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Salem season 3

Original name: Salem season 3
Duration: 45 min.
Seasons: 2
Cast: Janet Montgomery, Shane West, Seth Gabel, Tamzin Merchant
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
TV channel: WGN America
Original release:

About TV show Salem season 3

Featuring talented people as its authors and executive producers, this new drama show of American production features thriller genre with elements of supernatural fiction. The world saw the initial episodes of Salem in spring 2014. The show became the first of the kind for WGN America, as the channel has never distributed any original-scripted projects previously.

The captivating storyline of this mesmerizing series got is basement on the work known as Salem Witch Trials that is a series of famous hearings and further prosecutions of those accused of sorcery in dark period of 1962-1963 in Massachusetts. The series follows the events that took place in Salem in the course of notorious Witch Trials but with a slight changing in the plot.

Salem season 3 release date

November 2, 2016

Supernatural thrillers are your favorites? Don’t hesitate to join the army of this amazingly fascinating TV series, even you if you have missed the first two seasons of it. The administration of WGN America has already officially confirmed that the channel is renewing their fiction drama show for another, already third season. They have announced that viewers can expect new episodes of Salem to kick off in 2016. When exactly - will be announced a bit later, so stay tuned!

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2015-11-25 09:23:42

Can't wait for season3


2015-12-05 18:58:00

This is an amazing series that is so captivating, you will be addicted to watching. When I first saw it advertised for WGN, I knew I wanted to check it out. My wife and I currently are watching the episodes AGAIN on Netflix and Amazon Prime. We are in our mid 40's and love this show. We order take-out and Bing watch Salem every Friday night after completing our work week. We really hope this series will keep going for many more seasons to come. This is as good as series as Supernatural and is based on historical events in American history.

Mama C

2016-01-05 21:42:41

Charles, my husband and I are also in our mid 40's and binge watch on Fridays with takeout as well. I wanted to thank you for the tip on the series "Supernatural", we didn't know about that one and are excited to add it to our to-watch list. We haven't been into TV for quite some time and found "John Adams" a few years back and loved it enough to give other selected series' a chance.


2015-12-16 16:38:42

Definitely bring Salem back! It's a thriller and historical! Love it!


2015-12-30 10:07:39

So towards the end of this article there is a sentence that makes 0 sense. "The captivating storyline of this mesmerizing series got is basement on the work known as Salem Witch Trials..." I think someone made some typos or something because I cannot make any sense of that statement. Also, further along in the same sentence they got the time period ALL wrong. They said "...accused of sorcery in the dark period of 1962-1963." Now, I am 100% sure this show is not set in the 1960s and I know for a fact people were NOT burnt alive for witchcraft in the 1960s either so this is obviously just a mistake on the writer's part and could have easily been noticed if they would have had someone just proof read the article.


2016-03-12 10:36:53

Actually Emma, there's a lot more than typos here, most of this article is unintelligible. It's kinda funny though, 1962!??!


2016-03-17 16:16:38

Should be 1692. ugh. Can't handle uneducated, illiterate people.


2016-04-20 03:16:46

Who cares people make mistakes, and if you don't make any mistakes then your not doing anything at all. I cant handle anal people who have nothing better to do than pick something like that apart. It does nothing for you at the end of then day other than make yourself sound like an ass.


2016-04-15 18:34:15

Nancy, I agree with you, also I'm glad I wasn't alone thinking the incorrect dates were kind of funny. My 1st thought was this can't be a real article with this many grammatical errors. The sad truth, most articles written online are like this one.

Stephanie Berghuis

2016-08-06 05:55:54

I agree it's unintelligible & kinda funny/sad. I notice so many of these types of grammar errors in most of the online articles that I read. Oddly enough that includes a few major MSM outlets. Do you know, or anyone reading these comments, if the articles they write are proofread by anyone else? Even if it's a blog site, don't grammar and spelling still matter as much as the material?


2016-10-15 07:44:38



2016-07-23 01:50:57

I picked up a Halloween sign at TJ Maxx that had Salem and 1962 on it. Couldn't pass it up because of the typo, and that I was born that year.


