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Poldark season 2

Original name: Poldark season 2
Duration: 60 min.
Seasons: 1
Cast: Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson, Ruby Bentall, Beatie Edney, Jack Farthing, Heida Reed, Kyle Soller, Richard Harrington, Phil Davis, Warren Clarke
Genre: Drama
Country: United Kingdom
TV channel: BBC One HD
Original release:

About TV show Poldark season 2

On 8 April 2015, the BBC announced that a second series had been commissioned, which is scheduled to premiere on 4 September 2016.

The drama TV series of British production debuted on the BBC One network in spring 2015. The episodes present a successful and talented adaptation of Winston Graham’s engaging novels.

The storyline of the dramatic saga takes place at the end of 18th century and tells us a story of Ross Poldark. The man comes back to his home in Cornwall from the American War for Independence. He is to find out that his entire world is now shattered and in ruins: his father died, his beloved woman is already engaged and even his house is all wrecked. Poldrak saves a young girl from being beaten and she becomes his kitchen maid.

What happens next, will Poldark be able to reconstruct his ruined life and heal his broken heart – all this will tell us new upcoming episodes.

This spring has brought splendid and top expected news for the fans of this outstanding drama series. The BBC One network has officially confirmed that their hit project is prolonged and there will be a second run of it but its broadcast in the United States is yet to be arranged and scheduled. Check the latest notifications about the second season of your favorite romantic saga with us; we will inform you as soon as any official news is made public.

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2015-08-03 06:01:39

love the series & can't wait for season 2,3,4,etc. Please continue asap


2016-06-17 21:58:18

Poldark was wonderful. Can't wait for season 2. When will this be available? I saw the first Poldark many years ago on Masterpiece Theater.


2016-07-25 06:39:42

Sept 25th 2-hour season premiere !


2015-08-26 02:47:33

Loved, loved the series, did not want it to end. Very anxious to see season 2. Great actors, especially Aidan Turner.


2015-09-09 21:12:40

Well done to the person that picked the actor & actresses for this series!! Great job to all & cant wait for for 2016!! Do you think you could kick it up a notch, so we can see it sooner?!!! LOL


2015-09-12 17:13:02

I happened upon this series by chance, and can not say enough about it! It is FABULOUS! I believe there needs to be more advertising or buzz about this masterpiece! It is a brilliant storyline, I love the interminglig of fact and fiction! Hoping for a very long run!!! And waiting very impatiently for the next season to commence! And on a side note, Aidan Turner is mesmerizing! He is not only an incredibly handsome man, but his character is extraordinary! He will make anyone swoon!

Drema Mankins

2015-10-24 01:39:51

I'm so sick of waiting to find out when Poldark Season 2 will start that I may not watch it at all when it does come on. I'll have forgotten what happened in Season 1 & shouldn't have to go back and try to track it down. I think it's shameful that they're still teasing us with it. Season 1 was good but I'm tired of waiting to find out something about Season 2. Give us a date or else I can live without it !!!!


2016-04-07 04:14:11



2016-08-09 07:29:45

You can get it on Amazon prime now so watch it all you want. American viewer thanks to Amazon. At least you don't have to wait until the season is over to watch it like we do!


2015-11-09 05:58:09

just found Poldark and enjoying it very much. How many episodes are in Season 1 and when will Season 2 premier? Thank you


2015-11-22 21:56:58

I absolutely loved season 1 of Poldark. Can't wait for season 2 and more.

Pat B

2015-11-26 01:47:15

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I enjoyed this so much I have read 9 of the books and have the other 3....however, I enjoyed the PBS series with Aidan more.


2015-12-01 12:13:04

We love the Poldark series and look forward to season 2!


2015-12-05 03:16:06

I enjoyed the original 1975 series so much that I had to read all of the books. I didn't expect to like the new series as well, but I think it has been very well produced, and so far is much truer to Winston Graham's books than the 1975 version. I really hope that the BBC will continue and cover all of the books, although they will have to age the main characters considerably in order to do so. I am looking forward to season 2. For those who are impatient to find out what happens next—well, there are the books.


2015-12-07 03:04:15

I can't wait for Season 2 of Poldark, it was excellently done. Loved Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark and Elenor Tomilson as Demelza. Please hurry!


2015-12-13 01:02:08

Love this show can't wait for season 2.

Renee Smith

2015-12-15 02:20:59

Very good show. Entertaining and engaging. Can hardly wait to see next season


2015-12-16 08:16:26

I really enjoyed the series and turned my kids on to it. One of the few shows that can be enjoyed by different generations. Look forward to season two.


2015-12-30 02:19:04

Have been patiently waiting for POldark new season to start will be so happy when new season begins.


2015-12-31 13:06:59

This a good show. You should watch it.

Lisa Wexler

2016-01-01 19:16:18

I have loved the Poldark series and would feel bereft if it didn't continue! The characters are so compelling and well acted. The story line is incredibly intriguing and satisfying to watch. I vote yes, absolutely to continue this great drama! Sincerely, Lisa Wexler


2016-01-02 02:04:03

I enjoyed this show


2016-01-02 21:22:20

Turner and Tomlinson are very good actors, as is the rest of this cast. Interesting look at late eighteenth century England. Money talks, all those without money walk. Poldark vaguely reminds me of Downton Abbey. A much more rough and tumble version perhaps, but the forthrightness of Ross Poldark reminds me a bit of Lord Grantham. There is also a good parallel with the presentation of the social changes afoot during each respective era. Great program.


2016-01-03 04:45:15

Anyone knows the release date for season 2 (Poldark)? Dying to watch it! Only reason I was waiting for 2016 to begin lol ='D

Poldark Lover

2016-01-04 06:51:11

I LOVE this show!!! I can't wait for Season 2!! Just watched Season 1 again this past weekend!! Hurry up with Season 2!!


2016-01-07 07:31:53

Amxious to watch thw continuation with all these magnificent actors.

Jenna Underwood

2016-01-07 07:39:01

Poldark is the best series on Masterpiece Theater...........

2016-01-07 08:50:05

Want season 2 of Poldak asap!


