Person of Interest season 5

Original name: Person of Interest season 5
Duration: 43 min.
Cast: Jim Caviezel, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman, Michael Emerson, Amy Acker, Sarah Shahi
Genre: Drama, Crime
Country: USA
TV channel: CBS
Original release:

About TV show Person of Interest season 5

The CBS channel that has been broadcasting the Person of Interest series got about 11 million viewers with it. The last season 4 lost about 30% in its ratings, but still remained very popular with the audience. Still, when the CBS (Mike and Molly season 6) authorities announced the list of their renewals for coming season 2015-2016, season 5 for Person of Interest came as a big surprise for many as the project’s rating have been declining consistently.

So, what we are to expect from these new episodes of popular TV series? The story tells us about a wealthy programmer who is an ex-assassin whose task is to save lives by preventing horrible crimes. The show features a science-fiction crime drama genre that is extremely popular with many people, as provides nerves-teasing emotions and involve deeply into a captivating storyline.

Person of Interest Season 5 release date

May 3, 2016 (USA)

It’s totally official now: the Person of Interest series has been prolonged for one more season. The project hasn’t received a full order from the CBS channel, however. Season 5 will consist of only 13 episodes, and this factor makes fans suspect that the show can be wrapped up eventually. The premiere date hasn’t been announced yet, so let’s follow the updates together!

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2015-09-03 23:08:04

My family loves "Person of Interest." With all the trash that is pervading television programming, "Person of Interest" is one of the few remaining weekly programs that has consistently had great story lines and acting. Not only that, Jim Caviezel is one of the few super good looking men on TV. I'm disappointed that the season will not start until sometime in January, but I do hope the powers that be will reconsider and NOT cancel the show.


2015-12-29 05:46:19

I also hope they continue this show - it is one of the best. However - taking the Amy Acker character off of it would be a huge improvement.


2016-01-11 07:32:21

Are you crazy? She's great!!! It was sad to loose Taraji Penda Henson aka Det. Joss Carter and Sarah Shashi aka Sameen Sawn. All characters are great !!!! Can wait for season 5

Mike Parks

2015-10-16 03:15:11

Love Person of Interest!!! Please bring it back!!!! I always make sure I am home by 9:00 pm. On Thursday to see the program or I tape it. Look forward to every show!


2016-01-02 19:05:10

Tuesdays at 10 here. Looking forward to POI's return!!


2015-10-24 02:42:00

So why are we still waiting to watch POI? The longer you wait the further down the tube our interest falls. Is this why you are waiting? You want this show to fail? Right? That is what it is. You help it fail by prolonging the air date? Thank you for telling us this.

Amanda Raines

2015-10-26 01:42:18

I love this show the reason the ratings went down is because it is on to late at night. You should have something like Modern Family taken off air and put Person of Interest on during better hours.


2015-11-03 04:04:05

Person of interest is the best show cbs has had in a long time in my opinion


2015-12-29 05:49:59

Mine, too. Great show, superb acting,, good writing although I sense they are having problems keeping up. Its a complex premise to sustain.


2015-11-09 04:57:49

I love this show. Do not cancel it


2015-11-13 00:50:15

Comment (at least 5 characters)... My favorite show


2015-11-17 23:27:19

It would be a tragedy to lose this wonderful show! The interaction between the lead characters is powerful, and compels one to continue to watch.


2015-11-18 05:28:42

Love Person of Interest. One of my favorite shows since day one. Every episode is exciting and I like the interaction between all of the actors. Please do NOT cancel this show. One of the best shows on TV.


2015-11-19 06:49:33

Person of Interest is the best series that has been on, excellent acting, stories and has a moral attitude of responsibility!


2015-11-23 17:10:48

WE ARE THE ONES THAT PUT MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. Do not leave us hanging on person on interest! It is a show with moral integrity and unlike supernatural, yes, it might not be leading the polls but that is no reason to cancel a show for the people you consider your FANS. That would show your real self. Let it go. It is only 13 episodes. Let us have our closure. I cannot believe you compared the ending of this show to the fact that supernatural is leading. Really? DO YOUR JOB!


