Stitchers season 3

Original name: Stitchers season 3
Duration: 42 min.
Seasons: 2
Cast: Emma Ishta, Kyle Harris, Ritesh Rajan, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Allison Scagliotti, Damon Dayoub
Genre: Drama, Science Fiction, Crime
Country: USA
TV channel: Freeform
Original release:

About TV show Stitchers season 3

Events taking place in one of the special units of the National Security Agency, the department staff are engaged in the disclosure of particularly important cases related to the brutal murder, terrorism, smuggling of arms and drugs. Their main task is to play from the memory of the victims of the victims or perpetrators of memories, ask how, when a person dies the brain still lives a few hours it was from there they take out important clues, using special equipment. The main character, Kristen, by the will of fate sick strange disease, she can not feel the time criteria and not oriented in time, but because of his great mathematical skills was able to curb this disease with the help of logical calculations.

Stitchers is an American science fiction crime drama series created by Jeffrey Alan Schechter. The show was picked up to series on September 29, 2014, and premiered on June 2, 2015, on ABC Family.

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2016-05-25 11:02:09

I love this show. Pls don't cancel it. And don't leave us hanging. I look forward to Tuesdays. I record show so I can watch them over again. Why do they cancel all the good shows anyway.


2016-05-26 05:45:23

Me too! I LOVE this show!! Please keep it going or at the very least tell us the complete plot!


2016-06-22 02:03:52

They did it to Eye Candy with Victoria Justice. I was in love with it then they cancelled | ended it when her leaving to find her sister by herself.


2016-10-16 07:38:12

i agree...they always cancel the good ones...i love this show! i wanna no if she ever gets with cameron..ya no she loves him


2016-11-27 22:23:04

right....i cant stand it either....i scream at the tv...yelling at her to kiss him already....tell him you love him....omg....i will literally stop watching tv series if they cancel this without the grand finale....we want ANSWERS!!!!


2016-11-08 01:43:19

This show is my life I don't want it to stop if it stops #lifeisover I want it to keep on going. I started this show 3 days ago and I am already done. And now I think that Kristen is Jealous of Camerons new GF, and if Kristen has a thing for Cameron, and if Cameron still likes Kristen like OoOoOoooOOoOooo. and if Kristen will be ok after she is in her own memory and doesn't want to leave.


2016-05-25 18:24:50

Yes,i agree they cancel everything but Pretty Little Liars! Thats b/c they give it the best time slot & ENCORES! Which isnt fair 2 other shows,they just get cancelled! I really like Stitchers,glad 2 c a season 2,hope 2 c a season 3! Nice because it is different than most Syfy shows! On a positive note, their programming has improved, n the high %,since they became Freeform! Just need 2 do encores & not cancel so fast/soon!


2016-08-03 03:35:00

I agree every episode of stitchers is interesting. I hope to see a season 3


2016-05-27 03:41:00

It great to have some "serious enough" sci-fi with enough quirk and comedy to keep it light and enough "danger" to give it an edge. This is a fun watch, somewhat akin to Grimm. We don't need "realistic" crime shows, they are a dime a dozen and sadly often mimic the real world a bit too much! Stitchers is quite entertaining if you've watched it from the start. Once we found it online, my wife and I blasted through Season 1 in just a few nights and are doing the same with Season 2. And now... hoping for a 3rd season! Thanks for making solving crimes FUN again!


2016-05-30 02:25:47

I have watched stitchers in 3 days all the episodes. Now i am watching It again. That never happens and i wached a lot of tv Series so it really means something. I love the idea, the way they show that nerdy people are fun and emotional like anybody is awesome. There is fictional disease which is rare and completely understandable. I mean Kirsten fell into the disease because she was linked to the machine that doesn't exist yet in our world as far as we know it at least. It kinda makes sense that sides effects are different than we know it too. Characters are grounded and complex in their own ways which is awesome either. This show knows how to surprise and keep people waiting (really after 2x10 I was like sure it is not the season finale. when I learned it was like : Dear producers or anybody who decides how episodes look like Great job really but don't do it again please. There are too many things we don't know about characters back stories, what the stitchers program is really about and more and more. There is too many things they can do with the show (but no deaths in the team because there is nobody to kill) and come on camsten has to really happen. It is rely to see on television so clearly why they are so perfect for one another. There are things that happens in every show but those kinda stuff are never boring so we can forgive that I believe. PS. Sorry for grammar mistakes. For my defense I can say it is not my native language.