2016-01-14 14:36:17

Poldark is a great next TV series to come. I bought the series as soon as it was available and I watch it all the time I love Poldark I hope it continues for the next 6 years


2016-01-17 18:42:41

I was surprised that I love this show as much as I do. I bought the dvd of season one so I can see it again and again. Now I burn for season two. Of course, I could read to books; however, I have a huge stack of reading, and the series has imprinted the characters in my mind already, thus spoiling the books. Please, please bring us season two soon.


2016-01-18 22:51:06

Comment (at least 5 characters)... The series is amazing. I believe I love it more than Downton Abbey. Please hurry and release Season2!!!!

2016-01-19 05:43:56

Let's get season 2 on a roll, can't wait for it to start hurry up please


2016-01-24 20:29:31

Have read all 10 of Winston Graham's books on Poldark plus many of his other books. Love the presentation of this series and look forward to season 2


2016-01-24 20:49:39

Casting is excellent: Aidan Turner is perfect. Eleanor is a wonderful Demelza (wish her hair was dark). Heida Reed is an elegant patrician. Ruby Bentall played Verity exactly right. Same for Kye Soller as Francis and Jack Farthing as George. Looking forward to the continuation.


2016-01-25 06:55:25

I keep on checking for the new season to start... I enjoyed very much the story, the acting, the beautiful scenery. It reminds me of another series I really like.. "The Highlander" which will be coming soon...! Unfortunately it's really confusing and not enough warning ahead and so I missed the first three shows of the Downton Abbey 6th. Season... Hoping I won't be doing that with Poldarck.

Missy Moo

2016-01-31 04:17:35

One of the greatest shows ever. Look every week to see when new series will start. Love it - Love it - Love it.

2016-01-31 18:13:10

It is a very great performance both by production and the equally or more so by the actors. My husband and I Found the series while looking for something acceptable To watch on tv. We have been waiting and waiting for the next episodes. When when when


2016-01-31 20:48:25

My husband and I enjoyed the first season and are looking forward to more.


2016-02-01 07:12:01

It is 1-31-2016, when does season 2 premiere, please hurry up with the release date on Poldark. Awesome series, continue the show please, and great job making the show. Props to actors, director, and etc. HURRY PLEASE!! Please let me know more info on release date. :)


2016-02-02 08:13:37

Poldark season 1 was incredible!, Sets were superb Acting supreme Storyline tantelizing PLEASE BRING BACK SEASON 2


2016-02-05 20:13:36

This series is awesome....really quality tv. I can't wait for season 2!!!!!


2016-02-08 07:27:19

Love this series and Aiden Turner. Looking forward to Seasons 2, 3 and more.

2016-02-08 20:30:45

This is an excellent series...I like it better than the original one, which was good...


2016-02-08 22:58:21

The engaging, historical plot is reason enough to watch this series. The acting is very good and the finished product would just swallow up a person if it was possible to watch it in 3D. I could watch the series through again just to catch the details of the set and costumes.


2016-02-09 00:18:07



2016-02-09 22:44:04

Hurry.....we cannot wait!


2016-02-09 22:58:13

Comment (at least 5 characters)...We love the show Poldark and can't wait for the next one and hopefully more of this series.


2016-02-10 04:02:25

Love the series.. Cant

Earlonda Wyatt

2016-02-10 09:45:51

I Loved The Whole Of Season #1, I Hope Very Much They Continue With As Many Seasons As They Can Film, I Am A Great Fan!


2016-02-15 03:04:08

I love this show and I cannot wait to see what comes next. Well written, great acting and believable. I hope that we will be given the honor to receive the second season in the U.S.. Great picture.


2016-02-15 04:01:33

I have been binging on Poldark season 1. I so look forward to a season 2.


2016-02-15 06:06:31

Great show to have on TV. Love the season. Please bring it back.


2016-02-15 10:07:43

Can't wait for season 2!


2016-02-16 04:49:21

Terrific! More, please?


2016-02-17 04:37:50

An awesome show. I've watched it on Vision TV here in Canada and just love the show.

2016-02-23 05:47:01

Love it. Look forward to next season


2016-02-25 04:18:34

Please renew. Wonderful series.


2016-02-26 02:03:33

Absolutely love this show ,I cant wait for season 2......very well done <3 finally something my husband and myself can watch together


2016-02-26 19:54:12

Can't wait for Season 2!


2016-02-28 15:07:34

I watched all season one on Sunday nights as they aired But I found entire season 1 on our ROKU Was excited to watch it again So looking forward to season 2


2016-02-29 20:02:28

Please please please need season 2 of Poldark to start now! Love this series! First class performances by everyone. Excellent.


2016-02-29 21:40:50

Anxiously waiting for season 2 and many more.


2016-03-02 04:51:27

When will Poldark be aired in the USA/PBS


2016-03-02 08:31:43

Please launch season 2 of Poldark!! I'm in love!

Diane Dugas

2016-03-03 09:00:18

I have just finished reading the entire series through book 12. Love, love the series. Hated to have finished the series and have gone back and am rereading. Please, please continue to film and release this series to the USA.


2016-03-05 01:16:35

I absolutely LOVE POLDARK. I watched the first episode and I was hooked. Binge watched until the end of season 1. BBC would be fools not to continue shooting this amazing story. It is just great wholesome television. I applaud the entire cast for their performances in the series. Aidan Turner and Eleanor Thomlinson are simply FLAWLESS. I was so pleased to see a show that is neither offensive or vulgar like so many shows in the US today. I am a huge fan of BBC network because of the quality of shows it produces. POLDARK is no exception. I sincerely hope that you continue this remarkable

Vicki F.

2016-03-06 18:08:55

We really loved Poldark. We just happened to be watching PBS & fell in love with the show. Can't wait for Season 2 to start.


2016-03-07 03:54:52

Love the show. Please set a date for US viewing.

New York Peach

2016-03-07 21:21:56

I loved the Poldark series on Masterpiece !! My husband is also hooked .. The storyline is fascinating and the actors/actresses are very well cast, and the on screen chemistry is fantastic!! I've loved so many of the British history series ...this is one of the top! PLEASE hurry and get season 2 on in the U.S !!!!!!!!!