2015-11-25 01:46:23

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Great show, there is nothing dull about it. I really can't believe that it went down in its rating at all. It is totally captivating and we can never wait for the next show. Really, this is one of the better shows on CBS. Let's keep it going!! If people really watched from beginning to end, there is not a dull moment. I think that that just can't be true about the ratings going down. Who is rating it and with who would that be. All I have ever heard about this show by anyone who has watched it, is that they can't wait for the next episode or season. I am sorry that you only renewed them for 13 episodes. Are you really hearing from the people on this?


2016-02-25 05:15:41

Totally agree with every word, Janis... Although I only 'binge' watched every single episode on Netflix and never once saw it on CBS, there was never a dull moment and was/is an addiction. After watching and rewatching multiple episodes I checked to see when Season 5 had started only to be devastated by the news that #1-It hadn't and #2 Season 5 only consists of 13 episodes and it may be their last. Love, love, love this amazing cast and the talented writers that make the characters and show feel more like family. POI is the most creative show that I've ever been absolutely captivated with. WHO is 'rating' it? PLEASE DON'T CANCEL POI!!

Louise B. Johnston

2015-11-27 17:33:59

Love this show - but get rid of Samaritan! This is ruining the show. Go back to them saving someone each show without the boring Samaritan sub-plot. Please do NOT cancel this show.


2015-12-01 08:48:23

Why is there nothing definitive about the "Person of Interest" Season 5, episode 1, air date? Every week I search the Internet and to no avail. Dragging the air date on and on, into what seems like perpetuity, is becoming a bit aggravating to me - as a fan. So, step up the pace and release the season! What's the holdup?


2015-12-05 04:04:34

Needs to come back including Shaw!


2015-12-05 06:01:12

Person Of Interest is the best show on tv. I have never miss a episode and with the exception of NCIS I will not watch cbs until it returns for the new season


2015-12-05 23:09:22



2015-12-08 03:02:02

a thoughtful show with lots of good charecters with more too it than just mindless comedy to numb the mind. Lots of twists and turns and like a good cross word puzzle to stimulate the mind keeping up with it. Oh and by the way some of the smartest and most dangerous women on TV please dont cancel it!!

Boston girl

2015-12-09 08:05:40

POI is the best! We cannot loose this show!!


2015-12-11 23:47:38

The best show ever. Please bring it back


2015-12-13 06:30:44

love the show never missed an episode,can;t wait for new to start...


2015-12-14 22:08:12

I've been waiting for person of interest to continue, my entire family loves the show


2015-12-14 23:23:54

I hope that after POI ends its run on CBS it might find new life on Netflix or Showtime or at least the last 13 episodes on CBS . Or at least end the story with the Machine winning out over Samaretan ( or how ever it is spelled ) along with all four cast members back together alive and well ! The Macy girls and Reese and Mr. Finch .


2015-12-16 10:22:38

I love Person of Interest! I was so impreseed with CBS for keeping it on the air! I accidentally pushed "Maybe" when I most definitely meant "Absolutely! "


2015-12-16 19:52:52

Person of Interest season 5 is a great show, one can't leave the audience in the dark. There is huge followers that watch the show every time it come on. Even watching reruns. There too many question to be answer because of the season 4 ending. It a classic show.

starf sammy

2015-12-17 15:56:02

Person of interest is one of the best movies I have ever watch. Just can't wait for season 5


2015-12-18 08:18:39

Why are they talking about ending the show, they losing money


2015-12-20 11:38:06

Honestly person of interest is the most addicting show I ever watched after supernatural. I spent hours watching it. The show is incredible, super. Hopefully you guys will continue it. Otherwise it would be very disappointed not to continuing....


2015-12-20 18:16:03

If this show gets cancelled I would be really upset. Sadly, I have to wait for it to come out on netflix but there's still the site. DONT CANCEL IT!!!!!! -From one of many concerned fans.


2016-01-10 10:53:11

Comment (at least 5 characters)...THE FIRST 4 SEASONS ARE NOW ON NETFLIX.