2016-06-02 03:51:45

Please don't take my show! Love this so much


2016-06-03 15:49:50

i absolutely love this show! please renew for a 3rd season! Stitchers is my favorite TV show... i look forward to watching it each week.


2016-06-04 12:20:35



2016-06-06 03:33:22

Please do not cancel season 3. Season 1 and 2 have been the best and I really dig this show. This is like one of my top 5 favorite shows, it is really intense and that is what I like about it. If u cancel season 3 and the show, my life will probably be ruined. So I'm begging please do not cancel thus show and season 3.


2016-06-06 09:33:36

Found this show by accident and like many others watched all of season 1 and 2 in under a week. Awesome show and cant wait for season 3 !!! Do not cancel this show, amazing cast of people and never a dull moment. And yes, Cam and Kirsten Def need to make it happen. Dont cancel my fav tv show.

2016-06-06 09:34:42

Found this show by accident and like many others watched all of season 1 and 2 in under a week. Awesome show and cant wait for season 3 !!! Do not cancel this show, amazing cast of people and never a dull moment. And yes, Cam and Kirsten Def need to make it happen. Dont cancel my fav tv show.


2016-06-06 19:39:19

I love Stitchera. I watched the entire season 2 and most of season 1. With the cliffhanger that season 2 left us with, I will be very upset if they just cancel it.


2016-06-08 03:19:36

please don't cancel the show. the show is watched worldwide and loved worldwide. this could be a great movie series just like pretty little liars. Heck i could even be better. i have watched pretty little liars for a long time now and i dare to say the "stitcher" is better. i live in yangon,myanmar and believe me is popular here too. fans here and worldwide would be disappointed if it got canceled. keep it going and we will be grateful.


2016-06-09 01:41:03

Don't cancel this beautiful show, its so intriguing, and adventurous they can do so much more with this show PLEASE don't cancel. We all want a season 3!!!!!!


2016-06-09 06:11:44

I started watching Stitchers out of curiosity because I am a great admirer of Allison Scagliotti. I adored her performance as Claudia Donovan in Warehouse 13 and she continues to dazzle in Stitchers, as does the rest of the extremely talented cast. It's a well-cast, well-written, funny and intelligent show and that is becoming more of a rarity these days. I would be very happy to see it renewed for several more seasons.


2016-06-10 09:03:04

I've been watching Stitchers since it first came out. I instantly fell in love with the show and the characters. It would be a shame if it cancelled when it's such a great show and plus it left us off on a cliff hanger. If you decide not to carry on at least make one episode of what happened in their lives after everything happened. Does Kirsten ever stitch out? What happens with Kirsten and Cameron? Does Kirsten ever find her dad? Is Ivy going to still hate Kirsten? Will everyone lose their jobs?


2016-06-13 15:43:27

Please bring stitchers back for season 3. Love this show!!


2016-06-15 07:11:58

Pls renew stitchers i love this show so much


2016-06-16 05:03:39

Please renew! Just watched the season finale. I'm intrigued and must know what happens next. I love this show and all its quirky characters. Please don't cancel!!!!


2016-06-16 18:00:41

More stitchers we need more of season 3


2016-06-18 19:38:07

My kids and I love this show! We have been waiting for season 3. We are hoping to see a relationship build with Kirsten and Cam. Please do not cancel this show! All good shows are being cancelled!


2016-06-19 23:00:02

Stitchers is my favorite syfy show so if the series doesn't continue I'll lose my mind .... Plz make another more and more seasons it matters to us stitcher fans


2016-06-21 19:45:44

I REALY hope that this show comes back. So much has happened in the show to stop now. There are still so many questions and still so many chemistry between Cameron and Kirsten. I completely ship them as a couple. I can really see this show going places in the future and I'm sure I am not the only one. Please please please continue with this show. I would hate to see a GREAT cancelled.


2016-06-21 21:12:55

Please don't cancel this show! I look for to watching this every Tuesday I couldn't deal without seeing show anymore! Cameron and Kirsten are so cute I just can't deal with them they need to go out


2016-06-22 00:29:17

I love stitches it's such a good show I even might so recaps on my utube channel @Maggie may n Lexis texas


2016-06-23 11:44:06

Please release season 7. I love it so much


2016-06-23 23:56:48

I just watched the entire series in approximately 3 days. There is no way they can cancel this show. Especially since season 2 ended in such a cliffhanging manner. I will go absolutely mad if they cancel Stitchers, and probably cry a lot. It's not often you can find a sci-fi show that really encompasses everything anyone loves in a tv shows. Overall, for the sake of my (and many other's) sanity, please don't cancel Stitchers. This is vital.