2016-03-08 15:27:59

Didn't think it would compare with the original 70's series having just watched all 29 episodes again.I believe this is the best TV series ever made. The 2015' season 1 was surprisingly 'comparable' it's great to see this thing unravel when you already know the story line. In some ways this has been improved, as they've cut away the dead flesh of stuff that either didn't work was hard to believe or not feasible. I also love the advancements in technology in this new one, in terms of camerawork and all round production. I love both casts! Go Poldark you Rock!


2016-03-08 15:28:00

Didn't think it would compare with the original 70's series having just watched all 29 episodes again.I believe this is the best TV series ever made. The 2015' season 1 was surprisingly 'comparable' it's great to see this thing unravel when you already know the story line. In some ways this has been improved, as they've cut away the dead flesh of stuff that either didn't work was hard to believe or not feasible. I also love the advancements in technology in this new one, in terms of camerawork and all round production. I love both casts! Go Poldark you Rock!


2016-03-09 05:10:41

Loved season one. Certainly hope they will do everything possible to bring us a second season!

Linda stack

2016-03-09 10:29:40

I love Poldark!!! Cannot wait for its second season.


2016-03-10 01:35:38

Love Poldark!!! Keep 'em coming


2016-03-11 06:58:51

I can't wait for season 2 . I watch season 1 in few hours I just can't stop watching it. One of the best series I have ever seen.


2016-03-11 14:04:14

I loved season 1 of the Poldark and I'm very much looking forward to season 2. Please hurry.


2016-03-12 21:50:52

WONDERFUL 1st season. I was blown away at how quickly I was sucked in!!! I cannot wait for the second season to come out, now to find the books- i cant wait until season 2 comes out to find out what happens next!


2016-03-13 22:19:22

Loved season 1 and hope there will be numerous seasons to come.


2016-03-14 02:24:15

Huge fan. Loved the first and so looking forward to the 2nd season. Hoping there are several more seasons after that:)


2016-03-14 04:01:17

Anxiously awaiting the second season of Poldark. Hated to see season 1 come to an end.

ms VEE

2016-03-14 04:39:45



2016-03-14 06:29:10

Love this show and all the characters. They are splendid. I am engrossed in their lives and can't wait to see what is next. Please keep the series coming. Thank you.


2016-03-15 01:54:40

Servant and master finds love...the rich mine owner caring for his workers..A family torn apart then reunited in bad times...excited for season 2....cannot wait...


2016-03-15 05:18:21

Must do another season of Poldark. I loved it!!

Sheila Sheppard

2016-03-16 10:19:27

Please hurry with season2...loved eason 1


2016-03-16 21:10:15

Love the storyline and chracters. SO anxious for Season 2 to begin!

2016-03-17 07:08:06

Loved the series!! Please release season 2, 3, 4 etc


2016-03-17 21:11:06

Really enjoyed the series, especially the actors and scenery


2016-03-17 22:20:22

I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next season!!!!!!!!


2016-03-18 21:02:53

I was sad at the ending of Downton Abbey, but I recently discovered Poldark. Slightly too "soap opera" but richer, darker, and more character development than Downton. I am hooked! With Downton finished they may have a better chance of getting a large American following. I truly hope so.


2016-03-20 23:51:56

I'm anxiously awaiting new season of Poldark. I loved it and watched every episode.


2016-03-21 02:34:44

My husband and I loved this series and are impatiently waiting for the second. Thank you


2016-03-21 07:16:33

Still waiting for season 2!!!! Linda


2016-03-22 00:44:59

I want more Poldark! When will Season 2 start? Perfect casting! Great scenes and settings!


2016-03-22 03:20:52

Just finish watching poldark season 1 episode 8 Love it cannot wait for season 2!!...


2016-03-22 05:59:53

My family and I love this series. The casting is excellent. Can hardly wait for season 2. Please hurry !!


2016-03-22 10:40:13

My mom & I both LOVED this show! I bought it for both of us!! Still waiting long the 2nd season!!! When is it coming??


2016-03-22 18:59:08

Poldark MUST come back for many more seasons. Great show!


2016-03-22 23:50:10

Waiting with baited breath


2016-03-23 02:31:52

Poldark is one of the strongest most interesting series !!! Please keep producing it! Great actors, great production, etc. etc. !!!


2016-03-23 03:42:59

Please continue with the excellent drama, Polkdark. I am obsessed!!! I've actually taken the liberty of renaming this series: Pol-dark and handsome!!! I look forward to the up and coming shows!!!


2016-03-23 17:47:26

Love this show! Please please please let there be a season two! Great historical drama and Aidan Turner is gorgeous!!


2016-03-25 02:16:17

Please come back on! Loved the show, We need more like it!


2016-03-27 23:45:49

Poldark is an amazing series. Just can't understand why it is not advertised as much. I have watched Masterpiece for over 30 years and Poldark is such a great story. Please, please give us more!


2016-03-28 00:56:11

Great show! Hurry up with season 2, 3 etc!


2016-03-30 22:35:51

The fabulous Aiden Turner is a sight for sore eyes, and a remake was a no-brainer since people have been reading and viewing and talking about the series since the original first hit the screens - why then cut the original story lines in half. This is an international best-seller.


2016-03-31 13:24:18

What an emotional roller coaster, if not for the exceptional actors and their performances, i may not of become so engrossed with the story ... hate these words to come from my mouth.... some of the story lines were quite predictable... but the romance of the entire concept absolutely AWESOME!!!!! P.S. and what a sweet piece of eye candy ... right Ladies... can i get a wooop wooop


2016-10-10 01:22:09

"Wooop wooop"? What are you - a baboon?

Carol Penning

2016-03-31 16:49:09

I love Poldark, All of the characters - the scenery is beautiful and the story is engaging. I am encouraging as many people as possible to watch the Season One. I look forward to season two and a begin date for those of us here in the United States that can't wait. It is also my hope that you are planning a season three. I didn't watch the first Poldark - but I am so happy that you chose to have a second Poldark and that it is doing so well. Thank you, Carol Penning


2016-03-31 18:20:56

Highly recommend this show! Story, scenery, historical accuracy, and the conscience/compassion of the main characters, are all amazing. Ross and Demelza' partnership, their resilience, and their ability engage with the tragic and the absurd without losing their faith in life itself. Their sensitivity to the experiences of others (responding to their pain and to their joy), their ability to act on that experience, and to do what is right. Perfect example of the expression of highest possibilities of humanity. Raises lots of questions about ‘how to be’ in the world.