2015-12-24 02:05:45

When is the Season 5 Release date


2015-12-26 17:49:34

Love this show! Idk how I missed it - I found it on nextflix and binged watched the first 3 series, then found season 4 on putlocker and watched the remainder. Each episode kept my attention and left me wanting to to the next. I can't wait for season 5 and what it will bring.


2015-12-27 05:31:51

Would love to see the next series of person of interest


2015-12-27 06:15:34

Bring POI back on it's a great show, stop pushing the start date back. Get rid of Limitless it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POI is the best don't cancel the show please! can't wait for it to start!!


2015-12-29 05:26:12

Person Of Interest is the best tv drama that has ever been made up to date !!! It would be a damn shame for it to come to an end so soon in season 5. It's impossible to get fed up of the great actors and the part they play. Keep it going at least up until that Jim says he wants out.


2015-12-31 03:28:23

Would like to see the show end with a great finale not just the plug pulled.

Shawn Shimkus

2015-12-31 03:42:38

This show is by far the best on t.v.

Stacey E Bowman

2015-12-31 05:10:06

You HAVE to keep this show on the air, PLEASE!!!!! I love this show and want it back on ASAP!!!


2015-12-31 07:23:42

Person of Interest is my wife and I's favorite show. It is also the only show that my brother-in-law and nephew watch live on a weekly basis. We can't wait for this season to begin and hope it keeps coming back in the years to come.

William Forsee

2015-12-31 20:38:27

Best show on tv I watch every week.


2016-01-02 05:26:51

When is season 5 coming on ?????


2016-01-03 00:41:20

Comment (at least 5 characters)... great show seems could be real life in a few years


2016-01-03 01:14:15

This is the best tv series yet made

Princess AfiA

2016-01-03 12:35:24

Best show ever!!! Can't wait for the season 5!!!!!


2016-01-04 15:39:21

This is an amazing show and should at least have 10 seasons.


2016-01-11 01:31:32

I agree wholeheartedly!!!


2016-01-05 03:27:39

One of our all time favorites! Please keep it going. How about a season six! :)


2016-01-06 08:44:47

Looking forward to seeing person of interest, We love the show and can't wait for the start of the show. Not very happy about only going 13 esp only. Please don't cancel the show. It is one of the only good one left.

2016-01-07 04:38:37

First they cancelled Jericho, then Flash Forward, now Person of Interest, yet they keep stupid shows on like Mike and Molly. IT is all about how much it costs to make the shows and the ratings and obviously they are polling some stupid rednecks and not the people who watch it.


2016-01-08 05:27:03

This show really makes you aware of the ubiquitous monitoring by every device, camera and other electronics. It would be very easy for the government to take control of everyone's digital life. I love this show-the characters, suspense and the plot, not to mention how sexy Jim Caviezel is!

POI Lover

2016-01-08 09:21:38

Almost all of the really great - have you on the edge of your seat- shows seem to end so abruptly. It is as if they are only meant to peek our interested, wet our appetites and leave us wanting for more. I always thought shows ended because of greedy actors or writers that could not think of more to write, but here it sounds like this is not the case. It sounds like something else is causing this show and it's writer to put down the pin. It's things like the abrupt endings that are the reason I watch as little tv as I do. It's virtually another way to be jerked around by someone.

2016-01-10 03:29:35

I love this show the best ever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


2016-01-10 07:12:23

This show has a cast that works together beautifly. The man in the suit is amazing and is nice on the eyes. Busy and ongoing every week, on cusp of sci-fi


2016-01-11 04:12:53

When POI started it was so good, such an interesting story line. People really wanting to help people. Every week the story drew you in, kept you spellbound, and left you waiting for the next episode. Please bring it back!!!!!!


2016-01-11 07:50:21

Got to love this show. Hope it doesn't get canceled for at least a couple more years. Watched all the episodes in a couple months. Awesomeness!

Rude Dog

2016-01-12 05:26:09

How about continuing the series as online Only show? I feel networks should do this more... I suspect many folks who like the series don't watch due to schedule conflicts

Victoria howard

2016-01-12 07:18:22

My husband and I are literally in love with the show. We are hooked!! Please don't end it


2016-01-12 10:03:28

Are you kidding me????? Best show in the history of TV...What are you thinking???? Do Not Cancel This Show! It Is The ONLY Show On TV Worth Watching!


