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Rectify season 4

Original name: Rectify
Duration: 60 min.
Seasons: 3
Cast: Aden Young, Abigail Spencer, J. Smith-Cameron
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: Sundance TV
Original release: 2013-04-22

About TV show Rectify


The news as to the Rectify renewal for a new season came right on the eve of the third season debut. This made the series’ numerous fans rave with joy. The number of upcoming episodes as well as an official premiere date of season 4 was not worded out by the cable network runners yet.

Season one of Rectify kicked off in April 2013. The storyline of this fascinating drama series follows the man named Daniel Holden. We become witnesses to his life as he returns hometown located in Georgia after being in service on death row in the course of 19 years.

 Spending almost entire life behind the bars, Daniel now tries to find his place in life and makes efforts to deal with his dark past while starting a new life. 

If you are a devoted fan of a poignant drama series Rectify and was puzzled about the project fate you can worry no more. The popular series has been officially confirmed as prolonged for season 4 and now we just have to wait patiently when Sundance TV administration sets the premiere date for the fourth season of their new successful drama show. 

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2015-11-13 04:35:45

Sundance Series Rectify...I live on Tybee Island...where a scene in last eps was shot...I have been a fan since season 1...and anciously await season 4 return. Please come back


2015-12-02 22:54:25

When does season 4 start. Anxiously awaiting.


2015-12-11 03:32:14

This show is a revelation to watch. The characters are flawed,very human,touched by very sad and tragic events that happened decades earlier. I like the off putting Daniel. Sometimes I love him,sometimes I'm uncomfortable. This show is unlike the typical offerings in so many wonderful ways. I never know what is coming down the line for these people. I"ve been frustrated,angry,sad,nervous,happy in one sitting at times. It"s a fascinating story. I don't know where this road leads or where end, I just kno I want to tak every twisty little turn it has to offer. The acting is perfect. Well done. Thank you<


2016-01-10 19:06:41

Love Rectify


2016-01-17 08:47:44

Writing is excellent as are the actors! Fascinating storyline


2016-02-18 19:19:20

Love this show I can not wait for season 4 to come back on

susie schell

2016-02-27 19:51:18

I Love This Show Aden is a very good actor and what could happen in the real world


2016-03-11 03:34:17

This is one of the best shows on tv. Bar none, it keeps you looking forward to the next episode. It is always engaging and leaving you in awe of what you just saw. I just wish the producers had a different focus for its future. With only 6 episodes per season, I thirst for more when the last show ends each season. Aden Young plays his part so well, it makes you wonder if it was a real life experience that was happening to him. Terrific actor. I hope they can see the gem that they have and add more shows per season and keep asking us if we want more. Keep up this great production!!!!! Dennis W


2016-03-31 01:00:17

Commenti I have very enjoyed watching all the series on Rectify & very much look forward to continuation of season 4 on Sundance Ch or (at least 5 characters)...or on another Ch. Please send me a text on when it will start. Thank you kindly!!!


2016-04-10 23:57:14

When does season 4 begin


2016-05-13 20:16:24

Awesome Show!! Waiting for season 4!!!


2016-05-24 00:50:05

I thoroughly enjoy RECTIFY...Is if returning this year or not. *If so please advise when... And if Not advise... Thank you,,


2016-06-05 01:57:58

RECTIFY is one of THE BEST shows I've watched in a long time. It is a fascinating story with twists and turns that draw you in as you eagerly await the next episode. Characters are perfect for their respective parts and storyline is presented in such a down to earth, REALISTIC manner, it's like a book you can't put down. I absolutely can hardly wait for season 4...... would love to see it continue beyond that!


2016-06-08 02:42:29

Great show! Anxiously From 1-10, would give it at least a 9. Awaiting the release date of season 4, and wish they would tell when this will start!!!


2016-06-12 17:23:59

I have watched the show since the first season, it is sad, happy, frustrating, even maddening at times. Never boring and fascinating to watch. There is not a bad actor in the bunch. They really make you feel when you witness these epidodes. So glad for a season four, closure will help all its fans.


2016-06-25 01:28:27

Still waiting for episode 4‼️


2016-07-31 14:40:05

Sad indictment that there should even be a question about a series like this continuing. Cannot wait for series 4.


2016-09-04 03:27:10

I watched the show from the beginning.. Loved it..waited anxiously for it to return every year..I hope it continues..


2016-09-08 18:37:13

So compelling,the music is perfect for the story...the acting is perfect...Can't wait for season 4...I never want it to end

Toni Baloney

2016-09-28 02:57:28

I watched every episode the first season, but haven't been able to figure out, most of the time, when the show airs for the 2nd and 3rd seasons. I did catch the tail end of season 3, and must have more. I think the story line is intriguing and the cast is very well chosen. Sundance TV, please establish a definite schedule for this show. I really enjoy it.


2016-11-02 03:10:41

I've recently binge watched the first three seasons and absolutely love this show. I can't remember another show that runs such a gambit of emotions in a single episode as this one. I think I've been touched by something in every single episode. The writing and acting are so compelling and intoxicating that you just don't want the show to end. Thank you Sundance tv for the gift you've given this viewer. I eagerly await season 4.


2016-12-16 21:27:45

Masterpiece ! I would continue watching Rectify until every character became old with me .
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