2016-03-31 21:18:55



2016-04-02 03:24:25

I think Poldark is wonderful. I have looked forward to season 2 all winter. In fact, I thought season 1 was too short!


2016-04-02 06:20:27

This is a must watch series, great cast and wonderful acting, a series to rival Downton Abbey


2016-04-02 16:41:53

outstanding! can,t wait for season 2


2016-04-03 16:19:23

Poldark was delightful. Full of intrigue, romance, conflict and a peek of life in Cornwall.

Catherine F.

2016-04-04 02:40:56

I absolutely love this series. It reminds me of a well written series that Jane Austin could have written herself. This show gives me a quality show to watch...now that Downton Abbey is no more. Bravo to Masterpiece! Thank you!


2016-04-04 05:11:27

I loved season 1 of Poldark, subsequently read all 12 books, and am most anxious for season 2 to begin! I can't begin to decide what is the most gripping -- the actors and acting, the scenery, or the story itself. Please send season 2 across the pond soon !


2016-04-04 18:00:18

I love the whole concept of the Poldark storyline. Waiting for season 2. Plz make up your minds as to WHEN!


2016-04-05 04:59:59

I absolutely loved bed season 1. Can't wait for season 2 to come out.


2016-04-05 22:51:32

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I love Poldark. it is a great show

Nancy Aycock

2016-04-06 00:30:59

i know a lot of people who are waiting for info about the wonderful series,Poldark. When will it air on public TV, 2016

2016-04-06 04:45:42

Love aiden and this series

Melinda watson

2016-04-07 22:26:37

Please release a season 2 and 3 of Poldark! I LOVED THIS SHOW!!!!!!

Miriam W.

2016-04-08 04:11:46

Please bring many more seasons of this show. My family all watches it and it is one of the few decent programs available that is family oriented. Love most period pieces done by BBC and PBS.


2016-04-08 19:13:22

Love this series; please bring it back. We need more things like this on T.V.


2016-04-09 19:20:28

Loved S1! Can't wait to see a lot of seasons from this show. Perfectly cast. It's magnificent! I laughed and I cried!


2016-04-10 09:23:40

Marvelous...better than Donton Abbey.


2016-04-10 21:43:39

I really liked the Poldark series! Please, please bring it back!


2016-04-10 21:47:27

Please bring back Poldark!!!

Karen Knoxville

2016-04-10 22:49:41

I have fallen in love with the characters of Poldark. Watching as they discover each other.The unraveling the thick webs of misgivings and misunderstanding of actions and words is riveting. Keeps me wanting to see more!


2016-04-13 02:03:33

When is the new season for2016 to begin


2016-04-13 05:09:39

I have been anxiously waiting. When will we see POLDARK's second season???


2016-04-13 06:56:23

I find it quite FRUSTRATING to be mislead to thousands of sites, misleadingly, in search of an answer to a simple question....WHEN does a supposed Season 2 for Poldark actually START??? A simple, no release date is not available would have made me happy. Instead, I have been redirected to site after site...all appearing to actually get closer to giving an actual DATE of the new season beginning! I will no longer search again for such information for any show...rather I shall just simply WAIT and be surprised.


2016-04-13 23:46:06

Hope season 2 starts soon, have been waiting impatiently!


2016-04-15 00:54:44

Excellent plot. Excellent acting. Give us more!


2016-04-15 11:40:03

Very engaging series, anxiously waiting for the continuation


2016-04-16 22:49:03

I love season 1 so much can't wait for the next season. Characters played they part perfectly. Hope it will continue with next seasons soon.


2016-04-17 03:04:04

I am in love with this series. Please do more. I love the characters and costumes.


2016-04-17 22:08:03

I'm hooked.


2016-04-18 02:34:17

Please let me when the new season will start. Can't wait. Me and my mom have really enjoyed polark.

Norrine Luchsinger

2016-04-18 02:57:35

I felt it was an exceptionally well written historical series that far surpassed the original ,that I purchased years ago at a garage sale,on VCR. My nineteen year old granddaughter and her college roommate also enjoyed it so it seems to to appeal to a broad audience dynamic.They asked me to check on the release date I purchased the DVD of the first season.I certainly hope to see I season two because without Downton Siundays aren't the same .I do enjoy the Grandchester.

Sooner Sunshine

2016-04-18 21:41:06

We loved season 1 and can't wait for more!!!


2016-04-19 23:02:17

I can't wait for Poldark to return to American TV. When is it scheduled to return?????


2016-04-20 01:29:00

I'm in love with this show!!!!!!! Bring it back!!!!! It's THE BEST British series that I've seen yet! I saw a preview for the new season a couple of months agao and I haven't seen it since. What happened, why didn't they air it when they said they would???? Grrrrrr.....


2016-04-20 22:13:23

Best series I have ever watched. Especially the beautiful photography in Cornwall as well as brilliant acting. Can' t wait for series 2!

Just Me

2016-04-23 05:02:59

I loved the series and will continue to watch it again, if you people can ever get your act togehter and give a firm date of it's return.


2016-04-24 05:00:18

ment (at least 5 characters)... When is the Poldark series scheduled to be show on PBS; really enjoyed the series.


2016-04-24 05:11:04

Please Please bring back Poldark. Not since Downton have I missed anything more.!!!

2016-04-25 03:27:03

When will this program be released. This is the second program that I have been eagerly waiting for its return only to find out that it is being cancelled


2016-04-25 20:26:12

I need Poldark- literally and figuratively! Please b ring the excellent cast and saga back! Well done!


2016-04-27 00:31:41

I am so disappointed Season 2 has been delayed. It will now be almost a years since Season 1. I'm sure many will just give up on it. Not me. I loved the original Poldark on Masterpiece Theater and will wait (not patiently) for Season 2. I wish there was a way that I could be notified by e-mail when a date for Season 2 release is set.


2016-04-28 04:37:23

I am looking forward to the season 2. I loved season 1 which caused me to read all 12 books. It is an excellent story.


