Skam season 4 release date - April 14, 2017

Original name: Skam season 4
Duration: 30 min.
Seasons: 3
Cast: Lisa Teige, Josefine Frida Pettersen, Tarjei Sandvik Moe
Genre: Drama
Country: Norwegian
TV channel: NRK
Original release:

About TV show Skam season 4

About TV show Skam season 4

Behind the series was the idea of ​​making NRK's ​​Internet service more attractive to a younger audience. Julie Andem, who has been working for the NRK since 2007 and has been involved in the NRK Super series for three series, which were conceived as fictional videoblogs: Sara, Mia and Jenter. In the latter, Andem took over the director, script and editor, and developed the concept together with Ingvill Marie Nyborg. After four successful seasons, NRK P3 finally approached them to develop a similar series for a youthful audience.

To prepare the series thoroughly, Andem traveled through Norway for six months and interviewed teenagers about their lives. In her opinion, she identified a defining element: pressure - which teenagers feel exposed to and whom they want to take with their television series. She did not work with professional actors, but, in a casting of 1,200 young people, she was looking for the most promising candidates, from whom she then developed the figures of the series. It was shot with a very tight time contingent, as most actors go to school or have a job. The first line of action developed by Andem was the relationship between Noora and William (Season 2); To prepare this story properly, she wrote Season 1 as a prehistory to it.

The series was almost exclusively advertised via social media, as the target audience had the most opportunity to discover them on their own initiative, according to executive producer Hakon Moslet. Because of the special concept of real-time publishing and interactivity by incorporating social media into the story, for which Mari Magnus is responsible as a web producer, Skam is particularly successful as a web series. [2] From the third season, she also received attention from abroad, whereupon the NRK was confronted with demands for English subtitles for the videos available in the media library in any case worldwide. However, this was refused, inter alia, on the grounds that the licensing of the pieces of music used did not allow marketing abroad. At the same time, they were unofficially on the Internet to distribute subtitled broadcasts.

Skam season 4 release date

April 14, 2017

Skam is a Norwegian television series for young people, which is mainly marketed on the Internet. It is produced by NRK P3. The first clip was released online on September 22, 2015, the first full episode followed on September 25th on television.

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2016-12-16 23:09:21

Love it! Can`t wait)))


2016-12-21 06:48:07

i am american and i have recently discovered skam. And looked for the episodes were i could watch it in english and i fond it and watched all 3 seasons in 2 days lol. Point being i even someone in America loves this show and i am dying to see what season 4 will look like if there is one coming up soon or in the next future i do really hope so


2016-12-27 10:06:26

I am also an American, and I love skam! No matter how hard it is to find with English subtitles, I still manage to find the episodes and watch them. I hope there will be a season 4


2016-12-30 22:10:27

im American too and I LOVE Skam, I watched it in 4 days I can't get enough so excited for season 4


2017-01-08 08:12:38

I did the exact same thing. This is the best show ever


2016-12-27 21:34:52

Hi! I am from Kazakhstan and I watch Skam in russian language. It is so amazing show!


2016-12-31 11:15:43

I've been watching the hole 3 seasons of Skam from south Europe. I love it, it is like a jump back in time for me, but with so many new perspectivs. Can't wait till season 4 is released. .. Btw the unprofessional actors are really so talented and are doing such a great job!


2017-01-03 03:57:47

Skam is my all time favorite show. I am completely in love with it. It has quite literally taken over my life. This show is incredibly well written. The best thing about it is that it is so real. The characters are real and genuine, the scenes are real and they explain their emotions-the characters- in such a way that its relatable. I got so emotionally connected to the characters and I love that because it's rare for me to be able to do that. You'll absolutely love skam, every season. I'm so ready for season 4. If you need the link to watch it with English subtitles, I will gladly give it to you!


2017-01-09 01:34:58

hi :) i would love if you'd give me the link to watch the series with english subtitles :))


2017-03-11 15:57:07 here you go:)


2017-01-06 06:24:49

Hi I'm American and I'm obsessed with skam !!! After I watched the first season I thought it was my favorite and then the second season was my favorite now the third season is my favorite!! They just keep getting better and better. I love all the characters and actors and the authenticity of the plot it's amazing ! And the soundtrack is perfect I've discovered so many good songs in the past 3 seasons! Never stop making skam!!! Maybe bring it to American viewers? We already love it


2017-01-08 08:25:56

I finished all 3 seasons in two days and I felt so connected to the show, I almost sound crazy but it's sooo addicting and I could not get enough. I re-watched all the seasons like 4 times since and now I don't even know what to do while I'm waiting for season four and my heart feels so empty. My family gets annoyed with me talking about it all of the time. I feel so close with the characters even though they're half way across the world. It really is crazy how addicting the show is and I 110% recommend everyone to watch it. But, I'm warning you because it can take over your whole life, which isn't a bad thing because the show is just that good.


2017-01-08 16:37:00

i'm Russian. i watched it in 2 days, and i so excited ! i love Skam. can't wait! I hope the main character is Chris - penetrators)

2017-01-14 09:55:45

I'm American as well, and I'm in love with skam(especially season 3) I enjoy this show so much, and I almost cried during the 3rd season. I honestly didn't care if I had to watch the show with subtitles, I just love it so much. I absolutely can't wait for season 4 to come out, with Even's perspective.


2017-01-15 14:14:53

Я из России. Посмотрела Skam за 2 ночи и я просто была влюбленна в этот сериал. Мне очень понравился 2 сезон.(3 сезон меня не порадовал! Было очень неловко смотреть про геев(((()! Надеюсь, что в 4 сезоне Вильем приедет за Нурой. I'm from Russia. Watched for 2 nights, and I was just in love with. I really liked season 2. (Season 3 I was not happy! And it was very awkward to watch about gays((()! I hope that in season 4 Willem will come to the Nura.


2017-01-19 06:27:39



2017-02-02 09:32:34

I hope season 4 is will be Penetrator Chris. I wonder him because he is the mysterious one person and I believe that is her weak point. The number of creative people who love him also I'm sure it'll more and more stuff is not appearing.


2017-02-12 02:49:34

Does anybody know if Tarjei will be in season 4 ? I'm so nervous:-(


2017-03-19 07:27:18

why wouldn't he be?


2017-02-26 21:14:45

Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2017-02-26 21:25:53

Я из Беларуси. Я просто обожаю сериал "Стыд". В нем мне нравятся персонажи Ева и Крис(пенетратор). Я заметила,что в сериале они постоянно целуются,да и Крис поткатывает к Еве. Поэтому я бы хотела,чтобы 4 сезон был про них. . I am from Belarus. I just love the TV series "Skam." In it I like the characters Eva and Chris (penetrator). I noticed that the show they always kiss each other, and Chris, so to speak, flirts with Evoy. Therefore, I would like to 4 season was about them.


2017-04-10 15:59:10

я тоже из Белорусси. И обожаю Skam


2017-03-17 05:57:46

I'm from New Zealand & I'm COMPLETELY obsessed with Skam! I watched all the seasons but season 2 was my favorite! I really hope that there will be a season 4!!
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