Paranormal Lockdown season 3 release date - 2017, to be announced on Destination America

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Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2016-12-14

Paranormal Lockdown is a paranormal reality television series. It is executive produced by Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures fame. Nick and his team bravely defy danger in the hope of meeting ghosts, are still dwelling in old houses.

Paranormal Lockdown season 3 cancelled or renewed? When Paranormal Lockdown season 3 be released? Will Paranormal Lockdown season 3 be final?

The original name: Paranormal Lockdown season 3
Duration: 60 min.
Actors: Nick Groff, Katrina Weidman
Genre: Mysticism, Reality competition
Country: USA
TV channel: Destination America
Original release:

When does Paranormal Lockdown season 3 return on Destination America? We have the new information on the status of Paranormal Lockdown season 3. Release date to be confirmed at the show's Destination America channel. Thank you for having taken part in the voting for Paranormal Lockdown season 3.

About TV show Paranormal Lockdown season 3

The second season will premiere on December 16, 2016. Paranormal Lockdown season 3 release date - 2017, to be announced.

Paranormal Lockdown Plot

Nick Groff ("The Ghost Detectives") and part-time ghost hunter Katrina Weidman can be locked into an abandoned building for 72 hours, in which paranormal activities are to take place. Say: There should be a spit. In order to be able to make contact with the deceased, the two place on the factor time. The longer they stay in the building, the greater the chance of communicating with the entities.

Heroes of the paintings have a hard time to start a business, they have to gather all your strength into a fist, the only way they can succeed. brave team headed by Nick Groffon, is sent on a dangerous quest that will help them discover the mystical creatures.

The picture can be attributed to the documentary project, in its every issue of the audience will have the opportunity, along with the characters, which will hunt for ghosts, and go to the old long-abandoned houses. Many legends say that this is where the souls of the dead live, and because they suffered a great deal to meet them, to understand their nature and immediate than they threaten people. If you want to feel the blood run cold, the project will help you with this.

Paranormal Lockdown season 3 release date

2017, to be announced

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Paranormal Lockdown season 3 release date 2017
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Trish H.

2017-02-24 06:00:57

I love this show. I can't wait for Friday nights just to watch what will happen next with Nick and Katrina. Keep it coming, it just gets better and better. Trish.


2017-03-04 18:25:40

Paranormal Lockdown is a disappointing spin-off of Ghost Adventures. PL does not come close to holding a candle to GA. The narrative is boring and lacking real depth and information. Nick has no charisma and Katrina's "feelings" are hokey and lack any real merit. I have honestly never made it through an entire episode without falling asleep. Ghost Adventures keeps me on the edge of my seat and has all the aspects a show requires for longevity. Charisma, (Zak) humor, (Aaron) terrifying evidence, team dynamic and innovative equipment. All of which Paranormal Lockdown lacks.


2017-03-10 04:43:41

I love the show!! It's always got exciting events and I love all the tools they use to communicate so just keep up the good work Nick and Katrina! I liked you both in past shows and I love you both in this show.


2017-04-18 03:46:33

I like watching this show because some of the others seam to be really fake I don't know if anyone has actually had weird experiences like those bit I've lived in a couple of places one we always felt like we were being watched even the dog wouldn't stay in a room by himself and we couldn't leave him home along, it wasn't the only place that was like that but it was definitely the most negative feeling place I lived in,, the other one I did have other experiences but not as negative and creepy as that was so hope you guys can show a little more behind the scenes or just more of what you guys can pick up would be cool


2017-04-26 16:29:28

Paranormal Lockdown is my favorite show!! Nick and Katrina work so well together, and professional. I hope a New season 3 is coming soon!

Dana dog

2017-05-02 05:46:07

I absolutely love this show!! I really hope there is a third season!!!


2017-05-20 12:35:45

Love, love, love this show. Miles better than anything on right now


2017-05-21 21:47:24

Paranormal Lockdown season 3 please bring the show back. Its so awesome. It's better than any other ghost shows on TV. They not jumping around acting like a fool. It's the best thing since sliced bread. Lol. Oh and not everyone knows that you have to vote to get the show back on. I would bet anything that the ratings will be higher than any other show TLC has on to date.


2017-05-24 00:26:46

love, love, love this show. 72 hours is amazing. Myself along with my family can't wait every week to see it.