2016-04-28 06:22:01

This Poldark saga MUST be renewed. BBC has provided many sagas which have been beyond exceptional, so please do not deny a massive audience of this excellent saga. The cast has provided believable and heartfelt acting skills credit to all of them. Please, as a appreciative member of audience, convey my sincere appreciation for their artistry. Might add, I loved this!!


2016-04-29 08:35:26

Pear tell me there is going to be another season ours Poldark?!?!!!?? Yes I live in the United States, but I am seriously OBSESSED!!!!!! I love pbs and Downton Abby!! I'm so upset that that show ended there better be a season 2 of poldark!!


2016-04-29 19:43:01

Please release the date. I'm dying


2016-04-30 01:04:15

LOVE LOVE LOVE the show! Can't wait for it to air again!! PLEEEEEEZ!


2016-05-02 04:09:25

I loved this show!!! Such great acting, storyline, and cinematography!!!


2016-05-03 05:49:18

Comment (at least 5 characters)...this is an awesome heart felt series...please continue!


2016-05-04 02:22:44

Love the show


2016-05-04 04:19:24

Outstanding series....am looking so forward to the next season. Please notify when it will air.

Anna Grace

2016-05-05 04:34:09

We love this show...Great storyline and wonderful betrayals of the characters, Delmelzda, Ross, Francis, Elizabeth, and Varity...really hoping for a second season. ..we love the music, the scenery, acting, and storyline..first season left us on the edge of our seats cheering for more..


2016-05-05 19:44:14

Very good show. A bit overboard with the obligatory 'Nemesis' element, as well as Poldark's apparent inability to either recognize the magnitude of the threat, or sufficiently guard against it. I found the constant drinking of alcohol a bit tedious, as though it is the directors way of giving the actors something to do with their hands in too many scenes. All in all, however, the show is awesome, I have the first season DVD's and will follow it as long as it survives. Cheers.


2016-10-10 01:32:12

What? You think the British don't drink? We do now and we did then. Indeed sir, we drank very much more at the end of the eighteenth century than we do now, so I'm afraid, in order to be true to the times, you'll see a good deal more of drinking than you'd like. In fact, a significant plot in many stories of the times is that of smugglers bringing ashore in those rocky coves, contraband alcohol. As now, it was heavily taxed and as now, it was smuggled. The penalty was severe, one could be hanged or transported to Australia to do penal servitude for seven years - more or less a slave. The smuggling game was a major part of the economy of Cornwall. So - get used to it, or stop watching.


2016-05-06 19:42:05

Love this series!


2016-05-07 10:59:58

I have watched season one on blu ray over and over just waiting for second season. The cast is tremendous. This is the first work I've seen with Eleanor Tomlinson. She is PERFECT !!! It is such a pleasure to watch someone who makes you feel as though she were real. Please hurry !!


2016-05-08 08:02:20

I have watched all 8 episodes of Season 1. It is an excellent series. I would give it a 5 Star rating. I can't wait for Season 2 to air to find out what happens to Ross. Demelza, Elizabeth,and Francis.


2016-05-08 23:21:34

Yes, let me know when this is returning, loved it


2016-05-09 04:08:10



2016-05-09 22:35:14

Love this series! Great cinematography, lovely scenery, superb acting and enthralling story line! Anticipating Season 2


2016-05-11 20:51:22

Just loved this series. Well done.


2016-05-12 17:22:57

Excellent, thoroughly enjoyed this adaptation. Outstanding cast. More, more,more.


2016-05-13 03:05:59

When is season 2


2016-05-13 19:09:57

Where and WHEN is Season 2?


2016-05-15 03:42:39

Anxiously waiting for season 2 to start. Loved season 1.


2016-05-16 00:25:39

The series is brilliant, passionate to the bone, romantic, intense, stunning cinematography, well scripted & adapted from the books, excellent attention to detail in every aspect. Aidan Turner is the perfect Poldark intense and smoldering masculinity.


2016-05-17 10:04:18

Can not wait for Poldark to return.


2016-05-17 22:08:26

Loved the series. Want to have more season. Great cast and storyline. Addicting.


2016-05-18 03:58:29

We are loving poldark and want to know when season 2 is coming ? .. please email US ...!!!!


2016-05-18 05:01:20

Loved that Masterpiece Theater ended Downton Abbey beautifully without 'losing' it in its well-deserved hype. I can only hope that the amazing adaptation of 'Poldark' will be as tastefully tied up, executed and finished as well. Looking VERY much forward to seeing the plot unfold to resolution and hope they will continue with such excellent educational entertainment!


2016-05-18 06:23:31

I watched Season One of Poldark - I loved it. I can't wait for Season Two. I look forward to seeing the main characters again and to follow their lives. The scenery is beautiful. I was overwhelmed by the loss of baby Julia. You always know that something is coming around the corner. I also am intrigued with how Ross deals with the class distinction and stays true to his convictions. I am interested to be introduced to new characters in season two. Please post soon when we will see it in Fall of 2016. I appreciate the whole Poldark team for their efforts to give us - the audience an excellent production. Thank you, Carol


2016-05-18 07:25:12

I can't wait for season two of Poldark. I love the show and the cast.


2016-05-19 01:23:00

I don't have a facebook thingy so I cannot vote to bring it back but YES YES YES I would watch it religiously! Loved it. Hope there is more than just season 2!


2016-05-19 07:29:58

Totally love the show.


2016-05-21 00:06:41

I hope they don't abandon this show. It was Fabulous! Please give us more!!

2016-08-08 00:10:04

Shut up


2016-05-21 16:02:53

I keep looking for the next Poldark series. I've been enjoying it so much! Please give it another season.


2016-05-22 02:45:47

Absolutely Marvelous Series! Can't hardly wait for Season 2!!!


2016-05-22 05:15:31

Great show. We are anxiously for it return.


2016-05-22 09:01:01

Just finished season 1. Can't believe there isn't a season 2 yet! Loved the acting, the actors, the visuals--well done! What is the delay? Hate to encourage my friends to watch the first season, then leave them hanging!


2016-05-23 07:32:00

Pretty good adaptation of a great story. I hope PBS continues to carry it for season 2


2016-05-23 21:44:41

Love this story , can't wait for the next chapters!!!


