Parenthood Season 7 release date - closed

Original name: Parenthood Season 7
Duration: 43 min.
Cast: Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Monica Potter, Erika Christensen, Sam Jaeger
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: NBC
Original release:

About TV show Parenthood Season 7

About TV show Parenthood Season 7

It’s not likely that the decision as to the project closure will be lifted by the NBC management. The network authorities announced that season 6 was going to be a final one even before it was released. It’s pretty sad news as in the course of the last six years when the project was aired on the CBS network it managed to obtain the fancy of numerous viewers. The series’ main personages have become for some of fans virtually a second family, thus they will for sure feel devastated.

The storyline of movie has been developing around a woman who finds herself in difficult circumstances of raising two children alone. Financial issues made her move into the house of her parents, located far away, in another state. Viewers see how relationships between the family members of 3 generations living under one roof develop, and how they all try their best to get along with each other.

Those fans of Parenthood television series who expect for the show to be prolonged for new season7 will be greatly disappointed. We shouldn’t wait for the project to be prolonged as it has been officially announced already that season 6 is going to be a final one and no new episodes will be filmed.

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2016-01-20 04:19:47

I hope that there would be a season 7 I love this show its feeled with love, good times, laughter and is joyful yet tear dropping I couldn't pull myself away from the show


2016-12-08 03:34:05

Me too, my thoughts exactly!! I was heart broken when i heard the news about it ending at ONLY 6 season!

Ph fan

2016-01-26 01:52:57

Please bring parent hood back I have been watching this show for 3 yrs on Netflix I just finished season six I cried at. Sad parts.especially with Zeke ending Laughed at funny parts and rocked out to music lol must bring out more seasons

2016-01-29 06:51:45

What a great series wow! Loved every character, very well done , ending was perfect, sad it's over


2016-02-03 07:04:57

please bring back more season!!!!!!!!!! completely fell in love with this show.

2016-02-03 23:45:25

I loved this show! I'm not a real television show buff but this show had me watching every spare minute I had. Great feel good show. Not many programs on television that can be viewed by the entire family of varying ages. PLEASE CONTINUE THE PROGRAM:)


2016-02-08 00:14:05

Please please please bring back parenthood you cant just end this awesome show like that. This show had me on my feet on to what will happen next. This show has to go on.


2016-06-22 02:12:18

Youll never get parenthood


2016-02-17 08:21:44

Iam head over heels for Parenthood. It's like an old friend. It is well done, not sugarcoated. The family that it's about is realistic and a character for everyone. I beg you to bring it back. It is not done yet.


2016-02-18 06:32:54

This show is the best I love it so much I love the way each character changes over time and how the relationships grow and develop more and more and progress with the show. I really want this show to come back on this has been my life ever since I found it on Netflix. please make lots more seasons....... Thank you


2016-03-13 12:37:08

Bring it back. I love that it's a show placed in Berkeley, which is my hometown. However, I love this show and I'm greatly disappointed at the fact I have nothing else to watch.


2016-03-17 08:40:07

Bring the Parenthood show back. This show has helped me with my own family.


2016-03-21 19:18:48

I really want there to be a season 7. I binge watched this on Netflix and I am hooked! Hoping it happens.


2016-03-31 02:03:45

Please don't take the show parenthood away!!! It's the best family series on tv today! People and families can relate to this show, with its real life challenges, life's loves and failures. There is so much trash on tv today! I'll pray that parethood won't go away!!!! S. Day


2016-03-31 05:04:50

I want this show back


2016-04-07 04:44:08

I loved the series when I watched it on netflix. I could fastforward through the sex scenes. I loved that it had no four letter words and not a lot of curseing. They became like my second family. I hated it when they had Craig T Nelson die.

Christina Arredondo

2016-04-12 17:34:32

I was not raised with a close family. My husband was not either. After we met we aspired to create closeness within our family which we truly have done. My husband is a veteran US Army, father not law marine and soon to be son not law starts boot camp this summer so the military bits are awesome. This show has similarities to what me and my husband have created. We came from nothing and are rather comfortable now. If no live airing of this show can be done, can you at least consider a Netflix release I am sure that would be much cheeper.


2016-04-13 03:50:21

What a well written series!!!! I fell in love with it and I'm so happy it was on Netflix! I just couldn't pull myself away from! You start to feel as if you're part of the family. I was devastated to have it come to an end!! I recommend it to everyone, 5 stars!!!