2016-01-08 05:59:52

I luv this show. Never saw season one, just season two.


2016-05-04 05:25:11

If you have access to Netflix, they have both seasons. It is important for you to watch the first season for it gives you information on why it is happening. Good luck.


2016-01-15 11:41:49

Love Salem - Hardcore fan from day 1 - Bring on season 3!


2016-01-18 08:44:41

Please let see season 3 what are you people waiting for

Vicki Grote

2016-01-19 23:36:40

I love the tv show Salem, it's very interesting, i'm very surprised that more aren't watching. Love the actors, they all are great, I really hope all the actors stay on & that it goes on for several more seasons


2016-01-21 08:34:55

Freaking awesome show! I would totally watch season 3!!!!


2016-01-23 06:39:01

My husband and I are retired and love this series. Love that they are fashioned after actual people who were part of the actual Salem Witch trials. Can't wait for Season 3


2016-01-26 00:36:14

Please bring back Salem it is a awesome show. It's one of my favorite shows. Thank you


2016-01-26 06:24:25

Anxious for Salem season 3 to come on. When will it be on? Don't want to miss it.....

Sandra Howell

2016-02-04 03:08:11

Hurry. I can't wait


2016-02-07 16:45:25

Salem is the BEST SHOW EVER!!!I cant wait till a new season starts!!! It better than all the other series of its kind ( and I watch them all!!!!)


2016-02-16 10:25:03

Love Salem, can't wait for season 3. Been watching since day 1, and have ants in my pants awaiting season 3. Anxious to see the story line continue. Mary Sibley is my favorite.


2016-02-18 19:21:41

Let's go season 3!!!! I've been patiently waiting....

Patricia vassar

2016-02-28 12:25:38

Love this show!!!!


2016-02-29 01:18:24

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Get Season 3 ON and soon! what's the hold-up? The only program I have watched religiously since the 1st episode.

La Quenta

2016-03-01 05:16:54

I don't think the Salem witch trials were in 1962-1963, more like Spring of 1692.

big Joe

2016-03-05 02:53:04

the trials were in 1692 u are correct

Big Joe

2016-03-05 02:54:28

the witch trials began in 1692 not 1962


2016-03-07 00:42:31

I love this series so much! I hope they make season three soon.


2016-03-08 05:30:49

When will the new 2016 season of Salem premier?


2016-03-09 12:18:08

hope the new season starts soon, great show, love it

Patricia Gaynor

2016-03-10 00:37:14

Have watched every season.Great show.Don't cancel ever.


2016-03-12 00:29:53

Love, love, love this series!!!! I have been anxiously awaiting Season 3!! I have not missed an episode since the very first episode. I was hooked right from the very first commercial that my eyes were gracious enough to see.


2016-03-12 04:20:20

Anxiously awaiting season 3 !!!! What a great show!!!!!


2016-03-12 08:17:18

My 3rd season on it,.great show,..great friends..shot 30 miles so.of Shreveport,la.


2016-03-17 00:32:56

It's a great show. I love shows about our history and or somewhat about it. It's something that our ancestors had to live such a life & their beleafs . I can't even imagine living back then.

Ed W

2016-03-18 02:02:24

LOVED SALEM would love to see season 3 and more thank you WGN


2016-03-23 01:47:23

Please I want to know when will season 3 start??


2016-03-24 18:18:37

I am a pagan witch so I appreciate watching this show...I understand the whole concept of it.


2016-03-25 08:18:23

I like this show, but I can't believe that we haven't been told when it will return (as of Mar '16)! When shows are gone too long it's hard to want to keep watching them!


2016-03-28 09:23:27

I NEED A SEASON 3 START DATE!!!! I'm dying to watch season 3


2016-03-28 18:07:49

dark period 1962-1963?


2016-03-29 01:54:20

I fell in love with this show from the first episode!!! Cannot wait for the next season!! Awesome job to all involved!!!!!!