2016-05-24 01:02:44

This is the best series I have ever seen!


2016-05-24 13:56:48

Bring it back?


2016-05-24 22:22:59

Masterpiece Theatre PBS never disappoints. Poldark is no exception. Bring it on.....Season....2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,etc.


2016-05-25 05:04:58

Please keep it going, I loved it!!


2016-05-25 17:35:42

Can't wait for series 2. Was so disappointed when it didn't happen in spring of 2016


2016-05-26 00:17:29

Love this show, so interesting. Waiting impatiently for the next season.


2016-05-26 03:20:23

Love the show. Anxious for it to start.


2016-05-27 01:31:48

Excellent series cannot wait for season2!!!!


2016-05-27 15:14:16

Please bring Poldark Season 2 to PBS. It is wonderful!!!! Thank you.


2016-05-27 20:30:22

Love this show and I can't wait for the new season!! I love that it isn't overly graphic with sex and it is fairly wholesome.There isn't a lot of cursing. I love the story line and the actors are amazing!!


2016-05-28 04:33:13

This is a wonderful new show and I look forward to seeing more . The actors are great and the story line is outstanding.

Jane Middlekauff

2016-05-28 21:35:41

Looking forward to Poldark season 2 on PBS. Any news on date?


2016-05-28 22:47:06

We loved Series one as did all of our friends. We would be so disappointed if there was no Season 2. Please get it going!!!


2016-05-29 01:36:15

Please put poldark back on its a wonderful program love aiden turner


2016-05-29 05:31:56

Looking forward to 2016 Series! Please!


2016-05-30 03:08:54

My husband and I loved the show Poldark and are patiently awaiting the 2016 season. When will it return?

2016-05-30 03:51:50

please continue

Rose Petals

2016-05-30 06:33:25

Absolutely loved this series. Please schedule season 2 for the US. It would be heartbreaking to leave us hanging!


2016-05-31 01:36:41

I love Poldark I hope we have many more seasons it captivated me and the first episode to the last I will buy the DVD I am watching the game as it comes on demand on PBS I really enjoyed Downton Abbey I will miss that show I also like the new show you have about the war between the North and South call Mercy Street keep up the work PBS I wish I could afford to give you money to make some of the wonderful programs you are but being disabled I cannot I am so appreciative for those who can thank you.!!


2016-05-31 02:24:04

Love, love , love the series. Please continue on!!


2016-05-31 21:19:16

Love the new Poldark series! I have watched season 1 over and over, and I am almost finished with the second book. The show is SUCH a great adaptation of the books! The actors are perfect. I never thought I'd like a show more than Downton Abbey, but I can honestly say that I'm liking Poldark more! I've told all of my friends and family about it, and I can't wait for many more seasons to come!


2016-06-02 01:33:25

PLEASE, PLEASE bring Season 2 to the U.S. Wonderful series. Missing all the characters.


2016-06-02 04:28:54

Love Poldark. Can't wait for new show!!!!!!


2016-06-03 03:44:21

Look how many people are waiting for it's return! come on whats the hold up?


2016-06-05 01:48:20

Cant wait for season 2 to start.... When will that be???


2016-06-05 05:02:58

Loved, loved, loved Season 1. Cannot wait for Season 2. Great and talented persons. Thank you.

glynda gibson

2016-06-05 05:41:50

please schedule this show).it is as good almost as downton abby..

Christina Carver

2016-06-05 06:13:12

Waiting for Polldark season 2. Amazing series , my husband and I rarely like the same shows but Polldark brings us together! 5 stars in our book!


2016-06-07 03:58:37

Please let us know when it's coming back on. Love it.. don't leave us hanging. So exciting..

Anne M.H.

2016-06-05 23:43:25

LOVE the series! When does Season 2 start in 2016? Waiting & wondering. Thank-U!


2016-06-07 18:24:39

Love season 1 can't wait for season 2, I read all the Poldark books. Great story, great actors!!!


2016-06-08 03:17:14

just finished season 1-wonderful series-looking forward to season 2-Aidan Turner is one stunning man


2016-06-08 06:33:19

How many times can I watch Poldark, season 1? Until season 2 premieres. What's taking so long? Please hurry.

Vivian norris

2016-06-09 02:24:15

Please show episode 2 for pol dark 2016. I love this series


2016-06-10 19:25:00

Now that Downton is gone Poldark is the absolute best series on T.V. bar none!


2016-06-12 06:46:36

This show is fantastic!!! It always is the highlight of my week. There are so many good things about this series...from the cast to the scenery the story...just fantadtic..... it makes me forget about Downton Abbey....just please keep this going for years to come!!!!! ...


2016-06-12 08:06:40

Pold ark is outstanding. #1. PLEASE CONTINUS THIS WONDERFUL SERIES. Great cast. Story line most enjoyable. A favorite .

Yvonne Shaffer

2016-06-12 14:15:18

Love, love, love the Poldark series. Can't wait for it to air in US. Please hurry anxious to see what happens to the CatainComment (at least 5 characters)...

Linda B

2016-06-12 21:54:51

Am in love with Aiden Turner. I think he was born to play this part. He truly is Ross Poldark. I cant picture any other actor playing Ross. Please hurry with season two.


2016-06-13 00:48:38

I really have enjoyed Pollark that I bought the DVDPlease bring it back .I am addicted to the series .The acting is very good the scenarary are fantastic .Can't wait till you bring it back .Fell into the series by accident I was channel surfacing and got hooked . Needs to be advertised more for others to find out about it.It's just as good as the other series on which I watch also. So come on people let's air the next season.PLEASE


2016-06-13 00:53:38

Love ,love the series. Please bring it back ,have turned alot of people on to the show .Even bought the DVD .


2016-06-13 04:33:11

Wonderful series. Please continue soon.


2016-06-13 07:06:37

Comment (at least 5 characters)...LOVED season 1!! Can't wait for season 2 to begin!!! I've been looking for it since April....PLEASE hurry!


2016-06-14 04:44:33

Please hurry up and bring this show back!! Counting down on all fingers and toes


2016-06-16 22:40:03

We loved Poldark Season 1. The characters were real, the plot intriguing and the scenery of England's Cornish Coast so exotic and beautiful! We are excitedly awaiting the start of season 2 this fall. Let's get the ball rolling because we have generated much interest among our friends who are anxious to see what all the hype is about!!