2016-04-25 05:53:33

I love this show. I was watching it on Netflix and was pretty upset that the season is over.. I really would lover for the show to keep playing on Netflix


2016-05-05 20:25:03

i love this show and i need them to make a season 7. You just cant end season 6 like that


2016-05-09 21:41:15

Is there going to the be a sesen 7


2016-05-16 21:04:32

Loved the series!!! I'm not a weekly episode watcher though. So I appreciate Netflix for carrying programs like this. I can watch them all at once and not have to we about missing an episode. Also I like that it had an ending. Who wants to go 13 years waiting for an end. I quit watching ncis after 9 years and I'll never know how it ends. I'm all for short series.


2016-05-31 05:32:04

Comment (at least 5 characters)...This show has taught me so much about my child with Asperger's and about my other troubled teen. I need to keep learning about how to manage home life and challenging teens. Please keep this valuable show going. Please!!!


2016-06-09 16:23:50

I am one episode into season 6 of Parenthood. I am so very disappointed to read there won't be a season 7. I sure hope Netflix picks this show up and possibly continues production. It is a very entertaining show with lots of subject matter. Love, love, love this show.


2016-07-08 22:47:48

Please bring it back. It's one of the best shows ever.


2016-07-09 22:34:46

Omg we loved this show ,my whole family watched this awesome series ,please bring back season 7


2016-07-25 21:45:57

Please bring the show back im really into the show and now i got my family into it.


2016-07-27 05:07:12

I love this show!! Please bring it back..

Deborah Shortt

2016-08-21 19:33:46

I miss the show Parenthood so so much! It was the only show that wasn't hospital or law related. It is a warm feeling show about real family life. I looked forward to tuning in every week. Please Please bring it back. From: Deb in Canada!


2016-09-13 22:12:28

Please come back at least one more season! Such a fantastic show to watch. Got hooked after the very first episode! Love it...


2016-09-19 22:28:42

Please do another season.


2016-09-21 03:01:23

Absolutely disappointed...I so got caught up in their lives. So sad there won't be a Season 7....


2016-09-30 19:48:58

I'm totally hooked on this show. Please bring us season 7. I found Parenthood on Netflix and don't want it to stop.

2016-10-02 21:46:08

Season 7 needs to be made


2016-10-03 22:31:11

Please please bring back season 7. I love this show so much it's like seeing my Family in this so many things happening here in this show that has giving me answers to my life .


2016-10-09 18:06:05

Amazing show, I love the raw real emotions in the Braverman family. I like it's showing the realism in what it takes for a family to work and relationships. It's not like other shows where you see fake emotions so bad you can't relate because life takes work and this show portrays what "Life and Family" are REALLY about, not what the show wants you to think what life should be. It's real!!!


2016-10-11 00:27:49

I loved this show and wish was to continue


2016-11-03 04:48:27

Please bring back. Loved it loved it **


2016-11-26 22:00:58

This show helps me put life into perspective. The real life situations & real life ways of dealing with them is refreshing. There is nothing on TV that even compares to this show and I am in love with it. Please continue the show.


2016-12-04 01:03:56

I love this show. It is my favorite.

lover of parenthood

2016-12-04 15:41:01

please do not take this show away i really found peace in watching this pleaseee!! it has helped me through situations !


2017-02-20 06:13:42

It's fhrg tjereec thvff


2017-03-07 19:37:08

Just finished binge watching the awesome TV show Parenthood. Kept watching until I finished all 6 seasons. There are so many unfinished stories. Please bring it back!!


2017-05-04 19:08:11

I love this show. Was very sad when the dad died, he is a great actor. Would love to see how the family is doing now. Please bring back Parenthood. I watched it every chance I got, 6 seasons in 3 weeks.


2017-06-13 17:58:15

My husband and I came across Parenthood while scanning through Nexflix. We LOVE the show. We sit for hours watching show after show. We've watched all six seasons in a couple of weeks. We'll discuss the characters like it's real life. One of the best shows I've ever watched!!


2017-08-27 19:40:59

I loved this show,I want a season 7 please! I watched all six seasons in one month,I never cried so much!


2017-10-19 16:13:54

I think of myself as a hard sale when it comes to something worthy of watching, well Parenthood in my opinion got it right. I laughed, cried and just connected in so many ways. Hopefully you can bring it back...


2017-10-19 22:50:42

We need good shows like Parenthood in stead of murder and guns. This could help the younger world to understand life. Please bring it back.


2018-10-29 10:41:17

I was told about Parenthood on Netflix, by my sister. I started watching it a little over 2 weeks ago and just finished season 6 tonight. I was and am addicted. This is probably the best show I have ever seen! I just kept wanting more and more! I wish more than anything that there was a season 7. This is the kind of show we need more of on TV.
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