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Date: 2018-02-12

Skam (Norwegian for, inter alia, "shame") is a Norwegian television and web series for young people about the everyday life of students of the Hartvig Nissen School in Oslo. It is produced by NRK P3 and relies on viral marketing on the internet. The first clip was released online on September 22, 2015, with the first full episode televised on September 25. The fourth and final season was aired in spring 2017.

Skam season 5 cancelled or renewed? When Skam season 5 be released? Will Skam season 5 be final?

The original name: Skam season 5
Duration: 30 min.
Seasons: 4
Actors: Lisa Teige, Josefine Frida Pettersen, Tarjei Sandvik Moe
Genre: Drama
Country: Norwegian
TV channel: NRK
Original release: September 25, 2015 - present

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About TV show Skam season 5

Skam season 5 release date - Ended.

Production and broadcasting

The idea behind the series was to make the NRK website more attractive to a younger audience. Julie Andem has worked for the NRK since 2007, and has been involved in three NRK Super children's programs that were conceived as fictional video blogs: Sara, Mia, and Jenter. In the latter, Andem already took over direction, script and editing, the concept she developed together with Ingvill Marie Nyborg. After four successful seasons, NRK P3 finally approached them to develop a similar series for a youthful audience.

To thoroughly prepare the series, Andem traveled around Norway for half a year, interviewing teenagers about their lives. In her own words, she identified a defining element: pressure - which the teenager feels exposed to and wants to take away with her TV series. She did not work with professional actors, but in a casting of 1,200 young people, the most promising candidates from which she then developed the characters of the series. It was filmed with a very tight contingent, since most actors go to school or have a job. The first storyline that Andem developed was the relationship between Noora and William (Season 2); To properly prepare this story, she wrote Season 1 as an antecedent.

The series was advertised almost exclusively on social media, as the target audience was most likely to discover them on their own initiative, says executive producer Håkon Moslet. Due to the special concept of real-time publishing and interactivity through social media involvement in the story, for which Mari Magnus is responsible as web producer, Skam is especially successful as a webseries. Production costs are very low compared to other series produced by NRK; For the second and third seasons of 2016, a budget of around NOK 10 million was sufficient (about € 1.1 million).

From the third season, she also received attention from abroad, after which the NRK was confronted with demands for English subtitles for the already worldwide viewable videos in the media library. However, this was rejected u. a. on the grounds that the licensing of the pieces of music used does not permit marketing abroad. At the same time they went against unofficially on the Internet propagated subtitled videos. As of January 13, 2017, NRK also introduced geo-blocking for the contents of the media library at IFPI Norway's press, making episodes and videos of the series from abroad unavailable.

After the Danish channel DR3 began broadcasting the first season in December 2016 and the Swedish television SVT and the Finnish television Yle published (subtitled) in their online offerings SVT Play and Yle Areena / Arenan, announced Simon Fuller's production company XIX Entertainment to have acquired the rights to format for North America. The American adaptation is to be produced in 2017 under the title Shame with new figures, but the same concept, whereby the NRK should take an advisory role. In addition, NRK announced in this context, the production of a fourth skam season. At the television show MIPCOM in Cannes in October 2017, it became public that Facebook has bought the rights to the US version of its Facebook Watch video platform.

On April 7, 2017, the trailer for the fourth season, released on April 10 was released. In addition, it was announced that the series will be finished after four seasons. The French station France 4 is planning another remake of the series, which should appear in 2018.

Skam season 5 release date


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