Joyce Hamblin

2016-06-17 05:13:03

POLDARK!!!!!!! When will season 2 Air? Great series, have been waiting for a year for seanson 2


2016-06-17 21:53:42

Waiting for Season 2 of Poldark. When will this occur?


2016-06-21 13:25:26

We love poldarck and are waiting for series 2 we can't wait to see it and hope that it comes back soon please hurry


2016-06-21 13:43:18

Love the series an all the people in the show


2016-06-22 01:52:45

Both my husband and I, my brother and his wife are all in love with this series. It is Uplifting and engaging....we would dearly love to have it continue. Poldark was recommended to us by friends. We hope this will help to have it continue. Thankyou so much for Season 1!!!!


2016-06-22 01:53:00

PLEASE PLEASE bring back Poldark for Season 2,3,4 and 5!!! We are ALL waiting impatiently for word on when Season 2 begins. We all thought it was June 2016??????


2016-06-22 05:02:45

I loved Season 1 and hope there is more seasons!

2016-06-23 03:19:38

I LOVE season one of Poldark. When does season 2 begin?


2016-06-24 05:07:46

Best show ever next to Downton Abbey and Turn.


2016-06-25 01:49:05

I really love that show, hope it comes back soon. Please.


2016-06-25 23:48:32

A friend told me about this series. Wonderful! Well done! Can't wait for season 2!

Arlene Miner

2016-06-26 05:35:44

Love Love Love Poldark!!! Well done and actors do a good job. I am looking so forward to next season. I hope it is soon!

2016-06-26 19:18:24

I want to know what month will the new show will be started for 2016


2016-06-27 05:42:39

Truly captivating series. Giddy up with season. 2-3-4. However many needed to cover the books. Actors are phenomenal!! I want it in the US on PBS Masterpiece Theater


2016-06-29 15:31:12

Love this show! But rerunning season 1? I want season 2! Can't wait!


2016-07-01 04:11:43

I loved Season 1. I can't wait for Season 2 to start.


2016-07-01 01:27:42

I'm sick of waiting!! It's been a year of suspense between Season 1 and Season 2! Lets get this amazing "show on the road!!!!"

Lynn shankland

2016-07-01 06:53:46

Really enjoyed Poldark on BBC. I like historical series that take you back in history. Hoping to be aware of when the new series will air. Worry I will miss the date.


2016-07-01 17:30:11

When is US release date for Season 2 of Poldark. I love the show and it keeps filming for years. Come!!!!


2016-07-02 08:46:50

I love how nobody answers any of these questions such as when can we expect to get season 2? Would like a specific date if anyone knows.


2016-07-02 17:42:32

Season one left us hanging! You must present Season 2!!!


2016-07-02 20:21:14

My daughters and I absolutely LOVE this series!!!! Demelza and Ross are portrayed in a manner that has made them come to life for us. We have been awaiting the return of the series with bated breath...we have laughed and cried with them...please do Not cancel this series. Thank you.


2016-07-03 17:27:15

Poldark is fabulous! Outstanding cast, outstanding script! Keeps one on the edge of their seat waiting for the next episode. I have introduced to many of my friends who are all as captivated as I! When can we tune in to Season 2 in the USA?


2016-07-03 19:13:23

Love the show. A good old fashioned romantic historical drama.


2016-07-03 22:15:52

Anxious for season 2 of Poldark. When will it begin?


2016-07-03 22:41:27

I've watched Season I about 30 times. Please bring it back to the US as soon as possible. It's truly enjoyable in all regards. How much longer must we wait? Its 07/03/16!


2016-07-04 00:19:44

Poldark is wonderful. Please get Season 2 to us, ASAP!


2016-07-04 02:57:44

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I enjoyed season one of Poldark. Hope to watch season 2.


2016-07-04 06:36:31

I love love love this show.can't wait for season 2.


2016-07-05 11:46:38

Please give us a release date in the US. Awesome show. This is so very, very frustrating for thousands of fans


2016-07-06 02:40:42

I have been watching Masterpiece Theater for decades. I loved the first series of Poldark and was thrilled it was to be repeated. This series is even better. Please don't keep us in suspense as to the starting date is San Francisco.


2016-07-06 22:53:29

Loved every minute of first series 2015. Anticipating for 2nd series of 2016 to begin with many more series to enjoy. Thank you so much for more to come... Can't wait!!!!


2016-07-07 07:53:42



2016-07-10 07:22:11

Great show! Must have more!


2016-07-10 14:26:22

I finished watching Downton Abby which I enjoyed ever so much, I hope there will be a spin-off, was looking for my next series to watch and was kind of sceptical about Poldark but watched the first show...was ABSOLUTELY "hooked", watched the first 3 episodes the first night, needless to say...am looking forward to the second season...make it soon please !!!


2016-07-10 16:41:50

I love Poldark. Waiting for next season. Please don't cancel this series.

Ramsey Ann Morris

2016-07-11 02:09:46

Can't wait for Season 2. I've missed Ross.


2016-07-12 18:46:57

Found DVD's of Poldark at the library, can't wait for Season 2. Loved the shows!


2016-07-15 00:29:26

Ah, will Poldark ever meet Jamie Frasure?


2016-07-15 02:29:57

Loved the Poldark series. Keeping check my TV guide in hopes it will be starting soon


2016-07-16 05:27:09

Can't wait for season 2 love the show


2016-07-16 06:41:04

Watched Poldark as the first season aired and have been checking, and checking, and checking and so on, for news of the next season. It seams unfathomable to me that there wouldn't be a return of Poldark as I've heard nothing but positive reviews and feedback. Just don't understand what the hold up is about. But, I will be ready and waiting when it returns!!


2016-07-19 04:09:52

I love the movie, I watch it all the time, can't wait for part 2.


2016-07-19 23:09:01

If there is a God....


2016-07-20 02:50:05

Poldark is a wonderfully exciting series and I would love to see it continue for many years to come.


2016-07-21 02:05:48

Yes! Please continue!