2016-06-24 19:22:13

Please don't cancel this show. There absolutely MUST be a season 3. I'm 12 years old. T.V.'s--or rather, watching on my laptop--is practically my life. I love this show. I hated it when they cancelled No Ordinary Family--please DO NOT let them do the same to this show.


2016-06-24 21:48:04

Please make a season 3 of stitchers because I watched all of both seasons in 5 days, it was a total binge watch worthy. Loved it so so much


2016-06-28 19:24:52

Im in LOVE with this series I BEG YOU PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL IT !, the thing is you can't put the fans in this situation... Everyones looking forward to see the good ending ( which ALMOST and WILL happen if you dont cancel it) don't leave us with a cliff hanger OKAY


2016-06-30 10:58:41

whait it it a yes or a no for seo 3


2016-07-03 07:30:18

I love the TV show Stitchers. I watch it faithfully with my daughter. It is the ONLY TV show we watch together and we really enjoy it. We are looking forward to season 3. Thank you, Katherine


2016-07-03 15:34:30

Please keep in mind the Brits who watch a lot of American shows.... I love this show... At least do 1 more season and explaine the missing pieces...


2016-07-04 09:16:37

Pleas keep this show!!!! I love the plot, and really want the next season. It's great and super scientific


2016-07-05 19:17:34

love this show .hope it have a season 3


2016-07-05 22:53:12

This is my favorite show I love this more than my old favorite shows and I thought nothing could be better than those but stichers is better than all the shows


2016-07-06 00:04:51

this show is awesome please have more seasons don't leave us with questions!!!!


2016-07-06 13:54:41

I am anticipating the continuation of Stichers. The characters are developing and the plot is thickening.


2016-07-07 21:49:42

I recently discover the show, got hooked on the first episode and could not stop watching it day and night. Love the plot, love the characters, very entertaining. Looking forward to more seasons!!!


2016-07-09 17:51:58

Come on...we are really looking forward for season 3 and maybe 4..plizz don't disappoint us.... the series is just AWESOME!!!!....


2016-07-14 02:38:57

I love the show. Cool characters.


2016-07-15 09:47:33

Keep it . It's a good one....


2016-07-25 23:14:19

The show should continue on


2016-07-27 16:51:41

Stitchers season 3 should happen!


2016-07-28 15:52:23

I freaking love this show! So many cliffhangers and unexpected turn of events. I really hope they continue the series! They can't just leave me hanging now!


2016-07-31 21:31:54

I NEED A SEASON 3 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2016-08-02 07:31:47

I love this show!! Please renew it!!!!!!! At least, if u do cancel do a final episode to see what happens to Kirsten!!! PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!


2016-08-04 13:21:01

I really like this show! Keep it going!


2016-08-07 17:43:10

I LOVE this show it's amazing and the actors are great PLZ don't cancel it


2016-08-09 08:26:38

A third season would be fun. It just feels like a three season show. If the characters are allowed to grow and the show takes itself more seriously, then a fouth season could be possible. But that if the characters are allowed to grow alot.


2016-08-09 13:30:03

Its one of my best movies. .It has unique ideas and a good story line, ,,can't wait for season 3


2016-08-11 06:04:19

I love this show! Before it aired I had thought many times before "if we could see the memoriesof the dead to know their cause of death." I NEED 2 KNOW what happens with Camsten ! and with everyone! There are so many unanswered questions us fans have. If we did just get one more (or many more) to answer thoose questions. Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls renew it for season three.


2016-08-11 09:22:46

I love this show I really want to see the season 3 of stitches


2016-08-11 19:20:43

This show is the most AMAZING SHOW EVER!!!! It has become one of the only shows I watch and if it gets cancelled, I don't know what I would do with my life. Stitchers just keeps getting better with every episode and I just know that season 3 will not be an exception of that. However, if for whatever reason Stitchers is not picked up for season 3, they at least have to make a finale episode. That season finale ended in a cliffhanger and if it just ends there, then we live in a cruel, cruel world.

Silver hope

2016-08-11 21:07:33

Its a really nice sci-fi yv show its interesting and i wish that you dont cancel it because its the best tv show i ever seen.


2016-08-12 03:13:27

I love this show! It is well written and the ensemble cast is great. Hope it gets a season three!


