

Ma favourite movie ever

Andy patel

2016-08-10 06:31:04

Please bring back season 6 I loved watching all the episodes. Can't wait for season 6 hurry please. ...


2016-08-12 00:02:00

Best programme I'd seen there must be season 6 so many people watched this hope its not to long to wait


2016-08-19 13:17:12

i can't wait .... i hope season 6 will come ..... soon


2016-08-25 06:30:22

Good show, mate. Bring on more.


2016-08-28 13:01:12

Bring on season 6 ASAP

Bridget Davis

2016-08-29 18:12:22

Why would you Cancel a awesome show after only just 6 seasons. I think it's because of money. Strike Back is by far the best Series I have ever seen. Please bring back my favorite show.


2016-09-07 13:25:01

Strike back is d best movie I ever watch infact if u can contenue it wll be marketable universally. Am Nigerian


2016-09-19 03:06:24

Listen its enough you good people keep cancelling outstanding shows especially shows like the Last Ship Intelligence E.T.C. but please not Strike Back it is ground breaking edge of your seat eat your heart out 24 awesome show keep it going guys

Thomas Mensah

2016-09-19 06:54:17

Yes, bring it back, im watching them all from the begining again for prob the 5 th time, but with Scott and Stonebridge and Scotts sun riding off into the sunset at end of season 5, they are in the USA, a lot more storys could be told, yes they could involve the mafia yakuza also neo nazi, should and hopefully bring it back


2016-09-20 12:54:16

It''s the best series i ever watched which made to dispear in my community people thought maybe i have travel while i was just in my room enjoying "Strike Back season 1 to 5" all i want to say is your series is one of the best amoung all the series.


2016-09-28 11:35:17

please bring it back..can't wait for season 6 ...............please


2016-10-25 00:52:53

Please I need strike back cos is good film


2016-10-25 00:57:05

It a good


2016-11-05 07:37:16

why every time some good tv series comes out it's cancelled? it makes now sense I think the big muk a muks should be cancelled and let Strike Back go on!!!!!!


2016-11-16 18:00:53

love this series, one of the best series i`ve ever watched


2016-12-02 04:49:34

It has action and story


2017-07-11 16:38:09

It is so fantastic (at least 5 characters)...

Obol Deogratius

2017-09-04 14:45:09

@strike back the #series make me impressive and emotional you know keen you very keen on what coming next. I have love the series since right season 1 Thanks for the actors


2017-11-02 00:33:18

It was rubbish, not a patch on the previous series'. It felt forced and dolled up for the millennial crowd. Non of it seemed even slightly real, won't be tuning in for episode 2. Such a shame, I was really looking forward to it.
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