2016-01-13 00:16:57

person of interest is a great show if you are an intelligent person you really enjoy it just like scorpion one of the reasons for the raindrops was because you move it around to different day of the week if it wasn't broken you shouldn't try to fix it you gotta figure a survivor and the great race has lasted 20 years which are dumb shows watching dumb people do dumb things person of interest was a very interesting show and always keep you in suspense so put back on Thursday nights leave it alone and the ratings will go back up and pay attention to who watches it on demand because sometimes we can't watch it when someone we have to wait till the next day if we work late so tell the rocket fuel scientist that move it to Sunday and Saturday stop messing with schedule sincerely Cheryl Jago


2016-01-13 01:08:01

OK, it's 2016, when is the release date of POI? It won't stop me from watching but does every show HAVE to have a gay component? Really? So politically correct. And no, I'm not a hateful person but the gay lifestyle only represents 4% of America but on almost all shows.


2016-01-14 15:27:08

I watch and keep recordind the past 4 years. I will be so sorry for the show to stop. I miss the new shows and at lease I no there is a 5th season. I will be waiting for it to return.I enjoy the show very much and wish it would have a 6th seaso Thank you for the seasons we have and next one to come


2016-01-15 10:21:34

I LOVE this show I'm addicted to it. I pray it continues many many more seasons without so many delays. Was very disappointed when detective Carter died, but it is very much still my #1 show I watch them over and over on Netflix. Thanks a brilliant mind made a wonderful show!

persian boy

2016-01-16 01:13:19

Hi POI is very famous in Iran. we love all actors, specially Jhon resse. Thank you Mr nolan , waiting for new season.

Linda M

2016-01-16 16:58:37

Omg! This is the best show I've ever watched! I just watched all 90 episodes back to back on Netflix, took me three weeks. I've never watched a show like this that kept me watching each episode all day long ! I do have a life, but this show stopped me from doing anything other than eat, and I did that while watching :) please keep this show going! It's the best!


2016-01-17 18:18:16

This is one of the best series i have ever watched i can not wait untill season five is out i will watch it over and over again just as i have with all four seasons already

John Shipley

2016-01-17 18:55:15

The action is what makes the show the best. I have always been a loyal viewer of the TV show. Don't cancel the show.


2016-01-17 20:57:37

Person of interest is an interesting show, acting is great, sorry to see some characters leave, but continued to tune in religiously. Will be sorry to see it end.

bill medley

2016-01-19 02:14:50

When is the show coming back?Supposedly 13 episodes were done and January 2016 was targeted.


2016-01-19 02:49:18

Just show started off as a fairly interesting procedural with science-fiction overtones. It has sense evolved into a solid science-fiction story. The characters started off As a little bit cliché, but have grown into a very interesting people. The storylines have become multi layered and smart. Go streaming on Netflix, see for yourself.


2016-01-21 21:33:57

Absolute favorite show binged it on Netflix now ready for season 5...dont know what to do with my life


2016-01-22 15:39:49

Comment (at least 5 characters) on television it makes you think and that is a great thing can the government really do this?


2016-01-23 23:01:26

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Please DO NOT CANCEL Person of Interest show, PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!


2016-01-25 05:18:36

Person of Interest is the finest show on television! I'm a HUGE fan and I sure hope the show gets renewed by the network.


2016-01-25 07:58:23

Love Person of Interest. We need shows with an actual storyline, and people who can actually act. Great cast!!


2016-01-25 13:57:00

Loved this shows since day one!! I even cried when I thought Shaw was dead. Do not cancel.


2016-01-27 09:10:55

Sad sad ;0( .. I'm don't want to lose my show.. What's wrong with these people .. Just found it on Netflix & we fell in love & now we find out its being cancelled ;0( nooooooo.

biggest fan

2016-01-27 21:54:46

This is one of the best shows on TV. It never gets boring and stays very current. Please continue it.