2016-08-12 23:28:25

PLEASE KEEP THIS SHOW. There is too much other garbage that keeps getting renewed. Were sick of reality TV and COP shows that recycle the same plot from one to the next. This show is fresh and different.


2016-08-15 04:59:06

The show sucked me in..LOVE IT! WAITING. ON MORE


2016-08-15 05:24:01

Please don't cancel this show. I love this show! It is definitely one of my favorite shows on Freeform. My sister and I have watch all of the episodes and we absolutely love the actors! Don't cancel it. If you do then I will not be very happy with y'all!


2016-08-17 22:51:11

OMG, I hope it is renewed! It is my absolute favourite show!!!

Heidi Eddinger

2016-08-18 03:02:35

Please bring stitchers back for a few more seasons I love this show! I already own both seasons and have watched them alot! Soo please dont leave us hanging.. Im dying to find out what happens!


2016-08-19 01:46:26

Please don't cancel this show me and my sisters love it. Don't leave us hanging.


2016-08-18 15:56:11

i adore stitchers . and i hope there is season 3 coming soon


2016-08-19 20:01:15

I have been a stitchers fan since it aired Day 1 Season 1. Me, my family, and friends all gather together and enjoy dinner while watching the show. Please do not cancel it.


2016-08-20 08:32:16

stitches is my all time favorite show, i relate to kirsten when she says she just wants to be with her mom cuz i do too since she passed, this show is all the things i love rolled into 1. they should do at least one more season to wrap up and not leave everyone hanging, i love this show and hope it continues


2016-08-22 05:30:11

Please don't end stichers this is my favorite show off all time my whole family loves it please don't end it


2016-08-22 10:56:21

pls dont stop stitchers season 3i love that seriesit whos very good


2016-08-28 05:39:01

I love this show, it is better than Pretty Little Liars and this is the best show ever! You cancled Forever and I loves that show, you need to keep this one on! Stichers is amazing!


2016-08-28 07:15:39

I really like this show and enjoy watching it. Please dont cancel it!


2016-08-30 03:03:42

Please bring stitches back for season 3. It seems every time I find a show I truly enjoy it gets cut. Wildfire, Kyle XY, Witches Of Eastend, Twisted & Ravenswood just to name a few. I know not all of these are Freeforms shows but...


2016-08-31 05:29:19

Dont you DAAAARRREEE cancel stitchers when pretty little liars has been on for 6 years and their plot is going in a circle.............. everyone watched PLL for the first 3 years and got bored and now here we are with a REALLY good show (for now ig) and you want to cancel it?! Cancel PLL!!! (its overrated anyway.... just an opinion)


2016-09-02 23:16:03

Please please please have aseason 3!

Penelope Gonzalez

2016-09-04 04:12:54

Stitchers is an AMAZING show! I really hope that they bring it back. I really want to see Season 3 of Stitchers. Please don't leave me hanging! Please bring it back FreeForm!!!


2016-09-05 07:57:34

Please Please Please Please Please Please don't cancel. This whole storyline is just catching on with those of us that are regulars we watched the progression of each of the characters and the changes in their lives so it would be like kicking your best friend at the front door and say see you later


2016-09-05 16:54:00

Can't wait for season 3! Such a great cast.. haven't seen that many pretty people on one show since Friends!

season 3 now

2016-09-06 04:59:38

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss i love love love love love love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE it so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sooooooooooooooo much


2016-09-08 00:43:46

Praying that Stitchers season 3 is released. ALL my family in UK,USA and Scandinavia are hooked and I have just watched series 1 & 2 again for about the 6th time. Even is they drop the thing of her searching for her mum and dad there is so far they can go with this, it is up there with shows like Bones, Blindspot etc and if they had made longer series then more people would have discovered it so PLEASE don't leave us all hanging


2016-09-09 05:59:34

I really hope to see a few more seasons of stitchers, its one of the good ones.


2016-09-10 19:15:32

I Love this show if this one is cancelled I will quit watching shows on this network all together, because it happened once already with chasing life and I loved it so much! I love this show to please continue with it!


2016-09-10 23:56:44

I assumed because Stitchers is such and interesting and entertaining show that it would be back for season 3. I'll be sorely disappointed if it doesn't.


2016-09-12 00:39:43

Please oh please renew stitchers season 3 it's my favorite show

2016-09-12 22:17:00

Please do not cancel! And if you must, give us some episodes to spend the story happily.


