Power season 4 release date - 2017, to be announced

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author of the review Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2016-04-14

Power is an American drama television series airing on Starz. The show was created by Courtney Kemp Agboh and is produced by the rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. It premiered on June 7, 2014.

Power season 4 cancelled or renewed? When Power season 4 be released? Will Power season 4 be final?

The original name: Power season 4
Duration: 55 min.
Seasons: 3
Actors: Omari Hardwick, Lela Loren, Naturi Naughton, Joseph Sikora
Genre: Crime, Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: Starz
Original release: June 7, 2014 – present

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About TV show Power season 4

Events taking place in New York and tells the story of a rich guy, the owner of the very popular and trendy nightclub. The protagonist has set a goal - to break out of the urban elite, to be a successful businessman, but he leads a double life, in which he was a criminal sells drugs.

Power season 4 release date

2017, to be announced

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Power season 4 release date 2017
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2016-04-14 22:53:06

This show is my business, yes I live for Power, my fave characters are and were Tasha, Estelle, Rolla, Medina, Shawn, Raina, and Mady Stern and of course bad arse Kanan. Now besides Tasha leaving Ghost and making her life fabulous. I am most excited to see the new energy that Dre will bring, ooohhhh bring that thunder Dre.

you forget jemmie st.patrick this man is an outstanding acter without forgetting special agent Angela valdes...i love this thing ita my favorite

2016-10-04 22:15:40

Plz ya'll people responsible for bringing back power season 4 I'm begging you don't delay it, and just to alert you don't make the season resume in 2017 that will be deceiving your fans


2016-11-14 10:03:05

I have to agree. If they us "the fans" wait it would be very disappointing. I thought it was supposed to start 11/06 but maybe I was confused about the dates. But I thought for sure it's gonna be on tonight 11/13 but no POWER..... WHAT? I'm waiting to see what happens to Tyriq. And I really like Tommy's character, Tasha's as well. She a down a** b****. Please bring Power back, don't be a tease.


2016-06-11 04:40:07

The series is very refreshing from all the sitcoms or shows.


2016-08-07 17:14:41

Power is the best thing on TV . The streets are a important story and it's more reality to Power. It's picking up where the Wire was.


2016-09-04 00:44:09

LOVE the show POWER! Really true to life; look forward to Sunday's!! I would be esatic to hear there will be NOT a 4th Season but a 5th or even a 6 Season!!!!! Sure hope this helps!$


2016-09-12 18:43:17

They green lit the 4 and 5 season. Coming soon!!!!!!


2016-09-12 04:24:46

Hopefully it will come on soon and not take almost a year.... 3 months in between ok you guys. That's how hooked I am. Lol


2016-10-02 06:56:26



2016-10-09 03:23:47

Yes plz three months at the most

Big Al

2016-09-15 01:31:30

Great Urban story. Hard to not watch when it holds you a story line that you can only imagine. Keeps your attention. Please post the season 4 viewing date. Best cable series show since the Sopranos!!!!!!


2016-09-20 21:43:36

The best show hands down of this decade, it like each actors part was tailor made for the character only, I talk about this show and look for spoilers on the to work, at work, on the home from work and soon as I get out the bath or shower, yes I am addicted and I am a Power Fanatics look me in facebook


2016-09-25 08:55:22



2016-09-25 20:17:24

Yesssssss! Love the story line of "Power", love the twists and the surprises. Just didn't like how "Keisha" just disappears for a while and even her bff Tasha, doesn't seem too concerned about her. Can't wait for Season 4 and Season 5! #starz #TeamTommy


2016-09-25 22:15:58

They need to premiere Power season 4 no later than March 2017. I can't wait all the way to next summer like the previous seasons.


2016-09-26 05:25:11

I can't wait for the next season....So sad that Angela got it so wrong ....I can't wait for next season to get my baby Ghost out of prison and to see the look on Angela face when she realized how wrong she was.....

Lady D

2016-10-02 07:10:21


2016-09-26 06:24:47

When dobseason 4 starte i really like this show


2016-09-26 09:34:33

I love this show. Glad to hear that it's being renewed for another season. I like to see Angela be the one written off not Tasha. Ghost should have listen to everyone when they were trying to tell him about Angela.


2016-09-26 10:12:03

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW! I live for Power. My Favorite, my #1, thee BEST tv show. Don't ever want it to come to an end! Can't wait for Season 4! Hope the wait isn't long.


2016-09-28 02:28:10

I want Tasha and Ghost together. What happen to Keisha?


2016-09-29 20:11:02

If you guys don't hurry up and come on with season 4! I must see what ghost has in store for angela, and what tommy, kenan& Tasha all have in store for ghost! Hurry up with season 4&5 please and thank you!