2016-01-28 02:32:04

Comment (at least 5 characters)...This is a terrific show and I am HIGHLY disappointed that there will only be 13 episodes in season 5.

kelly gertino

2016-01-29 03:25:57

One of the best shows on TV and you keep playing with it. Cut it out and you will be showing your stupidity in making money from a strong and loyal fan base.

mel d

2016-01-30 10:01:22

best show ever, must see, bring back shaw, thanks


2016-01-30 11:23:53

there is so much story to be told .


2016-01-30 14:30:35

I also hope that you bring back poi great show one of the best out there thanks


2016-01-31 18:59:11

great show; loved it; just watched on netflix all over again and cant get enough. plz continue season 5,6,7 and so on.


2016-02-01 07:39:14

Awesome show. Great cast of characters. Very intense and holds the viewers attention.


2016-02-04 19:10:12

Do not cancel this show. it's the worst decision to cancel this awesome show. think one more time.


2016-02-05 22:51:40

This is an incredible series. I have binge watched this on Netflix and find it to be smart, fast paced, intelligent (unlike much of the network garbage) Why the idiots at CBS would cancel this show is beyond my ability to understand. I sincerely wish that Netflix or Amazon or some other intelligent network will pick up this wonderful show and continue on with it.


2016-02-11 04:29:07

My husband and I love person of interest we have bought every season that is on DVD. We would hate to see it go off the air, our whole family watches it (binge watching) so PLEASE don't cancel it.


2016-02-11 08:25:47

It has been very hard in the last few years to find any shows worth watching that weren't reality tv, which I hate. I like shows like Castle and Bones, and then I started watching person of interest not expecting much, but was blowed away, awesome show and a lot of people and family agree with me. I even like shows like supernatural and Vampire diaries go figure but I have to say Person of Interest has by far passed them all in my book, Except for Castle, sorry. Hope you keep making the seasons, give people something extra ordinary to watch, not much anymore out there.


2016-02-13 22:36:00

Person Of Interest is my favorite show. Taking Shaw and Elias off was a great mistake. I'm hoping season 5 will allow all the machine assets to live and each find happiness with a partner .


2016-02-16 03:44:04

Come on guys over at CBS wake up !!! POI is the stuff that you keep looking forward to every week. Please don't disappoint your viewers and cancel this best drama ever made. Most of these go till 10 seasons, why cut it in the middle. Hope I can make a difference. Piece to all !!!


2016-02-16 10:46:09



2016-02-17 04:50:19

My husband and I love Person of Interest.Love the characters and the twists that the plots take.Please keep this series going.


2016-02-18 06:53:23

POI is a show with a moral compass with just a touch of sci-fi that gets you hooked, waiting for the next week! I have watched the last four seasons in the last three weeks! I am hooked, and am anxiously waiting for the release of season 5! What a great show and cast!


2016-02-18 08:46:41

My wife and I love this show. Hope it stays around for a while.


2016-02-18 20:47:20

love the show next too ncis


2016-02-19 09:04:18

Of all the television series I've watched, Person of Interest is by far the most intriguing, thrilling, and addictive. The characters are unique and, over time, become 'friends' you never want to say goodbye to. Can't wait for season 5 to begin!

Bre Vargas

2016-02-19 09:52:43

Love love love, this show! Its a rare find now a days. A whole cast that all are great actor(s), action packed and no ones taking their clothes off!! Scale of 1-10 I give it a 20!! Can't wait for next season to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wilton breda

2016-02-19 13:43:19

some say that the show is not that great but to remind CBS this show is the most excited show that CBS have in all the years that have gone bye, so make it count and renew it for a 6 season thank you.

2016-02-20 02:48:33

Please keep this on! It's the best show on television!!!!!! I've watched all seasons at least twice in netflix.


2016-02-20 07:36:42

Best show on CBS! Hope it returns and for a few more seasons!


2016-02-22 01:03:23

Plz don't cancel this show I love Jim Caviezel he is such a great actor. I love the whole show and bring back Shaw.