2016-09-13 07:50:42

I absolutely love this show. This is my favorite show. It has action, drama, and its romantic. I love every aspect of this show. It shows me that even the people with the worst backgrounds and worst childhoods can be something great. They can save lives and help people for the greater good. Please, I beg you. Please do not cancel this show. I will wait for how ever long it takes for this show to come back on. I record them so just incase I mess them on Tuesday night. I watch them when I get home from school. This is one of the only good shows left. Everything else has either been cancelled. Like CSI: Miami, NCIS. At least give us Stitchers.


2016-09-14 02:32:27

A creative show that doesn't rely on gore, sex and sensationalism to tell an interesting tale. Keep up the character development. Great show. I talk about it at work and others are looking for this season so they can watch. Renew a good thing. Many shows keep building there base over time. Perhaps more advertising then a run for binge watching from the premiere of the series to draw in and develop a larger faithful fan base??


2016-09-15 11:36:15

If stitchers is cancelled, somebody's getting fired for injustice. I love the show, plot and everything.


2016-09-15 19:01:01

Please don't cancel the show if fought up on both seasons I wish the tv world could know life's bussy n gets in the way were you can't watch it the night it premieres on tv but people do caught up with it on the app or on-demand portal. Please do season 3


2016-09-18 23:09:13

Please bring out season 3 of Stitcher!!!! I love this show!!!


2016-09-19 04:45:10

I have watched this show since it was first released. Please don't cancel it. I have been waiting for season 3. I love this show. I go online and rewatch it all the time.


2016-09-21 08:51:20

Please bring back Stitchers!!!!! ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS!!!! BRING BACK FOR SEASON 3!!!! They can't leave the cliffhanger of what will happen with Kirsten and Cameron! They totally need to put them together already! #CAMSTEN


2016-09-22 09:33:56

Please continue the series I love this show soooo much


2016-09-26 02:58:27

I fell in love with Stitchers and hope it will return.


2016-09-29 03:02:42

Bring season 3 on!!!


2016-09-30 05:06:28

Please continue this show it is my (and my whole family's) favorite show!


2016-10-01 21:15:00

I love this show I've rewatched it about a hundred times already please don't cancel it!!


2016-10-02 10:58:00

Please do not cancel the show. I have watched every episode more than once just binge watching it. And each and every time I still feel like I am being pulled into the show. I cry when they cry! I worry when they do. It is such a good show to just up and quit!


2016-10-02 11:29:43

I really want there to be a season 3 of stitchers. I would wait as long as I have to for a season 3 to come out. Please bring it back!


2016-10-06 03:18:53

If you cancel this show I will write another very colorful worded email, to freeform, like I did when forever was canceles


2016-10-06 18:46:51

love the show. please bring it back


2016-10-08 03:21:49

I love this show. I really hope they keep it going.


2016-10-09 19:48:57

I am absolutly in love with stitchers and cant wait till it returns

2016-10-14 22:25:07

I love this show. Please don't cancel it


2016-10-15 06:57:54

I love stitchers it keeps my attention and I love the twists it has. Keeps me on my toes... here is my top list of super natural and comic heroes series 1. I Zombie and TeenWolf (tie) 2. Stitchers 3. Originals and Vampire Diaries (tie) 4. Supergirl and Arrow (tie) 5.Justice league and Flash 6. Timeless


2016-10-15 08:43:14

This show requires season 3 urgently with smarter writings and proper answers about kirsten father and mother and more about her dad as his story is very mysterious without any sense as we don't know anyhting about him and we only saw him properly played by c.thomas in season 1 in few episodes and in season 2 in episode 1 and they need to bring back c.thomas as her dad and tell us his story really and what is really happening under stitching program that her dad knows about it and doesn't want his daughter to find out as his avator said that he'll find her and explain her everything when she is ready and about her mother what is evil blair doing to her and what is he using her for and to other bodies as well and I still believe that her father is also somewhere at the top.


2016-10-16 20:35:51



2016-10-19 19:13:41

I love this show


2016-10-22 23:33:35

I love this show, please keep it going!


2016-10-22 23:36:32

I love this show its unique! Please keep it going!


2016-10-24 00:57:17

Stitchers lives!!! Yay!! *happy tears* CAMSTEN LIVES!!


2016-10-24 03:17:18

Love, love Stitchers! Can't wait for season 3!


2016-10-25 02:44:02

I this show, please, the powers that be don't take it off.


2016-10-28 19:09:22

Love this show, Please don't cancel it. It is my guilty pleasure. I record it and watch it when im home alone. No kids, no man, no interruptions.