2016-07-21 06:31:08

I love Poldark and I watched it on Masterpiece. My only complaint is how long we have to wait to see the next season. I feel the same way about The Last Kingdom which I also am waiting for a date for season two. Willing yo wait for quality programming.


2016-07-23 01:09:22

I really enjoy this show. I have been following Aidan since watching Being Human BBC. Keep it on!


2016-07-24 04:56:19

I love this series. Just started watching last season. Can't wait for the next season to start.


2016-07-29 09:34:18

Poldark is a great series. Acting is amazing. Storyline great. My wife and I were excited every night to burn through this on Amazon. Highly recommended! The BBC puts out some great stuff.


2016-07-29 23:16:44

WE Thorourghly enjoy this series!


2016-07-30 15:56:49

I loved season it has been a pain waiting for season 2 hope its worth tne wait


2016-07-31 21:45:34

Love Poldark. Read a couple of the Poldark books by Winston Graham, but don't want to get ahead of the series:) Great casting of exceptionally talented actors/actress. One of the best shows I've watched on TV. When will Poldark air in the US? Can't wait!


2016-08-04 12:30:37

I love this series and look forward to seeing Season 2! One of the best series I have seen in a while!


2016-08-07 02:08:41

I was told about this series by my sister and I just fell in love. All the characters are so wonderful!! I have been chomping at the bit for the 2nd season to start!! I can hardly wait!


2016-08-07 22:44:56

I do not wish to continue watching the Poldark series if Ross and Demelza Poldark are not going to stay together in love as they have been from the beginning of the series. I know the book may be different but I think you should leave out the scene of the affair with Elizabeth and her possibly being pregnant. After all Ross and Demelza lost their child Julia as a result of Demelza's kindness in caring for Elizabeth, Francis and their child when they were critically ill. Ross Poldark should remain an honest decent man. His reputation should remain honorable.


2016-08-09 05:29:57

Poldark ,can't wait, best series ever.


2016-08-09 06:43:25

Poldark is a wonderful series! Please continue this program. There are not many programs on tv worth watching anymore! Masterpiece Theater has some really good series worth watching. Please, please, please, bring back Poldark! I watch Masterpiece Theater every night. I'm watching Mr. Selfridge right now. It too is a wonderful series.


2016-08-16 18:01:59

Love the show, can't wait till Season 2 starts. Please continue the show, we can watch this year after year after year, and NEVER get tired.


2016-08-17 13:58:20

I loved season one "Poldark" it has it all! I cannot wait for season two - the actors are amazing - the scenery, dialogue, and story line will have you begging for more!

Eleanor Cloud

2016-08-18 04:26:17

We loved the first season of Poldark and anxiously await Season 2.


2016-08-18 18:51:13

This is a great series.... Loved the storyline!!!!


2016-08-19 20:00:11

I honestly don't know how many times i can rewatch series 1 waiting on series 2 to start.. Matter fact i'm doing it now again..


2016-08-30 00:33:44

Love Poldark! The story lines, the characters, the sweeping scenery. I could go on. I'm eager for the start of Season 2 and waiting for it to air on PBS here in the US!


2016-09-02 02:08:43

Telling everyone about this show! Love it and will watch it most definitely!!

2016-09-02 17:13:26

Très bonne série, je l'adore et j'ai très hâte de voir la suite. Tout est très bien fait et réalisé dans cette série.


2016-09-02 17:18:09

Extraordinaire série, je suis une admiratrice , tout est bien fait dans cette série et les livres sont merveilleusement bien quel talent M.Graham avait pour faire dire les choses et quelles soient plausibles!


2016-09-03 17:55:27

Loved the original and love the remake!


2016-09-04 18:05:45

How come there are two dates for the beginning of Poldark series 2?


2016-09-07 03:38:24

I thought season 2 started sept 4 ?? Where is it


2016-09-07 03:57:36

love the series, must have more!!

Patricia Sanderson

2016-09-11 05:22:49

Yes, I'll watch every episode as I did in Season 1


2016-09-11 22:24:36

Adore this new series. Best since Downton Abbey.....please bring back DA even as a special....DA was the best writing, The best direction best costuming the best of everything television has ever had to offer .

Shelby Gallardo

2016-09-12 05:12:05

I love this show. Please post information on when we can expect the 2nd season episodes to begin. I have been waiting patiently!!


2016-09-14 01:05:25

love this series, I hope it continues for many many more seasons. this is one of the best things on tv and hopefully it will keep being renewed for years to come.


2016-09-17 19:37:21

Can't wait any longer. Great series, looking forward to this show.


2016-09-19 04:32:47

Just finished Poldark seas.1. Fantastic!!! Waiting for season 2. What a heartbreaking ending to season 1 !!!!!! So enjoy this series. Cannot wait for more!

Judy Thomason

2016-09-19 04:47:40

Poldark is an excellent series. Please let us have season 2 in the USA on PBS. When will it start? Is it possible to grow it into more seasons?


2016-09-21 23:00:35

Great show


2016-10-10 02:36:48

I love Poldark, can't wait for the next episode


2016-10-17 06:46:25

This is my favorite series and I look forward to watching each week. Please keep it on so we have something great to watch!


2016-10-17 06:46:25

This is my favorite series and I look forward to watching each week. Please keep it on so we have something great to watch!


2016-10-21 03:38:02

I love this story and want it to o on.My Only problem is getting to get to buy the whole box sets when it is done. I would like to buy the box set

carol hass

2016-10-29 04:51:49

I have amazon prime and acorn and watched 2015 poldark series but I cannot download the1st thru the 3rd episodes of the 2016 series


2016-11-02 13:56:57

We love this series. My husband really enjoyed it and it's hard to get him to sit down and watch tv. He constantly asks if I"ve heard when season 2 comes out. Hopefully soon. I love all the characters in the show!.


2016-11-15 09:27:04

I look forward to watching Season 2 of Poldark on Sunday nights! Each week it takes you on a journey with terrific actors & scenery! Please consider a season 3!


2016-11-19 23:25:18

POLDARK IS WONDERFUL. Keep it going. Can't wait for it to continue.


2017-10-18 19:49:45

I've watched through season 3-4 now I want to watch episode 5 but the previews at the beginning showing some scenes I never did see in episode 4 What is the problem
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