2016-02-23 04:49:55

This is one of the best shows to date ,with the exception of NCIS sorry I love the show....and Amy Ackerman. Is one of the major characters with lots of guts ,I live her....please please keep it on . If it were up to me I would say get it to run 13 seasons like NCIS. My entire family watch this show here in Kentucky , Alabama, Georgia, Florida,Tennessee and in Pennsylvania too. That is a total of 51 people loving your show..KEEP,IT GOING!!!!


2016-02-24 04:37:06

Only show we watch


2016-02-25 06:13:36



2016-02-25 08:40:27

Please stop holding Person of Interest back for its season 5 release. My son and I love POI and Elementary and though we live indifferent places, we watch them together, I in my home and he in his. we text back and forth with our surprises or disappointments in how a show went. We have not missed one show. Like I said, we watch it together but in different houses. Please bring it back soon. Some of your other programs are trash and not worth watching.


2016-02-27 06:55:35

Our family TOTALLY LOVES POI PLEASE PLEASE do not cancel it -


2016-02-27 13:04:36

Any chance you can bring back Taraji P Henson? That would be something


2016-03-04 04:03:19

BEST SHOW... KEEP IT GOING, DON'T END IT WITH HALF SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2016-03-04 07:58:02

Just finished every season on Netflix and now I Cant wait for season 5. I love watching this show. Its one of the best shows I've ever seen on Netflix. Please release season 5 soon.


2016-03-07 00:10:34

Person of Interest. Hands down the greatest show on main stream T.V.!! My son and I ran across it by accident. We were both home ill from work. That was 1 week ago tomorrow. Its been the only show we have watched in that entire week! Yes we've binge watched all 4 seasons.And were craving more. ...Do we want to see a season 6....What, are you high? Canceling this show would be just an ignorant move by the suits....The following this show has created can only be compared to Game of thrones and Sons of Anarchy. Wait a minute ...Arent they on cable ?? Whaaaaa the he double hocky sticks. Nuff said!


2016-03-08 10:00:40

" The story tells us about a wealthy programmer who is an ex-assassin whose task is to save lives by preventing horrible crimes." This was taken verbatim from above. You need a proof reader.


2016-03-13 10:36:17

So sick of the vampire, demon, and ware wolf/monster shows as well as the awful reality shows - & survivor, etc.! Love love POI. Bought every season on DVD as did many friends & family. Need to bring Shah back! NCIS & POI are the only shows worth watching these days!!


2016-03-17 09:28:04

Come on bring it back, make it a little earlier then 10pm, there is nothing good on weds, I hardly watch CBS anymore since you have not had POI on. we love that show and want you to bring it back!!!


2016-03-19 07:02:53

Drop NCIS crap. keep Person of interest

Jo Kolks

2016-03-21 18:51:59

I am sick that POL is only going to be on for 13 more episodes. I love the show and look forward to watching it- I watched all four seasons on Netflix- and stayed up to all hours of the morning because I couldn't wait to see what happens next. The actors are so impressive and moving to watch. Bring them back, please!


2016-03-24 01:44:46

The wealthy man is NOT an ex-assassin! U don't even get the basics right


2016-03-28 08:34:16

Please bring back Person of Interest. Best show on TV. Dont end it with Season 5.....Please

Sandy C

2016-03-28 09:06:12

My husband and I always look forward to the next season of Person of Interest. We would be very upset if it doesn't continue!!!


2016-04-04 17:20:53

I love the tone and the excitement of the of the episode I just started watching it not too long ago and I couldn't stop until I watched every episode I can't wait for the fifth series. And you chose good actors they're amazing thank you

Lela Yancie

2016-04-05 15:08:23

Every time your station airs a great show you end up canceling it. Person of Interest was and is a great and clean show. The characters are great! The story-line is always exciting. I love watching this show. I can't wait for it to start up again.


2016-04-07 04:27:28

what date will season 5 start?


2016-04-08 04:52:21

Poi is a great show best show I've seen in a while. Unfortunately cbs didn't really promote the show like they should have. I only stumbled onto it after watching blue bloods one night. So if u want more viewers tell people its actually a good show unlike all theses other bs startup shows they keep airing.