2016-11-06 00:44:08

I really love this show it make you want to continue watching so it would be nice to see future seasons


2016-11-08 01:34:06

Omg. They can not stop now i want to know what happens in season 3. please make more keep going I want to see if Kristen finds her father, and to see if Kristen has a thing for Cameron. I also have a question... Why does Kristen trust young Cameron???... I want to see this show keep going it is life. I started it last Friday and I was so in love with it I finished all of season 1 and 2. I want a season 3 very very very Very VERY VERY soon please please please. DONT STOP NOW.. like WHAT HAPPENS TO KRISTEN??.......


2016-11-08 23:54:24

This is a great show, don't know why ABC messes with the good ones. Expected in 2017, I sure hope so. It's been a long wait!


2016-11-14 08:07:19

i just finished the 2 seasons of stitchers in under a week. it's the best show i've watched in a long long time and the characters themselves make the show 10x better. i recommend it to anyone who is looking for a show to watch. you will never be disappointed and it always keeps you on your toes wanting more. i'm mad that i have to wait till 2017 for season 3, but i'm just happy it was renewed for a third season. but again, best show i've ever seen and i look forward to seeing what this next season brings :)


2016-11-22 03:14:56

I am so furious that it might be cancelled. I have waited for months to hear if it will be renewed. I hate it when my favorites get cancelled.


2016-11-27 07:49:02

I love stitches.I hope the 3rd season is extremely good.


2016-11-27 22:17:27

i absolutely love the show stitchers....cant wait to see me hooked....watching it keeps me sitting on the edge of the couch like im in tune with kristen emotions....every episode always leaves me screaming at the end and i wanna flip to the next episode immediately....can't wait for season 3.....and more!!!!<3


2016-11-30 07:47:42

Would love to see this go for a third season.


2016-12-07 04:47:22

Please do not take away Stitchers! This is just the kind of programming I LOVE to watch, alongside of Black List!!! I know quite a few people that will be completely disappointed if Stitchers is no longer to be aired.


2016-12-15 23:21:25

I think this is a great show. I hope it continues. Everything that is good and has great ratings seems to get cancelled. I hope not this one!


2017-01-01 17:55:39

I love this show I am waiting for season 3


2017-01-03 10:10:16

DO NOT cancel the show!!! Do however for crying out loud, get rid of Nina ASAP, and put Cameron and Kirsten together!


2017-01-10 15:56:11

Alas, a fan who can spell the lead character's name! Please keep the show going! Don't go down like Firefly or Farscape, and leave your fans hanging. This show is about to blow and a huge fan base is growing. Look at what happened to Joss Whedon's show, Firefly. After they cancelled it, they realized too late, that it had a huge following. OOPS


2017-01-05 02:51:58

Love this show!!!!! Tired of all the good ones being cancelled. Can't stand Pretty Little Liars and if had to choose who to cancel it would be them. I would definitely keep Stitchers!!!! Pls don't cancel it!!!!


2017-01-10 15:39:05

I've been checking in to see if the show is coming back now for months on end. It's my #1 show & first on my DVR queue. Also, fans, please if you are a real fan, learn how to spell Kirsten's name correctly. It's not Kristen, it's "KIR"...Please renew! Fans are gobbling this show up!


2017-01-11 06:10:51

Don't cancel i love this show


2017-01-23 04:41:08

My husband and I r in our 60s and love this show.. it's different.. refreshing.. can go anywhere in terms of future. Cast is extremely likeable and each carry thier own spin and add to the storyline.


2017-01-28 20:34:54

Watched season 1&2 in a week. The series got better each episode. I hope there is a season 3 coming.


2017-01-30 21:59:33

love this show and waiting patiently for it to begin...

Kenneth Stiltner

2017-03-05 03:07:20

love the show


2017-03-23 06:20:57

I love this show and please don't cancel. I look forward to watching this show every week. I don't know why they cancel good shows. This show is my life it leaves me on the edge of my seat. I just can't wait until the third season comes out. This is the best show of all time. You just can't stop the show on season three we need more of this show please don't leave us hanging.


2017-04-28 20:17:54

Great news, is almost here, I can wait.


2017-05-09 02:03:09

Can't wait for season 3 of stitchers.
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Example: 2019-12-03 - Official release/renewed date;
2019, to be announced - The date will be announced in 2019;
Completed - The season 2 is final;
Cancelled - The show has been canceled after season 2.
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Stitchers season 3 release date on Freeform


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