2016-03-29 01:54:22

I fell in love with this show from the first episode!!! Cannot wait for the next season!! Awesome job to all involved!!!!!!


2016-03-30 05:22:45

Watched this show from day one. Every season I'm checking the Web site to see if they are going to bring the show back on. Keep the seasons coming.


2016-03-31 05:13:32

We have waited long enough. We are quite anxious to hear a release date. Please don't let Mary Sibley die, it just would not be the same. Salem needs her. We are so ready for the return of this awesome series. At least give the faithful Salem fans something...please !


2016-04-01 01:11:24

Exited! Luv this show!


2016-04-01 17:01:28

Love it so so much


2016-04-03 06:46:54

Im an 18 year old female, I had started watching Salem on Netflix last year I really loved the first season and I love the history and the strong independent woman portrayed in that time and age and I hadn't found a show I loved this much since Reign. And the second season was just amazing, I hope to see a third season and can't wait till then :)


2016-04-03 15:40:39

I LUV Salem, I'm so ready for SEASON 3!!!


2016-04-04 08:24:32

Please bring back zI was excited every week about that time to be shown.


2016-04-05 07:14:58

Where is my Samhain? I eagerly await the return of my Samhain!


2016-04-06 04:33:24

I love this show! I've watched it from the beginning. Can't wait for the 3rd season 2 began! Now when is that going to be in 2016???


2016-04-08 16:59:15

My Wife & I love this show & can not wait to watch season 3.


2016-04-12 02:05:20

Love the show from 1st day on WGN is moving into the big times with Salem and Underground both are the best. Was looking for it in April but ok October will have to do, as long as you have a 3rd season


2016-04-12 18:55:27

I love the show


2016-04-13 22:31:20

This show is bitchen wicked.Can't wait for season 3 bring it to me.


2016-04-14 00:22:58

Love the show, love the characters, love the actors they chose. Looking forward to season 3.


2016-04-16 05:36:23

uggggggggh hurry up already season 3


2016-04-17 09:07:07

this show is great very creative good action has some humor a bit confusing whats happening at the end of season 2 witch just came out on netflix i wasn't sure if season 3 was already out and not on netflix or what


2016-04-18 03:13:41

Cannot wait for season 3. Please don't cancel this show. It leaves you longing for the next show.


2016-04-22 15:47:01

I love this program! I would hate to see it go away!


2016-04-28 02:01:59

Love this show, found it on Netflix the other day, on season 2, and I watch it on my lunch break at work!!


2016-05-01 17:53:30

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I haven't missed any eps. in seasons 1 and 2. My niece and I love the Story; actors, and the sets. She and I live 100 miles apart and twice a week we correspond by text or phone and our main topics are Salem and Walking Dead, we love both and it gives me the opportunity to be with her, thanks for the series, it's great and would hate to loose it. You need to advertise it more often, everyone I talk to have never heard of or seen it. Keep it coming it's wary entertaining.


2016-05-04 05:18:12

This series is superbly done. I was hooked almost immediately and couldnt wait to see the following episode. Unfortunately Season 3 its so far away. I consider this to be Horror/Drama, but it goes much further.


2016-05-06 02:29:24

Love the show


2016-05-08 04:36:28

I love this show i can't get enough of it !!!


2016-05-13 22:52:52

Im glad to see you followed history somewhat with some of names and story lines. Cant wait for season 3.

Speech Girl

2016-05-15 15:04:04

I love this show! Can't wait for season3. I've been wanting to watch this show, but I'm a single mom whose returned back to school in her laters years and so busy with my child and studying. I made the mistake of finding season 1 right before my last exam of the semester. I could not stop. I had to keep watching and had a 2 day marathon. I wish I could spell the proctor who is grading my exam.


2016-05-16 20:36:58

I cannot stand it. Seems like the wait is infinity and beyond to wait for Season 3, Hope they find a way to bring Mary back to life. But I imagine her Son can do anything..........