2016-04-08 04:55:14

I think us poi fans need an anonymous billionaire to help fund the show themselves an keep it going


2016-04-08 07:40:46

Please don't cancel Person of Interest!!!


2016-04-19 08:32:10

Is it really fair to cancel a show based solely on tv ratings anymore? The world is switching to online platforms for entertainment viewing purposes. I don't watch cable tv anymore because it's too expensive and I dislike drowning in commercials. I began watching this show on Netflix and love it so much I bought all the dvds. Maybe it's time we found a new way to judge the worth and popularity of a show before we cancel it.


2016-04-29 05:00:52

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Great show! It's one of my favorites, along with Blacklist. Great characters, well written and entertaining. It is intelligent and the first show I've come across to have the guts to show us the truth about the world, our government and society as a whole. After the first two seasons I was amazed "someone" hadn't shut it down because of how telling it is. It's becoming reality and I believe the viewers know that, but whoever is rating it and wanting to cancel this excellent piece of work is scared of that fact. DON"T CANCEL!!!


2016-05-01 08:21:51

POI is the best show on tv. I have watched every episode, & bought all the DVDs. I think the reason season four lost viewers was bc the show got away from the basic story of savings lives. No one really cared about computer vs computer. Go back to the original premise, & interesting human interest stories. Please bring it back with all the current actors. Great characters!


2016-05-03 02:58:05

This program was superbly done. The story line and characters kept us riveted and there are few things that I will ever watch twice. I am ready to watch again. The story never flagged...thanks so much for bringing such programming as this in to our homes. Please continue more seasons.


2016-05-03 04:47:45

The best show on TV love it


2016-05-09 00:26:59

Nice to see new episodes. This has been a very enjoyable show. The characters are so well fleshed out and the acting realistic! Your cliff hangers leave me waiting for the next season. I DO HOPE THE SHOW WILL CONTINUE, IT IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN REALLY PROGRAMS OR TALENT SHOWS! Shows of this caliber make turning on the tv a pleasure! Again thank you for the show, too few programs have any real entertainment value in these days!


2016-05-23 03:15:36

Love the intricacies & warmth of the show!!


2016-05-27 23:33:44

Don't cancel quality there's less and less these days

caroly n

2016-06-03 20:41:23

Com ment (at least 5 characters) not cancel person of interest it is the best show on tv and the fans will be very angry if you cancel it


2016-06-08 15:54:49

I absolutely love the person of interest story and I am devastated that Producers want to end the series. The Show is fantastic, the character lines the suspense there's just so much to Hold you to your seat the whole time the show airs. Actors are fantastic and such compelling story lines are not on Television. I think more advertisement on many other stations is needed to draw the interest for people to just watch the show a couple of times and they'll be HOOKED. I have never made comments about shows before but this really bothers me when I found out that the station wanted to end the series, this is a very very Unwise move in my opinion. The close of the episode on June 7, 2016 with all the men old players and newas well at the Washington monument Gave an era of a new future rising. It was so exciting you could see a whole new show development if you have the intelligence to bring it there, YOU DO. NOW somebody's got to do IT. Please keep it going. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my comments. With all the trash and sex shows that are on all the other stations that I WILL NOT WATCH, I am so devastated that A really excellent show excellent story lines and actors could not be given the most attention to keep it that way AND KEEP IT ON THE AIR!!!!! STILL HOPING


2016-06-11 01:28:48

It was sad when joss Carter got shot and then passed away and now Sameen is shot and held captive .....Im a big fan and I really love the show ....I hope there will be a season 5 comming soon !! Please let us fans know if and when there will be a season 5 and what channel and time it will be on !!


2016-06-13 15:06:12

Great concept, absolutely love it, why are we waiting for season 5 when there is so much other rubbish and repeats on tv?!

Helene Candide

2016-07-25 00:59:05

Great show, superb acting. I hope they continue this show.


2016-08-09 01:16:19

Person of Interest is an excellent show and I can't wait until Season 5 starts in the UK


2016-08-23 01:14:54

I just found out they will not have a 5th season that sucks the other crap on TV just will not cut it.
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