2016-09-30 10:25:13

I love this show and can't wait til season 4,the finale episode was totally unexpected,I never thought Angela would do what she did without any type of proof,but season 4,the (you know what) is going to hit the fan. I can't wait.


2016-10-01 17:52:11

Of course, she has a proof. She ran the fingerprints she saw and it was Ghost's. No proof anymore. He was in that apartment that night. And she already asked where he was earlier that day before he was murdered!.


2016-10-14 10:20:28

But he did not kill Greg.


2016-10-01 10:43:55

Tommy is Hot!!!###


2016-10-07 03:59:22



2016-10-02 04:06:12

I'm looking forward to season 4


2016-10-02 17:15:18

I love the show Power, but now that the season 3 has ended I feel that there was not enough episodes in any of the season to have too wait so long for it to air again. Only 10 episodes should mean shorter wait time.


2016-10-02 21:09:46

I have fallen in love with this tv show. Power is the best series out right now. I get nervous watching the show. Its a sit on the edge of your seat type of show. LOVE IT.... I NEED MORE. IM ADDICTED....


2016-10-11 17:10:21



2016-10-03 01:11:58

I can't wait for season 4 2017


2016-10-03 01:11:59

I can't wait for season 4 2017


2016-10-03 04:46:24

ithink staying off way to long before returning could lose viewers.


2016-10-03 08:58:33

This show is unbelievable!! Can't wait for the 4th season...counting the days already.


2016-10-04 20:36:40

I agree and that don't need to happen it's getting good.

Ars Elá

2016-10-03 10:51:21

Awesome can't wait for the new series


2016-10-03 19:09:20

Joseph Sikora, (Tommy) is the best actor in the series. You always know what he is thinking. He keeps it live!

Calla Victoria

2016-10-03 21:10:01

I love Power! But WHY is the down-time so long between seasons? 2017 Really?


2016-10-03 22:51:08

POWER IS AWESOME!! The writers are simply Phenomenal! You never know what to expect and you are always thrown off your seat with each episode!! This show is Da Bomb!!


2016-10-04 02:23:23

I love power

Melba Dean

2016-10-04 08:13:32

I love ghost. I can't wait to see season 4. Fuck Anglia. Common sense should tell her Ghost didn't kill Greg. I want to smack her myself for locking up my babydaddy

victor buenavista

2016-10-04 22:05:43

This show is damn hot...i loved it since season one....i could rate it even a 1000 star


2016-10-05 23:49:54

Good show


2016-10-07 03:57:53

This series is by far my absolute favourite. I found myself more hooked watching this than any other series. I can't get enough of it. The story lines are refreshing! I was so gutted when I got to the end is season 3 and had nothing to watch! I can not wait for season 4 & 5 .. and maybe 6,7, 8.. & so on hahaha. A series about the streets and the drug world, well that's real life. I love to watch.


2016-10-07 21:47:05

Power is the best series ever can't wait for season 4 keep the good work


2016-10-07 21:47:06

Power is the best series ever can't wait for season 4 keep the good work


2016-10-12 14:06:44

I love power . The issue I hate is that it takes to damage long to come back on.


2016-10-12 18:05:06

Power is not like any other repeated show its original and finally something different i love this show wish i can meet the cast of power....


2016-10-13 05:31:49

Cant wait to see the new episode.i love it.hope it hurry up...


2016-10-13 05:32:47

I love it..


2016-10-13 04:11:46

I love love love this show!!!!!!


2016-10-13 09:56:05

Greatest show known to man..point blank period..#FREEGHOST


2016-10-17 12:39:48

interested power is kind of TVs series reviling some kind of secret that take part in the real world and is educative to the wise. why not try and have a silent watch.


2016-10-24 04:01:13

i love the show and love the acting i just wish people would understand that it is a t.v show and push the hate from Angie btw i love her honestly her and ghost are my favorite people!!!


2016-10-24 04:05:28

please have the release date pushed forward please its honestly in the viewers best interest!!!! please believe. Its like going on a great rollercoster and getting off with the thrill and excitement with laughs and joy and it dies down because youre waiting in a 4 hour long line for the next ride.


2016-10-25 02:39:40

I will love for the power come back on.


2016-11-29 15:34:46

I love Power... this show has me and my husband hooked... can't wait for season 4..... please hurry!!!!!


2016-12-02 05:36:00

I wish I can meet Tommy in real life his personality is real him and Tasha I just love them two can wait till 2017


2016-12-02 05:39:15

VA live 757 oh yeah 50 another character that's real Tasha Tommy....