2016-05-21 19:05:37

Love the show. Salem is an awesome series. We have been watching since the very beginning. And wouldn't dare miss an episode. Can't wait for it to come back on.


2016-05-24 23:26:39

Love the show, please dont do away with it. Very well made , totally addicted

Lyzz H.

2016-05-26 07:41:04

Salem had me addicted by episode 3 season 1! There are so many twists, turns and unexpected happenings in this real feel series. Very empowering for women. Cannot wait for season 3!

Renee Wagner

2016-05-29 01:05:52

I have been waiting for season 3 of Salem to begin. I watched every episode of seasonshowing 1 and 2 and am fascinated with this show. October can't come fast enough. This is a must watch! I haven't been this invested in a TV show in years.


2016-05-31 03:21:39

I love love salem ,hurry back


2016-05-31 04:28:00

Comment (at least 5 characters)... I watched Salem series on netflix and waiting on season 3. what channel will it be on.


2016-06-01 17:58:34

I NEED SEASON 3 OF SALEM TO START ASAP!!! The shoe is all around amazing!!! It's unpredictable, great acting, and gives an ensightful collaboration of what an imaginitave writer's take on a historical event!!! BRILLIANT!!


2016-06-08 03:46:04

Omg!!! I am so freaking excited I feel like this show and it's characters has cast a spell upon me. Listen I love Mary I wish she was my wife... lol Soo hot anyways I either need to find a role on this show and live my dreams of an actor. Or please let me know why in the end of season 2 the boy gets up spins his head and that was it really??? Pleaseake October this year my best October is my favorite month surprise me........


2016-06-08 06:06:50

Please bring the Salem witches back. Its a super entertaining show. Love it!


2016-06-12 03:10:25

One of the best series ever made for tv.im addicted as I am supernatural and was a huge fan of True Blood,thank goodness for this show,i was so bummed when true blood ended. This is so worth the time to sit watch & enjoy .Shane West all grown up,yummy & Janet Montgomery rocks!!


2016-06-12 03:13:43

The best show on TV huge fan of Supernatural and was huge fan of True Blood so glad there's something worth my time to watch on TV again Shane West all grown up Janet Montgomery rocks


2016-06-19 09:20:23

Just finished season 2 on Netflixs tonight. Omg im so ready for season 3!!!! Love it!


2016-06-28 05:59:11

Love this show, my favorite show of all time. CAN'T WAIT for season 3, I am in withdraw already please hurry, I need my Salem fix!!!!!


2016-07-23 01:49:35

"...dark period of 1962-1963 in Massachusetts." Really? About 300 years off I'd say.


2016-07-24 17:06:16

Salem is my favorite show, I've been anticipating its new season all summer!


2016-07-28 09:24:28

I am absolutely addicted to this show! Fell in love with it before S1:E1 was even over! It's amazing, I'm honestly going through withdrawals and cannot wait for October!


2016-07-28 19:38:05

I really enjoyed this show


2016-08-30 16:23:41

I just want to know how many episodes are going to be in Salem season 3? The last two seasons there were 13 episodes, but I heard there would only be 10 episodes this year. Can anyone tell me the answer?


2016-09-02 18:53:36

This is the ONLY show I can't get enough of!!! It's great and I really love it. Can't wait for the new season to start!


2016-09-07 23:49:32

love the show you gotta bring this back


2016-09-12 00:53:08

This show is amazing I hope to be able to keep watching


2016-09-26 03:36:10

Can't wait for season 3 . My husband and I are watching season 1 and then season 2 getting ready for the new season .

Vivian Hopkins

2016-10-02 07:23:33

Love salem


2016-10-05 08:34:45

I LOVE WATCHING TIS SERIES CANT WAIT TILL NOV THE 2ND FOR SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2016-10-09 03:42:16

Im so excited to see what happenes in season 3 of Salem season two is good but the countess is starting to piss me off


2016-10-28 00:31:17

Can't wait for Season 3 of Salem. I am age 60 and hoped it was not cancelled as many shows are. Salem is awesome and witchy good!
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